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I am not writing this to prove to anyone that the Christian Holy Scriptures as originally inspired, then compiled and translated into the Christian Bible of today, is the Word of GOD, which of course it is. I am writing about the true Christian religion, my faith and worship (i.e. religion from the perspective of the current social order of mankind) through the Everlasting Christian Covenant. I am not inviting controversy, contentions or arguments, just doing my part, playing my appointed (i.e. assigned) role, carrying out my responsibility in this life to expound the truth about the CREATOR of all things and HIS purpose, will and good pleasure (i.e. HIS will what it pleases HIM to do, which includes what HE allows as the process to work out HIS will).

Dont get confused, I am not writing about the great Catholic religion or the Protestant religion or any of the many religions that call and proclaim themselves “Christian” or embraced what they claimed the Christian Bible teaches either in part or in total. No offence meant to anyone but I know the Christmas mother religion and her numerous harlot daughters are not from the CREATOR GOD, the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Nope, I have nothing to do with any of these religions at all.

Hmmm..., am I sounding like a religious nut case or raving fanatic? But never mind (I quote from a famous royalty), if you can stick around and read on I should be able to brainwash you to see my point of truth (that is if you have a truly open mind that can understand very simple and obvious truths).

Having settled that, let's get back to the subject, the first chapter of ‘Bible 101 —The Holy Bible Expounded’ my book project: Genesis.

GENESIS 1 [gen1]

Moses was both the direct and indirect author of this first ‘book’ of the Christian Holy Scriptures. Indirect in the sense that he might have narrated it to a scribe who physically wrote it down, just like all the Scriptures were indirectly written by GOD, who used men HE had specifically raised up and prepared to do the job. No, GOD didn't have to look around to find someone who is qualified to do the job, waiting for umpteenth years until someone right came along as some proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives among the Elect had claimed.

The perspective in Genesis 1 was a vision that Moses saw, which GOD showed to him, possibly during the forty days he was up in the mountain receiving the Ten Commandments. You didn’t think that it would take GOD that long to write the Ten Commandments on two tablets of stone, or did you? For a full understanding on what a vision from GOD involves please read the chapter ‘The Elect’ of ‘Bible 101 - Expounding The Holy Bible’ by this author.

Moses was himself in this vision, probably on that same mountain vantage point where GOD gave him the Old Covenant, The Ten Commandments, literary written on two tablets of stone.

Read the more detail discussion of Genesis 1 verse 1 in the post ‘In The Beginning’ to understand the context set by this very first chapter of the record of the Christian Holy Scriptures why GOD begins the record of HIS message to Moses and mankind without first revealing details of HIS Throne, Kingdom (and Government) in the Third Heaven (2 Corinthians 12:2).

Genesis 1:1 That probably happened in flash, Moses saw the heavens (perspective again from this vantage point on Mount Sinai), appeared in a brilliant display of stars, sun, moon and the earth below him in pristine beauty. Ever seen one of those spot ads on TV, cable or satellite? That was probably how long this vision was.

Read the more complete discussion of Genesis 1 verse 2 looking at the full disclosure in the Christian Holy Scriptures on why the Scriptures recorded an earth in a state of emptiness and darkness right at the first chapter of this first book of the Scripture records.

Genesis 1:2 Then suddenly everything was black, a pitch black emptiness. Remember Moses had known darkness that could be felt (Exodus 10:21), as this was something he had personally felt and lived through.

Darkest material on Earth will create a 'schism in space' for Winter Olympics.
If you have been following technological development is the human social order you might have come across the proclaimed development of what science called ‘the darkest material on Earth’ a few years back.  Well now it seems the generally public will soon be able to see this ‘darkest material’ soon. It certainly would be interesting to get a taste of this ‘darkest material’ to give us some ideas (i.e. concept and context) of what the Scriptures recorded as ‘darkness which may even be felt’.

And there was GOD in the midst of the blackness, where no form could be discerned by the human eye.

Then GOD spoke, Moses saw and heard, Let there be light’. Here in a vision Moses saw and heard GOD but not before in this same vision. The reason for this was that the first two verses, in time frame and context, happened way before. For elsewhere it was written: ‘By the Word of the LORD the heavens were made, and all the host of them by the breath of HIS mouth.

