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Why Create Life Through The Process Of Evolution?

Firstly, please note that this post which is a supplementary discussion to the Genesis post, is another live blogging discussion where the post is initially published incomplete then progressively updated over a period of months before the full discussion is completed. This means that it is intended only for serious readers, all those seeking to know the truth whether GOD did indeed create life on earth through a millions to billion years progressive process that automate the populating of this planet with all manner and variety of life that is designed to exploit every exploitable places of this planet diversely diverse environment.

Warning! All first time readers of this post (and also of any other post of this author's work) please first read through to completely understand the Content Warning to this author's work before making your decision whether to continue reading. You have been warned!


Why would the CREATOR GOD of all things create mankind and all life on earth through a multiple millions to billions of years process of termed as evolution? Of course there are many of what have been called (by those such as, Wikipedia), Young Earth Creationist who absolutely ridiculed such an idea that life on earth was created through a process that can adequately (i.e. sufficiently definitively and descriptively) be called ‘evolution’.

But please understand that this author at no time at all agree with the ‘very scientifically’ scientific theory of Darwinian Evolution aka Contemporary Mutationism which (at this moment and period of time, until they will again decide to change their theory by another little bit) asserted and proclaimed that a chaotic totally random purposeless process inadvertently (out of unintelligent misadventure or of things not going rightly) spawn life in some primal primordial soup of earth. Either that or some falling extraterrestrial object from space that inadvertently managed to survived the fiery plunge through the earth atmosphere then landing in some inadvertently naturally conducive environment on earth was responsible for purposelessly bringing to earth its first life. After that this purposeless first life then kept mutating and mutating (in continual systematic errors after systematic errors) because there had been a very seriously very natural selective horrific mutating fault (or flaw) inherent to the life errors wreaked self replication process. But of course the very currently new contemporary definition of mutation no longer carried this very ancient primitive dark unenlightened age concept anymore. The new contemporary definition of the word ‘mutation’ and also ‘mutant’ is now implicitly of being very naturally natural, very perfectly normal, very powerfully empowering and also very soon from now, it will become defined as very inherently purposelessly supremely naturally powerfully ingeniously intelligent (wait for it, science fiction has been implicitly using it as such for many decades).

That said, the Christian Holy Scripture was both very clear and explicit (in the Genesis account: Genesis 1:11 – 12, 20, 24; Genesis 6:19 – 21; 7:2 – 3, 13 – 14, 23) that GOD did create all life on earth through a process which we can called evolution or some other similar term. But since the term ‘evolution’ as is understood by the majority of mankind today does articulately such a process albeit minus the intelligence and the purpose, therefore in this discussion (as also in all the discussions of this author) we shall be using this term ‘evolution’ or an even better term ‘intelligent creative purpose driven evolution’, to describe a GOD mandated (instituted and ordained) process by which life on earth was automated through an inventive intelligently designed process to produce the greatest of variety (from the first seeded lifeforms) to populated and exploit every exploitable niche (Genesis 1:22, 28) of this planet that have even just the minimal conducive environment to support a life that needs the continual acquisition and cycling of energy and other material building blocks to continue its life and the lineage of its life (i.e. its lifeline). This is the temporary life or ‘nephesh’ (Genesis 1:20, 21, 24, 30) life (made from dust meaning physical matter and kept alive by the breathing of air) mandated by GOD for a temporary period on earth until the fullness of GOD purpose for man (includes woman) made in HIS image and likeness can be completed through the appointed time frame of seven thousand years symbolized in the seven day week of the so called Genesis creation week. The automated process of populating earth with a diverse variety of life is a superset (or a super Type) to the populating of the earth with mankind in the image and likeness of GOD through first the first family of Adam and Eve (which is as a subset or sub Type of such a process), then subsequently through the Noah and his immediate family after GOD destroyed the Antediluvian Age with a worldwide flood.

Fact is, the answer to this post's question of ‘why would GOD create life on earth using a billion of years process before putting mankind made in HIS image and likeness on earth (Genesis 1:27, 2:7) some nearly six thousand years ago’, is a very simple one consisting of several very simple rational reasons. But because of a whole world of some over seven billion people who are fully driven by lust to irrationality, very simple things are too ridiculously simple for them to understand so it has become needful for this lengthy thread to discuss some very simple things.

Sure Everyone Knows

Historians (or at least many historians) tell us that a long time ago, many hundreds to many thousands of years ago (depending on which historians you choose to believe), that almost all mankind including all the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of knowledge, all manner of knowledge, thought and believed that the earth was flat. Then over a period of time in the passing of the centuries, progressively less and less people of the world believed that. More and more people stopped believing that, until today most to almost all people (that are alive today), no longer believe or think that the earth is flat. But of course there are always some holdouts who still maintained that the earth is flat.

Historians also tell us at one time in the past varying from hundreds to thousands of years ago (again depending on which historians you choose to believe), most to almost all mankind and particularly the most proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of knowledge, all manner of knowledge, believed that the earth was the center of the Universe (i.e. of all there is) with the heavenly objects (i.e. the stars, moon and sun) rising up on one side and going down on the opposite side (from where they rose) of the earth.

Today, many of mankind including all the contemporary proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of knowledge, all manner of knowledge, who are the more “intelligently” enlightened among mankind such as the Absolute Nothingians, the Mutationians, the Primordial Soupians, the Alien Livians and the very contemporary Wikipedians, these all no longer believe that the earth is flat or is the center of the Universe. But again there still are those who still maintained that the earth (staying perfectly still and not moving or rotating) is the center of the universe with all the heavenly objects (i.e. the stars, moon and sun) rotating around it.

Today, many to most of the people who no longer believe and therefore no longer think that the earth is flat, will find it incredulous that there are still people (i.e. the ‘Flat Earthers’ as termed by the Wikipedians) around who insist to hold on to the view, to fully and totally believe that the earth is flat. However from a few to some, to many, of these many to most people (who no longer believed the earth is flat), still continued to or have come to, believe that earth is the center of the universe with the heavenly objects (i.e. the stars, moon and sun) rotating around it.

Again today, those many to most of the people especially the contemporary proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of knowledge, all manner of knowledge and thus of complete total enlightenment, because they no longer believe and therefore no longer think that the earth is flat nor any longer think that the earth is the center of the universe, they find it incredulous that there are still people around who insist to hold on to these views, that they are still people around who fully and totally believe that the earth is flat and/or the earth is the center of the universe.

Also today, many to most of the people who no longer believe and therefore no longer think that the earth is flat or is the center of the Universe and who find it incredulous that there are still people around who believe that the earth is flat and/or that the earth is the center of the universe; some to very many of them believe that the earth as well as the whole universe was created around six thousand years ago.

Further, many of the people particularly among educated elites who no longer believe and therefore no longer think that the earth is flat and is the center of the universe, find it incredulous that there still are so many people who hold these same views as theirs yet still believe that the earth including the whole universe was created around six thousand years ago.

Please read the posts, ‘In The Beginning’ and ‘A Dark Empty Wasteland’ of the blog, ‘The Scripture Of Truth’ for the discussion of the context of the Genesis chapter of the Christian Bible as well as to understand that Genesis chapter 1 is not so much about the beginning of the whole creation as it was about the placing mankind made in the image and likeness of GOD into an earth created a long, long time before that event.

But of course that is not all, far from it. Was it some fifty or so years ago when I remembered first learning about how our universe started out as a mega super dense ball of matter in a Big Bang (of an explosion). In those ‘very ancient very primitive days’ of unenlightened history of around fifty and more years ago, many to most of the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of science and other academic and professional fields of knowledge totally believed as an implicit totally infallible fact that our Universe has its beginning as a mega super dense ball of matter.

Then there was also this belief, just a slightly longer period ago of an even ‘more primitive even darker unenlightened period of ancient history’, when among nearly all the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of science and other cosmological fields of knowledge, they all totally believed that our galaxy, the Milky Way, was the entire Universe. And also just around the same slightly longer period ago around the same period of ‘a very ancient very dark very primitive unenlightened age of history’, almost all of the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of science, all totally proclaimed and acclaimed that the atom was the smallest divisible unit of matter. But of course today (2014 C.E.) almost none of the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of science still believed both these things that were once totally infallible scientific facts just between over fifty to over a hundred years ago of (but of course) ‘an ancient very dark, very primitive, very uncivilized, very unenlightened age of incredulous unbelievable ignorance’.

In fact in the mega super enlightenment of today it is an infallible total fact that the Universe that once started out as a mega super dense ball of matter never ever actually did started out as that at all, but the Universe had instead actually, really, unmistakably started out as Absolute Nothing or a Quantum Vacuum (or is it a Quantum Almost Vacuum). This is now (as of 2014 C.E.) the new or rather the newest implicit infallible fact of science that everyone must believe in otherwise they are just some ignorant unenlightened in denial Neanderthals.

All of these, are of course, just the very tip of a humongous giant iceberg of people, some over seven billions of them (as of 2014 C.E.) who believe some things and find it incredulous that there are people around who believe in some other things either additionally to what they believe, or altogether different from what they believe; to what they fully, totally, completely, absolutely, believe to be true infallible facts. And the reason all these people find it incredulous that there are other people around who share some of their beliefs but yet also have some beliefs they find to be ridiculous, is because all these people fully believe and hold that they already know everything they know for a certainty, that all that they believe and hold to be true are infallible facts and truth.

