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Glossary Of Terms

Glossary Of Terms

One of the very first and main thing that we need to understand about languages and words is that these are value objects or value carrying object (i.e. objects that carry knowledge values) to represent any and all object concepts of our existential realm whether the discernible tangible objects or the abstract intangibles either real or made up (fantasied, conjectured, hypothesized andor imagined). There are no inherent divine, holy, supernatural, paranormal andor mystical properties to any word or part thereof, combination of words or any language either ancient or recent. Their functional purposes are as encapsulated units of knowledge value that can be communicated. The functional purpose of communication is to transport these encapsulated information and knowledge values whether in these words or in other representative forms between and among individual reality objects, objects that exist in reality.

Food for the body, emotions for the heart and knowledge for the minds. Sounds deep and profound, but it is really too general to have any significant value as information or knowledge. What those statement is meant to do is to highlight the fact that not all data and information representing knowledge or information units carry values that would matter, even when they may sound deeply profound. In computer technological terms there is this once (not sure if it is still) popular saying, ‘Garbage in, garbage out’. Now that piece of information do carry important knowledge value. data, information and knowledge as containers of knowledge values do not necessarily carry anything of valuable value, even as in different situations their values and importance varies from none at all, to very crucially significant either as constructive (for good) or destructive (for evil).

What does it mean when we say that we are intelligent? The very first basis of intelligence is a key criteria, knowledge. Without knowledge, intelligence is meaningless, having intelligence would mean absolutely nothing at all if there is no knowledge. This is not to say that the more knowledge we have, whether inherent, acquired andor retained, that it would necessarily mean that we are therefore more intelligent. Quantum of knowledge owned is not an indicative measurement of level of intelligence even as the more knowledge a personage possesses it should technically (but not necessarily actually) give that personage more functional intelligence then if the personage have less. But not having knowledge at all would make being intelligent totally meaningless.

But what is knowledge? Basically knowledge is information (gathered and collated from data, i.e. communication values and processed in a way to give it an actually relevant total value greater than the total combined constituents data) about everything, tangible and non tangible, real, virtual and fantasized; of objects, events, situations, all manner of expressions and representations, sensations (of the five plus two senses), emotions, ideas, thoughts, contemplation, movement and motor skills; of the fullness of the definitions of functioning reality. Functioning reality are all aspects of existential reality from: the tangible of all things that exist in the universe whether they are apparent (can be detected) or not apparent (cannot be detected because we do not have the facilities to detect them); and pseudo reality which are projections of reality in fantasies and all that can be imagined by the minds of personages; and also other aspects of reality that are not actual but are perceived andor conceptualized. Some five hundred and more years ago science couldn't detect much, they didn't know anything about viruses and pathogen parasites, fungi and bacteria that caused diseases and decomposition (i.e. decay). But that didn't mean that we were not affected, infected, sickened and ravaged by these parasites and pathogen just because science didn't know they existed.

Information is the usable concept values of anything and everything whether they are useful or of no use to us. Because we are intelligent as our mega supremely genius scientists tell us, all things (absolutely everything at all, real or fantasied) tangible and intangible then have a representative information and corresponding knowledge value to us. This does not necessarily mean that these values are all valuable, indeed many to most are not and have no useful value while some are even harmful and destructive, especially when we don't recognized them as such.

From this we would (or should anyway) know that knowledge and intelligence are not just complimentary but intrinsically linked, one without the other has no function, no purpose and no meaning. This is also the reason that exposed all our mega supremely ingenious scientists as deliberately pretending to be stupid so that they purposefully would not understand this one simple thing about intelligence and knowledge. This, these proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of science do so that they too like all evil anti GOD religions can continue to carried out their evil agenda to malign and slander the CREATOR GOD, serving their lust, the ego mega supergorging lust that rules over them all. Because if there is one thing that all these proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of science are the definitive experts and master authority of, it is the concept of progression, how small tiny little things aggregated andor incremented progressively over time, adds up to everything science advanced as scientific facts in the domains of cosmology, physics (includes astro physics), quantum mechanics and the Darwinian Evolution propelled and empowered by mutationsSee the entry proper on Intelligence in the glossary entries for additional discussion on this.

