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The Keys To Unlocking The Mystery (of GOD)
Part 1 — Adding To And Taking Away From
Part 2 — The Correct Attitude
Part 3 — Bad Faith
Part 4 — Symbolism In The Scriptures (this post)

In the messages of the Holy Christian Scriptures symbols (i.e. symbolism in language) were commonly used to represent the object concepts such as:

— adultery and harlotry as of being unfaithful in covenants with GOD, specifically the Spiritual (as pertaining to concepts of the Spirit realm or dominion, as opposed to physical dominion our universe) Marriage Covenant context where people accepts GOD as their GOD to become the people and nation (i.e. citizenry or subjects) of GOD. The Spirit realm is the superset of the creation of which the physical realm, our universe, is a subset.

The term ‘Spiritual’ does not mean some fantasized ethereal qualities (as a concept invented by pagan religions) of that which is not carnal (contrary to evil lies invented and pushed by the ego supergorging Apostle Paul to show off and parade himself as being so “spiritually” superior to all others, and that being so very “spiritually mature” and not carnal at all, he thus was not under law but under grace and implicitly therefore he did not have to keep the laws and commandments of GOD). It is about the composition of the realm, what each is made of.

The people/citizenry collectively as a single nation is considered from this Spiritual context as the wife (or wives when there are more than one nation to the Covenant from the context of separate sovereignty under different governing political authorities) with GOD the husband and the citizenry individually are the children. See entriesAdultery, Harlot, Harlotry, Wife, Covenant.

 sheep represents the people of GOD by covenant whether faithful and obedient or otherwise. This is only where there is Covenant with a Spiritual Marriage Covenant context. See entriesSheep, Goat.

— horn representing the power of a ruling political (includes military) authority andor entity. Horn as an object representing power from its concept as a weapon, is from the context of sheep and goats symbolism where sheep are the symbolism for the people (regardless whether they are in or have entered into a covenant to accept GOD as their GOD) who recognized (as in acknowledging to honor) GOD and goats as those who don't.

 beast as 'ungodly' or pagan kings or sovereign nations or governing authorities all who do not recognized the true GOD; etc. See entriesBeast, King.

These symbols were used to represent concepts in attitudes, attributes (properties or characteristics), personages in intents based conducts and behaviors, events and entities. This is a common practice in every human language where various symbols and illustrative object concepts are used in figures of speech to more effectively get the message concept, context and perspective points across to the intended audience.

Here we shall discuss the symbols and icons used in the records of the Holy Christian Scriptures to illustrate GOD's message to us. We will however not discuss those symbols used in direct metaphors as those are common usage in communication and no special interpretations of what the symbols represented are needed as anyone with a sound mind (as opposed to those delusional to the point of insanity from the unbridled lust of their self image or ego supergorging) should be able to appreciate and comprehend the message being communicated.

It is beyond the scope of this work to do anything for (i.e. to enlightened and educated) those without a sound mind unless and until they are willing to sincerely and honestly confront their lusts, greed and pride (i.e. self image gorging or ego gorging lust) driven agenda.

It should also be understood that these symbols were also expressed as their literal meanings in literal speech. For an example, a mountain might be used to refer symbolically to a powerful nation but it was also used in its literal context as a physical mountain.

Also be sure to understand that they are no magical, miraculous, spiritual, metaphysical or special paranormal properties and superpowers inherent in these symbols and numbers. Neither is there any inherent evil (i.e. wickedness) or good in those symbols themselves.

They were just symbols used in communication as a tool to make the message clearer (not necessarily easier to understand) to all the targeted recipients. Their main purpose was to more graphically illustrate and convey (aka communicate) the Christian message object concepts so the Elect of GOD can understand the working out of the will and purpose of GOD for mankind (and all creation). For this very same reason most visions given by GOD were in symbols.

While it have been inevitably true that many others who have come across, heard, read andor studied these symbolism embedded messages have not been able to correctly andor fully understand the messages, that however did not, and does not mean that these symbols and the messages with them (the symbols) were meant to confuse or bewilder these others who have come across, heard, read andor studied these communications. Aside from making the messages clearer to the sincere, humble and meek seeker of GOD the symbolism equally served to exposed all the ego supergorgers and all the self serving liars (including all the evil religions, religious orders and systems of beliefs) showing them up for what they really are – blasphemous anti-GOD sowers and perpetrators of evil.
For clarification on this particular point of this topic please read the full discussion in the blog, ‘Parables Of The Bible’. In that blog we discuss the true reason JESUS CHRIST taught in parables during HIS three and a half years ministry as a SON of man and why the Holy Christian Scriptures had it recorded that the reason JESUS taught some of the lessons using parables as so that those who were not HIS disciples would ‘Seeing they may see and not perceive, And hearing they may hear and not understand; Lest they should turn, And their sins be forgiven them.’

The earliest point in the Christian Holy Scriptures where symbolism was used to convey a message concept was used was in Genesis 2.

Thus the heavens and the earth, and all the host of them, were finished. And on the seventh day God ended His work which He had done, and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had done. Then God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it, because in it He rested from all His work which God had created and made.
Genesis 2:1 – 3

In the Scripture passage above (and also throughout the Scripture records) the number seven (i.e. numerical 7) was used as a symbol to denote complete, completely or completeness. The numerical multiples of seven also carried this meaning in increasing intensities.

The seven day week is also representative of the seven thousand years duration lesson (i.e. educational) plan of GOD with each day equated to a thousand years time frame. This seven thousand years time period (starting from the first day of ‘creation week’ onward) is the time span GOD had ordained for all mankind to be made complete (fully equipped and empowered) and perfect (righteous and Holy) if they so choose by the end of The Judgment.
The lesson plan involved giving mankind enough measure of power and freedom to choose the path of their own lives' motivation and direction. Through this then at the end period (after the seven thousand years is completed) all those willing to learn and understand that evil is a life option of willingly or willfully taking the path of unbridled lust (the most basic and universal of which is the lust of the self image) to get whatever they needed and craved instead of exercising self control for the good and welfare of all, will be able to avail of the redemption made available by the sacrificial death of JESUS on their behalf for their sins and wickedness committed (carried out in acts or words) during their first lifetime.
All those who refused to learn the simple lesson of evil, refusing to repent from such lust driven lifestyle choices will be totally destroyed. You can read more about this seven thousand years plan in the chapter 'The Sabbath And The Ordained Feasts' of this book (i.e. ‘Bible 101 – The Holy Bible Expounded’ by this author). 

Multiples of seven (Matthew 18:21 – 22) were also used as amplification, intensification or magnification of the same ‘complete’, ‘completely’ and ‘completeness’ concept.

In Genesis 2:9 we have another major symbolism expression in the two literal, physical trees, ‘The Tree of Life’ and ‘The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil,’ which were firstly symbolic of life (continuing or continually continuing) and death (termination or cessation of life) respectively. I won’t further discuss these as I have already covered them in the Genesis chapter of this book as well as in my blog ‘The Scripture of Truth’. You can read the discussion of these there if you so choose.

Satan The Devil, Ancient Serpent, Dragon: Next we have the serpent. In the Genesis chapter of the book I have explained that the serpent which spoke with Eve was not Satan the Devil appearing in the form of a snake but of Satan clandestinely making use of a serpent to get to (i.e. tempt and manipulate) Eve. But because he did so, the serpent became a symbol for Satan the Devil in the Christian Holy Scriptures.

Another symbol used to reference Satan the Devil was another beast, a dragon (Revelation 12:9). Elsewhere too the symbol of a mysterious animal was used as a reference to Satan and that was Leviathan (Isaiah 27:1). Among the sincere students of the Christian Holy Scriptures who have not given themselves wholly over to all manner of lust and greed, they would (or should anyway) know that the term and name ‘Satan’ is descriptive and carried the literal meaning of an adversary, an enemy, of one who opposes.

The term ‘Satan’ was first introduced in the Book of Numbers where it was used to describe the Angel of the LORDstanding against’ (i.e. to stand in the way of, or to oppose with the intent to stop or prevent) the lust driven Prophet Balaam from going to curse the Israelite who were on their way to the Promise Land after being freed from their Egyptian slavery. The term was only used specifically to refer to the person of Satan the Devil (a high ranking Angel who has oversight governing authority over the earth) in the Book of Job.

The term ‘Devil’ which carried the explicit meaning of accuser also carried in this context the implicit meaning of a false accuser or slanderer. This term was only introduced in the New Testament records where it used was often connected or linked to the termSatan’. In both these respects, the termsSatan’ and ‘Devil’ (when used separately) therefore were not exclusive as a reference the high ranking Angel who has oversight authority on earth. The connection of these two words into the term ‘Satan the Devil’ revealed the true expression (of life, the primary focus and agenda in the conduct of life) in the mind and attitude of this specific high ranking Spirit Angelic personage.

Satan the Devil was also referenced with the terms: the adversary (1 Peter 5:8), the enemy (Matthew 13:28, 39), the father of lies (Ephesians 2:2), the god of this age (2 Corinthians 4:4), the prince of the power of the air (Ephesians 2:2), the serpent of old (Revelation 12:9; 20:2), the wicked one (Matthew 13:19, 38), the ruler of this world (John 14:30). All these terms are descriptive titles/names just as the word translated as ‘Satan’ in the original text carried the meaning of adversary while that translated as ‘Devil’ carried the meaning of accuser. This highlight the manner the Christian Holy Scriptures treat names and terminologies, that these names are also terms which are indicative and definitive of attributes such as attitudes, features, properties, harbored objectives and value system of the subjects/objects referenced — ‘Therefore by their fruits you will know them’ (Matthew 17:20, 16). This is just one of the many, very consistent manner the Christian Holy Scriptures communicated its messages so that the sincere seeker of truth will understand these messages, what was taught (and as well as what is still being taught as generation succeeds generation), exposing all the evil ego supergorging liars of evil anti-GOD religions for their foul, corrupted, diabolical, evil deeds in purposely twisting the Scriptures to say whatever they wanted to advance. See also entry  Called or Named (Known) By Their Fruits.

We won’t look at the dream symbols of the Pharaoh of Egypt as those do not have a significant bearing on the focus and main message of the Christian Holy Scriptures other than to teach that GOD often used symbolism to convey HIS messages and revelations. The fact that GOD had used Joseph to fully explained the meaning of the symbols in that dream to Pharaoh illustrated clearly without leaving any doubt that symbolism in the Holy Christian Scriptures were meant by GOD in HIS communication to mankind to both hide and reveal the meaning of HIS message to their intended recipients, those bent on doing evil and those who sincerely seek for good respectively.

That was the same case with the Prophet Daniel in Nebuchadnezzar's dream vision. This GOD did so that the truly (as opposed to those just pretending to be) faithful servants of GOD might be identified to all whom GOD had directed HIS message. That was also one of the main reasons JESUS, in HIS ministry as the SON of man, taught the multitudes gathered to hear HIM in parables.

The seven annual Holy Days or annual Sabbaths/Feasts and the Sabbath (i.e. Saturday, the seventh day of the week) of GOD represent respectively:

Passover: In the institution of the New Covenant which is literally the New Everlasting Covenant Passover commemoration ordained in the cup of red alcoholic wine symbolizing the BLOOD of LAMB of GOD who takes away the sin of the world (John 1:29; Revelation 5:6; 7:17; 14:10; 15:3; 19:9; 21:22, 23; 22:1, 3), JESUS was the very expression of this Passover as The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world’ (John 1:29).

In the New Testament Scriptures, the Apostle Paul had rename the ‘Passover’ into the terms, ‘Lord's Supper‘ and ‘Communion’. This the Apostle to the Gentiles did because of his evil agenda to in great vehemence wrath, preach against the Jewish converts who had demanded that the Gentile “converted” through the ministry of the Apostle Paul be circumcised.

In the chapter ‘The Elect’ of Bible 101 – The Holy Bible Expounded you can read the full discussions: about the brazen shameful ego supergorging lust of the Apostle Paul, revealed in all his epistles for the whole creation to witness.
Aside from the ego supergorging lust of the Apostle Paul, you can also read about: the Apostle Peter caving under and to, the intimidation of the Apostle Paul, into preaching grace rather than, and instead of the repentance requirement of the Gospel of the Kingdom that specify of the need to begin sincerely, faithfully and diligently honoring, keeping and performing (i.e fully expressing the love of GOD in not seeking to harm another person in any manner at all) the commandments of GOD; and James the half brother of the LORD JESUS, a deacon and bishop by anointment but seeking to show himself to all that he was also an Apostle (despite not ever been ordained as such by JESUS); and also the Messengers to the Philadelphia era and Laodicea era of GOD's Church how these two Messengers or human Angels appointed over the Church of GOD of the last two periods (i.e. era) from this same ego supergorging lust, introduced and invented all manner of blasphemous lies and evil doctrines in order to advance and elevate themselves (i.e. their self image or ego) and setting their own self advancing and self righteous agenda, as the work, the commission, of the Church of GOD instead of faithfully seeking to do the will and work of GOD which is to sincerely, meekly, humbly and contritely in truth, preach the message of the Gospel about the faith that leads to the repentance required to receive the grace given through the New Covenant in the cleansing BLOOD of the LAMB of GOD who takes away the sin of the world.

Feast of Unleavened Bread, The: This seven day Feast symbolized the need for true (and not the billions of false) Christians to be removing (through overcoming) sins from ourselves (Exodus 12:15, 19; 13:3, 7; Deuteronomy 16:4). During this seven days Feast, yeast (leaven and also other ‘leavening’ agents) is used to symbolize sins seeded by lust especially the self image lust. The unleavened bread to be eaten throughout the duration of this seven day festival (i.e. feast) symbolized the need for true Christian to be feeding on the Words of GOD (Deuteronomy 8:3; Matthew 4:4; Luke 4:4). JESUS CHRIST is the symbolic WORD of GOD (John 1:1; 6:32 – 33,41, 48 – 51, 57 – 58) which literally is also the Christian Holy Scriptures (Ephesians 2:20) as a Type. What this signify is that, true Christian must always be diligently studying to understand the Christian Holy Scriptures and remembering what they have learned, understood and experienced that the Words of GOD may be the anchor and foundation of their lives’ (Luke 6:48 – 49; 1 Corinthians 3:11) conduct.  See also entry — Unleavened Bread, Leaven.

Feast Of Firstfruits, The; aka Pentecost, Day of: Represents the founding of the Church of GOD until the day of the First Resurrection at the Second Advent of LORD JESUS. The Firstfruits are generally all of The Elect who are literally the prospective Firstfruits to GOD just as CHRIST is the very first of these ‘Firstfruits’ (1 Corinthians 15:20 – 26). The Firstfruits of GOD ultimately are all those who had stayed true and faithful to their calling (Jude 1:1; Matthew 20:16; 22:14; Revelation 17:14) starting with righteous Abel through all the Old Testament and New Testaments faithfuls until the day of the Resurrection of the Just (Luke 14:14) at the Second Advent. However not all those called (and are therefore The Elect) will be chosen (Matthew 22:14).

There are some who have and who will forfeit their office failing to truly repent only pretending to be faithful, thinking they can deceive GOD.

The Christian Holy Scriptures listed several from the past who had forfeited and also some who are current and future to this day (2010 C.E). In the Feast of Firstfruits aka Pentecost and the Feast of Weeks, the two loaves of leavened bread of the ceremony in the Old Covenant (Leviticus 23:15 – 17) represented the Firstfruits (the chosen Elect) signifying that they are not sinless (i.e. the two leavened loaves signifying sins in these Elect and Saints, especially the sin of the lust or ‘the lifting up’ of the self image) with one loaf representing the Old Testament faithful and the other the New Testament's Saints. That was why there were two loaves and both were leavened loaves. The full discussion of the Firstfruits is in the chapter, ‘The Elect’.

Feast of Trumpets, The: Symbolized The Day of the LORD, a year long event of plagues and destruction on the wicked culminating in JESUS CHRIST Second Advent to reestablish the Kingdom of GOD to the Promise Land. More details of the significance of the Feast of Trumpets and what they represent symbolically as a Type in prophecy was revealed to the Apostles John in the Book of Revelation in the Seven Trumpets Plagues the last of these seven trumpets being blown, or the Seventh Trumpet's sounding, marks the point of LORD JESUS appearing in the sky (Revelation 11:15) returning as the LORD Of Lords And KING Of Kings (Revelation 17:14; 19:16).

The sounding of the Seventh Trumpet also marked the timing of the resurrection of the dead in CHRIST (1 Thessalonians 4:15 – 16). These are all the Saints who have died before this event coming back to life as Spirit personages, and includes the Two Witnesses who would have been killed three and a half days earlier (Revelation 11:7, 9) by the Beast Power (Revelation 13:1 – 10). At the same instance all those Saints who will still be alive by that time will be instantly changed to Spirit personages (1 Corinthians 15:51 – 52).