So then we have over seven billion people living in the world today (i.e. at the time this post was first published in 2014 C.E,) all of them firmly, fully and completely believing that whatever they believe and believe in, that these are things that are absolutely true infallible facts and absolutely really real reality.

And here is where this author and his work come in. Rather than say and claim that all that I believe to be true are infallible truths andor facts (which I don't), this author primarily maintains that anyone who claimed to believe (whether in truth or in out right lie) the Christian Holy Scriptures as the inspired words of the God they claimed to believe in who being the Creator of everything, they should really believe rather than just believed that they believe without in even one nano instant really believed anything at all recorded in these Scriptures, except to just believe whatever they want to believe even when what they believed was never ever recorded in these Scriptures, or even worst when what they believed are in total contradiction to what were recorded in these Scriptures. The same goes with their beliefs in the GOD of the Christian Holy Scriptures, the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, as also it is with their beliefs in JESUS CHRIST of the Christian Holy Scriptures.

And nothis author do not find it incredulous that there are all these intelligent people around, some over seven billions of these people around many of whom are supposedly brilliantly intelligent geniuses, who would believe in any manner of things at all irregardless of whether there is any valid rational basis in reality to believe them. One of the main points to this post and also many other posts by this author is to highlight this very simple truth that mankind because of their insane obsessive lust, nearly everyone of them just believed whatever they want to believe irregardless of anything. That is the basis and also the context for this author using super mega hyperbolic statements and such words as ‘ludicrous, ridiculous, totally, completely, absolutely, mega super, stupidity, insanity, supergorgers’ in this work. And anyone who really know the Christian Holy Scriptures would (or should anyway) know that the Scriptures too, were frequently recorded in the same manner.

It is the view of this author that only technically insane people would do something like, to claimed they believe in something when they don't really believe anything other than whatever they want to believe and choose to believe. This is even when they totally have no real clue at all as to what it is they believe in except that they believe in it. And because they have chosen to believe whatever they want without knowing anything effectively true about it, therefore irregardless of anything at all absolutely whatever they have chosen to believe, that is definitely the absolute infallible truth.

You can read about the discussions and dissertations on this view and assertion of this author in the posts ‘The End Of The World Or Not Part 4’ and ‘Readers' Question Why Do Innocents Suffer’ specifically under the sub discussions ‘But Not Exactly The Same’ and ‘Believe In Just Not Exactly Believe’ respectively. Additionally you can read the discussions on the religions of Absolute Nothingism and Mutationism posted as entries in the Glossary of Terms of this blog. These two modern day and very reareligions (i.e. fully beliefs based system not based on anything we can see or touched unless we can see and touch Absolute Nothing) with multiple millions of believers, are not documented anywhere else as religions (not even in Wikipedia, the number one most popular, as far as internet search engines go, source for supposedly unbiased information and knowledge on the internet) except in this author's work (i.e. for the moment anyway).
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Basically then, what this author is saying is that if you don't want to believe then don't believe. But if you believe that you believed (and have not just been saying you believe for the sake of saying something), then unless you lusted to be clinically insane so you can go running around in violent murderous rampages, you should make sure you know what it is you believed in to then actually believe what you believed you believe, what you claimed to believe. Does that make sense? If I have made this a little complicated, it is intentional.

Put simply, you should know exactly what it is that you claimed you believed and believe in so that if you decide that you want to go on a murderous rampage at least you would know why you are doing so, that it is not for any supreme gods at all but for some man (includes woman) or collection of men (includes both men and/or women) who totally have you under their manipulative thumbs so that they can get you to do whatever they want you to do, anytime they want you to do it. And these include getting you to torture and murder people (including your own relatives, spouses, siblings, parents and children) and even kill yourself anytime and every time they want to, whenever they want you to. And if this makes you out to be stupid or to appear stupid it is only because you so totally are.

Knowing The Basics [knoBsc]

Basically then the entirety of this author's work here has a foundation and basis. The original inspired text of the Christian Holy Scriptures is that foundation, that basis. Not just the foundation but also the entire framework (i.e. supporting structures). These Scriptures formed the defining focus and context, to all that I write about.

The Christian Holy Scriptures is some sort of an enigma to all those who claimed to believe it andor to believe in it either a little bit or somewhat or totally. No, not that the Christian Holy Scriptures is an enigma but all those who claimed to believe in it, from a little bit (whatever that mean to them) to somewhat (whatever that mean to them), to totally (whatever that mean to them) as from the Creator God (again whatever that mean to them), who was GOD to Abraham (includes Sarah), Isaac and Jacob, and also Joseph.

First and foremost the word ‘Christianity’ comes from the word ‘Christ’ which is the (Hellenistic) Greek word for anointed. JESUS was the CHRIST, the ANOINTED of GOD (the FATHER), anointed to be SOVEREIGN KING Of Kings And LORD Of Lords over all the nations of the world. In the message conveyed by the Christian Holy Scriptures, the physical process of anointing (which was first recorded as being carried out by the Patriarch Jacob when he made a vow to GOD after having been given a vision in a dream) is the literal expression of consecration, the process of making or preparing something or someone for Holy purpose. This we will discussed in more detail in later part of this discussion under the heading ‘Christianity - Know The Basics’.

And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.
Matthew 16:18

“And do not seek what you should eat or what you should drink, nor have an anxious mind. For all these things the nations of the world seek after, and your Father knows that you need these things. But seek the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added to you.
“Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.
Luke 12:29 – 32

If the Christian Holy Scriptures is to be believed then there is only one Christianity, one Christian religion or worship or faith, in one Church of GOD that the LORD JESUS established, founded on the Day of Pentecost (aka the Feast of Firstfruits aka Feast of Weeks) in 30 C.E. through the giving of the HOLY SPIRIT to some one hundred and twenty of HIS few remaining faithful disciples who had obeyed HIS commandment to stay on and wait in Jerusalem until they receive POWER through the HOLY SPIRIT, the promised HELPER. This was according to and consistent with what JESUS had stated in HIS three and a half ministry as a SON of man where HE had stated that HE will build HIS Church (singular), a small (insignificantly small and not any, from big to mega size group) flock (singular) of faithful against which the gates of Hades would not prevail over. This we will discussed in more detail later under the heading ‘Christianity - Know The Basics’.

Over half of those professing Christianity (i.e. of all those who make the claims to be Christian) today will agree from somewhat, to mostly, to completely with this. The rest will fully disagree, especially to the second assertion that there is only one Church of GOD.

Today of the over half, of those professing Christianity (i.e. over half of all those who make the claims to be Christian) who will agree, from somewhat, to mostly to completely, with these two assertions on Christianity, all of these will assert that only the ‘Christianity’ and only the Church they belonged to is that ‘Christianity’ and Church while all the rests are heretics and deviants, or apostate, or even outright evil frauds who have nothing to do with Christianity at all.

Of the remainder who assert that there are many versions to “Christianity” which would mean that there are many flavors to “Christianity”, then whether any of these versions are truly ‘Christians’ or not, will depend on certain criteria and conditions that they (those who assert) are in agreement with, which all the rest must meet to qualify as being ‘Christians’. And these criteria will be firstly, what to believe and subscribe to, and secondly what to be not believed and what to be against.

We would (or should anyway) know that both two groups: one which asserts that there is only one Christianity and only one valid and legitimate Church organizational institution under one main leadership; and the other which asserts that there are many versions and flavors to “Christianity” with many Church organizational entities whether these are in association with them or not, that they are both saying one main thing. And that main thing is everyone must agree with them either essentially or to near entirely, then only are they valid ‘Christians’.

This, we would (or should anyway) know is exactly what everyone in the world say about others. And this is that only those who agree with them (depending on whether they are Accommodatists or Absolutists or those so called moderates who are in between) either essentially (for the Accommodatists) or practically entirely (for the Absolutists) are right or true or valid or whatever (i.e. anything from being correct, intelligent, smart, wise, objective, to being fair minded and being right thinking). But of course there are also the Anythingists who would say that as long as anyone marginally or remotely agree with them (such as to claim they believe in Jesus irregardless as to what they believe Jesus to be, anything from being God, through being an Alien from outer space or another dimension/universe, to being a man ahead of his time), then they are valid ‘Christians’.

By all these alone (all that is discussed so far in this discussion thread) we would (or should anyway) know that what anyone and what everyone says or asserts really do not necessarily have anything at all to do with validity, truth or reality. And if we really (as opposed to just thinking that we) know how to ‘put two and two together’ then we would know that both dictionary and encyclopedia (all of these two sources of information) are never ever the place to go to search for truth or for whether anything is valid (as a real expression of reality) or not. This is because basically (something we should all know anyway) both dictionaries and encyclopedias are just the collection of what people generally as well as those who are the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives believe or assert is true and/or valid. They are mostly the collections of the views and assertions of firstly, the acknowledged proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of all the school of knowledge and thoughts, both in the past as well as currently (up to the point in time when the sampling and compilation was done); and secondly those views that are generally accepted by the majority of people, plus also from some to many (but not all, depending on how thoroughly or sparingly the compilers of these media do their job) of the differing minority views. So with both dictionaries and encyclopedias, the criteria for listing is firstly popularity (i.e. the majority rule meaning the majority is mostly right) and the ‘considered’ authorities and experts (i.e. the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives, meaning being, so called recognized or even self proclaimed, experts they are even much more mostly right), then a sampling of the minority (i.e. included to show that they, the compiler and publishers, are unbiased, are not biased).