For those who know something about the Word of GOD, they would know that the Spiritual realm together with the Angels (personages composed of Spirit), were created before the physical realm (which science called the Universe). In this very first book of the Christian Bible, the omission to specifically mention the creation of the Spiritual realm including GOD's throne (in the third Heaven) and all those who dwell there, sets the context and focus of the Christian Bible.

The physical (material) realm (i.e. our physical Universe which our scientists used to believe was everything  all there is, all that exist, which now they believed is just Absolutely Nothing) was also created before man (Genesis 1:1), long before man was created. This is not to say that human-like animals did not exist prior to Genesis 1:27. The Bible did not deal with those as they had no Spiritual bearing on man (i.e. ‘Adam’), created in the image of GOD (verse 26 and 27). The Holy Christian Scriptures have throughout always been very focused.

That leads us to the question, ‘Why did GOD create the physical realm (Genesis 1:1) so long ago before HE created man?’

Because of the Angels. Angels are Spirit personages but they are not GOD. They can sin and do. We are not the only thing that GOD is concerned about. More details about Angels (the Spirit personages) are found in the chapter, ‘Angels, Demons and Men’ so we will not go any further than this in this first chapter.

Genesis 1:3, the blackness had somewhat given way and enough light was then able to penetrate through the cleaner and clearer atmosphere so that day and night periods could be differentiated through the dark grey murkiness that still remained in the air. Ever been inside a very thick fog, haze or smog with near zero visibility. That was how it was like on this very first day as GOD began to restore (renew) the earth. You can differentiate between light and darkness but you can't see much of anything else.

With our current knowledge, thanks to science, this whole Genesis 1 verse 2 to verse 10 has become so easy to comprehend that we must understand that something had happened between the time period of verse 1 and verse 2. The atmosphere had become so darkened and blackened that light could not penetrate, with the atmospheric temperature so high that water did not exist in a liquid state.

Verses 4 to 10 were just the supernatural clearing and cooling of the atmosphere causing the water to condense back into oceans separating the water in the expanse above from that below. Further cooling resulted in the restoration of the polar ice caps, glaciers, etc causing the oceans to recede so that the land mass appeared. No, GOD did not at that time move (configure) the tectonic plates causing the continents to separate because they had already separated over a period of millions or billions of years prior to this event.

In verse 14, the thick grey cloud in the sky gradually thinned and cleared. By the fourth day the heavenly bodies could be observed and seen in the cleared sky during the day and night.

Now contrast verse 2 where the earth was in a state of waste and emptiness against all the following verses 4, 10, 12, 18, 21, 25 where GOD ended each phase of the restoration by pronouncing it to be good and in verse 31 when all the work was done HE pronounced it very good. Can you see the contrast and comprehend the context of Genesis 1:2? The original words used in verse 2 which were translated (erroneously) as ‘without form and void’ in the KJV, in every other instance where these same words were used in the Christian Bible, it spoke of an undesirable state of emptiness and waste or of an uninhabitable, inhospitable state.

Isaiah 45 verse 18 specifically stated that GOD did not create the earth in that state of ‘without form and void’. So how did the earth came about to be in that state?

Jeremiah 4 verse 23 showed the context of Genesis 1 verse 2 that it was a result of sin. Whereas the verse in Jeremiah spoke of the sin of Israel, that of Genesis revealed the sin (2 Peter 2:4) of rebellious Angels. This is exactly how the Christian Scriptures is to be read to understand its true message and to get a full and true understanding of what GOD is saying through HIS Words. For the full account on how to read the Christian Bible to get the correct understanding please fully read the next chapter, ‘The Old Testament And The New Testament'.

Having restored the earth (Psalm 104:30) to a habitable condition for the earth bound plants and creatures, GOD then recreated (Psalm 104:30) all the plants first, followed by the other creatures, in an orderly manner as a chronological Type, restoring them (Psalm 104:30) as they were before the destruction of verse 2, which was caused by the first recorded open Angelic rebellion (Jude 1:6). Every living things just prior to the destruction were recreated (Psalm 104:30), everything except for the human–liked creatures that lived prior to that destruction.

