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The Christian Bible is a book not too different from other books that teach on a certain subject such as mathematics, nuclear physics, cosmology, evolution, civilization, history or genetics. The subject the Christian Bible focused on primarily, but not solely, is human life pertaining to this physical realm on the planet earth. Lives of intelligent, rational, contemplating, emotional personages who are empowered to make purpose driven choices and decisions. You can say that it is a ‘How to’ or ‘guide and rule’ book educating us on life for intelligent freewill personages; on what life (having a consciousness of our own self, an awareness of our own personal existence in relation to all that we can sense, perceive and understand) is about, and what being intelligent (of being able to make sense of ourselves and everything else, including what absolutely nothing actually is and isn't) is about. You can also say that it is a real life science, not just hypothetical academics and imaginary fantasies and hypothesis.

However there is a major difference. You see, the Christian Bible is a sort of coded mystery book. But all you need to understand are the series of keys or codes to unlocking the mystery (Ephesians 3:9; Revelation 10:7; Romans 16:25). It is coded so that those who do not possess the right ‘qualification’ cannot understand it as a whole. But please understand, the coding or ‘encryption’ is not to make it impossible to understand, but to expose all those who are evilevil from being, mostly to totally, driven by lust. So only those who are lust driven seeking either solely, mainly or mostly to magnify themselves and to serve their own selfish ends, these are the ones who would not be able to understand the whole point to the Christian message, the complete big picture message of the Gospel. What this means is that essentially almost all of mankind would not be able to understand the whole point to the Christian message. And even though technically all the Elect of GOD, those people who have entered into and continued on with The Covenant they have entered into to accept the GOD of the Christian Holy Scriptures as their GOD, should be able to understand, this is not necessarily effectively so. And it is because of this last point that you are reading this work by this author here.

This book will lead you, if you are so willing through the process to acquire that qualification necessary to understand this CREATOR's guide and instruction book, the Christian Bible.

The AUTHOR of the Christian Bible is the sole AUTHORITY on the subject. Every one else is just a new totally ‘blank’ and clueless, no idea, no notion student. That includes every authority on earth and in heaven, every man, woman, theologian and angel. The author of this book and related blogs not excluding.

As is evident by the hundreds maybe even thousands of divergent views, beliefs and doctrines of the numerous “Christian” sects today, mankind can never completely agree on anything. While it is true that the Christian Bible is not a single book but a compilation of the works of many authors, yet the focus and consistency of all the books of the Christian Bible have never wavered. From the Book of Genesis to the Book of Revelation, the Christian Bible had stayed the course in subject matter and in the messages' main context and focus. Each verse, each passage, each paragraph, each chapter and each book, all adding to and building up to fullness the complete messages concepts.

Fact of the matter is as far as mankind is concerned no two individual can ever fully, totally and completely agree on everything. Yet all of the books of the Christian Bible are in perfect agreement and consistently speak the same thing. This will be clearly proven and shown once you reach the end of this book. This by way is also what the Christian Holy Scriptures explicitly recorded when it was recorded that ‘the Scriptures cannot be broken’ (John 10:35 last part of verse).

A Clean Slate.

To begin with, you have to be able to come to the realization that you are a novice and know next to nothing about GODGOD's Words and the Everlasting Covenant through which GOD had according to HIS Grace and mercy instituted the redemption and salvation for all who would in true sincerity repent to receive immortality according to the testimony of the Gospel of the Christian Bible.

This is especially so if you have never until this point in time ever completely read through the Christian Bible from cover to cover two or more times. And even if you have read the Christian Bible from cover to cover numerous times but yet have never actually understand what the whole point to the Christian message is, except what you have been taught andor told, such as it being about: salvation andor redemption; mercy and forgiveness; grace of God; God loving mankind unconditionally; loving Jesus andor giving your heart to Jesus; Jesus dying on the cross to save you; doing penance to atone for you daily sins; kissing the ring of the Catholic Pope; letting the Catholic Pope kiss your feet; giving money to your Pastor so he can buy a Jet Plane andor live a life of opulence; giving money to your Pastor or Church because God loves a generous giver; forgiving the Reverent Fathers who had raped your kids or had raped you so that they can continue on to rape other kids; being saved and going to heaven when you die or of not being saved and going to a hell of eternal torture; andor any of the numerous things that people who think of themselves as Christian has been saying since.

So if you have started reading with any of these preconceived ideas (or prior indoctrination from other sources) about GOD and the Christian Bible, you are just reading your own ideas (or what you have been indoctrinate into believing because you were considered to be too stupid to know how to be able to think and figure things out for yourself) and will not be able to learn anything correct or true. This approach is generally applicable to any kind of information or knowledge. If you think you already know everything, no one will be able to teach you anything new. The Christian Bible is written such that if you want to advance your own ideas you will have plenty of material to twist to support your hypothesis.