For the longest time from the very beginning of mankind some nearly six thousand years ago (or some tens of thousands to multiple millions of years as brute beasts according to the various proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of science) as self conscious but only marginally self aware intelligent creatures the main medium for us to communicated our intelligence has been through the representative images of words (in written form) and the vocal sounds (linked to those writings) that we enunciate. There are of course other secondary media which mankind have been using as a mechanism media to communicate their messages to one another.

But of course in a human social order of over seven billion people (as of 2015 C.E.) every single one of them having their own personal take (beliefs, ideas, notions, views, assertions, dissertations, etc., etc.) on everything including reality, what reality actually is, it would be necessary for a work that discussed crucial (eternal life and eternal death) issues of truth and reality, to be precisely specific in defining the conceptual meanings and the contextual usage of many of the terms used in the discussions so that none who are truly (as opposed to falsely in great pretense insincerity) sincere should misunderstand or be unclear on what is being discussed.

That is the reason a glossary of terms to specifically specify and define some special terms that are used is included as part of this work. This is especially necessary when such terms are not used to mean the same thing andor in the same way by anyall and everyall of the over seven billion people alive on this day, from the mega supremely brilliantly intelligently enlightened and knowledgeable to those who are just marginally or nominally so.

A case in point would be a famous quote by one of very few better leaders of this last hundred years (approximately from 1930 to 2035 C.E.). This political leader was quoted to have said:

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

While for the greater majority or every almost all of the rest of the mankind, that quoted statement would be all so true and all so insightful, but for this author that quote is at best, an erroneous assertion, at worst an explicitly evil lie.

Even as it is true fact that education can change the world, firstly to associate the word ‘education’ with the term ‘weapon’, is already a critical misunderstanding of the concepts in the words or terms ‘education’ and ‘weapon’. There is firstly a confusion to think andor to hold to the belief or notion that information and education are the same thing, which of course they are not. Firstly information can be true or not true (i.e. false or a lie). The concept carried in the word ‘education’ is about imparting truth and not just imparting knowledge and information alone. If a knowledge is not imparting truth, it would not be education but deception and manipulation. It would not be imparting knowledge to educate (i.e. it would not be educating) but twisting information, or presenting twisted information passed off as knowledge (of truth and facts) to deceive and to mislead for some evil agenda.

But of course, there would be all those deliberately pretending stupidity, who would insist that truth is subjective, meaning that there is really no such thing as truth, that all is just a matter of point of views andor perspectives. They are all explicitly saying that if a person actually murdered another but insisted that heshe didn't, it could still mean that the person is telling the truth and not lying. For this very reason there is a content warning to this work, so that all the brazen explicit liars should take note and go somewhere else to fully lust all they want.

Next, the word weapon carried the conceptual meaning of something used to threaten andor cause harm, damage or destruction. Even as a tool can be a weapon (to destroy), and a weapon a tool, the main difference in the concept of one from the other (that which differentiate a tool from a weapon) is that a tool is used (or is a means) to construct whereas a weapon is used to destroy andor harm, either actual or as a threat of destruction andor harm.

Needless to say in a world of over seven billion people, there would be even many more still who would deliberately pretending stupidity, to insist that education destroy lies and is therefore also a weapon. Again there is this confusion to think andor to hold to the belief or notion that ‘to destroy’ and ‘to expose’, mean the same thing, which of course they don't.