Day Of Atonement, The: Represents the imprisonment or incarceration of Satan the Devil as the first and main cause of evil (aka sins) in the creation. Satan will be restrained for one thousand years from deceiving and manipulating (aka tempting in Scriptural terminology) the nations. This one thousand years, which starts (Revelation 20:1 – 2) when JESUS will restore and reestablish the Kingdom of GOD in the Promise Land, is also represented as the Feast of Tabernacles.

Feast of Tabernacles/Booths, The: The thousand years of JESUS CHRIST ruling with the resurrected Saints of GOD (Revelation 20:4). Aside from this seven day Feast, this one thousand years period is also represented by the seventh day of the week, the weekly Sabbath (Saturday) as the seventh thousand years of GOD's seven thousand years plan for ridding evil from HIS creation forever.

Last Great Day (of the Feast), The: Lastly the Great Judgment (aka the White Throne Judgment) on Satan the Devil (Revelation 20:7, 10) and all the wicked (Revelation 20:15) unrepentant sinners. This is also the period where all of mankind who had ever lived will be resurrected back to life for The Judgment (Revelation 20:13, 12 - first and last sentences of that verse) and to be offered the grace (Revelation 20:12 - second sentence of the verse) that comes through the New and Everlasting Passover Covenant.

The Great Judgment will last one prophetic generation or one hundred years (See item Generation) of GOD's Judgment where all who had ever lived (excluding the Saints, all of those who were part of the First Resurrection), will be punished for the evil and sins of their first lifetime (Revelation 2:11 – 13; Matthew 10:15; 11:22, 24; 12:42; Luke 12:48; Isaiah 65:20 second sentence).

This punishment is GOD's correction to extract genuine repentance. All those who during this punishment period persist to harbor an evil attitude continuing in their ego lust will be finally destroyed forever. The full discussion of the Great and Final Judgment is in the chapter, ‘Self Righteousness And The Righteousness Of GOD’.

Even as the punishment during the Day of Judgment is basically correction and education, it also has a retributive (as recompense) aspect. This retributive aspect is mainly applied as correction and education, the context of the afflictions on those guilty is as repayment for the horrendous suffering they have inflicted on others in their first lifetime. And this is in the context of ‘as you have done to others, so it shall be done to you’ as basically what justice essentially is. For the full discussion on the hundred years of Day of Judgment please read the chapters, ‘Self Righteousness And The Righteousness of GOD’ and ‘Grace, Sin And The Commandments Of GOD’ of ‘Bible 101 The Holy Bible Expounded.

The golden statue in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream symbolized a track (the ruling, ruler ship's or government's track) of GOD’s plan involving four ‘world’ ruling empires which ends with GOD setting up HIS Kingdom on earth to rule over man for a thousand years and beyond. See also entry  Beast.

The four horsemen of the (so called) Apocalypse. These four horses and those who sat on them recorded in the first eight verses of chapter 6 of the Book of Revelation symbolized all the out-of-the-normal (i.e. non natural old age) causes of death and suffering on the earth.

These represent respectively: [i] pagan religious proliferation particularly counterfeit Christianity (Matthew 24:4 – 5); [ii] wars and conflicts; [iii] famines; and pestilence; and [iv] death by other ‘non natural’ causes.

In concept all the four horses and those that sat on them represent the death toll or lost of human life resulting from all these four causes other than those of natural death from old age and old age related ailments. These are the exact same events spoken about by JESUS CHRIST (recorded in the Gospel accounts) when HIS disciples asked HIM what will be the signs of HIS coming (i.e. Second Advent) and the end of the age.

Therefore precisely and exactly they have neither been horses nor horsemen but the series of repeating (both concurrent and consecutive) events in the world order of mankind that have been the out-of-the-normal (i.e. non natural old age related) causes of death and suffering on the earth that lead to the premature deaths (statistically) to a quarter of mankind living on earth at any and all times from the Apostolic days (with a connotation of from since after the Flood of Noah) until the end of the age (i.e. the time of the Second Advent) which is not included as the end of the age is the period when GOD will wipe out a full ninety percent of the world's population.


Abomination Of Desolation:
This mysterious cryptic symbol which will be a literal expression in the city of Jerusalem during the three and a half years Tribulation was first mentioned by the Prophet Daniel (Daniel 11:31, 12:11). The next mentioned of this mysterious symbol was by JESUS during HIS three and a half years ministry (Matthew 24:15; Mark 13:14). 

Both these accounts of this mysterious symbol were not specific enough to give a clear picture of what it will be except that it will be installed in ‘the Holy Place’. Here again it is important to understand the Dualism/Type key of the Christian Holy Scripture. In the prophecies of the Prophet Daniel the Abomination of Desolation was both of the Type and the actual fulfillment just as much of Daniel chapter 11 and 12 were both together of two expression of parallel prophecy at two different times, one being the Type and another the actual fulfillment in the Time of the End.

During the time of Antiochus Epiphanes, the Temple of Jerusalem was defiled when it was converted for pagan worship. This was a Type which illustrates for us how the final fulfillment will be when the final Beast power, the eighth Beast, will overrun Jerusalem at the beginning of the Tribulation.

The book of Revelation made it very clear that this Abomination of Desolation would be installed during the time of the Tribulation after the Church of GOD would have fled from the Beast's army (Revelation 12:14 – 17).

It was also very clear that this Abomination of Desolation was to be an image representation (i.e. symbolic or iconic) of the Beast which will be worshiped by the nations (Revelation 13:11 – 15). The fleeing of the Church of GOD signify that the Beast power just like the Type fulfillment in Antiochus Epiphanes who replaced the worship of GOD in the Temple with paganism, the Beast will replace the worship of GOD in the place (or location/building) where the Church of GOD would be holding its regular worship and install there the worship of the so called “Virgin Mary” (i.e. the Babylonian Mystery Religion in its modern worldwide guise as mainstream “Christianity” which I have very definitively called the Christmas/Easter religion).

Those who have the eyes to perceive they would (or should anyway) know that the image of the Beast (the eighth) would also be the image of so called ‘Virgin Mary’, an image of abomination worshiped by all of the disciples and followers of the Great Harlot since the days Simon the Sorcerer of Samaria (Acts 8:9 – 11). Please read the post ‘Easter What Is That?’ for the discussion of this evil diabolical counterfeit of Christianity that had for centuries been actively and aggressively seeking to destroy the Church of GOD and all the faithful of GOD.

Adultery: The Spiritual context of adultery when referencing the nations or people (collectively as a group/unit) of GOD are in: the worship of idols or pagan deities (in participating in festivities and celebrations that are of, or incorporated from, pagan religious practices or have some elements of such); andor having alliances with pagan nations for protection or mutual defense. Conceptually it is looking to and seeking prosperity and security from those other than GOD. The context is that of unfaithfulness to GOD as a wife of a marriage covenant is towards a husband through her seeking and having sexual liaison with other men. The sexual context is in the seeking of satisfaction (gratification of any sort), prosperity andor security.

The Old Covenant of the Ten Commandments between the LORD GOD and the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah were marriage covenants, and the New Covenant of the Passover between LORD JESUS and the (singular) Church of GOD is a marriage covenant. JESUS was the LORD GOD in the Old Covenant and was the MASTER HUSBAND (Jeremiah 31:32; Hosea 2:16) to both the ancient nations (Israel and Judah). LORD JESUS, the FIRST BORN from the dead and now LORD of Lords and KING of Kings, in the New Everlasting Passover Covenant is the HUSBAND-to-be of the Church of GOD (HIS betrothed or affiance). The ancient Kingdoms of Israel and Judah were the wives through the Ten Commandment Covenant made with GOD in Horeb by which these two ancient nations inherited the Promise Land.

Their inheritance (taking possession of) the Promise Land is symbolic of them entering into that marriage (of the marriage coming to effect, or in physical carnal term, consummated and solemnized). The Old Covenant was mediated by Moses between the Israelite (Moses included) and the LORD GOD who would later be born as JESUS. The New Covenant was mediated by JESUS CHRIST as a SON of man between all mankind (JESUS included as SON of man) and GOD, the FATHER. The marriage Covenant between LORD JESUS and the Church of GOD is to take place (officially coming into effect) at the Second Advent.

The occasion of this marriage is the fulfillment of which the ancient Israelite entering into and inheriting the Promise Land was a Type. In as much as all the rebellious ancient Israelite died in the wilderness and never enter to inherit (their marriage covenant never coming into effect) the Promise Land, all the Elect who becomes reprobate (i.e. renegades on their commitment to the New Covenant)  too will not inherit the promise reward of immortality at the Second Advent. The Promise Land is to the Old Covenant as the Second Advent is to the New Covenant.

In the New Passover Covenant the Church of GOD is the affiance bride who will be married (to become the wife) to LORD JESUS at HIS return to restore the Kingdom of GOD to the Promise Land. The marriage covenant concept is the Spiritual reality of the marriage covenant in earthly marriages between a man and his wife/wives. See also the entries — Harlot, Fornication, Marriage Mystery.

Angel, Messenger: Though technically not a symbol the word or term described a functional position title, an office, an assignee or a post. The word was used most commonly associated with some personage tasked with carrying out a responsibility for GOD, as a designated agent and servant of GOD.

A similar term, Apostle is as a title to some specific offices or positions which were restricted to the twelve whom JESUS CHRIST personally handpicked and ordained.

The number of positions for this specific office was and remains at twelve. This was why Saul (renamed as Paul) was called by the LORD JESUS specifically (after HE had ascended back (or returned) to the Third Heaven), to replaced Judas Iscariot who had failed. The appointment of Matthias through the rash, reckless, disrespectful and disobedience act of the Apostle Peter (Acts 1:15 – 17, 21 – 26) was invalid and not recognized by GOD because GOD do not back HIS servants who do not (Acts 1:4 – 5; Matthew 7:22) seek to do HIS will, in sacred reverence and contrite (as opposed to arrogant, as exemplified by the self righteous Pharisee of Luke 18 verses 11 to 12) obedience.

Most commonly used to refer to Spirit personages directly created (as opposed to indirectly for all other members of mankind other than Adam and Eve) by GOD, the word also referred to men assigned to some special service role or office of responsibility. Many times also rendered as ‘messenger’ in the English Christian Bible to connote someone who delivers a message.

The full concept in the original word carried the combined concepts of one tasked to deliver a message and that of one assigned to a responsibility and granted the associated authority. At its most basic the word means one who serves a master and does his bidding.

When the Spirit Angelic personages sent from GOD to appear (either physically or in a vision) to mankind to deliver a communication or execute an instruction from GOD, they always take on the appearance of an adult man, never ever as a baby, child, woman or anything else. This is consistent with GOD setting man the husband and father to be head of his family, never the children or the wife/wives.

That too was the reason, polygamy (of a man having more than one wife) was allowed by GOD, so that the position of the husband and father as the head of the family would not be usurped and will not be opened to deliberated stupidities misinterpretation.

For the full discussion of the word ‘Angel’ please refer to the chapter ‘Angels, Demons And Men’. There will also be a discussion of this word of the original texts in the blog ‘The Scripture Of Truth’ sometime in the future.

Angel of the LORD: When specific, referred in all cases to the Spirit personage of the Angel named Gabriel who was and still is, a special assignee and emissary of the LORD GOD to deliver/convey HIS message to the Elect of GOD. Non specifically, referred to any personage (man or Angelic personage) so assigned.

Anoint, anointing, anointed: Literally the term to anoint means to pour oil on, but symbolically the ceremonial form is to consecrate, which is to set apart, something or someone for Divine and Holy purpose andor office. For a more detail discussion please read the discussion ‘Christianity – Know The Basics’ in the post ‘Why Create Life Through The Process Of Evolution’.

Babylon; Mystery, Babylon the Great, Mother Of Harlots and of the Abominations of the Earth:
Anyone who have read through the Christian Holy Scriptures completely from Genesis to Revelation and sensible enough still to know how to put two and two together would already be able to have an idea as to what this ‘Mystery’ symbolism represent. A second thorough reading followed by a meticulous topical study of the key words, ‘Babylon’, ‘Harlots’ and ‘Abominations’ then connect this with a great global religious order and sovereign nation state that had for centuries been torturing and murdering people who believe in the GOD of the Christian Holy Scriptures (Revelation 17:6), and we would have been left with no doubt as to what this great, global evil abominable religious order that is also a sovereign nation state was and is today.

Revelation chapter 17 particularly had so clearly describe this great abominable harlot showing how she have been committing ‘fornication’ (please refer to the Fornication symbolism) with the kings (i.e. political rulers or governments) of the earth to make the inhabitants of the earth drunk with the wine (i..e. celebrations and doctrines of: Sunday, Christmas and Easter, and the Creed of Nicene, respectively) of her fornication’.

Beast: Ungodly (pagan or heathen) nation or empire including its king/ruler. The main concept is that of an authority that is not of GOD, not subject to and not obedient to GOD, which does not recognize GOD. The enunciation of this symbolism was fully illustrated in Daniel chapter 4.

One of the central doctrines of the Holy Christian Scriptures is that of GOD as KING (SOVEREIGN, OWNER and MASTER) over all HIS creation. That was the reason in the Antediluvian World there was no King or army, just families of man descended from Adam (which is the literal word for man in the Hebrew text).

After the Antediluvian Age when Nimrod set himself up as a King, he did so in rebellion against GOD. That was the milestone event/mark that saw the world of mankind becoming cut off from GOD, rebelling and rejecting GOD as their GOD and KING. From that point all of mankind generally ceased having any relationship with GOD, the nations of the world then began each with their own king/kings or ruler/rulers of whatever titles.

All these nations (and their ruling power whether kings, emperors or whatever titles) were (and are) therefore ungodly or pagan in nature and symbolized from the prophetic perspective as animals or beasts. This also ties with man made by GOD in HIS image and likeness as when man rejected either physically (in not attesting to believe in or in attesting to not believe in the CREATOR GOD) or logically (only pretending to believe in GOD as the means to gain power or social status, meaning not really andor actually believing), GOD as their GOD, they for all intents and purposes have become nothing more than animals (Daniel 4; Ecclesiastes 10:18 – 21) with no future in GOD's forever PERSONAL DIVINE FAMILY.

All these lived out their lives as temporarily and as meaninglessly as all the other animals of this planet, devouring and being devoured, and are subject to more or less the same destiny of degeneration, diseases,  illness, injuries, violence and death.

In prophecy, specific nation empires in beast symbolism were identified with those that had been fulfilled, providing the key to understand those that are yet future to the time of reading.

The golden statute vision of Nebuchadnezzar and the connection with further visions given to the Prophet Daniel of a Ram followed and overthrown by a Goat revealed more details of the Mede Persia and Greece empire that would followed after Nebuchadnezzar.

While the fourth empire signified by the legs of clay, and the feet of iron and clay in the dream of Nebuchadnezzar was not revealed together to the Prophet Daniel in his dream vision of the Ram and the Goat, this fourth empire and its several resurgences were nonetheless revealed directly by the Angel of the LORD, Gabriel, to the Prophet Daniel separately. See also entries  Eagle's wings, Sheep, Goats.

Blindness: Ignorance andor stupidity. The words in the Scriptures often translated as ‘fool’, ‘the simple’ or ‘being simple’, ‘being foolish’ or ‘foolishness’ is not about not having intelligence but of choosing to behave out of either willing ignorance or willful ignorance. Usually a condition resulting from some degree of arrogance (aka lust of the ego) or other lust.

Blood: Carried a couple of symbolic analogies in the Christian Scripture. In the Old Covenant tabernacle and temple ceremonial rituals, blood was used to remind the Israelite of their need to be sanctified (made Holy or be cleansed of sin) and blood was used as Type of (pointing to, to indicate, to reveal) the BLOOD to be shed by JESUS dying as the LAMB of GOD that cleanse (sanctify) all who in repentance believed.

Also in physical mankind made of dust, blood is symbolic as a Type for the HOLY SPIRIT: blood is life source/supply (Leviticus 17:14) to man (as well as life or living animals of earth) as HOLY SPIRIT is to GOD. And no, the HOLY SPIRIT is not the third person of a so called triune god contrary to the evil lies of the Christmas religion.

Blood Drink: The counterfeit of the BLOOD of the Passover Covenant (or New Everlasting Covenant) represented in the wine of the Passover commemoration. This refers to using a counterfeit to represent the BLOOD of the Passover Covenant expressed in the drinking of this symbolic wine drink (John 6:53, 55) purportedly to observe (i.e. keep) and commemorate the Passover Covenant on a day and time other than the calendar date and time instituted by JESUS before HE was taken by the Jews and delivered to the Roman to be crucified. See also entry  Food sacrificed to idols.