The reason of this rebellion is discussed in the chapter ‘Angels, Demons and Men’. The human–liked animals that existed in the pre Genesis 1 verse 2 earth were not recreated (Psalm 104:30) because their existence next to (i.e. together with) man (or ‘Adam’) created in the image and likeness of GOD would have gone contrary to GOD’s purpose and plan (a plan because it involves a process) for mankind. An important point to note is that Adam (which is the literal word of the original text for ‘man’), and only Adam was to be created first, and not Adam and Eve created simultaneously, side by side. Then through Adam, Eve. And through them (Adam and Eve through sexual reproduction) all the rest of mankind. There is a very important Spiritual reason and lesson for this, which is elaborated on in the chapters ‘Angels, Demons and Men' and ‘The Elect’.

GOD's plan, purpose, will and good pleasure, had already been instituted ordained before the present physical universe was created. GOD is not severely limited man, GOD does not lose focus, concentration and direction. HE does not have lapse in memory and does not forget. Everything that HE had purposed from countless billions of years ago (from our perspective), GOD and GOD alone will bring to fulfillment together (but not with the help) with those who are faithful to HIM. Yes, from before time began. Nothing is missed out or overlooked. Of all that HE had purposed and planned, they are forever and nothing can be added or taken away (Ecclesiastes 3:14).

In terms of genetic material Adam was modeled after the pre–Angelic rebellion destruction human–like animals. There is a difference between mankind and animals even though both are from the dust; that is from physical matter of our physical realm (or universe). That difference is expounded in the chapter ‘Angels, Demon and Men'.

The human–like animals that existed prior to the Angelic rebellion were not created in the image and likeness of GOD. If they had been, GOD would not have allowed the Angelic rebellion to bring about total destruction to all life on earth then. Refer to the first explicitly recorded occasion where GOD destroyed all life on land through a worldwide flood, HE reserved and preserved a family so that HIS purpose would stand. Just as HE had also during the time of Elijah the Prophet, reserved and preserved seven thousand individuals from embracing paganism and idolatry, and who still were faithful in worshiping HIM according to the covenant by which they (and their forefathers) inherited the Promise Land. This was when the whole of Israel and Judah had turned to idolatry in the worshiped of pagan deities.

In the soon coming End of the Age events which are even now unfolding, when GOD will again raise HIS hand to destroy man and the creatures of earth, HE will reserve and preserve ten percent of the human population living at that time from this coming worldwide destruction. Read Matthew 24:22 and Mark 13:20. Also Genesis 9:6. (This is by no means all the scriptures relating to this topic). But of all the creatures living in the oceans GOD will totally wipe out (Revelation 16:3).

Ten percent of the total human population living in these soon coming last days will live through (while the other ninety percent will be annihilated) the ‘End of the Age' to enter into the ‘Millennium’. If you are not among the Elect of GOD and you want to survive the soon coming destruction you better thoroughly read the other book ‘The End Of The World, How It Is Going To Happen' of this author.

Evolution Versus Creation. [evsc]

Many ‘religionists’ preached against evolution and many Mutationians aka Darwinian Evolutionist rant against creation. Both are wrong, as wrong as were the blind men about the elephant.

In verse 11 and 12 GOD said, ‘Let the earth bring forth......’ and ‘the earth brought forth’.

In verse 24 GOD said, ‘Let the earth bring forth........’ and ‘it was so’.

GOD did create everything through evolution but not the evolution by mutation as postulated by Darwinist Mutationists and non Darwinist evolutionists (i.e. the Alien Lifists the believers of Alien Lifism aka Exogenisisism), who theorized that all lives were created by a series of concurrent consecutive accidents (i.e. mutations and anomalies) to the design structure of the DNA and genome, brought into existence by Natural Selection by mutation a creation of the Singularity of Absolute Nothing. This meaning (if we still retain enough sanity to understand), that so called Natural Selection must naturally go horribly wrong in order to for it to be natural, in order for the selection to be natural it must continually and consistently be punctuated and assailed by mistakes and failure of some sort, and this Natural Selection must do repeatedly (to the tune of multiple trillion upon trillions of times) so that only the mutationally fit – which used to be only fittest but now somehow have evolved to be just fit enough, and very soon it will again evolved to be just remotely fit to survive then after that just barely fit – in order to be allowed to pass on their genes and continue their lineage. Either that or life was sent (i.e. according to the latest take from some of our mega super brilliant geniuses scientists, the Alien Lifists of the theory of Alien Lifism aka Exogensisism) to earth from space either by some free floating asteroids or by the Singularity, the new god of scientific theocracy (too bad for Darwinian Evolution the now still pertinent but soon to be dethroned god of scientific theocracy), Absolute Nothingism the worshiping of insanity. However they may very soon change that to the Plurality (of the Trinity, the worship of ego mega supergorging lust) when ‘Chicken Licken aka Chicken Little’ turn up not too long from now in the form of a miracle performing (Isaiah 66:4; 2 Thessalonians 2:11; Revelation 13:!3) leader of a great global religious sovereign nation state to scare the crap out of them, all the ego mega supergorging lust driven members of mankind.