Case in point would be this work here which have exposed all the lies of anti GOD religions and the insanity and duplicity of science, not to mention those of the Elect (both their duplicity and lust) yet not a single one of these lies has been destroyed to be ceased being there, or even in the least bit harmed at all. All those who have embraced (and harbored) them have continued on unfazed to embraced them, and not a single one among any of them have been forced to correct themselves, forced to repent, but all have continued to hang on to all these lies, to hang on to all their evil lust. And not only continued to hang on but continued on to advance them as factual reality (for all those who are professed atheists and all those who are the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of science, knowledge and enlightenment) and even as truth from GOD (for those who are the disciples and the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of the anti GOD religions as well as all those who are the true Christians, the very Elect of ALMIGHTY GOD living today).

Education and to be educated or to become educated, is a freewill choice for intelligent personages to seek and learn (i.e. acquire) knowledge of truth and reality. If there is any compulsion (i.e. coercion or force) at all, these will come from some other sources, not the education itself.

So that quote would be correct as:

Education is the most powerful tool to change the world.

And that is why this Glossary Of Terms to this work is so necessary.

[On going development, entries will be progressively added and defined as and when this author thinks up (i.e. invents new or specifically specifies the context of existing) terms and words to best enunciate the concepts that is conveyed in the various discussions of this work. Entries already listed will also be updated to more accurately define the listed words or terms. This is essentially a work in progress with many heading entries still not added or left with their discussions and elaborations blank while other entries are yet unfinished and will to be completed as and when this author can find the time. This is because this author so very definitely has so totally taken on more than I can handle, but nonetheless doing my best effort at all times to do all that I have been granted to understand so as to expose all the evil lies in the social order of mankind, evil lies that from many to nearly all of the Elect of GOD both inside and outside GOD's one true Church have embraced. ]