Blood Of The Everlasting Covenant (Hebrews 13:20): Literally this is the BLOOD that JESUS shed as HE bled to death in the late afternoon of that Passover day on the 14th of Nisan in 30 C.E**. Symbolically it is the glass of red wine (John 6:53–56; Luke 22:20; 1 Corinthians 11:25) that is part of the New Covenant commemorating JESUS' death annually on the same time and day of the Sacred Calendar. See entry  New Covenant.

Book Of Life: This book is symbolic of GOD's calling (John 6:44; Romans 1:7; 8:28; 1 Corinthians 1:2). Anyone whom GOD called would have their names written in this book. All those who have been called into the Everlasting Covenant (Matthew 20:16; 22:14; 1 Peter 2:9; Revelation 17:14then chose to continued on with their life of unbridled lust to pursue the way of evil in willful rebellion trampling on the BLOOD of the Everlasting Covenant (Hebrews 10:28 – 29) will have their names blotted out (i.e. erased, deleted or removed) from the Book of Life. The Christian Holy Scriptures had recorded that Prophet Balaam, King Saul and Judas Iscariot were some of those whose names had been blotted out. See also entry  The Last Great Day.

Covenant, Covenants. Although not a symbol this word has been so deliberately misunderstood when used in a religious context that it might as well have been a mysterious cryptic undecipherable symbol.

Technically anyone intelligent and sane, meaning not stark raving mad for whatever psychological reasons and motivations, would be able to understand the concept in the word ‘covenant’, that covenants are basically binding agreements on all the parties to the covenants.

But effectively when it comes to the Christian faith (both the true and all the fraudulent) and also the Jewish religion (both of the ancient Jews and modern pagan Jews, as well as both ancient nations of Israel and Judah), hardly a single one of these appeared to understand why the CREATOR GOD, who effectively is and will always be the MASTER and OWNER over all that HE create, should need to make covenants with HIS creatures  mankind and the life on earth.

And this is equally true with all the other blasphemous antiGOD religions (especially those which claimed to be from or of the same GOD as the Christian Holy Scriptures), and equally blasphemous other system of beliefs - meaning both the religious and non religious so called atheist of super mega intelligent educated and enlightened geniuses.

Worst still, nearly everyone among the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of all fields of knowledge and enlightenment conveniently (and deliberately pretend stupidity) loses all cognitive intelligence, knowledge and understanding when it comes to the Covenants that GOD made with mankind recorded in the Christian Holy Scriptures, in these covenants GOD made with men and nations, to them (these proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives) all the stipulated requirements and terms are completely irrelevant such that these requirements and terms for all intents and purpose were specified and recorded for no purpose at all.

Now if none of these proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of mankind had ever in their lives made agreement (i.e. covenants) with anyone and have never been subjected to and never ever needed to abide by any terms, rules and laws, because they totally lived alone (without any contact with any other parties absolutely) then we can understand why they would completely and totally have not knowledge, notion and understanding at all on what covenants and agreements are, and why these covenants and agreements have terms and conditions. See also entries — New Covenant.

Covenant, The Circumcision: This covenant (Genesis 17:10 – 11) is still in force today as also is the covenant that GOD made to King David that David would ‘...shall not fail to have a man sit before Me on the throne of Israel’ (2 Chronicles 6:16) and ‘Thus says the Lord: ‘If you can break My covenant with the day and My covenant with the night, so that there will not be day and night in their season, 21 then My covenant may also be broken with David My servant, so that he shall not have a son to reign on his throne, and with the Levites, the priests, My ministers’ (Jeremiah 33:20 – 21). See also entry — New Covenant.

Cup: Portion in life or portion given or assigned by GOD either as reward or punishment (some form of judgment). The cup of the Passover wine drank in commemoration of JESUS death to redeem mankind is particularly significant of having a part (or portion) in JESUS (HIS death, resurrection and eternal inheritance), thus of to being a member of the Elect in the New Covenant, with the promised reward of immortality and positions as kings and priests with LORD JESUS in the Kingdom of GOD at the Second AdventSee also entry  Blood Drink.

Day of The LORD: A ‘year of recompense’ (Isaiah 34:8) of GOD vengeance as meting out justice in punishing plagues on the nations for persecuting, torturing and murdering HIS Elect and Saints (Revelation 6:9  11). This is a one year long event that is the latter end part of the three and half years Tribulation (Revelation 12:13 – 14, 17; 11:3). See entry Tribulation.

Deeds and doctrine of the Nicolaitans (Revelation 2:6, 15).
See entry  Nicolaitans.

Defile: To be defiled or become defiled, or defilement — to commit sin or wickedness or to be in the state of unrepentant sinfulness. Contrary to the lies of the evil Christmas religion, sin is not and has never been about falling short of the mark of the perfection or Holiness of GOD. Sin is the breaking or the transgressing of the Royal Laws and Holy Commandments of GOD, exactly as a crime is the breaking or transgressing the criminal law of a state or nation.

Demon: Spirit personages (commonly also referred to in some context as Angels) whose minds or hearts (i.e. attitudes) are of hostility and bitterness towards GOD. See also entry — Angel. For a discussion of this symbolic reference to Spirit personages please read the chapter, ‘Angels, Demons And Men’.

Doctrine of Balaam (Revelation 2:14).
To sell or to trade away the ‘calling’ of GOD for money or physical material wealth. It is about loving and serving money or material wealth rather than GOD, expressed in the willingness to trade the calling or compromise with the calling of GOD for material things. In the Book of Revelation this referred to those converted Christians who were accepting payments and material rewards from the churches of the Antichrist to keep the Passover commemoration on Easter Sunday and to celebrate Epiphany (so claimed as the day of baptism of JESUS) and other observations such as the celebration of the purported day of JESUS' birth.

Eagle’s wings, and as birds of prey; also birds of carrion: Through or by GOD miraculous (Exodus 19:4) acts, providence, interventions, protection and/or deliverance. Wings (specifically birds of prey) convey the meaning of covering as a protection (Psalm 17:8; 36:7; 57:1; 61:4; 91:4; Malachi 4:2) as well as of empowerment of soaring in the heaven (i.e. sky). Wings of other birds (specifically birds of carrion) refer to acts by other Spirit personages that have been granted authority (as servant administrators) over the realm of mankind (Zechariah 5:9) but who are not acting according (i.e. acting in secret, clandestine rebellion) to the direction, instruction or command of GOD. The symbol of eagle as majestic bird of prey symbolized GOD's act of protection, deliverance and empowerment.

The stork as a bird of carrion symbolized abominable works (i.e. of Satanic andor demonic nature). It is a very common occurrence in the governing system of mankind of whatever organization types (political, economic, social, etc) for those given and assigned to position of authority to act solely in their own personal interest to the extent of abusing their assigned authority and responsibility and acting against to subvert those who have granted them the authority. This is one of the most common expressions of evil in the human social order. If you have understood anything at all about the creation and evil you would know (or should know anyway) that ultimately, evil is the abuse of power (and authority) granted.

Elijah (who) Must Come First (Malachi 4:5 – 6; Matthew 17:11; Mark 9:12):
If you have believed JESUS CHRIST, you would know that John the Baptist was a Type fulfillment of this prophecy of the Prophet Malachi. John the Baptist was the herald to announce the First Advent of JESUS in HIS role as both the ‘the Messenger of The Covenant’ as well as ‘The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world’. In HIS First Advent, JESUS was born as a flesh and blood SON of man to pay the penalty all mankind have incurred because all have sin having transgressed and broken the Holy Commandments and Royal Law of GOD. No, all mankind have not incurred the death penalty because they sinned when they were born because their parent (father and mother) had sex in order to conceive them. This is nothing but one of the many evil perverted lies of a very evil and perverse religion, the Christmas religion whose sole existence is to seek to wipe out the Elect of GOD and to blaspheme GOD to the maximum.

The key to identifying the person of the Elijah (who) Must Come First in the Actual fulfillment, is in his work (Matthew 7:17, 20; John 5:36, 10:25). John the Baptist as a Type of this fulfillment performed a parallel (Type) work (besides other works) on a smaller scale in preparing a small group of the Jews to become the disciples of JESUS turning: ‘the Heart of the FATHER to the children, and the hearts of the children to the FATHER’. Note: I have corrected the verse, removing the plurals for hearts and fathers, correcting their into the. in that verse where appropriate, to give the correct translation from the deliberated stupidity interpretation in all the Christian Bibles so called translations.

It should be noted that translated text of this verse in near all English translations and probably all other languages translations too, were deliberated stupidity interpretations as there are no explicable meaning or expression in the reality and actuality of the human social order to the phrasethe hearts of the fathers to the children’ and ‘the hearts of the children to their fathers’ as prophecy. There have never been nor will there ever be in the social order of mankind, where all the fathers totally not caring about their children such that there would be a need for someone from GOD to come along to reverse that.

The Scriptures key passages to identifying the (Actual) fulfillment to ‘Elijah is coming first and will restore all things’ (Matthew 12:11), are in the book of Malachi chapter 4 verses 5 to 6 and the book of Joel chapter 2 verses 1, 12 to 17, 18 and 32 (also the whole of Joel 2). No doubt all the rules based hairsplitters will go totally into deliberated stupidity to assert that Matthew 12 verse 12 had proclaimed this Elijah who is coming first to be John the Baptist, totally ignoring the part where JESUS said ‘But I say to you’ referring directly to his disciples and all those living in that period as the context for verse 12 (also reinforced in Matthew 11:14), meaning for them (and all those of the First Advent period) the fulfillment of Malachi 4 verse 5 to 6 was in John the Baptist.

Even before the time of the ministry of John the Baptist as the Advent of the MESSENGER of The Covenant, the Jews whose forefathers were returned from their Babylonian enslavement during the Medes Persian empire had again turned away from GOD, were again transgressing and breaking their Covenant with GOD through which they (through their forefathers) inherited the Promised Land by accepting GOD as their GOD.

While these Jews pretended to love GOD and to want to obey HIM, they had modified – taking out and adding to, effectively changing GOD's commandments and laws, and instituted commemorations and feasts (Mark 7:8 – 9, 13), arrogantly in direct defiance breaking GOD's command (Deuteronomy 12:32). These are the exact same thing (conceptually and contextually) every evil religion does which claimed to be from the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (either partially or wholly) andor that they believe (in whatever manner such as of being a man ahead of his time, a prophet, The prophet, the Archangel Michael, the son of God, or a person in a Triune God) in JESUS CHRIST of the Christian Holy Scriptures.

All these evil anti-GOD religions do whatever they see fit, taking out and adding in, and even twisting with all manner of ridiculous spins, fables and myths even those with totally incoherent and illogical rationale. All the while pretending that they hold GOD in such mega super reverence but very implicitly and also explicitly insulting and maligning GOD to the maximum through and  by their teachings and doctrines, painting/illustrating/portraying the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as an inconsistent, unstable, incoherent, irrational, unrighteous, unjust, unfair, unforgiving, vindictive, sadistic, clueless ignoramus and egomaniac.

Even most if not nearly all of the Elect of GOD (those in the Church as well those outside) have been, to some degrees, doing exactly as all these evil blasphemous anti-GOD religions.

The destruction of the vassal Jewish nation some forty years after the institution and the activation (putting into effect) of the New Covenant mediated by JESUS with HIS dying to redeem all was a Type of the destruction to all the wicked (the fulfillment of the Type) during the Day of the LORD at the End of the Age.

The death of JESUS as the LAMB of GOD on the Passover afternoon of the 14th day of Nisan (of the Sacred Calendar), together with the founding of the Church of GOD (as the seed to the future Kingdom of GOD to be established, restored to the Promise Land at the Second Advent) marks the coming into effect of the New Covenant, the Old Covenant being ended at the death of JESUS.

Family or household: See also entries  King, Nation and Father.

Father: Genealogical father, genealogical ancestor or someone whom one follows or obeys, such as in a discipleship or internship or as a protege. A man fathering his children through his wife is a Type of the begetting process by which the Elect of GOD becomes the Children of GOD (the FATHER), when on repentance and baptism the HOLY SPIRIT is given, implanted in and joined to the human Spirit of the responding person. The entire concept of marriage and producing children by the man and his wife (or wives) is a Type of GOD producing HIS PERSONAL FAMILY from man (includes woman) made in HIS image and likeness, a process started in Adam and Eve. See also the entrySon and Marriage Mystery.

The word father used in the Christian Holy Scriptures carried the foundation or primary conceptual meaning of one who is the source. This is not too different in modern English usage (and also in some other modern languages) as metaphorical expression for one who originates or the first from whom others follow as an honorary title for a pioneer.

Fallen, The; Fallen Ones: Translated as giants in many English version of the Christian Bible while a few has the term as NephilimSee entry  Giants.

False Prophet, The: In the Book of Revelation, The False Prophet (Revelation 19:20; 13:11, 14) was revealed as the miracle performing religious head (see entry on Beast symbolism) of a religious sovereign nation state. In this Book The False Prophet was also revealed as a Beast (i.e. a sovereign pagan nation) with ‘two horns like a lamb and spoke like a dragon’ (Revelation 13:11). The ‘two horns like a lamb’ symbolism revealed a counterfeit of LORD JESUS as the LAMB of GOD, while the ‘spoke like a dragon’ revealed the true nature (Matthew 12:34; Luke 6:45) of The False Prophet as one serving the Dragon, Satan the Devil as Satan's spokesman.

First Love (Revelation 2:4): This simple term (though strictly not technically a symbol) has been as much misinterpreted and perverted as the accounts on the Seven Churches in the book of Revelation and even the whole of the Book of Revelation. The First Love recorded in the message to the Seven Churches (Revelation 1:10 – 11) in Revelation chapter 2 and 3 is another plain, clear, simple message of the Christian Holy Scriptures that have been totally perverted in twists, spins and ridiculous lies by all those who have either implicitly or explicitly apportioned for themselves magnificent and glorifying titles (proclaimed themselves as, or have themselves acclaimed as) from: lowly, humble, faithful servants; through leading experts, definitive masters, prophets, popes, highest prophets, actual, final or reborn christs, and supreme holy fathers (Matthew 23:9). They (all these evil ego supergorgers) in their willful refusal to obey GOD so they stubbornly refused to believe anything that is recorded of HIS Holy Words in the Scripture of Truth that would require them to humble themselves and sincerely, truthful and faithfully obey HIS Royal Law and Holy Commandments of Love, to keep and to perform them instead of doing away with them and breaking them.

Anyone with even the tiniest knowledge about the ONE and ONLY TRUE GOD, the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, would fully know and understand what this First Love was, and is still is, as it always has been from since the very beginning, with every member of the Saints of GOD.
See also entry  Work of The Church of GOD, Church's Commission

Flood: Army in an invasion.

Food Sacrificed To Idols: Literally it would means just that, but as a symbol in prophecy this refers to the corruption of the Passover Covenant by not keeping it in the time and manner with the correct representative media of red alcoholic wine and unleavened bread, as instituted and commanded by the MEDIATOR and MESSENGER of The Everlasting Covenant. See also entry — Blood Drink.

Fornication: Fornication has a slightly different context from adultery in that it referenced the betrothed or unmarried maiden rather than the wife. As a Biblical symbol it references the practices of those who are pretenders, false disciples, false leaders and also a counterfeit church or churches. The Church of GOD is the betrothed of JESUS, and will 'marry' HIM at HIS return (Revelation 19:7). This is from a Spiritual context (Ephesians 5:31 – 32). In the New Testament period the term 'fornication' is used to reference all those who make use of the name of the JESUS CHRIST or claim to believe in HIM but are deceitfully unfaithful to HIM through: partaking in the worship, ritual and/or celebration of pagan gods and pagan deities; disobedience breaking HIS commandments; unfaithfulness breaking the New Everlasting Covenant by replacing them with other ways, manner or time of commemoration/observation; and the maligning and slandering of LORD JESUS with evil teachings and doctrines that interpreted HIS Words, the record of the Christian Holy Scriptures, as stupid, ridiculous and self contradicting teachings. See also the entry — Adultery.

Garment or clothing: The Righteousness of GOD or the lack of. This depends on the garment (whether white and clean or filthy) or lack of it (nakedness).

Giants: Giants in the Scripture nearly always referred to the Nephilim or those of their lineage that survived through the Antediluvian Flood in one of the wives of Noah's sons. These were what science fiction of today may term as mutants though they were not. Giants were genetically modified members of humankind, they were the work of a group of Angels assigned as part of the contingent of Angels under the authority of Satan the Devil. Read more about this group of distrustful unbelieving Angels in the chapter, ‘Angels, Demons And Men’. The lineage of these giants that survived through the Flood of Noah through a wife of Noah's son, were also totally exterminated, mostly through the hands of the Israelite. The giants are not considered members of mankind made in the image and likeness of GOD and have no future in the creation. They will not be resurrected in The Judgment.