A ‘possible’ exception to this (to some degree true) might be Wikipedia which through allowing ‘almost’ anybody to insert an entry on almost any topic, Wikipedia tries (that is the operative word) to be unbiased but only with some small measure of success. Exactly like the UN (United Nation), the ICC and ICJ, Wikipedia success at its attempt to be unbiased is at best limited, still fully subject to the expediencies of its contributors to advance their personal and collective agenda.

When this work first began here in Blogger (in 2009 C.E.), Wikipedia still had the Christian Covenant listed as heretical with the faithful to the Passover Covenant listed as heretics and deviants, and the Church of GOD listed as a cult. Today (2014 C.E.) Wikipedia may no longer explicitly list the faithful to the Passover Covenant as heretics and deviants but it still implicitly discount, mock and ridicule the idea that they are the true faithful disciples of LORD JESUS, but instead Wikipedia has both explicitly and implicitly list the Great Harlot and her harlot daughters (these centuries old rapists, torturers and murderers) as being legitimate Christianity. Now anyone would (or should anyway) know that if they are legitimizing murderers then they are legitimizing the murders these murderers commit and are therefore cohorts with the murderers they legitimized. That is the reason the Christian Holy Scriptures explicitly recorded that in the Day of the LORD, GOD will destroy ninety percent of the mankind living in those soon coming days because these ninety percent of mankind would have been complicit with the torture and murder of the faithful disciples of LORD JESUS.

Therefore the only basis for anything to be true or valid is only through proofs, demonstrable or logically and validly surmised and arrived at (i.e. from the total collection of all relevant information and valid premises). The latter is something science claims to do with all the things it asserts which have not been demonstrable, which is of course an obvious and thoroughly proven lie. Science, its claims of being objective to the contrary has consistently through its own track records (see the beginning section of this discussion for the proof) shown and proven without a shadow of a doubt that it is also totally a religion, a belief system based on ego mega supergorging insanity, a system not based on anything that can be perceive or is tangible. But not only intangible and cannot be perceived but an absolute impossibility in all known existential reality. Unless of course you want to insist that absolute nothing is perceivable and tangible, and that Absolute Nothing creating everything is not just totally not an absolute impossibility but an absolute reality and an infallible truth. And if indeed you insist so, then I suggest that you go back to the beginning of this discussion and read again until this point, and to do this repeatedly infinitely until you reach the same point of insanity as all the mega super intelligent brilliantly ingenious genius proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of science, so that both you and them can become one singularity of absolute nothing. This I suggest not as insult (because no one really needs to do that since you have been doing such an ingeniously good job yourself) but as a service to you so that you might be able to achieve your no brainer Nirvana to become absolutely nothing in order that you might be absolutely everything.

Science all their claims to the contrary, is basically scientists behaving exactly like everyone else. They assert the same thing as everyone else. And this is that only those who agree with them either essentially or entirely (depending on how ego mega supergorging these scientists are), are correct or right or valid. They like everyone else adopt the same ego mega supergorging posture which implicitly says they already know everything about everything they claimed they know about. This is even when they hardly know anything at all about the things they implicitly claimed they know about (i.e. implicit through all they mocked and scoffed at, to mock and scoff at something they in truth know nothing about).

One of the most obvious of these is of course the Christian faith (the true Christian faith and worship) and the Christian GOD (the CREATOR GOD, the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob of the Christian Holy Scriptures) whom they have been both very explicitly and implicitly slandering and insulting from the moment that Charles Darwin's theory of evolution began to gain wide acceptance among academia. And in this particular case, this post will fully without a shadow of doubt expose their ego mega supergorging lust, in that while they have never since Charles Darwin stopped mocking religion particularly all the things the Christian Holy Scriptures testified to, they know next to nothing, nearly absolutely nothing, at all about the true Christian faith and worship, the faith and worship that is faithful to what the Scriptures commanded and testified to.

Another one of these which showed them up for talking about something they know next to nothing about is in all their past proclaimed, acclaimed, pronounced and asserted (implicit) infallible facts and truths all of which have over time been fully proven to be nothing, absolutely nothing but ridiculous error. These are from the earth being flat, the earth being the center of the universe, the galaxy being the entire universe, the atom being the smallest indivisible unit of matter, the universe starting out as a super dense ball of matter in a Big Bang. Add all of these to the current latest assertions of the scientific religion of Absolute Nothingism, which is the newest, most current infallible fact of Absolute Nothing creating the entire universe, we would (or should anyway) be greatly alarmed that they have crossed the line from ridiculous errors into technical insanity.

“Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’
“Therefore whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock: and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it did not fall, for it was founded on the rock.
“But everyone who hears these sayings of Mine, and does not do them, will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand: and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it fell. And great was its fall.”
Matthew 7:21 – 27

Therefore knowing all these things (as in the above) this author in seeking to be not contrary to myself (to nullify and invalid my own beliefs and understanding), is not and has not been asserting, acclaiming, proclaiming, pronouncing anything at all except that what I have been granted to know and to understand, I have presented as faithfully and accurately as I know how. This I do because I believe that I have a responsibility according to my covenant with my GOD and FATHER to do so. And doing this I have totally left it to everyone who reads whether they would choose to believe or to choose to not believe. And even if they choose to believe I have completely left it to them whether they would choose to obey, or to ignore and to disregard, exactly as also the Christian Holy Scriptures have done (Matthew 7:21 – 27). But I do warn that there are consequences because that is what I believe to be the truth. But of course no one is required to believe or to obey.
Published on 2015 01 07

For the longest time until slightly over a decade ago (from 2014 C.E. the time of this post), in a general sense almost all sufficiently educated people (i.e. those who are literate) understood (or would understand) the word 'religion' to mean a system of belief mainly (but not necessarily solely) in the supernatural or paranormal (as of unseen forces or power) on how this supernatural has a bearing on their lives for good or for evil.

But of course today in this mega super enlightened age of knowledge revealed by science in all that they assert, proclaim, acclaim, pronounce, announce, propose, theorize, hypothesize, espouse and advance, the more scientifically enlightened among mankind who are therefore naturally “the most mega super supremely” knowledgeable and intelligent have modified their views of what religion is, to include the latest very scientific assertions of religion being a culture seeded in the mutationary (i.e. Mutationism's) endowment of superior cognitive capabilities in the human “animals” leading to the evolution of social cooperative behavior developing into some sort of moral intuition totally devoid of any rational intelligence. And because intelligence suggest functional purpose which from the scientific perspective is a meaningless term, therefore in scientific references other than (i.e. outside of) very specific scientific assertions and theories, the term intelligence must always be replaced with the term Darwinian Evolution endowed genetic cognitive abilities (DEEGCA) or Mutationism invented cognitive function (MICF). This is because science must only recognize process and must never ever, ever acknowledge purpose.

The supposedly unbiased Wikipedia some time back (i.e. in 2011 C.E) still had religion defined as a set of beliefs relating to life and the universe, their cause, nature and purpose. But of course Wikipedia no longer has religion to be just a set of beliefs but now (up to around the end of 2014 C.E.) Wikipedia lists religion as an organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems, and world views that relate (i.e. connects) humanity to an order of existence (i.e. how they conduct themselves in their interactions with one another and with the other elements of their habitat, as they go/live through the process of their lives). This means that religion as defined by Wikipedia today is the combined total of belief system, culture practices and opinions, individually and collectively where they agree and also where they do not agree but only when they are organized (whatever that means) which then defines, is definitive of, how they conduct themselves in their lives and how they would behave in any and all given situations or events because of this organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems and world views.

So instead of simplifying the meaning; instead of making it easier to understand what religion is and is not (obviously if something is something, it is also not something contradictory to it or invalidate/nullify it), Wikipedia now (as of end 2014 C.E.) dragged in several other unclear (unclear from the perspective of the average person among themselves plus also among the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of knowledge and enlightenment in the human social order among themselves) concepts (such as organized collection, cultural system, world views and order of existence) making their whole definition of religion into something that basically can mean anything as long as it is an organized collection (whatever those words in that phrase meant to Wikipedians) and as long as someone somewhere remotely believe it, practice it regularly (at some regular intervals) as culture and tradition plus incorporating it into how they view the world to be (what, why and how the world is) as an aspect of their perception of reality, as well as how they will behave in any given situation are been determined by this organized collection of religion.

Obviously, Wikipedians never heard of the saying that if you try to please everybody, you are going to end up displeasing everybody.