Please read in the posts, ‘GOD’ and ‘In The Beginning Was The WORD’, of the blog ‘The Scripture of Truth’ for the discussion on the FIRST and SECOND (i.e. the two main) causes (i.e. enabler or enabling parameters/elements) of reality, all reality; to understand that Absolute Nothing or the so called Singularity cannot be anything other than absolutely nothing let alone create or decide anything. This is so simple and obvious that only the completely insane (from mega ego supergorging lust) would not be able to understand. You can read about the scientific theory of the Big Bang expansion not explosion in the posts, The Big Bang For Real’ and ‘The Reality Of The Big Bang’, to really understand what science is really (but implicitly) telling us in their theories on the Big Bang.
Also read in the blog A Christian Pilgrimage’ in the post, ‘What Is Life Part 3 - The Real Life’ for some discussion on the ridiculously ludicrous (i.e. absolutely insane) assertions by our mega brilliant geniuses scientists that our universe started out as Absolute Nothing and began to ‘take shape’ when this Absolute Nothing decided (whether with or without forethought and hindsight, or just out of pure insanity) to become Absolutely Everything that we know about today about our existential realm and reality.

But in verse 21 it read, ‘So GOD created...’. It was still GOD who created. Evolution is not possible without GOD setting the governing ordinances and framework for all things to exist, aside from bringing physical matter and all physical forces into existence. Nonetheless in this instance of restoration, GOD directly recreated the living things (Psalm 104:30) that had been completely destroyed in what was probably the first Angelic rebellion. GOD then restored (Psalm 104:30) all things to the original state before that great destruction with some exceptions.

At this point there are a few things that need to be made clear:
1. GOD did not need six days to recreate (restore/renew) the earth to the pre-angelic rebellion state. HE could have done it all in an instant by fiat (which incidentally has no real or reality meaning, other than as a figure of speech or a theoretical expression).
2. GOD allowed the rebelling Angels to destroy all life on earth but not the whole planet because it was according to HIS purpose. More details on this in the chapter ‘Angels, Demons and Men.'
3. The rebellion then was relatively very small compared to the rebellion that is coming soon, when a third of the all the Angels will openly rebel. This time the rebellion will be directly led by Satan the Devil (Revelation 12:3 - 4).
4. Satan the Devil did not participate in the first rebellion though he was the manipulator and instigator behind it just as he has been the instigator and manipulator of mankind since, though not in exactly the same way.
5. GOD could have recreated the entire earth out of ‘nothing’ if the earth had been completely obliterated. The same goes with all the creatures including man. But HE used existing material on the earth for a reason. He could have created Adam out of ‘thin air’ that is out of perceptively (but not absolutely) ‘nothing’ as HE did with the plants and animals but HE used a clump of dirt.
6. GOD did not permit this first recorded Angelic rebellion to completely wipe the planet earth out of existence. HE could have as HE could just as easily recreated the whole earth (or for that matter the whole material/physical universe). HE allowed the rebelling Angels to do just as much damage as it suited HIS purpose for them to do, and not an iota more.
7. Man or Adam was made directly by GOD separately from the other living things which the earth and ocean brought forth. This was to set mankind apart from all the other living things of planet earth. Man was made with special attention from GOD and brought to life through a personal and intimate act, a life giving ‘kiss’ (Genesis 2:7). Of particular significance is GOD directly breathing into their nostrils (i.e. noses) to give life to Adam and Eve (Genesis 2:7). And in perfect consistency with the entire records of the Christian Holy Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation, to signify the giving of Eternal HOLY SPIRIT life in the HOLY SPIRIT as the fulfillment of the Type of GOD breathing on Adam and Eve to give them physical life, LORD JESUS after HIS resurrection, breathe upon HIS disciples (John 20:21 – 22).