Generation: A prophetic generation is equivalent to a hundred years (Genesis 15:13; Exodus 12:40 – 41). A literal generation (from Biblical perspective) is one hundred and twenty years (Genesis 6:3). The term age (eon) has sometimes been translated into the word generation. See also item  Time Concept.

Goat (also goats): Represents personages (includes Angels, men and women) who are rebellious, narcissistic, self centered and individualistic. The Beast With Two Horns Like A Lamb symbolism in the Book of Revelation chapter 13, contrary to the lies of the evil Christmas religion, is not a representation of Satan the Devil but of the Great Harlot Church and particularly the person of the False Prophet as the final ruling evil authority who took over the entire Church of GOD organization to turn that organization into apostasy (Revelation 16:13; 19:20: 20:10) in the Falling Away. Also note that The False Prophet and The Antichrist are not the same individual but are two different persons. Nor is the The Antichrist the same person as the Beast (i.e. the eighth Beast). See also entries — Sheep; Babylon The Great; False Prophet; Antichrist; Son Of Perdition.

Great Harlot: See entry — Babylon The Great, Mother Of Harlots And Abomination Of The Earth; Harlot; Harlotry.

Harlot (also harlots): A prostitute who pretends to be a faithful betrothed virgin. A whore who counterfeits or claims herself as a faithful wife or as a faithful betrothed virgin. In the New Testament era or period this symbolically refers to congregations and churches (as a combined administrative entity) that are counterfeit of the Church of GOD, the Church which LORD JESUS founded. See also entriesBabylon The Great, Mother Of Harlots And Abomination Of The Earth; Harlotry.

Harlotry: The acts of the people (also those who claimed themselves as) of GOD who commits Spiritual adultery by having whoring alliances with pagan nations for security or advancement in life, or those who worship pagan deities or participate in pagan related religious worships, practices andor celebrations. See also entries — Fornication, Adultery.

Horn: Ruling power or authority. Also refers to a king or political ruler in the context of the one who exercise or wield the authority. Power is in the sense of having the ability to carry out one's will or intent, and is thus representative of the leader or ruler who is able carry out his intent through the authority that heshe holds. The horn symbolism highlight the exalted state of mind (which this author termed as ego supergorging) of a person holding power. In our existential reality it should be noted that the more power a person perceive himherself as having whether real or imagine, the more arrogant the person becomes and behaves. This can be very easily revealed and exposed by provoking the person.

Israel (also Samaria): As a Scriptural term it described the combined tribes that were descended from ten of the twelve children (the other two/three tribes were Judah, Benjamin and Levi) of the Biblical Patriarch Jacob aka Israel. In the prophetic context (i.e. in prophecy) the term Israel and also Samaria is symbolic of the Elect of GOD who are outside (not in the direct membership and fellowship) of the Church of GOD. The tribe of Levi was set aside to be in the priesthood received no allotment in the Promise Land (receiving their livelihood from their service in the Temple and the ministry) and were included in Judah after United Kingdom split into the Kingdom of Israel and the Kingdom of Judah. The tribe of Joseph was also split into two tribes Ephraim and Manasseh. This was during the period of the Old Covenant.

In the New Covenant from the period of their restoration into the Kingdom Of GOD in the Promise Land with all the tribes again united as one nation, Levi will no longer be the priesthood. The tribe of Manasseh will replaced the tribe of Dan, as after the Old Covenant ended, the tribe of Dan no longer exist in Israel as one of their tribes, the name of Dan had been blotted out from among the tribes of Israel due to their idolatry from the very beginning days of the nation of Israel during the times of the Judges.

This is a Type of the blotting out of the names of the Elect and all those called by GOD from the Book Of Life, all those who refused to fully repent stubbornly continued to harbor an evil attitude of lust and hostility towards GODSee also the entry  Judah.

Jezebel (Revelation 2:20):a woman who holds and wields power through her strong influence over her husband and uses this influence and power to cause GOD's people to stray from GOD into idolatry and paganism. In the context of the New Covenant this was to cause the people who have a binding covenant with GOD to go into apostasy (Revelation 2:20) leading them to break the Passover Covenant by changing (whether adding to or taking away from, or both) the day and manner (including the representative media used) of commemorating the Passover. The Passover Commemoration as instituted and commanded by JESUS before HE died as the LAMB Of GOD is the institution of the New Covenant just as the Ten Commandments (Exodus 34:28; Deuteronomy 4:13) had been the very framework for, as well as the very institution of the Old Covenant.

Judah (also Jerusalem): As a Scriptural term Judah described the three tribes that were descended from three of the sons of Israel (aka Jacob the grandson of Abraham, the Father of the Faithful). These three were Judah, Benjamin and Levi (the tribe Levi as the priesthood had their inheritance in the temple service and was not included in the inheritance division in the Promise Land) which form the Kingdom of Judah after GOD divided the Kingdom because of King Solomon's failure to be faithful to GOD. King Solomon allowed his many pagan wives to set up pagan worship in Israel, and consequently turned his heart from the true faith and worship.

In the prophetic context (i.e. in prophecy) the term Judah (and also Jerusalem) would be symbolic of those of the Elect of GOD who are in (i.e. are members of) the Church of GOD as opposed to those outside of the membership of the Church who are symbolized from the perspective of prophecy as Israel andor Samaria. See also entry  Israel.

King, nation: The king and the nation are synonymous. Nation also includes the citizenry. Nation is also used as a reference to the extension of the family. From a Biblical perspective the focus is on the person holding or wielding authority or power. The citizenry or the subjects are the properties of the King. This is one of the most important concepts in the Holy Christian Scripture, that the ruler or the one exercising authority is the master and owner of those who are ruled.

The concepts of king, nation and family are synonymous in many aspects. In the Spiritual perspective the King is the husband of the family or household, with the nation as the wife while the children are the citizenry. In other words the King is ‘married’ to the nation, the ‘wife’. The concept of nation carries with it the whole of the citizenry and the territory on which the nation sits where the citizenry have their inheritance. So when a king is referenced it would also include the nation and citizenry under that king.

Likewise in referring to a man as the head of a household or family, it includes his direct family (spouses and children), slaves and bond servants as all these belong to him. National capitals were also used interchangeably with the nations. See also entry — Marriage Mystery.

King/Kings, of the North, of the South, of the East:

Literally when referencing location as of north, south, east or west in a general context, the base point of reference was always the ancient city of Jerusalem. The king (or kings) of the North recorded as prophecy in the Book of Daniel were/are symbolic of the last of the four ‘world ruling’ empires of the giant statue in the dream vision of Nebuchadnezzar. The last of these four ‘world ruling’ empires was fulfilled as her first instance in ancient Rome that ruled over Judea, the nation of the Jews as her vassal, during the times leading to and after the Apostolic Age. Starting from her beginning (from the time when she ruled over Judea) this fourth ‘world ruling’ empire will see her demise and then revival a total of ten times, the last seven (and an eighth who will be part of seventh as she will receive her power from the seventh) of which will see her being ruled over by a great religious sovereign nation state and globe spanning religious organization symbolized as the Mother of Harlots in the Book of Revelation.

The King (i.e. actually Kings) of the North, South (these first two recorded as Kings in the Book of Daniel chapter 11 both as Types and Actual; and in Daniel 7 as the thirdlike a LeopardBeast and fourth Beastdifferent from all the beasts that were before it’ respectively) and East (recorded as the second Beast of Daniel 7 and also recorded briefly as the King of East in the book of Revelation chapter 16 verse 12) are the three nation groups that will wage wars focused on Jerusalem (the firstlike a lionbeast that became a man recorded in Daniel 7, aka the King in the Midst of all these conflicts and wars) in the events revolving around the return of JESUS CHRIST as LORD of Lords and KING of Kings to restore the Kingdom to the Promise Land. Also mentioned (though not explicitly) in these conflicts were the King of the West (Daniel 11:7) and the King of the North-East and the King of the South-East (Daniel 11:44). These Kings however were not recorded in Daniel 7 and the book of Revelation because their wars were fought far away from the area of the Promise Land.

Please read in ‘The End Of The World How It Is Going To Happen’ the discussions:

1. On the fulfillment of the last and final instance of the Kings of the North and the eighth and last king (and all the other ten kings who will give their power to her) of this final revival of the fourth empire of Nebuchadnezzar's dream vision.

2. On all these kings (and nations) together with the False Prophet (and the great religious sovereign nation state he preside over) and all of humankind complicit with them acting as the agents and servants of Satan the Devil in his raging wrath and all out war to wipe out the Church of GOD and the Saints of GOD.

3. On the other major players — the king in the midst, kings of the west, kings of the south and kings of the east —  in the wars and conflicts of the days leading into and during the Tribulation until the climatic Battle of Armageddon.
See also entry  Beast.

Lamb: In the Passover ceremony and commemoration, JESUS CHRIST is the sacrificial LAMB of GOD to redeem man from the death penalty which Adam and Eve were the first to incur from their sins of open disobedience and robbery. The rest of mankind, each man and woman in their turns through the conduct of their lives too, all have incurred the same death penalty from their own sins when each one in the pursuit and conduct of their lives have chosen to do evil and conversely to sin (knowingly doing or saying something that they are aware is wrong, or knowingly omitting to do or say something that they are aware to be the right responsible or dutiful thing). See also entries  SheepGoat.

Last Hour (1 John 2:18): There is a fixed time allotted for or given to all mankind to seek after their lust and ego boosting agenda in the ordering of their lives before GOD will bring an end it.

A very short time in the great scheme of things, but enough for the lesson on evil to be fully taught proven in the expression of lives of every member of mankind. The Last Hour mark the ending period of this allotted time and was very fittingly revealed through the Apostle John just as to him were also revealed the series of events in chronological order, the exact manner by which this current Age of Man will be ended. We have already gone far into this Last Hour, almost at the halfway mark (as at 2010 C.E. the time when this post was first published).

Believe or don't believe, if you now (around 2010 C.E.) are not near death from old age or will not meet an unexpected death, you will be there when the prophesied Second Advent to end the Age of Man is fulfilled. See entry  Time Concept.

Leaven, Unleavened Bread
Leaven, all leavening agents, in Scriptural symbolism, represents that which puffs up and elevate the hearts (as the center of emotions). There are basically three contexts to the symbolic meaning to the unleavened bread (thus also to the symbolic meaning of leaven) in the Scriptures.

The most important of this is the unleavened bread in the commemoration of the Passover as the New Covenant. These symbolize or represent the WORD of GOD, the BREAD that came down from GOD which nourishes to eternal life all partakers (i.e. mankind who ‘eats’ or consume) of it in the Passover Covenant commemoration.

The second is the unleavened bread of the Feast of Unleavened Bread. This second symbolism for unleavened bread and therefore also leaven as the opposing.

During the Old Covenant period the contextual meaning of this bread commanded to be eaten during the Feast of Unleavened Bread, was that of being freed from bondage (pointing to their Egyptian enslavement) but generally, that of not being in bondage or enslaved in physical sense or context.

Thus leaven during this Feast then symbolized enslavement or object that enslaves. With leaven then referring explicitly to Egypt as the enslaving object. Implicitly leaven actually carried the conceptual element as sin, as an enslavement to sin. That however leaved the reason and meaning for the unleavened bread of this Feast during that period, to being that of a vague, of without sin or without enslaving element. But that was the intention as same holds true with the symbolism of the Passover and all its element during the Old Covenant period, as they were Types that (must) point to an Actual (fulfillment) as their purpose.

In the New Covenant which is the Actual fulfillment of the which the Old Covenant Feast of Unleavened Bread was the Type, the reason meaning to both leaven and unleavened bread thus carry their true symbolic meaning

The third is the sacrificial (and offering) bread (whether bake in oven or on a pan) that they must all be unleavened bread. Here leaven symbolized what this work called ego gorging (includes all superlative forms) lust and the required unleavened bread is the prayers (as offering) of the Elect and Saints, that they must be in contrite repentance in offering up prayers, supplications and requests. The allegory of this is in Luke 18 verses 10 to 14, the Parable of the Pharisee And The Tax Collector.

Mark, A; Mark and Number of the Beast, The: Hint: This is another (and there are many) concept from the Scriptures which could not be understood and was not understood by the person who was given the revelation and who recorded it. Not until the time period of the Last or Latter Days can these concepts actually be understood.

What this will be, actually can only be understood today (and not from any early times), starting from since the beginning of the computer age. Anyone actually intelligent would have by now understood what these marks are (or will be).

Marriage Mystery (Ephesians 5:31  32): The Marriage Covenant is the second most important concept of the Holy Christian Scripture. The physical union of husband and wife in the marriage covenant is a Type of the Spiritual union of GOD and the nation that enters into a covenant with GOD to become the people and nation of GOD. A point to note about the physical union between a man and woman in marriage is that it is a covenant made before (and not with) GOD (Matthew 19:6). Marriage was, and still is, a GOD ordained institution, made (erected) by GOD (Genesis 1:27  28; 2:24; Ephesians 5:31  32), for a man and a woman to be joined together as one, to form a (one) family as the foundation structure to and of government (nation/kingdom).

The institution of human marriage is a Type of the Spiritual Marriage (which is the fulfillment or the actual) of the Church of GOD marriage to LORD JESUS (Ephesians 5:31  32) at HIS return (Second Advent) to restore the Kingdom of GOD to the Promise Land. The covenanting parties to the human marriage is the man, as the husband with the woman as the wife, GOD is not a party in or of the physical marriage covenant between a man and his wife (or wives).

This is inasmuch as a man may enter into a legal contractual agreement with another, the parties to the agreement are bound by their agreement but not the regulatory and legislative authority that govern such agreements. The authority is not a party to the agreement but has enforceable authority to preside over and penalized any of the party that breached the contract.

This is another very simple thing that evil religions and ego supergorging man (includes woman), tribal and national governments, have willfully corrupted because of their greedy power lust to dictate and exercise rule over any and everything that concerned others.

The simple fact that marriages are covenants meant that both the man and woman party to a marriage must be of adult age of twenty years and older (Numbers 2:2 – 3). GOD did not and does not approve or condone much less sanctified child marriages or child/infant/baby baptism. Both these are of evil anti GOD religions which do so in order to blaspheme (insult and malign) the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Child marriages are common practices of pagan social systems and in pagan religions, and if you think you can believe this author, such practices were rampant in the Antediluvian Age (Genesis 6:2 end of verse) and was one of the numerous great evil of that age (i.e. era) that led GOD to totally destroy them preserving only the family of Noah.

The Old Covenant made at Mount Sinai in Horeb between the LORD GOD and the Israelite (Israel and Judah) was a physical Marriage Covenant from a Spiritual context, with the Israelite (as a nation at the beginning) the wife in the covenant. Later when Israel and Judah split into two nations, they were then the wives (1 Samuel 12:8) of LORD GOD. This was one of the reasons GOD allowed polygamy even as GOD's initial intent (when HE created Adam and Eve) was for marriages to be monogamous. This intent will be expressed in the New Covenant marriage of LORD JESUS and the (one and only one) Church of GOD at the Second Advent. Similarly even as the individual man or woman made a commitment to enter into the New Covenant, the entire body of these individuals in the Church of GOD is considered as the virgin woman (from a Spiritual context) betrothed to JESUS CHRIST the LORD of the New Everlasting Covenant, the Spiritual marriage will take place at CHRIST's Second Advent. The Spiritual Marriage Covenant is the only avenue ordained (Genesis 1:27 – 28, 2:24; Ephesians 5:31 – 32) by GOD through which mankind (from the time of Adam and Eve's eviction onward) can enter into, to become a personal member of the FAMILY of GOD.

Mountain and hill: Kingdom or nation, great and small.

Nation and Kingdom: See the entry — King.

New Covenant, the Everlasting Covenant: There are three main or major covenants recorded in the Christian Holy Scriptures, which GOD had instituted for mankind collectively. Two of these were/are marriage covenants from the Spiritual context and perspective. The marriage covenant has the nation (or nations) or citizenry collectively, in the covenant with GOD, considered from the point of law or regulatory as the wife (or wives), and GOD as the husband in that marriage and therefore LORD (i.e. MASTER) in the covenant. GOD's institution of family (the whole household) and nation (Kingdom) is that of the ruler (and owner), and those ruled, the owner and the owned. This is for the purpose of order and chain of command (i.e. of governing). GOD is not the author of disorder, chaos and confusion (1 Corinthians 14:33), contrary to the lies in the teachings and doctrines of all the anti-GOD religions that pretend to worship and praise GOD.