Now if we know how to ‘put two and two together’ we (i.e. all those who are the followers of this author's work and who understood what they have read) will discerned that, this new assertion of Wikipedia is basically the incorporation of the latest scientific assertion and proclamation that religion is just culture, that religion originated from the cultural practice seeded from the need for some social cooperative behavior of the differing populations of an ancient primitive times and that this is still happening today. So instead of actually determining how religion originated, mega super intelligently enlightened science, one of the primary shifters, shakers, shapers and movers of the human social order, have shifted the question from how does religion originate to how does culture originate. This they do so as to make religion into a meaningless irrelevant thing. Talk about a hidden evil agenda. And in making religion into a meaningless thing, they (i.e. science) hope then to be able to rule supreme over all knowledge and enlightenment, even as according to them (as of today 2015 C.E.) all are just Absolute Nothing, absolutely nothing at all. 

And if we think the Christian Holy Scriptures can be believed, we would (or should anyway) know that religion, all the anti GOD religions of this world, meaning all religion except the true faith (which incidentally is not and had never been a religion at all from what is understood by nearly all mankind including all the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of science and knowledge, Wikipedia particularly and especially not excluded) in the GOD of the Christian Holy Scriptures, were invented some around four thousand years ago purely for political purpose. This was so that the one who invented it might totally convince (i.e. though the various methods of manipulation and coercion), from some to almost all of his peers, that he has a right to rule over them and to take from them and to do to them anything that he so desired.

Yes, if the Christian Holy Scriptures can be believed, religion or rather organized (even when it is very chaotic and disorganized as very often happen when, from some to many people, competes to advance themselves and present themselves as the one supremely supreme over all others) religion and political governance in the social order of mankind began when a man gaining fame and popularity through his physical prowess and physiological statute sought to rule over all his peers by claiming affiliation to and of having the favor of the ALMIGHTY GOD, convinced his peers that he therefore had the GOD given right to be king to rule over them. So out of political expediencies religion was invented as a means to establish power and authority dominance so as to be able to rule over others. That was how the very first religion and nation (as a geopolitical entity) started out. And after the people were scattered, numerous new religions (invented from twists to that first invented religion as well as addition spins added to it by the lust driven fantasies and imaginations of individuals who seek to have social and power dominance) and nations (from tiny tribal community to huge empires encompassing multiple nations through warring conquest) took root in an ever changing geopolitical landscape.

And if we will not delude ourselves through our overwhelming ego lust as our mega brilliant super intelligent magnificently enlightened men and women of science have done, we would (or should anyway) have perceived that the inventions of new sects of existing religions and even entirely new religions have never ever stopped since then. Fact of the matter is there have been many more documented and undocumented new religions (organized, unorganized, disorganized and outright chaotic) in the last hundred years, right up to the present. Religions (i.e. system of beliefs identified or named after their central dogma focus that were engineered by their inventors as a means to separate themselves as supreme to existing religions or religious beliefs in order to be able to draw and gain a following for themselves) such as Nibiruism, Mayanism, Darkside of Moonism, Jedism, I AMism, Biocentrism, Wormholism, Multiuniversism or Paralleluniversism, Absolute Nothingism or Singularitism, Church Of Godisms, COG7th Dayism, Yahwehism, Yehovahism, Philadelphia Remnantism, etcetera and etcetera (you can check out the many slightly older ones that are listed by Wikipedia and also others online that have not been specifically identified as such). To understand why I have listed these as religions please refer to the post ‘What Is Religion And What Is Worship’ in the blog, ‘A Christian Pilgrimage’, where I have presented that for most of mankind, for the longest time, religion has been understood to be a system of belief mostly in the supernatural and paranormal (i.e. of unseen realm, forces and power) and of how these have a bearing on our lives for good or for evil.

In every instance when religions have been invented either out of old religions; or from newer (actual, plagiarized, perceived, imagined, fantasized or claimed) understanding of the existential realm whether these are valid or not; or a varying mixture of both, the ultimate aim for the individual or group of individuals to do so has always invariably been from ego gorging lust either believing that they have supreme understanding and are supremely intelligent or that they might be able to successfully duped others into worshiping them as the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives allowing them to feed off and parasite on, all those they have been able to dupe. This is the reality of all the religions we have seen and continued to see today and from as far back as the history of mankind has some records.

If we were to examine from many to most of the ancient religions starting with the very brutal religions which demanded human sacrifice and those that seek to exterminate all those who won't subscribe to their religions, to the seemingly benign religions where the believers and subscribers have been convinced of the need to seek favor and blessing by appeasing some paranormal forces or entities for their personal and collective prosperity, wealth, health and whatever else they seek and craved through making promises of giving bribes or payment in offerings to some deities or forces, we would (or should anyway) know that the primary direct recipients of benefits (i.e. both wealth, power andor social prestige) are those who laid claimed to speak or act on behalf (i.e. the direct representatives) of or have some connections to, these deities or forces. The direct and usually also the very first beneficiaries from the practice of these religions are always the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives claiming to be some sort of connections to these deities or forces.

So even as religion was first invented for political purpose with the one aspiring to have dominance over his peers apportioning the name of GOD to advance his claims, the commonly ritualistic requirements of religion (from many to almost all ancient religions) whether these are nominal, intensive or extensive would require the delegation of religious intercessory rituals and forms to secondary individuals or group of individuals leaving the inventors or plagiarizers of religions to focus on their primary objectives of political (and military) dominance and governance (the manipulation of the power dynamics to retain dominance).

But of course among the lesser and smaller tribal religions, without large (material, power or social) payouts for the pretenders laying claims to have some connections to some spirit elements or deities either from the context of power or of knowledge or both, the focus would be of the scaled down more immediate life's concern such as social position (from the sexual and hierarchical power lust perspective), sustenance, health, safety and progeny. Without large army to lead and ego boosting conquest to plan and carry out, and little material wealth aside from lives and livestock, the power angle would be mostly mysticism, superstitious taboos and rituals that focused on irrational fears of the unknown or the elements of the environment that are not understood.

As religions started as part of a political maneuver to make use of the name of GOD to get support from the social order, meaning that religion was mainly a political tool and not the political ends, religion has mostly from the time of its invention stayed as a supplementary tool to gain and to retained political power.

Further the requirements of religion in large population densities because of the ego lust focus of the masses which commonly also (additionally to having some connections to some power or deities andor of having mystical paranormal powers and knowledge) both implicitly and also explicitly advanced supposedly supremely supreme superlative values of any, some or all of the following: of being supremely humble and contrite; supremely holy and divinely pure; supremely completely invariably faithful in obedience, contriteness and/or servitude; to over, above and beyond supremely wise and knowledgeable (such that their wisdom and knowledge is simply beyond human reasoning and comprehension), do not make good political sense as the geopolitical reality (unless you are in almost total isolation from other competing groups) of inter tribal and inter nation rivalries as well as the struggle for political dominance within any significantly large geopolitical entity obviously required more then just appealing to the gods (when they are not gods at all but fantasies' invention to gain power or social status) alone cannot give victories in political struggles and warfare. Ultimately then political expediencies would dictate more rational analytic minds skilled at maneuvering alliances and strategic planning in warfare to prevail. Religion would thus remain mostly a supportive function to those who wield political and military power.

However they (these proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of religions) would from time to time succeed to gain greater power and authority over their social order momentarily for a period of time under certain situational realities when destructive natural calamities or disease plagues would scare the crap out of the affected population; or when the political realities of evenly match competitors would then empower the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of religions to be able to act as king maker and/or as a unifying agent among polarized groups struggling for supremacy or among the various differing communities with localized loyalty.

One such typified situation has been increasingly observed in the Middle East for the last four to five decades until today where the deficit of strong unifying political and military personalities have led to a power icon vacuum leaving this aspect of the ego lust of the masses without an effective expression. Without any convincing means to hang on to power as the politics of individual rights to freedom, and the spread of western democratic ideals gradually erodes their authority angle, the political leadership in order to retain power had become increasingly reliant on the religion angle (.i.e. both carrot and stick) to suppress dissent against their authority. This then gave opportunities for those who would advance themselves as the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of religion to begin to gain the upper hand in the power dynamics. If we would not be blinded through choosing to be stupid we would have perceived the power struggle among the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of religion to gain supremacy with each advancing more and more extreme and superlatives observations and practices to elevate themselves through pandering to the incredulous insatiable ego lust of humankind. Even as religious extremism expressed in competing to be more superlative and extreme will always be there as long as there are lust structured and framed religious dogma to feed the lust of the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives as they compete to be the most supremely supreme Superlatives to gain a following from the equally lust driven among the masses, their rise to political dominance (as oppose to etching out a political niche) is almost invariable a result of a power vacuum when the political and military icons are unable to satisfy the power glory lust of the general masses of humankind.

But more often than not as also ultimately, the survival of the fittest would come to be expressed such that religions and their proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives would mostly to ultimately, play second fiddle to military and political strategists. (Please read the more complete discussion of this aspect of the human social order in the post, ‘The Mechanics Of Power In The Human Social Order’, in another of this author's blogs.)

This had been the main political realities of the greater part and greater length of history until a defining historical event would lead to the sprouting forth of two entirely new religions that were very significantly different from all the earlier religions and all the earlier practices of religion prior to that time period (or era of time). Unlike all other earlier religions, the avowed goals (one implicitly and the other very explicitly) of these two new (at that time period) religions was to subjugate all mankind under them (the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of these religions) and to exterminate all other religions as and when they are able to (i.e. as and when they have the power impunity to do so).