A natural question would be why? Why would GOD allow the rebelling Angels, the rebelling Spirit personages destroyed all life on earth? Wouldn't it seem to be very contrary of GOD to allow billions of years of the process on earth to fill the planet with such an immense diversity of lifeforms and then not stop the rebelling Angels from destroying all of it? So what do you think? Is this irrational and contradictory? For the discussion that answer this (especially for those who having thoroughly read the Christian Holy Scriptures but are still unable to do simple rational analysis to ‘put two and two together’) please read the post ‘Why Create Life Through The Process of Evolution’ the installment, ‘The Angelic Realm – Knowing The Basics’.

Why Six Days? [y6days]

Why did GOD take six whole days to restore all things when HE could have done it in an ‘instant’? Why not one day, three days, three and a half days, five days, eight days or ten days? And why was the Sabbath on the seventh day? Why even include a seventh day into the picture when all the creating (i.e. renewing or recreating was already completed in six days)? Why did GOD rest on the seventh day, was GOD tired? There was a night preceding each 24 hours day, isn't that the natural time for non nocturnal animals and even many plants to sleep and rest? Why didn't GOD rest during each of those night, why specifically rest on a full whole 24 hours day (a full 24 hours night and day)?

GOD did so (rested on the seventh day) to establish (i.e. to institute and ordain) the seven day week and corresponding ordained HIS seven thousand years plan for the bringing to full SPIRIT birth of HIS perfect HOLY Family who will all live by righteousness and sincere (as opposed to self expedient flaky) love for one another forever. This part of the discussion is covered in greater detail in later chapters of this book

(Below is a short extract from the chapter ‘The Sabbath And The Ordained Feast’)
There is even a so called Abrahamic religion (a religion claiming that it is from the GOD of Abraham) that explicitly mocks this recorded truth of the Christian Holy Scriptures of GOD creating the Sabbath day. This evil religion claiming itself as the most valid and latest and most up to date version of the religion of GOD, explicitly mocked GOD creating the Sabbath day, mocked GOD for putting HIS presence into the seventh day to sanctify it whereby making the particular day in the GOD ordained seven day weekly cycle a special Holy day (a day set aside for Holy purpose) for the perpetuity of the weekly cycle. This evil religion claiming itself as the religion of GOD with the most current and up to date revelations, and thus the only valid religion that has absolute authority to rule so as to be able to steal from, to rob, to plunder, to torture and to murder whomever else they want, whenever they want, of any and everyone who doesn't subscribe to their religion.
Other so called Christian religions while not explicitly mocking the creation of the Sabbath, they actually changed it to another day so that they can in rebellion not just break the commandments of GOD but explicitly command that GOD's commandments be broken. This they do as a means to implicitly get everyone to mock GOD, to make all the things GOD commanded and created to be shown as totally meaningless and irrelevant just done on the spur of the moment and can be changed whenever for whatever frivolous reasons, so they can portray and paint GOD as an unstable, forever changing HIS mind, unchanging GOD.
Yet still another evil religion which claim its relevance to the Father of the Faithful, mocks GOD by their superlative mega restrictive observation of the Sabbath to make it into such a burden that its observation become something totally ridiculous, so as to mock GOD as irrational. This is just as they pretend to super mega reverence GOD's names forbidding any of GOD's many names to be written because according to their pretend superlative mega reverence, once the name is written it must not be, must never be erased.
All that, if you have believed the Christian Holy Scriptures, you would (or should anyway) know is the hallmark of all evil demonic and satanic religions, they all directly and also explicitly mock GOD by mocking what GOD had recorded (i.e. GOD's Words) through HIS faithful servants, and all the while these evil religions are pretending a super mega ridiculous reverence for GOD through superlative praises so that they can by feinting (i.e. stirring up) furious indignation can torture and murder with impunity people who won't submit to their claimed God given absolute right to rule over everyone.
Let me make this simple for all the “proclaimed and acclaimed” leading experts, defining authorities and masters; elijah-to-come, messiahs or The messiahs; prophets, The prophets or The greatest prophets; reincarnate, actual or final christs; reverent andor holy fathers and popes; reincarnate, the actual or really real true christs or gods; or whatever else mega super glorious glorifying titles they can imagine and invent (hereafter referred to as the ‘proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives’), anyone who mocks (either implicitly by portraying them as irrelevant or explicitly by declaring that they are false, untrue or a lie) any of the Words recorded in the Christian Holy Scriptures (of the original text) which are the very Words that GOD had HIS servants, the Prophets, Scribes and Apostles recorded, all these can only be agents and servants of Satan the Devil and the demons in allegiance with him.
Some proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives among the Elect of GOD, writing about this same Biblical account actually commented that GOD did not mention creating the insects and microbes implying that GOD did not create these, that they were created by someone other than GOD. Such suggestions and leanings are not based on what were written in the Scriptures and showed up (i.e. exposed) a mind with a predisposition to preconceived notions and personal biases rather than one who is oriented towards and to believe the instruction from the Word of GOD.