Absolute Nothingism (note: some minor updates to include the latest rationalization by science for this theory of circa 2010 to 2015 C.E. — 20190306)
This is the system of beliefs or religion spawned from the theory of Absolute Nothing. Basically this religion advanced as its central doctrine and dogma that their god (and also by extension gods as a Plurality of the infinitely numerous Singularities), Absolute Nothing aka Quantum Vacuum aka Quantum Near Vacuum, is the creator of everything.
This religion with the primary belief and dogma in Absolute Nothing as God, holds and advances that some thirteen to fourteen billion years (which may increase or decrease with time by either billions or fractions of billions) ago at a time before there was a space-time continuum, meaning before time began and therefore before before and before after could have any meaningful meaning, one of (or the very first one of) their gods, a Singularity or an Absolute Nothing decided on its owntotally spontaneous” impetus and onus, to “spontaneously” become absolutely everything. On making that “totally spontaneous” decision, this Absolute Nothing then “totally spontaneously” expanded (or exploded, for all those still who hold or cling to the earlier ancient theory of Big Bang, which has since being “spontaneously” denied by all the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives that science did at all at any time believed that, but it was just those ancient ignorant people who “spontaneously” thought that science proclaimed that), super duper mega rapidly into absolutely everything, creating or spawning forth time, space (aka space-time continuum) and everything else including an infinite number of other absolutely nothings, an infinity to the power of infinity number of other absolute nothings.
Science (as at 2019 03 06 C.E.), one, some or many of their proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives, has since acknowledged that there could have been an earlier Absolute Nothing which on its own impetus and onus and totally out of the blue (which of course could not exist yet because there was no light yet) “spontaneously” expand, but that was somewhere else in no where else, to create another absolutely everything universe. This was before when there was yet a before, which then when later (before there was a later) after an undetermined period of no time, before another Absolute Nothing “spontaneously” doing the same (or “spontaneously” copying the first or previouses, to follow suit), to create our universe which science, one, some or many, among all of their many agreeing andor disagreeing proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives, variously now acknowledged, may not be the only universe (obviously, as this work has shown if one did, others might have done so previously and will do so in the future) that was/were “totally spontaneously” created by one, some, many of the infinite number of Absolute Nothings when one, some, many of those infinite number of Absolute Nothings “totally spontaneously” out of their own impetus and onus decided to “totally spontaneously” expand to create eachall their own very personal everything universe, but eachall totally separately from everyall of the other Absolute Nothings. This could be attributed to Absolute Nothings “totally spontaneously” wanting  “totally spontaneity” as an naturally inherent attribute of their self defined intrinsic nature, therefore they must have nothing to do with each other which would totally stifle their totally spontaneous nature.
Now (because of this new add on theory aka new spin, to the theory of Absolute Nothings creating absolutely everythings, yes both plural) be sure to be on the look out for a totally new theory of “spontaneous” mutation (because the ancient theory of Contemporary Mutation was never ever proclaimed by science but it was just those ancient ignorant people who thought that) to be known as “spontaneous mutationism” as the empowerment of evolution, in the not too distant future, if this has not already been invented. Additionally keep a look out for a new “spontaneous everything theory” aka “theory of absolute spontaneity”. If you so wish you can read more on the latest developments in the spontaneous scientific theory of the Big Bang in the post ‘The Big Bang For Real’. (circa 2019)
This is because Absolute Nothing being absolutely nothing it is absolutely everywhere in absolutely really infinite numbers with all these absolutely infinite numbers of Absolute Nothings being everywhere even when there is no everywhere yet when there was just only nowhere, until one (the very first one probably) of the Absolute Nothing of an infinite number of Absolute Nothings from out of nowhere, first decided to become absolutely everything (meaning our current existential universe).
And because Absolute Nothing is absolutely nothing and it is therefore infinitely numerous (present in infinite number) everywhere being omnipresent (i.e. mathematically expressed as Absolute Nothing to the geometric (i.e. exponential) power of infinity to the geometric power of everywhere, this is even when there is no everywhere yet because an Absolute Nothing had yet to decide to become absolutely everything thus creating everywhere). Therefore at any time, any subsequent one or some or even all of these infinite numbers (i.e. infinity to the power of infinity numbers) of Absolute Nothings can and will theoretically decide to become absolutely everything in infinite iterations infinitely.
This is the theory of super mega uncertainty from the unpredictability principle of spontaneity that made it possible for the first one of the infinite numbers (i.e. infinity to the power of infinity numbers) of Absolute Nothings to decide to become absolutely everything. When this occur, meaning when any subsequent one, or some, or even all these infinite numbers of Absolute Nothings decide to each, and every, and all (i.e. eachall, everyall and anyall) of these infinite numbers of Absolute Nothings, either succeeding-ly (spaced out by unpredictable time lapses) individually, or in whatever combination of numbers, or altogether at the same instantaneous instance, which theoretically must happen eventually (since one of the Absolute Nothing did some 13 to 14 billion years ago) then our currently reality will become an infinite infinity of multiple universes (if it isn't already one now).
And because Absolute Nothing is absolutely nothing it will be found existing as absolutely nothings in an infinite amount in all these infinite number of multiple universes, with each and every one of these infinite number of Absolute Nothings in each and every one of these infinite number of multiple universes eventually each and every one deciding either succeeding-ly (spaced out by unpredictable time lapses due to the uncertainty principle) individually, or in whatever combination of numbers, or all together, to, each and every one again deciding to become everything.
And this will go on infinitely. Welcome to the new science. If we even remotely understand the new science, the theory of everything is effectively the theory of Absolute Nothing. And if science even remotely understands knowledge (the conceptual notions/ideas of objects as expression of reality) then they (these proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of science) would (or should anyway) know that if absolute nothing exist then it would not be and cannot be absolute nothing (i.e. a quantum vacuum) but something. This is because to exist means the same (has the meaning of) as to be something, and to not exist means the same as to be nothing.
And knowing this they (these proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of science) would (or should anyway) know also that to say that the universe (meaning our universe) started out as or come from Absolute Nothing it must mean that Absolute Nothing have either always existed as something (until 13 to 14 billion years ago when it ceased to exist as something and begin to exist as everything) which naturally would mean that absolute nothing has to be something. And if absolute nothing is something it therefore cannot be absolutely nothing, because that would be a contradiction, nullification and invalidation of the terms (i.e. the meanings).
So science in declaring that absolutely everything (i.e. our universe) started out as absolutely nothing, they have cross the line from functioning insanity into the total insanity of not understanding the difference between ‘to exist’ and ‘to not exist’, to make ‘to be something’ to become the exact same thing as ‘to be nothing’; having totally and literally lost all understanding of the basis to reality.
All hail the god-gods of Absolute Nothingism. For a short concise discussion on the various iterations of the scientific theories of the Big Bang (from whatever andor even from non whatsoever) please read the post, ‘The Big Bang For Real’ in the blog, ‘A Christian Pilgrimage’ of this work.