Yes the general practice of religion changed significantly over one thousand five hundred years ago when two significantly new religious order were established a few hundred years apart. Both these two religious orders claimed themselves as the continuity and continuation of a very ancient religious order but superseding it in rejecting anything and everything from the scriptures of that ancient religious order that would not suit their agenda of being supremely supreme so as to be able to advance and demand the torture and murder of anyone and everyone they so seek to, who would not embraced and submit to their religious orders, and who would not worship their proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives as the ultimate and supreme absolute authority from the CREATOR GOD of that ancient religious order that they claimed to be from and of.

And if we would not pretend to be stupid so that we can continue to lust exclusively we would know that even as these two religions first and primary goal has been to wipe out all other religions, the timing of the foundation and rise of these two religions were directly in response to the foundation of the Church of GOD in 30 C.E. (For the discussion of this assertion please read the section of this post with the heading, ‘The So Called Abrahamic Religions – Know The Basics’).

Even as religion first started from a man seeking to have dominance over all his peers apportioning the name of GOD to give credence to his political agenda; if you think the Christian Holy Scriptures can be believed, the world of mankind, this temporary physical existence of ours, was and is still being ruled over and constantly being manipulated by a Spirit realm of Angels and Demons whom GOD had given various positions of authority and responsibility in a hierarchical structure headed by a powerful intelligent Spirit personage who has since become Satan the Devil. (For the discussion of this assertion please read the the chapter, ‘Angels, Demons And Man’ of ‘Bible 101 - The Holy Bible Expounded’ by this author).

These are all very simple things that ego mega supergorging science deliberately pretend stupidity over so they can mega ego supergorge to insanity, proposing ridiculous origins for religion that have totally no connection to the obvious reality consistently seen in the every day conduct of mankind as well as thoroughly recorded in the history of humankind.
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Christianity – Know The Basics [christianity]

Here then is why the Christian faith and worship is not a religion in the absolute sense of the word. First and foremost the entire basis for the Christian faith is a covenant, a totally overriding and completely binding agreement to accept the Christian GOD as GOD with all that is involved in such acceptance. Basically an agreement, any agreement is between parties who want to receive things from one another and in most cases exchanges of some sort, whether tangibles or intangibles are involved. Therefore in agreements there are compulsory must perform obligations, of things to be performed andor things tangible and intangible to be exchanged, from both parties. Naturally there are also penalties for any failure to perform the requirements and obligations, as per the full terms of the agreement. But in this case there however, is an exception. That exception is that for one party of this Covenant no penalty can be extracted.

That is because one party is the CREATOR GOD. This is because absolutely all things belong to GOD, and HE holds, absolutely without exceptions, all power and authority such that no one, absolutely no one at all (HIMSELF is excluded, of course), can make a demand against, to demand a requirement from HIM. And that is the whole point to GOD making an agreement (Hebrews 16:13 – 18) with man, to assure them of HIS desire for their welfare and well being and that HE wants a forever for them if they only would have the faith to believe and trust HIM. But of course they have to take HIS word for it, but not without any basis (i.e. not just in blind faith). That basis is the testimony of all those who have been HIS faithful by covenant of the past (and also of the present) in their testimonies recorded and preserved for all in the Christian Holy Scriptures (i.e. if you think these Scriptures can be believed), as also in the testimony of this work (i.e. if you think that this author can be believed). And because the agreement is with the ABSOLUTE POWER and AUTHORITY, it cannot be over ruled or restricted, limited, added to, subtracted from, changed, altered or modified by anyone or any other authority.

If you think that GOD making an agreement with HIS creature, mankind, is a ridiculous idea, please first read through the Christian Holy Scriptures (in its numerous translations as the Christian Bible). Then read the post, ‘The New Covenant Part I’ to understand why would the ALMIGHTY CREATOR GOD who absolutely owns all things and can absolutely do whatever HE pleases at any and all time to anyone and anything, would want to make binding agreements with mankind.
ALMIGHTY GOD who created us all being truly all knowing and merciful (contrary to all the evil blasphemies of all the evil proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives who claimed to be from HIM), do not demand that we just believe and trust HIM. HE has provided us the full complete basis to decide for ourselves whether or not we can trust HIM, whether we can believe HIM.

This is even as for any man (includes woman) who claimed to believe in a supreme Creator of all things with such Creator having absolute omnipotent power and the corresponding authority and thus the Creator can absolutely do anything at all that He wants to anyone and everyone absolutely any and all times that He would want to, which no one can even question much less oppose; then for that man (includes woman) to choose to distrust the Creator (which they claimed to believe in) is already explicit total effective insanity.

But regardless of such explicit complete insanity, we will in this discussion present both discussions of whether the Christian Holy Scriptures can be believed (in the sub topic titled, ‘The Christian Holy Scriptures – Know The Basics’) and whether this author can be believed (in the sub topic titled ‘The Work Of This Author – Know The Basics’) plus also all the other basis that the ALMIGHTY GOD have provided for all those seeking HIM to decide for themselves whether they would choose to believe HIM or not. This is because the ALMIGHTY CREATOR of all is not contrary to HIS own purpose (as have been the evil doctrines of all the evil proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of religions) of creating all mankind (and also all the Angelic Spirit personages) as intelligent freewill self aware creatures, to then demand, prevent or forbid us from exercising our freewill to decide for ourselves what we want to do or whether we want to, whether we choose to, believe and trust HIM or not.

And just as the ALMIGHTY CREATOR have left it as a choice to all mankind whether they would choose to believe HIS Word and to trust HIM of not, so also this author have left it to all those who read this work (and also my other testimonies) whether they would want to believe me or not. But of course there are consequences. This is just the simple every instance reality of cause and effect. More will be discussed about reality, our reality in the sub topic title, ‘Reality Of The Physical Universe – Knowing The Basics’ in a later part of this post.

For the complete discussion on why an all powerful, all knowing, all everywhere Creator who could force all His creature without exception to absolutely totally obey and perform all that HE required of them at every single and all instances of their existence and consciousness, but have not and have never ever done so, please the read the book sized post discussion, ‘Readers Question – Why Do Innocents Suffer If GOD Is Just’ which fully explains why GOD would allow evil to so completely filled the hearts and minds of both mankind (Genesis 6:5) and many of the Angels of Heaven (Revelation 12:7 – 9).

Therefore from the context of the Christian Holy Scriptures, any and everyone who wants to become a Christian (i.e. to become a follower and disciple of LORD JESUS, with the extended connotation of becoming a member of the Church of GOD, accepting the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as their GOD), they must first and before anything else understand this need to enter into this Covenant, the New Everlasting Covenant, including all that is required to abide by, obey, honor, perform and uphold (the full complete requirement involved) in this Covenant of accepting GOD as their GOD. But before they can even enter into this Covenant they must first and foremost fully, sincerely and completely agree to repent (i.e. to stop breaking and transgressing the Royal Laws and Holy Commandments conceptualized as the first and second Great Commandment of Love (Matthew 22:37 – 39; Mark 12:30 – 32) and summarized as the Ten Commandments of GOD, as well as all the things required, commanded, instituted and ordained by GOD.

Then to signify or demonstrate that agreement (to fully stop sinning, to fully and completely repent from: transgressing, breaking and invalidating GOD's Royal Law and Holy Commandment of Love; and disregarding all the things that GOD required to be performed and honor), they must seek out those who are already Christian according by the New Covenant to undertake the mandated requirement of baptism followed by having hands laid on them in believing prayer that they might receive the HOLY SPIRIT promised to all who in sincerity believed and in faithfulness obeyed. Please read about the baptism requirement in the post, ‘Prayer, Fasting And Diligent Studies’ of ‘Bible 101 – The Holy Bible Expounded’.

Just these alone would preclude the Christian faith from being a religion. Also from this alone we would (or should anyway) know and understand that in the Christian Covenant which is the Everlasting Perpetual Covenant mediated by the MESSENGER of the Covenant, LORD JESUS, and made in HIS BLOOD, that there is no free gift at all in the strictest sense of the meaning of the term free gift, except in the context of something that is willingly given (as opposed to that which is forced or coerced) from the perspective of intent, contrary to the lies of the evil Christmas religion to dupe mankind so they, the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives, can feed off and parasite on mankind in the human social order. For the more complete discussion on the word of the original Greek text ‘dōrea [G1431]’ interpreted and rendered as the word ‘gift’ in the English translations of the Christian Bible please read the discussion on this in the post ‘The HOLY SPIRIT’ of this author's blog ‘The Scripture of Truth.