That was the reason in the Christian Holy Scriptures, the husband (and father) is the owner, master and absolute leader ruler of the household. That was the reason mothers (or wives) were seldom recorded in the genealogy. That was the reason too that the genealogy of daughters (girls and women) were seldom recorded in the Scriptures.

That did not and does not mean that from GOD's perspective women and children are lesser beings or personages in GOD's consideration and therefore to be treated as such which is something all the evil anti-GOD religions advanced implicitly and explicitly treating women as objects to satisfy their lust. Marriage covenants are covenants that are automatically ended and ceased to be applicable at the death of one or all of the parties to the covenant.

This was the reason JESUS being the LORD and HUSBAND to the ancient nations of Israel and Judah, when JESUS died as the LAMB of GODthe Old Covenant which had the Jews as the people and nation of GOD ended, and from that period the Jews and their vassal nation ceased being the people and nation of GOD. GOD allowed them a forty year grace period to accept the New Covenant mediated by JESUS as the MESSENGER of THE Covenant before GOD let Rome destroyed that nation of pagan Jews.

The first of these major covenants (the Rainbow Covenant) applies to all mankind throughout their physical generations (i.e. throughout their perceptual generations or genealogy and will be in force until before the Great Judgment) from after flood that destroyed all lives on land of the Antediluvian Age, applying to all those that GOD preserved in the Ark built by Noah, and all their progeny.

The second of these was between the LORD GOD (also known as the WORD and was later born as JESUS CHRIST the SON of man) and the genealogical descendants of the Biblical Patriarch Jacob aka Israel (though not exclusively) who inherited the Promise Land. This was the Ten Commandment Covenant mediated by Moses.

The third and last of these three main covenants is the New Covenant mediated with GOD the FATHER by the MESSENGER of The Covenant (Malachi 3:1), the SON of GOD, JESUS CHRIST.

This last covenant is the only one that is literally and absolutely forever, time without end. This is because the context (and the terms or tenure) of this last (of these three) covenant is Spiritual, whereas the first two were physical covenants with terms pertaining only to the temporary lives of mankind and ceased to apply to them once they die.

The third has no ending or exit clause because it involves Spirit personages who do not (which does not necessarily mean cannot) die, meaning firstly that JESUS is not going to come born as a SON of man again to die a second time, and all the Saints on inheriting (i.e. the fulfillment or activation or putting into effect) the promised reward of this Covenant will be Spirit Personages no longer subject to death.

Nicolaitans, doctrine of, deeds of (Revelation 2:6, 15): The ‘Nicolaitans’ symbolism is that of celebrating all manner of pagan dates commemorations and celebrations as parts of the Christian Covenant which were never commanded by the Christian Holy Scriptures. These include celebrations purportedly to commemorate some events (such as birthday and baptism) that purportedly were related to JESUS which the Holy Christian Scriptures did not command.

The full list includes the doctrines of Sunday worship, Sunday Communion, celebration of days claimed as that of CHRIST's resurrection, Easter, Christmas, midnight mass, baptism, andor birthday  which is very explicitly in the Christmas celebration of the so called “Saint” Nicholas (i.e. Greek, Nikolaos) or ‘Santa Claus’ famous (or rather infamous) and well known throughout the social order of mankind today.

Oil: In the Christian Holy Scriptures, oil carried several symbolic meanings. In the Christian Holy Scriptures, a few things were used to symbolize the HOLY SPIRIT such as water, fire, dove and also oil. Consecrating oil or Holy anointing oil (Exodus 30:25 – 33) represents the HOLY SPIRIT. Oil also represents symbolically: teachings (as an aspect of doctrines and dogma); doctrines; knowledge (as an aspect of teachings and doctrines); truth (as an aspect of knowledge); the wealthy and powerful; prosperity and health, riches and wealth; and sustenance (i.e. ‘the oil and the wine’). See also entries anointing, sanctify.

Prophesy Again:
Very obviously, to do again implies a repetition of something done before. From the context of ‘to prophesy’ again it however means more than just a repeat. It means there was a cessation or a stopping; that the Prophet must have stopped completely for some reason before starting again. This is as much as I will disclose at this time.

Prince (include princess): Literary the term means the offspring of kings or ruler over people or nations. By extension this term exclusively in the Scriptural context also referred to the ruling elite over a people or nation and includes chiefs, chieftains, counselors, advisers and all those who have high level roles in government. It is also used to refer to Angelic personages given position of high authority, as well as a title of high authority given to specific individual to indicate their forever inheritance.

Sheep: Meekness. Represent personages in The Covenant with GOD especially those who faithfully obey GOD and are meek and humble, seeking to be taught. Generally it was also used to refer to all men (includes women) whether faithful or not, who had or have covenanted (i.e. entered into a Covenant) with GOD to accept HIM as their GOD. The attribute identified in this symbol is that of meekly following and of not being individualistic. See also entry  Goat.

Sea and water: Nations of men when this refers to a large body of water (Revelation 13:1; 17:1, 15). This is where the term 'sea of humanity' comes from. Water was also used to represent the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD as also was the Tree of Life and oil. See also entry  Flood, Oil.

Son or Sons. This word carries not only the concept of one who is begotten as a progeny but also as one who obeys of follows after a teacher or leader or master such as a disciple, student or follower. Also included are those who subscribe to certain definitive values or philosophies. See also entry  Father.

Son of Perdition (John 17:12; 2 Thessalonians 2:3): The very specific title applies to only two very specific persons in the New Testament records. The first was Judas Iscariot recorded as such (John 17:12) in the Gospel Accounts. The second is the person of The Antichrist prophesied by the Apostle Paul and Apostle John.

This specific Antichrist, the Son of Perdition rose up very quickly to take over the Church of GOD (during the last era or the last stretch of the Church of GOD's journey through the centuries from the Apostolic days to the time of the Second Advent) then turned the whole organization apostate or into The Apostasy aka The Falling Away. The Son of Perdition had gotten that whole church organization to fully embrace and adopt the Nicene Creed. His evil work (or his fruit) revealed his identity in respect to prophecy fulfillment. This Son of Perdition will be killed at the Second Advent. Evil people may also live long lives in accordance with GOD's purpose to fully expose evil, so evil may be fully understood by all HIS creature personages. See also entries — Apostasy, Falling Away.

Sexual ImmoralitySee the entry  Adultery, Harlotry, Fornication.

Salt Of The CovenantSalt is most commonly used as a flavoring agent in food, to add flavor to food. Yes, it is also use (in additional to a few other uses) as a preservative for preserving food.

The Salt of the Covenant (also covenant of salt) refers to the required correct attitudes, both towards GOD as in submissive obedience and believing faith holding all things from GOD as sacred; and also towards any form of agreement, the required good faith and good will in entering into any agreement (includes covenant) of sincerely and genuinely wanting to abide by, perform and fulfilled all the agreed terms, by those entering into such.

The symbolism of salt in the Gospel accounts, of the faithful Elect as being the salt of the earth (in symbolism) carried a similar concept of those with the correct and proper attitudes, and goodwill towards all others (i.e. to GOD firstly, then all mankind made in the image of GOD, secondly) and always acting good faith in all their dealings with others.

Without good faith and goodwill anyall agreements (i.e. contracts, covenants or treaties) becomes nothing more than an instrument to perpetrate evil used to exploit, subjugate, harm (abuse), deceive and defraud. More is discussed on the salt symbolism in the ‘Salt of the Covenant’ in the post ‘The New Covenant’.

Trees: Righteous people of GOD. Leaves of trees are also used to symbolize the labors and works of people of GOD while fruits symbolize the resultant good or evil that is produced in the personage.

Virgin: Undefiled (not having compromised their faith and covenant with GOD through taking part in or embracing/subscribing to some form of pagan related religious practices, teachings, doctrines or celebrations) people of GOD individually, but more so collectively, as a national entity or an organization entity such as the Church of GOD, the affiance bribe of JESUS CHRIST. See also entries — Woman, Harlot.

Vision: Visions generally are revelation from GOD usually prophetic in nature, given in dreams, in voices, in paranormal imageries/signs/events or through a message delivered by an Angel Spirit personage but never by a human personage whether man, woman or child. A mysterious talking serpent or even a dumb donkey speaking, is not a vision but a paranormal event.

These may be a literal message but more often they were/are in symbols. As with other Scriptural imagery, symbols in visions are representation of entity concepts, tangible and intangible object concepts or event concepts. The visions were/are given by GOD according to HIS purpose. The visions were/are not due to the recipient possessing psychic (or paranormal) powers or abilities. Mankind having some types of visions whether in imagery, voices, occurrences were and are not exclusively from GOD, these vision so called can also come from other sources including from consumption of hallucinogens, phobias, obsessions, stress, distress, extreme lust, psychological inclinations and mental induction and abbreviations.

Woman: From a Spiritual context, in the Old Testament the nations (i.e. wives) of the LORD GOD by that Covenant, while in the New Covenant the Church of GOD (betrothed virgin) to LORD JESUS. Also from after the Apostolic days, the Great Harlot (Revelation 17:1, 15, 16; 19:2) and many daughter harlots (Revelation 17:5) representing all those religions (religious entities and organization under their own governing authorities) as impersonators of GOD's one true Church (the virgin affiance bribe of LORD JESUS). All these harlots are fraudulent religious entities, institutions, churches which laid claims to belonging to the Christian GOD, all pretending to believe in the GOD and in LORD JESUS of the Christian Bible. The Scriptural words of the original text for wife and woman were not distinctly differentiated as also true with the word for husband and man. See also entries — VirginHarlot.

Work of The Church of GOD, First Work: In the New Testament this refers to the work of preaching the Gospel, the focus and message that JESUS came born as SON of man to deliver as the MEDIATOR of the New Covenant. The commencement of preaching the Gospel message as the Work of GOD and GOD's Elect was first announced by John the Baptist and officially launched (put into official ordained effect) by JESUS CHRIST after HIS forty days temptation by Satan the Devil and after John the Baptist was imprisoned.

During the Old Covenant from the period of the Judges through the United Kingdom (under King Saul, King David and King Solomon) the Kingdom of Israel and later after it became divided because of the unfaithfulness of King Solomon - in the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah until the John the Baptist - the focus of the work was to supposed to be the showcasing of GOD's government to reflect GOD's righteousness and justice in the teachings, commandments, laws and statutes of GOD as a testimony and witness to the pagan nations of the world (those nations cut of from the knowledge of the true GOD from the time of Nimrod). But both these ancient nations failed miserably to be this showcase so the covenants with them were ended.

First the Kingdom of Israel was carried away (i.e. divorced) while some time later Judah as just a vassal nation to Rome was destroyed when they refused to believe and repent to accept the New Covenant in the forty years period given for them to do so.

The Covenant with the Kingdom of Israel ended in divorce while that of the vassal nation of the Jews ended when JESUS died to institute the New Covenant. The death (Zechariah 11:10) of JESUS, the LORD GOD and HUSBAND to both the ancient nations through the Ten Commandment Covenant, effectively terminated or ended (Hebrews 9:16 – 17) the Marriage Covenant of the LORD GOD (WHO came born as JESUS a SON of man), the Old Covenant mediated by Moses, with the remaining nation of Judah.

The New Covenant work of the Church of GOD as the betrothed bribe of JESUS has been to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom which is the message that JESUS CHRIST preached (Luke 16:16) to the Jews during HIS lifetime as a SON of man. This message's focus is on JESUS CHRIST's Second Advent, returning from Heaven with all power and authority to restore (re-establish) the Kingdom of GOD to Israel and from there to rule over the nation. See also entries  First Love, Church's Commission.


White: Purified/Sanctified, Purity from the context of blamelessness.

Purple: Royalty.

Scarlet or crimson: Brazen, diabolical sin or wickedness.


ONE: GOD (Zechariah 14:9) as a figure of speech to denote GOD as the ONE and ONLY all encompassing omnipotent, omniscience, omnipresent SOVEREIGN POWER over and CREATOR of, the DEFAULT to all that exist. The number is also used symbolically to signify united, unity, unifying and full agreement. In the absolute sense numeric value has no meaning in the CREATOR as GOD has no limits or is unlimited by anything.

So the numeric value ONE when used as a reference to some attributes of GOD is just that a symbolic expression to give the creatures some translatable concept of the unity and the all encompassing absoluteness of the ALMIGHTY. As an example consider, how is anyone going to be able to say, ‘here is where one all everywhere (omnipresence) God starts and here is where one all everywhere (omnipresence) God ends, so therefore here we have one God and after that we have another God’?

Naturally there will be those who will retort: ‘Then what about the WORD (also JESUS CHRIST the SON) and the FATHER’ aren't there two who are One?’ And of course all the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of the Christmas religion would add: ‘What about the Holy Ghost who is also a person in the Trinity?

The issue of how GOD being ONE can be GOD the FATHER and LORD JESUS the first born from the dead and therefore numerically two, and also about the WORD being with GOD from the beginning is (or rather will be) discussed in the post ‘In The Beginning Was The WORD’ in the blog ‘The Scripture of Truth’.

Ten: Comprehensiveness and thoroughness.

Twelve: This number and its numerical multiple is representative of the Nation or Government or Kingdom of GOD from the context of structure.

Forty: A symbolic hour usually as that of trial, testing, proving andor proofing. Forty years is the equivalent to one hour in the timeframe for the Age of Man. Multiples of forty may also be used to convey multiples of the same concept. See also entry — Time Concept. The number is not always exactly forty and can vary from forty to forty-three.

Six hundred sixty-six or 666: This number is the derivative result of adding or summing up the numeric values in the name or title of the eighth Beast of the resurrected or revived fourth Beast nation.  See entry  Mark of the Beast.

OTHER SYMBOLS: There were many other symbols used in the Christian Holy Scriptures. I have only covered those that have greater significant to the main message focus. If you so wish you can conduct your own research for the other symbols used. Be careful to double check thoroughly with the Christian Holy Scriptures and to avoid those published by the masters and disciples of the Christmas religion and other Antichrist and anti-GOD religions, as these would probably be twisted, mixing some truth with copious amounts of lies to mislead you from getting the true understanding of what is written in the Holy Christian Scriptures.


Age of Man.
Referred to in the Scriptures as ‘this present age’, the Age of Man is the first six thousand years time period starting from Adam where GOD have basically let mankind pursue after all the evil imaginations of their hearts and minds (Genesis 8:21mostly unchecked, near totally under the sway of Satan the Devil. In a further one thousand years after this first six, Satan the Devil will be temporary removed, restrained in confinement (for the entire length of the thousand year period and will be released at the end of it) from his rule and sway over mankind. This first six thousand years (since Adam was created) is this current age/world/time or this present age (Matthew 12:32; 13:40; Mark 10:30; Luke 18:30; 1 Corinthians 1:20; 2:5, 8; 13: 2 Corinthians  4:4; Galatians 1:4; Ephesians 1:21; 6:12; 1 Timothy 6:17). This is the six thousand years allocated to man to go about his own path, cut off (1 Corinthians 1:21; Titus 1:16) for the most part from the true knowledge (John 17:3) of the CREATOR GOD. This is for the forever lesson that all of mankind needed to learn, each in his appointed time that left to his own devices he will ultimately go down the path of evil and wicked self expediency. The Age of Man is represented in the weekly cycle by the first six days of the week, each day corresponding to a thousand years according to the time frame of seven thousand years that GOD had ordained to make mankind made in HIS Image and Likeness complete and perfect. The Age of Man began with Adam and Eve and will end at JESUS CHRIST's Second Advent when Satan the Devil will be removed from manipulating man to sin and rebellion.

Apostasy, The (2 Thessalonians 2:3).
In some translations this term is translated as  The Falling Away. See entries  Falling Away, Fallen, Nephilim.

Antichrists (2 John 2:7; 1 John 4:3; 2:22; 2:18); Antichrist, The (1 John 2:18).
The Scripture of Truth was very plain and clear (2 John 2:1:4 – 7, 9 – 11; 2 Thessalonians 2:8) on who these are (1 John 2:19), whether: it would be ‘The’ very specific, singular Antichrist whose revealing (2 Thessalonians 2:3 – 4; 8, 10) would lead to the ‘Falling Away’ (2 Thessalonians 2:3) and mark the very Last Hour (1 John 2:18) of the Age of Man as a milestone even in prophecy; or the numerous Antichrists that were commonly found having infiltrated the ranks of the Elect from even as early as when the handpicked (i.e. personally appointed) Apostles of LORD JESUS were still around, during and throughout the times of the Apostles (aka the Apostolic Age). Yet at no time, from the Apostolic Age until today has mankind even remotely comprehend who these Antichrists have been and who this one particular specific Antichrist would be.