If you believed something to be this or that, it would be very hard for you to see it as anything else even if you really tried to. The operative word here is ‘really’ because one basic problem with the human psyche is the deceitfulness of the human mind (or in Biblical terminology, heart). Many will not agree with this last statement, which just proved how accurate and true it is.

Another major problem with the human psyche is the ‘know it all syndrome’ or what I call the “rocket scientist” syndrome. Many are the times when I have sat beside groups of men (or women) talking, over hearing their conversation by proximity not by intend. Everyone who speaks, speaks like they are the authority on whatever the subject that is being conversed. I have heard my peers or acquaintances berate the Prime Minister of the day or the Financial Planner of the country as if they were more qualified and could have done a better job.

I read often statements from leading public figures andor prominent man of science speaking as if they know everything when I know that with the passing of time, they will be proven to be just another arrogant know-it-all who knew nothing.

I know that I too am not free from this fundamental flaw of the human psyche. But I have a responsibility to my conscience and my conviction (according to The Covenant I have entered into with the GOD of the Christian Holy Scriptures) to speak of what I understand and believed without a doubt to be true. This is not to advance myself but as I see what is clear as daylight so I must warn all who would believe. As I have always said, I make a claim to nothing (I let the readers make their own decisions) outside of the basis of choosing to believe the Scriptures. In this I will let the passage of time prove my words.

The Words of the Holy Christian Scriptures had consistency proven to be true. Every prophecy that was prophesied to happen had been fulfilled according to its timeline and at its appointed time. And all the prophesies for today, are coming true right now, before the eyes of all mankind. Only trouble is, man's eyes, have been blinded by his own conceit and arrogance and he refuse to see what is clear as daylight.

Genuine Sincerity.

The next thing that is required is a genuine sincerity to want to find out and to learn the truth. This might sound simple, but in reality, it is one of the most difficult tasks for a person, especially a prejudiced person, a person already biased against a certain thing or fact. This is why it is so important to come with a blank slate without any preconceived idea or notion.

This is very same reason, scientists and historians of our current time, many of whom are biased against the Christian Bible, will never be able to factually and scientifically analyze the record of the Scriptures, and come to a correct and true conclusion.

Doctrinal Errors Of Traditional “Christianity”

This is also why, many so called “Christian” theologians and experts will never be able to really understand the Christian Bible. These are people who were trained and taught, indoctrinated into a different religion, the Christmas religion.

Every time they study the Christian Bible, these theologians already have, some or all of the following ideas:

1. A three persons in one person god or trinity.

2. A Jesus who was born on Christmas day.

3. The changing of the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday. Their basis for this doctrine was based on another lie, that JESUS CHRIST was resurrected back to life on the morning of Easter Sunday.

4  The misconception that we are saved by grace alone apart from everything else, so we can just do whatever we like, as works are not required. Either that, or the advocating of meaningless penance that cannot make those who perform them righteous nor undo the harm that they have done. Both these beliefs contribute to the next point, point number 5 below.

5 The laws and Ten Commandments of GOD, particularly the original fourth commandment, are not required to be obeyed and kept, because these had already been nailed to the cross (done away with). Saying in other words, that JESUS CHRIST died, so we don't have to obey GOD any more and can do just anything we like, as long as it is right in our own eyes. That or the so called Christian Sabbath is Sunday, meaning they are advocating that JESUS despite HIS explicit denial actually came to do away with through changing the commandments of HIS FATHER.

6. The observation of Easter as opposed to the commemoration of the Passover. Numerous errors are in the advancement of Easter (name after a pagan goddess), including the erroneous understanding that JESUS died on Friday evening, and was resurrected on Sunday. They are so totally blinded that they no longer know how to count (I sure hope you still do). Also they cant even see that if their hypothesis is correct it would have invalidated CHRIST as the MESSIAH and the SON of GOD as the one and only sign HE specifically cited as a proof of HIS MESSIAHSHIP was that HE would be three days and three nights in the grave or tomb. That is HE would be dead during that whole period (Matthew 12:40, 38 - 39). Instead of using the clear Scriptures to explain the unclear they have used the unclear to invent doctrines and teachings that are in total contradiction to the full perspective, context and concept of the Scriptural records.

7. And a whole lot of other half truths, twisted truths and outright lies. All of these are clearly recorded in secular and religious history, read them for yourself as these are now easily accessible through any online search tool.


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