The word of the original Greek text ‘dōrea [G1431]’ (of the New Testament records) translated into the English word ‘gift’ was misinterpreted and mistranslated by ignoring the context of the Promise (which makes it therefore an obligation or a due as per the tenures or terms of the Covenant). When something is given as part of an agreement, using the term gift does not accurately convey the meaning concept and is therefore misleading, and has been used by the Christmas religion (i.e. the harlot daughters) to deceive the whole world that they do not need to meet any or perform any requirement to accept GOD as their GOD, except to just to announce that they believed or to give their hearts to Jesus. A more accurate translation would be the word ‘bequest’ as something bequeathed or bestowed upon a subject of favor and/or mercy. Understanding this alone would have yielded the additional understanding that just by saying and claiming you believe in JESUS CHRIST or that you accept JESUS as personal savior, you do not, cannot and will not receive the promised HOLY SPIRIT. There is a signified commitment required before the HOLY SPIRIT is given and that signified commitment is of sincere repentance demonstrated in baptism to agree to enter into the New Covenant agreement with GOD accepting GOD as one's GOD with the full obligations of all that are entailed. For that reason many (and there have been many) had not and have not received the HOLY SPIRIT when hands were laid on them in prayer after their baptism because of their insincerity, their fake pretense at repentanceGOD is not fooled, HE cannot be deceived by the front we put up or by the insincerity and self deception in our hearts. Insincerity too is where all the Elect of today is being convicted of unfaithful in their Covenant with GOD, all those who rejected corrections in refusing to turn (refusing to repent) from the pursuit of their self expediencies, self advancements and ego gorging lust.

Also the very word ‘GOD’ including the word ‘faith’ from the Christian Holy Scriptures carried significantly different meanings to the words ‘God’ and ‘faith’ as understood and used by all the other religions subscribed to and believed (whatever that means to them) in by mankind.

Even as the term GOD for true Christian, also carries the meaning of Creator as the maker of all things that exist, as also with all the so called Abrahamic religions. However in many so called non Abrahamic religions, the word ‘God’ or their word and term for their deities, to them do not carry this meaning. Aside from the term deity/deities or god/gods as understood by all monotheistic and polytheistic religions as to be of some paranormal entities to pray to, to seek protection, favors and blessings from, however the most significant meaning of the word GOD to true Christianity is of absolute power and absolute perpetuity (as of always there) followed by of absolute sovereignty (authority to rule) and absolute ownership (owning all things).
Please read the post, ‘GOD’, in the blog, ‘The Scripture Of Truth’ for the discussion of the meaning in the word ‘GOD’ as defined in the Christian Holy Scriptures.
From many to almost all of so called non Abrahamic religions, the deity or deities that they worship (whatever that mean to them) had never been held as or ascribed to be either omnipotent or of being the owner of all things. In most of these religions their deities actually had a birth date, of a day when they were born into existence on a calendar date of the planet earth thus making such deity a product or creature of earth rather the ultimate creator of all. This of course today may no longer be hold to be as such because of the social order of mankind full to overflowing with ego gorgers and ego supergorgers, everyone adding to and taking away from the things they have learned, embraced and subscribed to, in order to make themselves supremely supreme. This they do through making whatever they believed in or aligned to (i.e. proxified to) be supremely supreme because they fully know themselves that they are hardly supreme but severely limited such that should they be unable to crap for some few days, they would be in severe medical distress.

The Christian faith is not just someone telling a story of dreams, visions and paranormal signs, but a physical relaying of the accounts of literal encounters and experiences in life by those before which spanned thousands of years, supported by extensive documentations in varying details by some of those who lived through those years (in first to third person accounts) with many of those recorded years fully collaborated by the records of other parties and secular historical records.

While in many civilizations of the ancient long ago times, records were maintained on celebratory events, wars, taxation, and affairs of the rulers and the nation, but the discontinuous nature of dynasties and nations would see much to most of those records lost with only sparse and few records preserved in the ruins and in valued durable artifacts. Whereas in the Christian covenant (beginning from the precursor to Christianity in the Old Testament mediated by Moses), sufficiently continuous records were both relayed through those few faithful (i.e. the prophets and scribes to these ancient nations and people of GOD) in each and every succeeding generations. This was firstly in the precursor to Christianity in the genealogical descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob when those descendants were freed from their bondage as slaves to ancient Egypt. The records began to be maintained from before both nations of these descendants inherited through taking possession of the Promised Land had spanned over one thousand five hundred years. These were maintained starting from the before the time when those two nations were first established as a United Kingdom led by Joshua and Caleb, until after the destruction by the Roman empire in 70 C.E. of the one remaining nation as a Roman vassal nation of the Jews.

Even as these records started to be recorded by the Prophet Moses and ended with the last records in the Book of Revelation by the Apostle John sometime after Jerusalem was sacked by Roman forces in 70 C.E. The last book of records, the Book of Revelation, had recorded as prophecy the major events in the Church of GOD founded on 30 C.E. as very summarized events. These prophecies revealed tracing out the Church's journey in a summarized series of highlighted milestone events. These would be events happening to the Church of GOD including all in the Church focusing primary on the tests and trials faced by the Messenger(s) to each period, as well as the general situations (the strength and failings) the Church would face at each corresponding period (or era).

This journey was traced beginning from the time of Apostolic Church focusing on immediately after the last surviving Apostle recorded them while exiled in the island called Patmos, and from that period to until the very last days  of the Age of Man which will see the Kingdom of GOD restored to the Promise Land not too long from now (2015 C.E.). These highlighted events and situations were meant to reveal as prophesies (a telling of the events before they are to take place at their appointed times) the Spiritual conditions particularly the trials and tests to the faithfulness of the Church of GOD and the Elect during each of those seven eras (i.e. seven periods separated chronologically as well as by the main Spiritual conditions of Messenger or Messengers of each stretch and all the membership, especially those in the Church, throughout each period). These prophesies (Revelation 2 and 3) recorded the Church's journey from the time of the Apostles until the Church of GOD will be taken away, fleeing protected by GOD from the persecution by the False Prophet, the Beast power and all of mankind in complicit with them.

But that is not all, Christians are also literally Sons (i.e. progeny) to the Christian GOD receiving the HOLY SPIRIT that begets them as literal Spiritual Sons of GOD when they in true sincere repentance accept the Christian GOD as their GOD in the covenant (with GOD) offered through the sanctifying BLOOD of JESUS CHRIST which HE shed in dying to pay for the sins of all mankind. This because all mankind (every single person who have ever and would ever lived as a human being) have (had and would have) sinned through all their evil endeavors expressed by their acts and speeches carried out in the process of their lives. Just as in our physical dominion, the genetic blueprint that defines and specifies us (biologically) making us sons or children of our direct biological parents, the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD, given to all true Christians who in true sincerity repents to enter into the New Covenant with GOD, are also the Sons of GOD through the HOLY SPIRIT they received after baptism (if their conversion is from a sincere and not on a fake repentance as is fairly often the case), defines and specifies all as such, Sons of GOD and Brethren to LORD JESUS, all having the same, and is of the same SPIRIT, the HOLY SPIRIT.
Please read the post, ‘Keys To Unlocking The Mystery Part IV’ to understand the several conceptual meanings in terms ‘son’ and ‘sons’ when used in the Christian Holy Scriptures.
Beginning from the time the Biblical Patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and also Joseph) GOD ordained a physical process to be the literal expression of consecration, of preparing and making something or someone for Holy use. This consecration process and ritualistic action is meant to denote separating something (or someone) ordinary to sanctify it as solely for Holy purpose (i.e. use or service). This is the anointing process, the process of pouring a specially formulated oil as an anointing or consecration oil.
When GOD first called Moses, HE did so with a paranormal sign to get Moses undivided attention. When HE sent Moses to free the Israelite from their Egyptian bondage HE did not get Moses to raise up a large army to do battle against the Egyptians even as HE could have easily done that. But with miracle upon miracle GOD had led Moses and the ancient Israelite, beginning with the plagues on the Egyptians to their being fed for forty years with Manna that rained down from heaven. Throughout the time GOD used Moses to lead the Israelite from the time Moses went to free them from their Egyptian bondage until the Israelite finally took possession of the Promise Land led by by Joshua and Caleb, GOD had accompanied these men of GOD with paranormal signs such that none of the Israelite would need to wonder if they were actually being led by GOD

Now Moses was tending the flock of Jethro his father-in-law, the priest of Midian. And he led the flock to the back of the desert, and came to Horeb, the mountain of God. And the Angel of the Lord appeared to him in a flame of fire from the midst of a bush. So he looked, and behold, the bush was burning with fire, but the bush was not consumed. Then Moses said, “I will now turn aside and see this great sight, why the bush does not burn.”
So when the Lord saw that he turned aside to look, God called to him from the midst of the bush and said, “Moses, Moses!”
And he said, “Here I am.”
Then He said, “Do not draw near this place. Take your sandals off your feet, for the place where you stand is holy ground.”
Exodus 3:1 – 5

The separating (or setting apart) of something or someone for Holy use, purpose or service was first ordained during Creation Week (or rather Recreation, Renewing or Restoration Week) when on the seventh day, GOD rested to sanctify the seventh day as a Holy Day, ordaining and instituting both the Sabbath day of rest as well as the seven day week. By explicitly putting HIS presence into a specific day thereby making it Holy, thus instituting and ordaining a seven day cycle of work (i.e. the focus on physical livelihood and all the cares of the physical life) to be done in six days and one day of rest (to not be focused on livelihood and the cares of the physical life, but to focus on their relationship with GOD who is their life giver, life sustainer, life protector and benefactor) and thus creating the seven day weekly cycle that would see that sanctified day repeated every seven days continually from then onward. (The continuous seven day weekly cycle will be one of the things that Satan the Devil would seek to break when Satan the Devil gives his power, his throne and his authority to the Beast as his proxy in the very last days of the Age of Man).