In referring to these Antichrists during their (the Apostles') times, the Apostle John specifically spelled out that these Antichrists were within the Church of GOD meaning false converts (from among both the Jews and the Gentiles, meaning just about anyone who joined the Church without genuine, sincere repentance). That was then, as that has been until today, how all these Antichrists including the very specific individual of The Antichrist, started. Once establishing themselves in positions of authority and prestige apportioning great exalting titles for themselves  from being prophets, apostles, masters, leading experts, defining authorities, holy master popes (a variation of the term, holy fathers) and even directly as holy fathers (meaning GOD they would seduce a huge following from among the membership. Once accomplishing this, they would, where they are able, evict any and all (including the very Apostles handpicked by LORD JESUS) who would not obey them and submit (worship) to them. Where they are unable to gained control over the congregation they were in, they would then lead as many as have been able to seduce through their lies, setting up an opposing congregation (andor church) claiming themselves to be the true real church that LORD JESUS founded. If anyone is even remotely able to understand the issue of identify theft they would have (or should have anyway) understood this but strangely until today, almost the entirety of the human social order have not. Please read the chapter, ‘The Elect’ for the full discussion on Antichrists, The Antichrist and their agenda and modus operandi (methodology and process) to replace the LORD JESUS CHRIST as the head (Ephesians 1:22; 5:23; Colossians 1:18) of the Church of GOD and to replace GOD in the Church of GOD (2 Thessalonians 2:4) through doing away with (i.e. corrupting in any manner) the Everlasting New Covenant and replacing (by altering) the Royal Laws and Holy Commandments of GOD (John 15:10; 14:15, 21; 1 John 2:4; 5:2; 2 John 1:4, 6; 2 Thessalonians 2:7 – 8; Mark 12:30 – 31).

Apocalypse, apocalyptic.
Literally the Greek term means revealing, uncovering or revelation. In the social order of mankind this term has been corrupted, twisted to say something else altogether.

Armageddon (Revelation 16:16).
Literally, the Hebrew word for Hill Of Megiddo. In non–Christian contemporary usage this term has been generally used to refer to the day of the end of the world as an inaccurate spin (twisting of the meaning) for the Day of the LORD.

GOD calls or names things as what they are or from what they do, the work they are assigned to do or the role they play in life. A name is but a type of description. You are what you do or what you have become. A tree is judge by its fruits. If you sin than you are a sinner. If you commit evil or do wickedness then you are evil or wicked. Names when used by GOD then is usually descriptive and definitive of a characteristic role, a specific role or some roles that a personage is carrying out, doing or known by.

Some examples:
1. Abraham means father of many nations, or someone who populates large numbers.
2. Satan means adversary.
3. Devil means accuser.
4. Adam — man.
5. Israel — to persevere with GOD.
6. Eve — literary life or living, meaning mother to all living.
7. Angel — an emissary; deputy; as one tasked, entrusted, commissioned andor authorized with a role; a messenger (i.e. communicator of message andor instructions).
8. Sarah — princess or woman of high nobility because of her faithfulness to GOD and to her husband, Abraham. She literally lived (Matthew 4:4) the commandments of GOD calling Abraham, My Lord (master as owner or the one who has authority to rule over her), exactly as the Scripture of Truth taught (Ephesians 5:22, 3; 1 Peter 3:6).

Similarly the word translated as the English words God or Lord God or Almighty God from the Hebrew texts carry the attributes and are definitive in carrying the meaning of the words such as ruler (sovereign), master, or owner; and perpetuity (or perpetual) and all powerful. See also the entry GOD in this post.

What is in a name? There are many who made the claims to be leading experts, defining authorities, and even as apostles or The primary prophet of GOD, all being rules-based hair-splitters and ego supergorgers have focused on certain names assigning these to exclusive use in sacredness. The religious (as opposed to the atheist) Jews even of this current mega advanced Age of Knowledge and Communication, still consider that the physical written word God must be treated as too sacred (as those of the Jews who returned from the Babylonian captivity, did) to be erased once written so they imagined ways to write about GOD without writing down the word substituting certain vowel with some not alphabetic letter. Then there were those who made the claimed to be Christian who holds that Jehovah as the true name of GOD calling themselves by reference of that word, while others in the last few decades to outdo all others began using the words of the original Hebrew text render in English such as Yahweh, YHWH, etc.

All these ego supergorging rules-based hair-splitters neither understand the notions of concept, context and perspective nor even just the purpose of words in communication and languages. They totally are unable to understand that GOD uses names in words to define the characteristic of those named. It is the Spirit (attitude in intents) that is important not the letters of words in languages.

There is not special Holiness or Sacredness to a name, word, or language; any name, word or language except that when we used words (any word) as a reference for (i.e. to denote) GOD we should do so with the appropriate reverence and respect. For this same reason in the New Testament records the Greek word for GOD was used instead of the Hebrew of the Old Testament. Likewise too the name JESUS is English pronunciation translation (or pronunliteration, a term coined by this work) of the Greek pronunciation equivalent to the Hebrew Joshua (i.e. Yeshua or exactly YÄ•howshuwa`, whereas Joshua is the Christian Bible's translator inventions of using the Greek “J” instead of the Hebrew ‘Y’ to make meaningful names of the Hebrew text into meaningless Greek “names”). See also entry — GOD, LORD, LORD GOD, ALMIGHTY GOD.

Chosen, the.
See entries  SaintsElect.

Christian, also CHRIST.
See entry — Anoint, anointed.

Church, Church of GOD.
From the perspective of the current age, the Church of GOD according to Scriptural context is: the affiance bribe of LORD JESUS to be married Spiritually to HIM when HE returns in HIS Second Advent to re-establish (restore) the Kingdom of GOD to the Promise Land; the nation of GOD in waiting or preparation. This is the (singular/one) Church that JESUS CHRIST pronounced that HE would build or establish (Matthew 16:18) which will never be destroyed. And exactly as HE had announced, the Church of GOD was founded or formed exactly on the day it was ordained and appointed to be, on the day of the Feast of Firstfruits or the Day of Pentecost in 30 C.E.

This was revealed thousands of years previously in the seven annual Feasts or Holy Days commanded to observed, kept and commemorated as a Type, to the Israelite through Moses the mediator of the Old Covenant. This was exactly as the Passover of a Old Covenant was a Type of which the New Covenant Passover was the fulfillment. See entry  Feast Of Firstfruits.

Church's Commission, the commission of the Church of GOD as ordained by GOD and specifically commanded by LORD JESUS.
The ordained, instituted (and commanded) commission of the Church of GOD which is also the work of the Church is to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom as a witness commanding all to repent, to baptize (i.e. convert) all who believe and repent, plus additionally for all the leadership particularly the Messengers (each according to his tenure as the human leader) to the Church of GOD to feed (i.e. teach and educate) the flock (i.e. the Christian membership) with Spiritual food (i.e. the Word of GOD). This is specifically specified and commanded by LORD JESUS after HIS resurrection before HE ascended to the FATHER in the Third Heaven.

The Scriptures recorded this explicitly not just once, not just twice, not just thrice but four full times such that anyone who would dare to pronounce, announce and decree any other commission (Deuteronomy 12:32) for the Church of GOD will be convicted four fold of wickedness and sin. See also entry — Work of The Church.

Church Organization, organization structure and governing structure in the Church of GOD.
This is another area where all mankind and even all the Elect in all the so called Churches of God and also the one true Church of GOD in Laodicea, for the reason of ego supergorging lust just could understand.

Truth is the last three eras of the Church of GOD in the last three leg of the Church's journey, Sardis era, Philadelphia era and Laodicea era all got this wrong. This is because to understand was not and is not what all these proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of GOD were and are seeking. GOD is faithful, if they have been sincerely and contritely seeking to understand they would have understood. But they were not and have not, they were and are, all only seeking to express their ego supergorging lust as much as they have opportunity and impunity.

Since it would be too lengthy to go into the full explanation with specific references to the Scriptures, to discuss Church organization as revealed by the Scriptures, here I will just highlight that there are two different elements or tracks to how GOD had organized HIS Elect both in the Old Testament period and the New Testament period.

First there is the pastoral organization then there is the administrative organization. The ancient Levitical priesthood has both these organizational elements but in the New Testament the pastoral are to be dedicated solely to the Church's Commission of firstly preaching the Gospel and secondly the feeding of the flock (all the Elect in the Church) with Spiritual food (i.e. the Word of GOD).

The administrative are to see to the general organization of events and other members related activities. The pastoral are by appointment of the LORD JESUS either directly (through visions, inspired revelations andor revealed in the Gifts of the HOLY SPIRIT) or indirectly through inspired ordination which is either through the Messenger (i.e. the human leaders, the Angels/Messengers) to each administration of the Church in the seven eras, or by the collective pastoral order.

The administrative are by election by all the Elect in each geographical area or the entire Church organization whichever applies. While the Scriptures only recorded two title roles for the administrative, that of Bishop and Deacon, additional peer roles may be created for more specific and special focus in very large Church congregation or Church organization. While the pastoral naturally (because the election is by LORD JESUS) has overview authority over the whole Church of each era, with the Messenger at the top of the hierarchy, the pastoral nonetheless should leave the administrative wings to be accountable to all the membership (i.e. through the practice of transparency) unless there is a breach of the law and the commandments of GOD by the administrative.

The fact that in the last two Church eras, the Philadelphia and the Laodicea, the Messengers has given themselves titles of Pastor Generals (aside from other superlative ego titles) revealed (i.e. uncovered or exposed) in the leadership an ego lust expression of wanting to micro manage so as to rule supreme, to rule over everything and to rule over everyone absolutely (i.e. dictatorial and even tyrannical inclinations). See also entry — Church's Commission.

Church's Journey.
The journey of the Church of GOD from the Apostolic Days after her founding on the Day of Pentecost in 30 C.E, was recorded beginning in the Book of Acts through to the Book of Revelation. The journey of the ancient Israelite to the Promise Land after they were freed from the Egyptian slavery was a Type of that of the Church of GOD through the centuries from the day of her founding until the Second Advent when the Church would finally be Spiritually married to become ‘The Wife’ of the LORD JESUS. While most of the New Testament writings beginning from the Book of Acts, recorded the events and trails of the Elect and the Church as accounts of what happen during those time, the Book of Revelation recorded accounts, both of the Church in her journey from then, as well as major events in the world order that are related, that were to take place future to those times. The accounts of Revelation chapter 2 and 3 were specifically of the journey of the Church of GOD from the time of the Apostles forward until the days after the Second Advent (Revelation 3:20 – 21).

Elect, the.
Today as a definitive term this refers specifically to those whom GOD called into a Spiritual relationship with HIM through the New Everlasting Covenant. The Everlasting Covenant is the Passover Covenant (that is to be commemorated annually on the same time and day of 14th Nisan of the Scared Calendar as observed and kept by JESUS just before HE died) mediated by JESUS CHRIST made in the BLOOD that HE shed dying to pay the penalty for all the sins of mankind. This same Covenant was also applicable by extension (retrospectively) through believing faith to all the Prophets from righteous members of mankind from Abel to John the Baptist, who had lived and died before grace and redemption came in the Passover Covenant was instituted by JESUS when HE died as the LAMB of GOD who takes away the sins of the world. The term is also applicable by extension to the ancient Israelite (both Israel and Judah) and their modern day descendants (of the Biblical Patriarch Jacob) through the promises of GOD to Abraham in the Circumcision Covenant.

During the times when the ancient Israelite inherited the Promise Land, starting from the period they entered into the Ten Commandments Covenant, through the period of the United and Divided Kingdom, to when the Jews were returned to the Promise Land after their Babylonian enslavement until they murdered the LORD JESUS, they were the Elect via the Ten Commandments Covenant. Similarly from the period of the Circumcision Covenant that GOD made with Abraham, all the family of Jacob (himself and his fore parents included) were the Elect by extension. See also entries – SaintsCircumcision Covenant.

Dualism: of Type, Types and Actual.
Dualism is one of the most important keys in Biblical prophecies and also was used in numerous contexts to help us understand the message of the Christian Bible. Type in similitudes, models, examples , etc. is a very obvious evident reality in the creation. Similarly the concept of Types and Dualism is one of the most common and consistent expression throughout the Scripture of Truth.

Dualism does not just mean two instances of the same or similar expression. It means there are Types to an expression and the actual expression itself, the fulfillment of the Types. It is a principle or concept of two or more fulfillment of a Biblical event, personality or prophecy, with one being the actual fulfillment and the rest a Type (in the sense of some similitude either literal or analogical) of the actual, or a ‘shadow’ of the actual, having a similar or parallel context or concept in fulfillment or occurrence. The Type is an indicator or pointer or a specific context representation to an Actual or Main fulfillment. JESUS CHRIST was a Type of Adam, the first man (1 Corinthians 15:47) but the fulfillment of man completed in the image and likeness of GOD born as SPIRIT into the direct SPIRIT FAMILY of GOD.

The Passover instituted during the time when Israelite were enslaved in Egypt was a Type of the New Covenant Passover which JESUS CHRIST would later institute with new symbols to represent HIS flesh and BLOOD before HE suffered. JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF being the actual (fulfillment of the) Passover LAMB of GOD. HE was thus the fulfillment of the Passover lambs' Type that were killed as part of the Old Covenant Passover ceremonial sacrifice, the blood of which on their door post spared the first born of the Israelite when the Angel killed all the first born of Egypt. The Passover lambs sacrificed annually by the ancient (but not the modern religious) Jews during the Passover commemoration according to the Law of Moses were a shadow or Type of which JESUS CHRIST was the substance fulfillment. So in these cases the Type points to the actual. Types are also expressions for similitude and typicality.

Some examples of Dualism and Type in the Bible:

1. JESUS CHRIST as a Type of Adam. Adam is the first man made in the image of GOD, fully carnal and fully carnal focused (greed and lust driven). And through Adam all of mankind, all with the same lust and greed focus whose lives are bound by death because of sin. JESUS is the first man born of GOD fully HOLY SPIRIT led, focus on GOD's love for all mankind and dying a horrible death to pay the penalty of mankind's sin so that all might be given a second chance on repentance to inherit the Kingdom and immortality on being born into GOD's DIVINE FAMILY at the appointed time. The Type here is physical or carnal, and the fulfillment or actual is the Spiritual. All mankind came from Adam, and all who will be SPIRIT will be born as SPIRIT personages are from LORD JESUS, the FIRST BORN from the dead, resurrected to SPIRIT, GOD's HOLY SPIRIT. The physical (flesh and blood) personages, mankind, is a Type to the Spirit personages, the Angels of the Spiritual realm or domain. Even mankind made in the image and likeness of GOD, is considered a Type to GOD.

2. The ordained Feast celebrated by the ancient nation of Israel and Judah is a Type of the Feasts of GOD celebrated by the New Testament Church of GOD. These feasts are also the Types to the actual milestone events in a track of GOD's master plan or program.

3. The New Testament Church is a Type of the Old Testament assembly of Israel, the ancient Kingdom of Israel.

4. The Red Sea crossing was a Type of baptism for the repentant sinner. The Flood of Noah that drown out all the Antediluvian Age except those saved in the Ark, was also a Type of the true Christian's baptism, the process to signify the Christian's attitude of repentance towards GOD. Baptism is the Actual fulfillment to all these Types in: the Antediluvian Flood, the Red Sea crossing, the River Jordan crossing (Genesis 7:1 – 6; Exodus 14:21 – 22; Joshua 3:14 – 17). All these were Types of which the Christian's baptism is the fulfillment. Contrary to the evil doctrines of the Christmas religion (particularly that of that Great Harlot Church) baptism is not about a washing or cleansing of sin but about a burial as the Type to the death and burial of JESUS CHRIST. This is to highlight the need for those who are repentant to effective die through burying their former lust seeded, fueled and driven attitudes and expressions of life (i.e. the act of living).

5. The ancient Israelite ‘coming out of Egypt’ was a Type of the newly converted Christian coming out of sin (repenting from breaking the Holy Commandments and Royal Laws of GOD). Egypt was here portrayed as a Type, for sin.

6. The ancient nation kingdoms of Israel and Judah were a Type of the Elect of GOD today, while the surviving descendants of the Biblical Patriarchs will be the Elect in the new millennium, the new age of global peace under the authority of JESUS CHRIST.

7. JESUS CHRIST returning to free the modern children of Jacob aka Israel from their captivities in the nations of the world in the soon coming End of the Age is the Actual fulfillment of which Moses freeing the ancient Israelite from Egypt was a Type. The context is that of freedom which in the case of Moses and the Israel was from physical slavery in Egypt whereas the Actual fulfillment at JESUS CHRIST's Second Advent is that of being free from the bondage of sin (i.e. all manner of lust and particularly the ego lust) for the Saints.