Absolute Nothingian is the proper name for all the followers and worshipers of Absolute Nothing as their creator god (or gods because of the plurality principle of infinitely numerous numbers of Absolute Nothings) in the religion of Absolute Nothingism. Absolute Nothingians hold the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of science as the infallible arbiter and definer of truth and facts. Additionally from some to many to most of Absolute Nothingians also hold to the beliefs of Mutationism.
See also entries: Absolute Nothingism and Mutationism.

Actions; acts or deeds
An expression in a defined andor specific reality that affects the physical state of things. The main context of the concept in actions, acts or deeds is as opposed to speech, of something vocalized or communicated by words andor representative symbols. One of the most basic and important thing to understand about actions (i.e. so called deeds) and speech (i.e. expressed communication spoken, written or drawn through any mechanism) is that from the context of the Scriptures, as expressions of evil (from the context of intentions and motivations in the mind contemplation and consideration) they are treated as essentially the same thing. And in today's age of Knowledge and Information Technology, with the advent of sound activated andor triggered appliances and machines we can fully understand why.
Also with scientific technology now (as of 2015 C.E.) beginning to be able to tap into and harness brain waves or signals, we should also be able to understand why evils begin as a contemplation in the mind. However when brain waves or signals is being used by someone to trigger an event do not invalidate the Scripture not considering thoughts as a condemnation or judgment factor because for someone do so would still required someone to act to hook up to such devices.
See also entries: Speech and Words.

Age of Man is the six thousand years period that GOD had ordained for mankind to pursue all the lust that hearts and minds can imagine. This period started when GOD having renewed the earth after all life was destroyed by an Angelic rebellion, then put mankind made in the image and likeness of the CREATOR GOD on this planet as the first man, Adam and his clone female, Eve. This six thousand years symbolized by the first six day of the weekly cycle, is basically GOD allowing near total freedom to mankind to pursue all the imaginations of man's heart (emotions and psyche) restricted only by man's own physical body and mind limitations and man's self imposed limitation both individually or collective through the various structured varying social systems wielding varying measures of controlling power at various times in various places.

Allegory, allegories; also analogy, analogies
Allegories and also analogies are common tools of communication in the social order of mankind and would (or should anyway) need no explanation. Allegories are basically messages or communiques conveyed using contextually representative symbols to convey one or more message concepts more compellingly. In allegories the process and effect (i.e. the results) concept andor context is that which is mainly communicated whereas in analogies the object concept andor context is that which is mainly communicated.