Prior to the establishment of the Old Covenant, anointing as a process of consecration was not explicitly recorded in the Christian Holy Scriptures. However the fact that the Biblical Patriarch Jacob anointed the stone that he had rested his head on in his sleep when he had the vision from GOD, is implicit that anointing as a process of consecration was something Jacob was familiar with and understood.

Then Jacob awoke from his sleep and said, “Surely the Lord is in this place, and I did not know it.” And he was afraid and said, “How awesome is this place! This is none other than the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven!”
Then Jacob rose early in the morning, and took the stone that he had put at his head, set it up as a pillar, and poured oil on top of it.
Genesis 28:16 – 18

When the Old Covenant was introduced after the Israelite were free from their Egyptian bondage, Moses was given instructions to prepare a special formulation of oil that was specifically and only to be used for the consecration anointing process. And it was from this time through to the time the ‘Temple of Solomon’ was built and rebuilt (after its destruction by Nebuchadnezzar) that consecration becomes a part of the ritualistic worship service for the Israelite (including Judah when the two kingdoms were separated) and in the ordination into the priesthood.

Even as some of the Kings of both ancient kingdoms were also actually anointed as kings, not all were. Of particular note is that of the Judges and Prophets whom GOD would raised up from time to time throughout the Old Covenant period none were anointed to their office, but all were specifically prepared and directly called by GOD into service. That was true throughout the Old Covenant period up to John the Baptist and included all the twelve plus one (because one was disqualified and subsequently replaced) Apostles that were handpicked by the LORD JESUS. All these were called before the MESSENGER, the MEDIATOR of the Covenant, died to ordain and institute the New Covenant.

When GOD sent HIS only Begotten SON born as a SON of man to mediate the New Covenant that would replace the Old Covenant which would end when the LORD GOD of that Old Covenant would die as ‘the LAMB of GOD who takes away the sin of the world’ in order to mediated the Everlasting Covenant with HIS death, GOD did not send JESUS as the MESSIAH without accompanying paranormal signs to attest and authenticate the role of JESUS as had been foretold and prophesied by many of the Prophets of GOD during the Old Testament period. During the time when GOD (the WORD who would later be born as a SON of man) sent Moses as the mediator of the Old Covenant with GOD (the WORD) and to free the Israelite HE had sent powerful and frightening signs to testify as an assurance to the Israelite that they should have nothing to fear with GOD protecting them. During the time of JESUS ministry as a SON of man preparatory to HIS death to institute the New Covenant, GOD accompanied JESUS work with a different set of paranormal signs to testify to GOD's love and desire to have mercy on all mankind, wanting a forever life, well being and good for all man. And with these same paranormal signs, GOD confirmed the testimony of LORD JESUS in all the Apostles and men of GOD during the beginning of the Apostolic years who would testify to the Grace and Salvation that GOD had accomplished ordained and instituted in the Everlasting Covenant made in the BLOOD and death of the MESSIAH as ‘the LAMB of GOD who takes away the sin of the world’.
However the Apostle Paul, who was called after the New Covenant was instituted, was the only Apostle to receive the New Covenant's version of consecration (aka anointing) through the laying on of hands of Ananias, a Christian disciple, immediately after which he was then baptized. The fact that Paul (aka Saul before he was converted) was not baptized first before Ananias laid hands on him to receive the HOLY SPIRIT, just showed that Christians are just as fallible and are just as error prone as every other members of mankind. The Old Covenant literal anointing (i.e. oiling) process was replaced in the New Covenant by the laying on of hands by those who have already been members of the Body of CHRIST. This is just as the Passover lamb of the Old Covenant was replaced with bread and wine symbolizing the flesh and BLOOD of the LAMB of GOD who takes away the sin of the world.

And Ananias went his way and entered the house; and laying his hands on him he said, “Brother Saul, the Lord Jesus, who appeared to you on the road as you came, has sent me that you may receive your sight and be filled with the Holy Spirit.” Immediately there fell from his eyes something like scales, and he received his sight at once; and he arose and was baptized.
Acts 9:17 – 18

While the anointing process during the time of the Old Covenant was meant to consecrate something or someone, separating them apart for Holy use and purpose, the process was not generally intended to denote the giving or imparting of the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD to those anointed. This was because the Old Covenant was contextually a physical (as opposed to a Spirit) Spiritual (because GOD is SPIRIT and any relationship with GOD in it and a part of it has a Spiritual dimension to it) marriage covenant (between GOD and the people as nation entity/entities) being focused on things pertaining to this current temporary physical lifetime with the covenant binding on those who were a part to it only until their death. That however does not mean that during those times, those whom GOD had prepared and indirectly (as opposed to directly) called for the exact same purpose that true Christians of the New Covenant period have been called and are being called, were not given the HOLY SPIRIT in the consecration process. Saul the King, King David and the Prophet Samuel were just three of such men anointed to be kings or priests who were also given the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD in their consecration by anointing. But the greater majority anointed whether into the priesthood or as kings during the Old Covenant period however were not. Of these King Solomon was just one.

The anointing process of the Old Covenant period was a symbolic reference to represent as well as to point to the giving of the HOLY SPIRIT to true Christian after their baptism to accept and acknowledge the CREATOR as their GOD and HOLY FATHER. While during the Old Testament period, anointing were mostly done to appoint person or persons into the Levitical priesthood or a person as a king over the ancient Kingdoms of Israel (also Judah), in the New Covenant this anointing process which have been replaced by the laying on of hands of the faithful on the newly baptized, is carried out on all who in repentance were baptized by those who were already partakers of the New Covenant, the converted and baptized true Christians.

When the Day of Pentecost had fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. And suddenly there came a sound from heaven, as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting. Then there appeared to them divided tongues, as of fire, and one sat upon each of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.
Acts 2:1 – 4

The HOLY SPIRIT of GOD was first formally and officially (in perceptible signs) given to the around one hundred and twenty converts to Christianity in 30 C.E. on the Day of Pentecost (aka Feast of Firstfruits or Feast of Weeks). This was the day the New Covenant Church of GOD was formally and officially established with those around one hundred and twenty Christians who had actually obeyed the LORD JESUS.

Then Peter said to them, “Repent, and let every one of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins; and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. For the promise is to you and to your children, and to all who are afar off, as many as the Lord our God will call.”
And with many other words he testified and exhorted them, saying, “Be saved from this perverse generation.” Then those who gladly received his word were baptized; and that day about three thousand souls were added to them. And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers.
Acts 2:38 – 42

On that same day some three thousand others too became converts to Christianity who after hearing, believing and obeying the Apostle Peter, were baptized and had hands laid on them to receive the HOLY SPIRIT. No doubt not all who were baptized and had hands laid on them, received the HOLY SPIRIT as GOD will only give HIS SPIRIT to those who are genuinely sincere. GOD from whom nothing is hidden or can be hidden, knows those who were and are sincere from those who either in lying pretense or in stirred up emotional delusion hold themselves to be repentant.

Therefore, leaving the discussion of the elementary principles of Christ, let us go on to perfection, not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works and of faith toward God, of the doctrine of baptisms, of laying on of hands, of resurrection of the dead, and of eternal judgment.
Hebrews 6:1 – 2

So therefore as a covenant, the agreement of the Christian faith has clear, explicit and well defined but simple prerequisites (i.e. process rules and steps) that must be under taken before someone can become a Christian; before someone can enter into the New Covenant (through partaking the Passover) to accept the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as their GOD together with all that followed which must be fully honored, obeyed and perform as the requirement (i.e. obligatory) for this Covenant to be continue to be valid for them; so that the Covenant may not be made null and void by and to them through their failure to perform all these requirements and all the committed obligations.

As far as the true Christian faith and worship goes, nobody, no one absolutely at all, can just decide that they want to be a Christian (a true Christian convert of the New Covenant) by just deciding to be one or by declaring that they are one, no matter what else, what other process or none at all that they might carry out to become a true Christian except they do so through the prerequisite process that had been established, instituted and ordained by GOD through the LORD JESUS, fully and clearly testified to and recorded in the Christian Holy Scripture and practiced religiously by all who have been previously inducted through the same prerequisite process by those who were inducted before them.