GOD did specifically mention insects and other small animals (Genesis 1:20 - 21, 24 - 25). The words living creatures’ and ‘all’ in the mentioned verses covered all animal forms. ‘Creeping’ or ‘scurrying’ animals what were these? As for virus and bacteria, understand the context of this vision and the things the unaided eye of a man could see. Don't split ‘hares’ or be rules-based otherwise you would begin thinking that GOD did not create bats and sea mammals such as whales, dolphins, manatees, dugongs and a host of non-fish (as per scientific classification) animals in the sea. Next you will start telling us that hares once chewed cuds until GOD modified them.

Finally GOD created man in HIS image after HIS likeness, male and female on the sixth day. Why didn't GOD create man on the first day so man could see GOD creating everything? Or at least on the fourth day before all the animals. Why did HE not create man and woman together at the same time just like all the other creatures?

Because of order, chronological order that is. I will mention a point here that will be repeated throughout this book. The Christian Holy Scriptures have always been very consistent, focused and ordered. It is not a chaotic compilation of Scriptures from various authors through the over four (seven if we factor in prophecy) thousand years of record that it covered. It adhered to a central framework and a specific focus and scope.

Genesis 1 verse 27 specifically stated that GOD created sex. Ponder for a moment. What does male and female mean? Sex! And just as of everything that GOD had created it was good, very good. Still is.

Why Through The Process Of Evolution? [yevo]

{ Please Note: The discussion of this sub heading is not from this chapter ‘Genesis’ but is a partial extract from the chapter, ‘Angels, Demons And Men’. For the more complete discussion on this question please read the very lengthy post Why Create Life Through The Process Of Evolution?’ For those who have no patience waiting months for me to complete that discussion to know the answer to why GOD would create life on earth through billions of years of evolution, here I will give one of the two main answers even as it is quite simple and straight forward and there should be no difficulty to figuring it out. But of course this is just one part of the main answer. [Answer number 1] So that mankind will know that if we take GOD out of the equation in our lives just as all of our mega super brilliant scientists have done, then we would all be nothing more, we would all end up as nothing more than just animals. [Answer number 2] This I will leave unanswered for the moment. Anyone who thinks they know the answer can post it in the Comments. }