8. John the Baptist was a Type of the ‘Elijah who is to come’ to correct GOD’s people by Covenant before the Great and Terrible Day of the LORD (Malachi 4:5 – 6, 1 – 6). The Elijah Type context in the Elijah-Who-Must-Come-First is that of turning the people of GOD back to true worship from their compromised false worship, or harlotry with paganism (subscribing to andor embracing some of the doctrines of the Great Harlot Church and/or other pagan religions).

9. The enslavement of the ancient Israelite by Egypt is a Type of the soon coming captivity of the modern day descendants of the Biblical Patriarch: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It is also a Type of mankind enslavement to sin (i.e. lust fueled and lust seeded focus and conduct).

10. The deliverance from Egyptian slavery of the ancient Israelite through Moses and their entering in the Old Covenant with GOD is a Type of the freeing of the surviving captives of the modern day descendants of these Israelite (includes the Jews of today) from their captivity when JESUS CHRIST returns. These modern day descendants will then accept and embrace the New Covenant that was made in JESUS CHRIST's BLOOD in the New Testament Passover Everlasting Covenant.

Dualism is one of the many methods GOD used to illustrate HIS message to HIS Elect. It also demonstrated GOD absolute knowledge and control over events that had taken placed and will again take place in the future. The foundation or basis for the Dualism and Type analogy is the Spiritual against the physical (i.e. of flesh and blood), with the Spiritual the Actual forever reality while our physical realm (our universe) the temporary Type. Therefore the final is the true actual in the Dualism/Type symbolism.

That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit
John 3:6

It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life.
John 6:63

Even as JESUS born flesh and blood as a SON of man was a Type of Adam, in that (i.e. the analogical comparison) through Adam (and Eve) all of mankind descended so also then through JESUS CHRIST (and the Church of GOD) all mankind (who would truly, faithfully, and fully repent) would be born as Children of the FATHER, with as LORD JESUS is the FIRSTBORN (Romans 8:29) now sitting (ruling) on the ‘right hand’ of GOD (the FATHER) having received all authority and powerLORD JESUS being the FIRST among many Brethren, all HOLY SPIRIT born Children and the direct progeny of ALMIGHTY CREATOR and GOD. Therefore in LORD JESUS we have the actual and permanent ‘man’ made in the IMAGE and LIKENESS of GOD being Perfect, Complete and Holy (Matthew 19:17; Mark 10:18; Luke 18:19; 1 John 3:9; 5:18) forever and ever.

Far from being a contradiction, GOD demonstrated through these accounts that the events that took placed in the past were Types of what is going to happen at the very End of the Age. The proliferation of false religions, resurrections of ancient nation Types and wars, and particularly the persecution and martyrdom of the Elect happened during and following after the days of the Apostles as a Type of a greater actual fulfillment at the very Time of the End.

It happened before as a Type so that should make it much easier to understand when it happens again. The Christian Bible recorded it (the prophecy of it) in advance while human historians recorded it after it had occurred. All this as proofs should make the Scriptures easier to believe too. Shouldn't it?

Fallen Ones, The Fallen (Genesis 6:4; Numbers 13:33).
Also translated as Nephilim in some translation of the Christian Bible. See also entries — Giants, Nephilim.

Falling Away, The (2 Thessalonians 2:3).
The term falling away or to fall away carries the main meaning of departing from a chosen profession or belief system.

Very generally the term can also be used to describe any type of renunciation from something that a person had previously subscribed to or embraced or was a part of. In philosophy, religion and politic especially, such falling away is a common occurrence. However the Falling Away recorded in this specific passage of the Holy Christian Scripture described a massive almost hundred percent renunciation of, and turning away from, the true faith and worship of the Elect in the Church of GOD from their commitment to obey and love GOD as mandated by their entering into the Everlasting Covenant made in the BLOOD of LORD JESUS.

A total of around 98 percent of the Elect in the Church of GOD under the first Messenger or the first administration, of the Laodicea Church (the Church of GOD in the last stretch of her journey through the centuries from her founding to the time of the Second Advent) were either spewed or ‘vomited’ out (i.e. thrown out by GOD), or were turned to apostasy (to corrupt themselves with the doctrines of the Christmas religion). See also entry — Son of PerditionAntichrists.

Grace and merit.
To attributed merit or to be attributed with merit according to GOD's compassion and mercy. Also merit attributed from faithful obedience and sincere repentance, meaning merit attributed from the expressing of faith in GOD through living and conducting of one's life seeking to obey GOD and to do GOD's will.

This was the exact faith expressed by Abraham the Father of the Faithful when in complete obedience through faith (completely trusting GOD) he took his only son and heir to sacrifice to GOD exactly as instructed. There is a merit element in grace that determines who are (Hebrews 11:6those who receive (and retain) to inherit immortality and the Kingdom, and who are those disqualified or who forfeited (i.e. have their names blotted from the Book of Life).

Read also the condensed discussions on SOVEREIGN Grace and Grace And The Law in the post, ‘The False Prophet Part II’ of the blog, ‘End Of The World (How And When)’ to understand that even as we are saved by grace through faith (in GOD), grace does not supersede, invalidate or do away with (i.e. abolish) the law.

Grace do not and cannot do away with the requirement to obey, perform, honor and uphold the requirements of the Royal Law and Holy Commandments of GOD.

Ultimately it is the person's attitude (John 15:10; 1 John 5:3; 2 John 1:6) towards these requirements and how they respond to GOD's corrections (Ezekiel 18:21 – 24; 33:12 – 16) which will determine if they are to be saved or be condemned. This is where the merit lies.

For the concise definition of grace please look up the entry in the post ‘Glossary Of Terms’ in this blog. For a more comprehensive discussion please read the chapter, ‘Grace, Sin and the Commandments of GOD’ of ‘Bible 101 – The Holy Bible Expounded’. A comprehensive discussion on Sovereign Grace is also pending in the blog ‘The Scripture of Truth’ of this author, but this is still a long way off seeing as how this author is currently so swamped, Several other contexts to the issue of grace and Sovereign Grace are also discussed in a few other posts of this work. These are listed in the topical listing of the main page (i.e. start and home page) of this workSee also entry — Sovereign Grace.

The word translated as GOD comes from several words. A few refers to GOD only while others refer to roles of personages and includes GOD as definitive of HIS role as a sovereign ruler or judge or master. Words such as 'Rock' or ‘Eternal’, the ‘EXISTING ONE’ or ‘I AM’ are also symbolic representations that are illustrative and descriptive of HIS attributes.

It is important to understand that common and proper names used in the Christian Holy Scriptures are definitive or descriptive. There is no special sacredness in all the words used to refer to GOD whether in the Old Testament or New Testament records. But anyone who uses these word or words to reference or as a reference for GOD must accord the proper respect and decorum when doing so or be guilty of the sin of blasphemy (i.e. of insulting, maligning or slandering GOD) and of directly breaking the Second Commandment.  The reason this author capitalized (wrote in uppercase) all words he used to refer to the GOD of the Christian Holy Scriptures is to differentiate these from the general term that others used to reference the deity they believed in and/or worship so that it is clear that this author is referring to the GOD of the Holy Christian Scriptures, the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. See also entry — ‘Called or Named By Their Fruits.

For all the rules-based hair splitters who insist that they must only worship the ALMIGHTY PERPETUALLY EXISTING GOD by supposedly HIS ONLY VALID name, this is what this ONE SUPREME PERPETUAL POWER said would be HIS Name forever:
Moreover God said to Moses, “Thus you shall say to the children of Israel: ‘The Lord God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, has sent me to you. This is My name forever, and this is My memorial to all generations.’ (Exodus 3:15)
Please read the discussion in The Scripture Of Truth blog to find what was the actual meaning in the words translated into the English word 'God' from the words of the original text in the post 'GOD'.

Holy, and HOLY SPIRIT.
Holy as pertaining to things sanctified, set apart or set aside for use by GOD andor for/in the worship of GOD. HOLY SPIRIT as life essence and functioning power in and of GOD in entirety. The based concept to the term Holy is of being pure (as of not being contaminated) particularly pertaining to the concept of good from the context of love and loving (not the love defined by mankind which is more an emotion akin to lust), as well as to be whole and complete (of not lacking). See also entry — Sanctify.

This simple declarative statement is one of the most plagiarized by evil religions and evil men (includes women) to say all manner of ridiculous paranormal things, none of them even has the most remote clue as to what the Scripture of Truth meant when this statement was recorded attributed to the LORD GOD both in the Old Covenant (Exodus 3:14) and the New Covenant records (John 18:5, 6, 8). The concept or the meaning of that statement is basically a statement of absoluteness by the LORD GOD (who was also JESUS CHRIST, the SON of man) that HE is the DEFAULT, the DEFAULT PERPETUITY, the DEFAULT POWER, the DEFAULT [intentionally left blank], the DEFAULT [intentionally left blank] and the DEFAULT to reality, the REALITY that all other realities are totally and absolutely dependent upon (i.e. are only possible because of this DEFAULT). The spaces intentionally left as blanks will be filled in once a certain posts that discuss these items are published.

The concept of judgment essentially consists of three steps: analysis or evaluation (which we shall call assessment), determination and categorization (i.e. classification), and then finally actions taken based on the determination and categorization (which we shall call pronouncement).

But because not all analysis or evaluation leads to determination and categorization, similarly not all determination and categorization leads to determination of a final action taken on those categorized, therefore the steps are not consecutive whether naturally or otherwise.

They then are not steps in the absolute sense of the word steps (which implies of one leading to another in order). For these reason they should be treated as elements of the judgment concepts rather than the steps. A more comprehensive discussion on, ‘to judge’ or ‘to make a judgment’ please see the post (still pending as of this writing here in 2015 C.E.), ‘Judge Righteous Judgment’ of the blog ‘The Scripture of Truth’. See also entry — Justice, Righteousness.

Justice, also of just, fair andor equitable treatment.
These are pretty straight forward and plainly simple concepts and all related to the foundation concept of equal treatment in from: one, some to all contexts. But today in a social order of extremely lust driven ego supergorging mankind the concept in the term ‘justice’ is the most brazenly deliberate pretending stupidity twisted. This deliberated stupidity to not understand the simple concept in the term ‘justice’ has been especially brazen in the criminal and civil legislatures (i.e. the enacted laws) as well as every so called courts of justice (where justice should be meted but are instead perverted and subverted) of every nation and social order of mankind.

King and his people or nation, The.
The Christian Scripture treats the leader (ruler or master) and those led (ruled or subjects) as one entitySee entries  KingFamily.

Kingdom of GOD, Kingdom of Heaven.

There is no ambiguity in the word ‘kingdom’ when referring to the political system of government of the human social order. Fact is the concept of government in a ‘kingdom’ have been very well established in human history, whether the one who preside over this form of national governing system is called a king, emperor, monarch or some other term in some other languages. The earliest form of human kingdom almost always have one sovereign with absolute authority and the derived power to do as heshe pleased with near impunity, taking whatever heshe wants, ordering the imprisoning, torturing or killing of anyone heshe so desired.

Everyone would (or should anyway) know what this term means; what the concept in this word is. This is just as everyone would (or should anyway) know what the term ‘relationship’ means. And most actually do but just on the surface, just very superficially. Terms such as proximity, adjacent, beside, next to, close to, within reach, within range, within the same living (i.e. existential) dominion, all carry the connotation of being neighbors to or with.

But just as hardly anyone, for the longest time since intelligent science grew to become the definitive definition of intelligence in the social order of mankind, even remotely had a clue that the entirety of the Christian Holy Scriptures as a whole is all about relationship, also hardly anyone even remotely had a clue that the entire basis of the universe (our physical realm) and also all the creation is defined by the concepts in the word ‘Neighbors’. Yes, the term ‘neighbor’ is one of the main (but not the primary) defining concepts that allows for the existence of our universe as well as all creation.

While most will understand that being neighbors carries concepts of proximity and also being adjacent (whether front, back, right, left, top or bottom, but in the absolute sense of the term from the contexts of relationship, cause and effect, neighbors actually anyone and anything our action can have an effect for good or for evil, from immediately to ultimately, whether cumulatively or progressingly to a indefinite timeline.  This (because it is a large discussion) will be discussed more fully in a three installments discussion on reality, what it actually is, in the blog ‘A Christian Pilgrimage’ of this author. Please read the posts ‘The Missed Connection’ and ‘Relationship Basic Of Basics’ in the blog ‘The Relationship Connection’ for the discussions on relationships. See also entry — Relationship.

Man of Sin, The.
See entry  Son of Perdition, Antichrists.

Literally – the Fallen or Fallen Ones. These refers to a lineage of mankind which science would (if they understand the Scriptures) termed as mutants. But they are not literally mutants but more of a strains or species generically modified to grow to enormous size. See entries  Fallen Ones, Giants.

Promised Land.
The stretch of land that was promised to Abraham, the Father of the Faithful, as the inheritance for the perpetual generations of Abraham's descendants through his son Isaac and grandson Jacob (aka Israel).

The main and the overview context of the entirety of the Christian Holy Scriptures is about and is focused on relationships. But before there can be relationship there must first be individuals, of one thing being different and separate from another thing. Then these individuals must be able to interact either directly one with the others, or indirectly one with others through others thus is about how our actions affect ourselves and others. So then for there to be relationship there must first be neighbors. And of course the full contexts to relationship covers not just basic interaction between parties but all the parameters of these interactions as well as all the elements that contribute to each party being who they were, who they are and who they will become. the concept of relationship is not just confined to individual creature personages but to all the creation of objects (from the tiniest unit elements to the largest accumulated compound bodies), each and every defined by their unit and composite effects on the rest.  See entry — Neighbors.

Rephaim, also Anakim.
These were the genetic descendants of the Nephilim through their lineage that survived the Antediluvian Flood through one of the wives of Noah's sons. See entries — Giants, Nephilim.

Righteousness, Righteousness of GOD, also right (from the context of what is conducive to good, just and fairness or equitable).
A simple concept but maligned and muddled by all the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of knowledge enlightenment as of something about morals and principles, and even by the leaders of GOD's Elect as to be about GOD's Holiness or mark of GOD's perfection or something along those lines. This is because all these people deliberately pretend to be stupid so they can refuse to understand andor can refuse to recognize good from evil (so as to be able to justify themselves when they lusted after evil and do evil, by claiming they are good and that the evils they lusted after and do, are good — Isaiah 5:20), and consequently to not understand right from wrong. They have all confined and glossed over good and evil, right and wrong into meaningless values of morality, morals and principles that has nothing to do with the reality of harmful destructive values and conducts in a shared living space or dominion.

Meaning Holy Ones, Saints are the proven and chosen Elect, those who did not ‘turn back’ (returned to their former ways or of being reprobate), gave up or abandoned GOD's calling. They are those of the Elect who persevered, continuing on, sincerely and truthfully seeking to be subject to GOD, diligently seeking in faith to do the will and work of the FATHER and LORD JESUS through obedience (sincere worship), honoring (respecting), keeping and performing (doing and fulfilling) all HIS commandments and covenants. See also entry  Elect.

To be set apart, reserved or taken by GOD for HIS Holy purpose or use, or for use relating to HIM and all that HE commands, institutes andor ordains. The act or process of sanctification is the act or process of making something or someone Holy. See also entry — Holy, Anoint and Consecrate.

In the base or foundation concept in the word ‘grace’ as used and connoted in the Scripture of Truth, is the concept of wanting to do what is good, what is of benefit and what is to be desired for and towards the welfare, well being and happiness of another, all others. In the extended contexts to the word ‘grace’ because there are offenses (i.e. transgressions) and evils (i.e. sins) a need (or necessity) arise that such offenses and evils that cause harm and work against the desired welfare, well being and happiness of all and sundry (i.e. all that which is good and conducive) have to be handled (i.e. taken care of or accounted).

This entry here is just meant to highlight the two most basic issues that needed to be understood in the full concept of Sovereign Grace, for a more comprehensive discussion please read the chapters, ‘Grace, Sin and the Commandments of GOD’ of ‘Bible 101 – The Holy Bible Expounded’. A comprehensive discussion on Sovereign Grace is also pending in the blog ‘The Scripture of Truth’ of this author, but this is still a long way off seeing as how this author is currently so swamped, Several other contexts to the issue of grace and Sovereign Grace are also discussed in a few other posts of this work. These are listed in the topical listing of the main page (i.e. start and home page) of this work. See also entry — Grace and merit.

Resurrection, The (First and Second).
The coming back to life of the Saints no longer flesh and blood but as SPIRIT personages after been totally (not temporary) physically dead, while those of the Saints who will be still alive at that time also changing from flesh and blood into fully SPIRIT personages. This take place at the return or Second Advent of LORD JESUS as KING of Kings and LORD of Lords to restore the Kingdom of GOD to the Promise Land. This is the First Resurrection.