And it happened, while Apollos was at Corinth, that Paul, having passed through the upper regions, came to Ephesus. And finding some disciples he said to them, “Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed?”
So they said to him, “We have not so much as heard whether there is a Holy Spirit.”
And he said to them, “Into what then were you baptized?”
So they said, “Into John’s baptism.”
Then Paul said, “John indeed baptized with a baptism of repentance, saying to the people that they should believe on Him who would come after him, that is, on Christ Jesus.”
When they heard this, they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. And when Paul had laid hands on them, the Holy Spirit came upon them, and they spoke with tongues and prophesied.
Acts 19:1 – 6

No one can by just declaring, ‘I believe in Jesus therefore I am a Christian’ or ‘I am a Christian because I believe I am a Christian’ can thereby become a Christian no matter what they profess to believe or to accept or to give their hearts to. No one is, nor can anyone be a Christian if they do not obey the ordained and commanded induction through baptism in sincere repentance then followed by the laying on of hands of those who already are Christian, to receive the HOLY SPIRIT. This is even if that someone totally and completely accurately believe and put in practice every single word (i.e. all that is communicated and correctly understood) that the Christian Holy Scriptures recorded, adding nothing nor taking away nothing from what is recorded, except that they did not go through or have not gone through and would not go through the instituted and ordained prerequisite process as recorded. To disregard anything at all that GOD had instituted and ordained, even what may appear or consider to be totally trivial or frivolous, is to disregard GOD breaking the first and great commandment. And no one who would choose to disregard GOD can ever be a Christian no matter what else they do. And any Christian who after their conversion would later choose to disregard GOD (as indeed almost all the Elect today are doing and have been doing) can continue very long to be remain a Christian unless they fully sincerely repent. That will be the reason most of the Elect alive today will be martyred in the Tribulation as the means to prove their sincere repentance of their evil blasphemies, the blasphemies they have been practicing and uttering (Mark 3:28 – 29) against GOD.

The whole purpose of a prerequisite process that must be obeyed and followed to become a true Christian convert and therefore a disciple and follower of LORD JESUS CHRIST, has been to have a continuous unbroken chain from the time the Church of GOD was founded (through the giving of the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD on the Day of Pentecost in 30 C.E.) to relay and carry the Christian faith and worship through the centuries to today, and especially through the hidden years when the Elect were severely persecuted by the Great Harlot, so that all who believe may know the certainty and validity of what they believe and hold to be true. Additionally this is to invalidate all those who would spring forth in the human social order from the first century C.E. to this very day, to make unilateral unsubstantiated claims to be the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This is the very reason we see thousands of so called Christian denominations and even several main (with multiple millions to hundreds of millions of followers) unilateral claimants positioning themselves to be the actual authentic andor main religion of Abraham the Father of the Faithful.

From the context of heritage, a similitude of such a continuous unbroken chain would be the ancestral ownership over a certain area of land or of a natural (as opposed to a migrant) citizenry to a nation state where the current holders established they rightful claim through their lineage and ancestry.

In this way the validity of the Christian Covenant is established to something that is real and actually witnessed to and authenticated through their predecessors, those who were before them, in this Covenant as an ordained and commanded practice relayed down in a continuous unbroken chain of baptism and laying on of hands aside from and in addition to the testimony of each generations of Christians through which each successive generation in repentance under took the same inductive baptism followed by the laying on of hands to receive the conferment of the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD from those who were their predecessors.

In this just as JESUS was The CHRIST, The ANOINTED of GOD the FATHER to be ‘LORD of Lords and KING of Kings’, so also all true Christians are also Anointed through the laying on of hands to be Lords and Kings with and under the LORD JESUS when HE returns in HIS Second Advent to restore the Kingdom of Heaven to the Promise Land.

This is as opposed to all that has been imagined and fantasized by someone or some group of people declaring, asserting, proclaiming and pronouncing that they are the acclaimed and proclaimed Superlatives of whatever gods or deities or magnificently supreme entities, all totally sprouted forth out from nowhere, attributed to up some great high mountains or in some deep dark cravens or through some holes which universes traversing worms crawled. This today we have all been fully witnesses to, as new religions and belief systems are continually being invented, plagiarizing ideas both from ancient belief systems and whatever new things that the social order of mankind has theorized, hypothesized, fantasized, encountered and learned since.

Even as there are much more that I can go into, which for obvious reasons I will not, I will jump here to the last point.

Therefore last but not least, the Christian faith is not some remote and unrelated ancient records with no references to the passage of history until today after the last word was recorded some close to two thousand years ago. Far from this, the Christian Holy Scriptures not only recorded in sufficient detail (sufficient for those who believe to understand what will transpire and how) the series of milestone events beginning from the first century founding of the Church of GOD on the Day of Pentecost in 30 C.E through the centuries (as Satan through his agents seek to destroy the Church of GOD first in persecution and infiltration, then no longer commanding the power to do so, with just infiltration and subversion) until the end of this contemporary social order of mankind where all behaving exactly like animals everyone devouring and being devoured as they pursue after all that they lusted after.

This the Christian Holy Scriptures did so that all those who believe will know the certainty of the things conveyed in its records and the truthfulness and authenticity of all the eye witnesses of the past (as well as all those of today who receive and believed the accounts handed down through the unbroken chain of baptism and laying on of hands by those were their predecessors in the faith) who testified to these things and recorded it.

Of all these things including all the persistent and pervasive evils and lies advanced both as supreme wisdom and intelligence encompassing truth, enlightenment and knowledge, by the various entities of belief systems large and small in the human social, this author has faithfully testified to and conclusively proven without a shadow of a reasonable doubt as all those who have been following this work would (or should anyway) know.
2015 03 12

The only basis to become (and to continue to be) a true Christian is through entering into (and staying the course in) the Everlasting Covenant with The FATHER, the Covenant mediated by JESUS CHRIST. Anyone who repents in baptism and had hands laid on them by those who have already been Christian (through this same process) then begins from that time to be fully committed to keep, perform and honor the Commandments of GOD and the Passover commemoration (this latter incidentally is implicit in the former) as instituted and ordained in the death and BLOOD of JESUS is and remains a Christian until and unless they turned reprobate by stopping and rejecting one or both.

The failure to be fully committed is the failure of all those who in the past had failed as also it will be the main failure of all those who are the true Christians today. Nearly all the Elect of today are failing in their commitment in their Covenant with the FATHER and to LORD JESUS, to do the will and the work of the FATHER (Matthew 7:21). They are almost all doing their own will, seeking to advance their own temporary lives pursuing after all manner of lust. For this reason GOD will allow them to fall into the hands of the False Prophet and the Beast power in the Tribulation to wake them up (Revelation 7:13 – 14) from their drunken ego gorging lust. You can read the discussion of the main failure of nearly all the Elect of GOD (both inside and outside of the membership the one and only Church of GOD today) in the section, ‘Knowing Ourselves’ of the post, ‘Why This Author Writes In The Manner That He Does’ in the blog, ‘A Christian Pilgrimage’ of this work.

The measure of one's faith as a Christian (through the New Covenant) is in both: the degree of one's commitment to obey the commandments of GOD and LORD JESUS, to keep and perform all the Royal Laws and Holy Commandments of GOD to love GOD, brethren and neighbors accordingly; plus also in the degree of one's commitment in seeking to do the will and work of the FATHER (with the former implicit in this, the latter). In these commitments, sincerity is the main and sole determining factor.

Having The HOLY SPIRIT As The Only Definitive Definition

But you are not in the flesh but in the Spirit, if indeed the Spirit of God dwells in you. Now if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he is not His.
Romans 8:9

There are many especially from among the Elect who would assert that Romans chapter 8 verse 9 is the only definitive of who is a Christian and who is not; that to be a true Christian, a person must have the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD in them, meaning only those who have GOD's HOLY SPIRIT in them are Christians. Is this really true?

Well, yes and no.

Yes! The HOLY SPIRIT is the promise of GOD to all who in truth and sincerity believed GOD in true humility and contriteness of heart to turn from their sins to repentance of obedience, believing and obeying the Gospel message and all that is entailed in such belief including the corresponding obedience in a continuing spirit (i.e. attitude) of repentance to sincerely be always (as a state of mind focus, intent and commitment) seeking to do the will of GOD (Matthew 7:21, 12:50) and work (John 5:32, 10:37 – 38, 14:10) of the FATHER (i.e. GOD of all) and LORD JESUS CHRIST (i.e. LORD of all).

This means that all who believe the Gospel message and obeyed all that it taught and commanded to repent and be baptized and have hands laid on them by those who have already been Christian (through this same process) will receive the promise HOLY SPIRIT. And they will remain a true Christian as long as they do not turn from the commitment to be faithful to The Covenant that they have entered into with GOD the FATHER.

Therefore to say that those who have GOD's HOLY SPIRIT are the true Christian would be both redundant and unnecessary. But that is not all, anyone who specifically quote this as the one and only validity for a person to be a true Christian almost invariably does so with an implicit blasphemous agenda. That is the reason, I have said, ‘well, yes and no’! Anyone who really knows how to ‘put two and two together’ would (or should anyway) understand this basic evident truth which all those who advance such evil blasphemies do so seeking to shift the focus from what is commanded and required to be obeyed to something that is a given (a without doubt a certainty) so that they can confuse the issue to lead people towards lies that implicitly have GOD portrayed as unpredictable and unreliable (through implying that no one can know who HE will give the HOLY SPIRIT to) thus cannot be trusted.

But don't get me wrong, I do not at anytime say that all who have been and will be baptized, and have or will have hands laid on them will receive the HOLY SPIRIT. The conditions are to believe and to repent. The failing conditions are to not believe andor to not repent, meaning pretending to believe andor pretending to repent, as indeed many had done so from the times of the Apostles and many are still doing so to this very day. GOD is not deceived and cannot be deceived.
2015 06 14

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