Why would GOD create life on earth through billions of years in the process of evolution, then allowed rebelling Angels to completely destroy all of it so that HE could recreate them in 6 days? Why allowed all life to be destroyed when GOD could very easily preempt it, prevent it or stop it? Anyone got a sound logical andor rational answer? (If you think you already know the answer please just skip reading this).
Before we discussed the answers fully, let us consider some more questions, questions that would help us get the context (which are the clues to understand this question); the full context of creation, what it is and what is it purpose. Questions that will also help us expose all the evil religions together with all their evil founders and masters, all their proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives, in all their evil ridiculous assertions, proclamations and announcements to be of GOD and to be from GOD.
Why would GOD create life on earth through the process of evolution? Why not just create everything from scratch, or from a Big Bang on the earth surface (such as was fictionalized in a Star Trek movie), or from true Absolutely Nothing, or from a Singularity, or from a quantum near vacuum, or from one single particle of Higgs boson, or from just about anything else but just not by evolution? [clue] Why would GOD create mankind as compound organism composed of trillions of cells and colonized by even more trillions of microbes such as bacteria, fungi and other micro organism? [clue] Why would GOD first create a far, far, more superior Spirit realm of Angelic Spirit of far more powerful (eg. able to fly through the humongous universe and the earth atmosphere with ease and with speed greater than the speed of light) personages who do not die nor need the constant unending cycling (acquisition and consumption) of energy to sustain their lives, then much later create a far, far, more inferior physical creature personages made in HIS image and likeness but yet composed of, or formed from, dust’? Did GOD made a terrible fatal catastrophic mistake with the first creation personages as some proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of GOD had claimed and thus needed to have a back up or fall back plan (i.e. needed to redo or reset or ‘reboot’ or replace or repair to correct that first catastrophic failure, mistake or fault)?
Why not create each member of mankind as just one singular life form and not composed of all these trillions of cell life forms and inhabited by even more trillions of other microbe life forms? Wouldn't it make more sense for mankind make in GOD's image to be just one life form without being composed of trillions and inhabited by even more trillions thus making man to be not really a single or singular life man, but actually a multiple trillions living cells compound lives? Why are there other animals, plants, and myriad other organism sharing the same planet as GOD created supreme mankind? Wouldn't it make more sense and therefore more supremely intelligent for us to be made of one substance and then powered by some sort of organic battery that grows on some kind of organic battery producing plants. [clue] Wouldn't that have reduced the scale of evil in the world of mankind and correspondingly the amount of harm and suffering mankind would be subject to, since according to all the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of these evil religions, GOD has been desperately trying to stop mankind from not believing in and obeying HIM, with very limited success for thousands of years?
According to all these proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of these evil religions, their gods has authorized them, these proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives, to get their followers who are the faithful of their religions (and who do not want to spent all eternity in hell after they die and is dead, being horrifically and sadistically tortured) to torture and murder the rest of mankind to force them to obey their supreme gods. According to all these proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives, all those who would not obey their gods must be tortured to get them to start obeying their gods but if they still won't obey their gods then they must be slaughtered in horrifying manner, and the reason, the only reason they had not being doing and are not doing all these torturing and slaughtering of all the rest of mankind throughout the ages to today is because their gods for some unfathomable reason did not and would not give them enough power to be able to do so.
Please Note: The discussion of this sub heading is not from this chapter ‘Genesis’ but is a partial extract from the chapter, ‘Angels, Demons And Men’. For the more complete discussion on this question please read the very lengthy post Why Create Life Through The Process Of Evolution?’ For those who have no patience waiting months for me to complete that discussion to know the answer to why GOD would create life on earth through billions of years of evolution, here I will give one of the two main answers even as it is quite simple and straight forward and there should be no difficulty to figuring it out. But of course this is just one part of the main answer. [Answer number 1] So that mankind will know that if we take GOD out of the equation in our lives just as all of our mega super brilliant scientists have done, then we would all be nothing more, all would end up as nothing more than just animals. [Answer number 2] This I will leave unanswered for the moment. Anyone who thinks they know the answer can post it in the Comments. }

Scriptures Proven Right Here! [sph]

Here is one important point to note about Genesis 1. The one who recorded it never fully understood it, neither the countless millions to billions who had read it in the past few thousands years. Not until today (or at least the last five to seven decades ago) thanks to the advancement in scientific knowledge can this account be fully understood from this perspective.

So much for the theory that the accounts were folk lore andor fable. Imagine writing or making up something that could not be understood until thousands of years later, at a time that the same “fable” continued and added on by succeeding generations. A time called by these same compilation of Holy Christian Scriptures as the ‘Time of the End’ or ‘End of Age’.

And they still want proof? Sigh.

Here is another amazing thing! The Holy Christian Scriptures have been around for thousands of years in so called, so claimed Judaism and for an equivalent period of time in so called Christianity. For centuries a “Christian” religious entity had 'hid' (i.e. restricted access to) their claimed religious basis, the Christian Holy Scriptures, from the majority of their followers. I will not go into details on this aside from highlighting this well known historical truth.

What is even more amazing is the overwhelming majority of the readers of these Holy Scriptures (even until today when this post was first published in 2009 C.E.), who claimed that it is the recorded inspired Words of their God, never really fully understood what these writings are all about, and that includes even many of the Holy Prophets of these Scriptures who actually were the ones who recorded these Words. If you were to ask anyone who claimed these Holy Christian Scriptures as the basis for their religion you will get many different answers and I tell you now (as of this writing in 2009 C.E.), most if not all will not be able to put their finger on it. A single sentence or word that can sum up what the Holy Christian Scriptures are aboutThe central theme or main principal concept or full overview focus of the Scripture of Truth, the Christian Bible that is, what it is all about, what is it primary  focused on. 

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  1. This is amazing! This is EXACTLY what I had envisioned in my mind when I read Genesis. And I never made the correlation between the fallen angels that predate Adam caused the earth to be void and without form. Wow!