The Second Resurrection is the coming back to life as flesh and blood personages (as opposed to, as SPIRIT for those of the First Resurrection), all healed (1 Peter 2:24), of every member of mankind (men, women, children and babies) who have ever lived for the Judgment. Those resurrected are restricted to only all of mankind made in the image and likeness of GOD, the lineage of the Nephilim or Giants as well as all pre Genesis 1 verse 26 humanoids will not be included. All babies who were ever born alive after having drawn in their first breath of life (Genesis 2:7) irregardless of how short a time, including badly deformed or without vital organs or even a brain will be resurrected. See also entries — Judgment, Spirit, Giants.

Second Advent, Second Coming.
The second coming or the return of LORD JESUS as KING Of Kings And LORD of Lords to bring judgment and destruction on the wicked, and to restore the Kingdom of GOD to the Promise Land. This is a milestone event in GOD's plan and process for HIS creation to be made perfect, rid of evil forever. The exact time of the Second Advent is at the end of the three and a half years of the Tribulation, and one year after the beginning of the Day of the LORD. The Second Advent is timed to take place simultaneously with the rising of the ‘Dead In CHRIST’ including the Two Witnesses who would be killed three and a half days earlier by the forces of the Beast, then the rest of the Saints who are still alive. Another event that will take place simultaneously with these is the instant change of those Saints who would still be alive at this time, changing from physical flesh and blood individual into SPIRIT personagesSee also entriesTribulation, Day Of The LORD, Kingdom Of GOD.

Sin, transgression, lawlessness.
Sins, transgression and lawlessness are all elements of the single same whole concept, this is the concept of evil or wickedness from the context of relationships in or within the context of the welfare and well being of all and sundry (i.e. the common good) the evil and the wicked naturally not included.

Spirit, spirit and SPIRIT.
There are three concepts conveyed in the word spirit. There is ‘the Spirit’ as in the Spirit in man and animals and also ‘Spirit’ personages as Angels and the ‘HOLY SPIRIT’ of GOD. The word spirit is also used to denote attitudes, moods and inclinations.

Things (i.e. food and drinks) sacrificed to idols (Revelation 2:14, 20).
From a prophetic perspective in the New Testament period, this referred to keeping, commemorating or observing a counterfeit of the Passover Covenant either with the bread and the wine of the Passover Covenant replaced with a different media or the commemorating of Passover Covenant at different time or in a different manner from that ordained by GOD and instituted by JESUS CHRIST.

Time concept.
There are four time concepts in the Holy Christian Scriptures. These are literal time, figurative time, prophetic time and GOD's time frame for man. In prophecy a day is equated to an earth year. In the time frame of GOD for the Age of Man, a day is equated to a thousand earth years. In some illustrative usage and prophecies the reverse of this apply where an earth year is equated to a day. In figurative usage ‘an hour’ was used to denote a short span of time. The term hour in the original text refers to a certain unit of time and do not always refer to a physical hour of the twenty four hour day. Point to note is that in the Christian Holy Scriptures the smallest unit of time measurement is an hour. See also entry  Last Hour.

Time of the End.
The Time of the End is the period of time starting from within a few years to the End of the Age and encompassed the pre-tribulation persecution of the Saints, and the Tribulation which is a three and a half year long event which includes the year long Day of the LORD, all these leading to the final climatic Battle of Armageddon which will see the Satan led armies of the nations of mankind totally annihilated.

This Time of the End period starts from just before the beginning of the Tribulation (Matthew 24:21) marked by the rise of the Last Beast of the Fourth Beast Power revealed in Nebuchadnezzar's dream vision, stretching through to the time of JESUS' returning as LORD of Lords and KING of Kings to restore the Kingdom of GOD in the Promised Land for the genealogical descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

The time of JESUS Second Advent will see all the ‘Dead In Christ’ resurrected followed immediately by all the Saints who are alive changing to Spirit personages, to receive the rewards promised by GOD to all who throughout the lives of their calling have been faithful to GOD seeking to obey GOD to do GOD's will, including and especially faithfully keeping the Covenant (this obviously, only applies to the those called in the New Covenant age) JESUS instituted with HIS very life made in the BLOOD that HE shed as HE died as the LAMB Of GOD.

Tribulation, The.
A three and a half years (or one thousand two hundred and sixty days) event that will see the False Prophet through the authority of the Beast and her own religious sway over the nations, leading the persecution, torture and murder of the Elect of GOD and all those who would not agree to worship the image of the Beast and to have on them the number of the Beast. The persecution of the Elect of GOD and later the Tribulation will be precipitated by the assassination attempt on the life on the Beast by evil self glorifying ego supergorgers who have attributed their beliefs andor who have made some fraudulent claims of allegiance to either the Church of GOD or the other Elect of GOD. Today as of this update in 2015 C.E., many Antichrists have already set up shop (i.e. churches) as so called Churches of God and having many to most of their doctrines very similar to those of those by the Elect and also the one true Church of GOD.

These they, these Antichrists, do so as firstly to get the scattered Elect into their fold (as the means to corrupt their faith and repentance so as to ultimately cause them to become reprobate) and secondly to spread a wide net to confuse and to get people who have become convinced by the abundance of the teachings published by the numerous congregational entities of the Elect into their folds (i.e their evil churches) thereby denying these the true conversion that would make Grace available to them.

These evil self glorifying ego supergorgers are the servants and agents of Satan the Devil and act to engineer the excuse as well as to get the support of the social order of nations for the Beast, the False Prophet and the Great Harlot Church with all her harlot daughters, to start the persecution, torture and murder of GOD's Elect

Two and a half years after the beginning of the Tribulation, the Day of the LORD commences. The Day of the LORD is a one year event of destruction from GOD on the wicked that begins two and a half years after the start of the TribulationSee also entries – False Prophet, Day of the LORD, Time of the End.

Two Witnesses, The.
The most pivotal event that will ever be in this era (these last days of the Age of Man) will be the testimonies of the Two Witnesses. Their testimonies before all the world will be the conviction point of every living intelligent human being alive then, who would be complicit with the Beast and the False Prophet in their persecution, torture and murder of the Elect of GOD.

This was exactly as the testimony of Enoch the seventh from Adam was the conviction point of the Antediluvian Age. And just as the people living in that age not only just rejected the message of Enoch, they also seek and tried to murder him, so also will this generation seek and try to murder these Two Witnesses of GOD. GOD took Enoch away and he was no more so that he did not see a horrible death at the hands of that Antediluvian generation. Will you too be complicit with the Beast when she with the support of all the nations will finally succeed to murder the Two Witnesses of GOD as the Scriptures had prophesied?

The Christian Holy Scripture was very clear as to who these two will be and are (in the last days), what they will do and when their work will begin and end. Yet aside from this author the only people alive today who would know who these Witnesses are, before their work begins, would be the Messenger to, and also some members of the leadership in Church of GOD of these last days. That is they would (or should anyway) know if they had believed this author (John 8:45) and if they have had the faith to believe the Scripture of Truth (John 5:45 – 46).

But just like the Jews and the religious authorities during JESUS ministry as a SON of man, never believed Moses and likewise didn't believe both John the Baptist and JESUS CHRIST (John 5:45 – 46), so also most of the membership and the leadership in Church of GOD today refused to believe the Holy Christian Scriptures and the testimony of this author (John 8:45). Even if this author were to disclose who these two witnesses will be, none will have the faith to believe it today.

No, not even until just before the Tribulation begins. Naturally a time would soon arrive when it would be disclosed here even as none would still believe it then. But the disclosure will not be because anyone would believe but so that when these two witnesses arose all who have read it here might then believe (that is if they would have not sold themselves to the False Prophet and the Beast to persecute in order to wipe out the Elect). And no, this author is not one of the two witnesses.

There are a few Scriptural keys to identifying these two witnesses. One of this is the prophecy of Revelation 11 verse 4 which is a repeat of Zechariah 4 verse 3. Zechariah chapter 4 verse 12 gives an additional clue to who these two witnesses will be. Zechariah chapter 4 verses 3 to 14 all are identifying verses of these two witnesses. The final identifying clue is Revelation 10 verse 11 (be sure to read verses 8 to 11). To understand this last clue (mentioned here) you would need to understand what the Scriptures mean in the termsprophesy again’ and in Zechariah 4 verse 12, ‘two olive branches that drip into the receptacles of the two gold pipes from which the golden oil drains’.

But of course once these two witnesses start to prophesy again during the Tribulation, everyone would (or should anyway) know exactly who they are.

But unfortunately at least ninety percent of the people living at those precise times still won't because they would all be deliberately pretending to be stupid so they all can refuse to understand so that they all can refuse to repent from their lust and evil conduct. This is just as all the Elect of today who would (or should anyway) know by now exactly who these two Witnesses are but don't because they too have all been deliberately pretending to b stupid so they can refused to stop lusting after all that they are lusting after, have been lusting after from the time of their conversion. See also entry — Prophesy Again.

The Most Important Keys To Gain The Understanding Of The Mystery Of GOD.

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom;
A good understanding have all those who do His commandments.
His praise endures forever.
Psalm 111:10

The secret of the LORD is with those who fear Him,
And He will show them His covenant.
Psalm 25:14

He who says, “I know Him,” and does not keep His commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him. But whoever keeps His word, truly the love of God is perfected in him. By this we know that we are in Him. He who says he abides in Him ought himself also to walk just as He walked.
1 John 2:4 – 6

Having the right mitigating fear for GOD and performing (and not just honoring with the mouth or lips; just only acknowledging but not doing) all HIS commandments (Ecclesiastes 12:13) are the two most important keys to understanding the message of the Christian Bible as it is the first step for us to begin to have a right and proper attitude towards our MAKER. As I mentioned earlier, GOD is the AUTHOR of the Scripture of Truth and having the right attitude towards HIM to seek and learn from HIM is the main and only way to do so. Therefore the lacking thereof of all the above (i.e. the attitudes and sincerity of faith to obey as reflected in the quoted verses and passages) is the very reason the masters and disciples of the Christmas religion and all the other Antichrist and anti-GOD religions can never understand the message of the Christian Bible. And therefore this is also the very reason and the only reason you are reading all this here in all the Christian blogs of this author.

The primary key to understand the message of the Holy Christian Scriptures and Gospel of the Kingdom is in the word relationship. This described (summarized as the First and Greatest Commandment and the first five commandments of the Ten Commandments) firstly the proper attitudes in the conduct of our relationship with GOD which are to trust, to obey, to serve, to seek, to cling to, to humble ourselves before and to love unreservedly over and above our own lives. And secondly the proper attitudes in the conduct of our relationship with our neighbors (summarized as the Second Greatest Commandment and the last five commandments of the Ten Commandments) which is to have genuine sincere caring love for them equal to our care and love for ourselves in that we are to always act in ‘good faith’ in all our interactions and dealing with them. The framework (foundation principles) for these two relationship Types is laid out summarized as the Ten Commandments. All these together are also called the Commandment of Love or the command to love one another.

The relationship concept in the Christian Holy Scriptures covers the following relationships:

1. GOD with both men and Angels:
GOD as the ultimate and absolute SOVEREIGN OWNER and MASTER over all HIS creation. Since everything absolute that exist apart from GOD has been created by GOD and by GOD alone, everything naturally then belong to HIM. And because everything belongs to GOD, GOD therefore naturally have absolute rights over everything to do as HE is please to do with them. That is the total or full concept of rights, ownership and authority. But additional to the concept of rights, ownership and authority, GOD also has without limits absolute power, the power to do as HE please and none absolutely will be able to hinder in the slightest way much less to thwart or prevent GOD from doing anything and everything HE so please to anything and anyone, and to everything and everyone absolutely without limitations.

This then is the reason GOD is the ultimate absolute SOVEREIGN or KING, of the ONE who rules absolutely over everything: Obviously when you have a group of self aware intelligent personages (aka personages with freewill), especially a super huge group of countless billions to trillions with varying degree of power (to be capable and able to perform and carry out functions) and intelligence, it would be natural’ (meaning make intelligent sense) to have an organization with a hierarchical authority structure (which is the concept in the word Kingdom’). And if you think you can believe the Holy Christian Scripture and you actually have, you would (or should anyway) know that the whole notion of kingdoms and nations in the human social order (from which other national political governing structures are a derivative of) is copy of GOD's government (ruling) structure (instituted over Angels and mankind) usurped by evil men soon after the Flood of Noah.

From this governing structure we then have the sovereign governor or sovereign ruler as the king or the monarch (or whatever other titles that may have been invented over the course of history).

GOD as FATHER (the ONE who gives existence and life to all), the HEAD (i.e. LEADER) and MASTER of HIS FAMILY. In this context, GOD is the creator of all, thus the ONE who cause all other life to exist and to have lives and be alive. This parallels as a Type the GOD ordained (not those of those of wicked mankind) human family where the man fathers all his children.

2. GOD (JESUS) as HUSBAND of HIS covenant wife/wives (in the Old Testament it was wives — the ancient kingdoms of Israel and Judah while in the New Testament it will be the Church of GOD at the Second Advent); from the perspective of the Christian Holy Scripture, the husband is the owner and master (i.e. Lord) of his entire household (or family), having full authority (under the authority of GOD) over his entire household. So the owner and master (aka Lord) context is applicable even with JESUS as the HUSBAND of the Church.

3. JESUS as FIRST BORN HEIR (of the FATHER) and a BROTHER to HIS brethren the Saints. JESUS as LORD of Lords (of the resurrected Saints at HIS coming); JESUS as KING of Kings (of the resurrected Saints at HIS coming); JESUS as the Betrothed HUSBAND of the Church or Congregation of GOD in the New Testament Covenant; JESUS as FRIEND of HIS disciples; etc and etc. All the Elect and Saints of GOD today are (and have been from the righteous Abel) brethren (Matthew 23:8; Luke 22:32). When JESUS was a SON of man, HE called HIS disciples (and all the Elect) HIS Brethren (Matthew 25:40; 28:10; John 20:17) and friends (John 15:13 – 15; Matthew 9:15).

4. Today all of mankind are neighbors irregardless of what other types of relationship they may have with one another. Even as the relationship context that the Holy Christian Scriptures is about, covers all manner of human relationships: from parent, spouse, husbands, wives, siblings, children, friends, enemies, associates, rivals, employers, employees, the rulers, the ruled, owners, the owned (slaves), the masters and the servants, etc.; we are all sharing one small earth and the living environment that our planet provides that maintains and sustains our lives. We are all neighbors for the full duration of our temporary lives in this current eon, and if we make it to the forever which has been GOD's will and intent for all mankind, we will be Spirit born BRETHREN and equally neighbors too forever without end.

Fully understand all these three keys and applying them with the required proper sincere attitudes of meekness, love, faith and hope to every commandment and instruction from GOD and you would (or should anyway) be able to understand them and why GOD commands them. These same primary keys also provide us a perspective into the events and situations recorded in the Christian Holy Scriptures to understand why they happened. And if you fulfill, perform or live a life framed and guided by all that you understand from these, you will be able to build the appropriate relationship with GOD that is pleasing to HIM.

Symbolism And Other Figures Of Speech — Not Magic But Just A Tool Of Communication [cncl]

Symbolism of all kinds as a tool and expression of human communication has been very much a part of the human social order from as far back as our history has records. In our communications with one another we frequently use symbolism to get our messages across in a more compelling way to our audience. The Holy Christian Scriptures, if you think they can be believed, laid unabashed claims to being the Words of the CREATOR GOD of all things, the exact and direct communication of the Christian GOD to HIS people by covenant.

GOD, contrary to all the lies of every evil religion that pretends to worship and praise HIM, but have instead been maligning and slandering GOD with claims implicit (i.e. plainly and clearly implied) in their doctrines and teachings that GOD is self obsessed, self glorifying and craving to be worshipspoke through all HIS servants to HIS people by the Everlasting Covenant using the common tools of human linguistics which include symbolism and other figures of speech to make HIS messages clearly understood by HIS true and faithful servants and to confound and to expose all the children of pride and lust (i.e. the ego supergorgers because theirs lust needed to find expression which they do through the avenue of twisting and inventions spins of things they don't really understand nor seek to understand but just so as to be able to magnify their own image and to be able to gain a social position so as to be able to do all the things they lusted after).

Anyone who in true (as opposed to, in false self deceiving) sincerity and genuine humility (without ego gorging) can easily put to the test the meanings of the symbolism discussed here and apply it in their reading and study of the Christian Bible. They would (or should anyway) then not only be able to see the plain truth recorded by the Christian Holy Scriptures but also see through all the lies and spins that evil religions all of which have been obsessed and fixated on all manner of physical, emotional and carnal lusts, claimed that they are from GOD but yet all had doctrines that purposefully blaspheme (mock, insult and malign) the ALMIGHTY CREATOR of all creation.

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