‘And’ and, or ‘or’. This a term invented by this author to do away with the need for a ‘/’ in between this two words, ‘and’ and ‘or’. Andor is used instead of the phrase  ‘and/or’ as when the conveyed meaning is of ‘this and that, and also this or that’, in ‘either or’ plus ‘and’ situations. This is such a common term in communicating messages that there should be a word that does just that when a conjunction is needed to join two objects words that need both an ‘and’ and a ‘or’ conjunctions. Example: ‘You can either do this and that, or you can do this or that’, with this conjunction this will be just: ‘You can do this andor that’. Other terms invented (other than other words and terms invented by this author to define specific concepts discussed by this work) by this author to simplify and shorten unnecessarily additional statements are: andwith (‘and’ and ‘with’), heshe, himher, hishers (he or she, etc), hesheit (he, she or it), wethey (we or they), usthem (us or them), anyall (any and all), anyevery (any and every), eachevery (each and every), etc. Expect to see more and more of these in use (each with an appropriate entry added here in this glossary) by this work from 2015 C.E.
Other invented words of this author  (as used in the appropriate topic of discussions) are truelies, lyingtruths, etc., which are all of course a natural and common practice in human communication where there are terms such as bittersweet, crisscross, takeoff, shakedown, takedown, highpoint, love-hate, etc.
In many cases a hyphen is inserted between the jointed words but if the usage is so common the hyphenation should not be necessary.
There are also words coined, invented or constructed by this work to specifically define certain concepts to replace a required lengthy sentence or discussion each and every time such concepts are used in a discussion. This too is a common practice in human language and communication where national language educational entities and some main dictionary publishers would publish accepted new words that have been previously coined (invented andor made up). Abbreviated forms (i.e. acronym) of terminologies and terms too are often used rather than the full lengthy explanations and the lengthy terms.
The facilities of ‘SMS’ (for Short Message Service) invented by mobile cellular technologies and ‘tweeting’ (seeded from SMS) invented by Twitter has made the abbreviation of words and phrases such a common practice that what is done here in this respect should not be found to be offending by anyone but however many would deliberately be offended.

Together as separated as well as a part of; two or more together as separate objects entities as well as part of one another; together and containing, with and containing.
See elaboration in entry: Andor.

Antichrist, The; and Antichrists, all, also anti GOD

Antichrist religions

Anythingian, Anythingist
Anythingist is the definitive attribute and descriptive adjective of Anythingians. Anythingians are all those personages whether mankind or Angelic Spirit beings who holds to any manner and any number of beliefs that are contradictory to one another, and even contradictory to what they think, believe or hold those beliefs to be, believing in anything at all without knowing anything important, significant and that matters about what they claimed they believe in. If technical insanity is to be scaled from 1 to 100, 100 being the most technically insane, then Anythingians will be ranked 200 in that scale.
The ranks of Anythingians include the subscribers, followers, believers, disciples and the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of nearly all religions and system of beliefs including Absolute Nothingism, Mutationism and Wikipedism.
See also entry: Wikipedism.

Blasphemy, blasphemous, blaspheme
Blasphemy and all its forms has as the base and basic concept in causing injury using words whether spoken or written as well as in all other manner of communication. The context is on the effect but that does not mean the intent is to be ignored. In man's religions the meaning of this term as understood is not necessarily the same as that in the Christian Holy Scriptures. From the context of Christian Holy Scriptures, blasphemy (i.e. to blaspheme, or to do andor say something blasphemous) directed at GOD or LORD JESUS or the HOLY SPIRIT, is to have any communication framed in a way as to have GOD (i.e. any and all references to the FATHER, SON or HOLY SPIRIT andor their will and purpose) portrayed as (or made out to be) that which is not true, either false as in erroneous, or false as in a lie.
Basically then blasphemy means to attribute to or of GOD or to say something about GOD that is not true (i.e. false) andor a lie (i.e. of deceitful intent) whether directed at GOD (includes all that is from and by GOD) or not.
From all that, if we would not pretend to be stupid so that we can lust uncontrollably to be able to do all the evil that we seek to do, we would (or should anyway) know to that any creature personage whether man (includes woman) or Spirit Angel or organization entity whether religious or secular that attribute anything to be of or by GOD or to be something GOD said or commanded, that is false, wrong, faulty, invalid, unfair, unjust, unrighteous, unwise, unintelligent (i.e. stupid), makes no intelligent sense, irrational, illogical, unmerciful, inconsistent, contradictory or anything at all that is not true, these are all blaspheming GOD in a very explicitly brazen and arrogantly evil way. This however does not be mean that attributing supernatural (or paranormal) abilities to GOD that from our perspective as severely limited physical creatures that are impossible (which those who are expressly evil would in deliberately pretend stupidity do so they can brand the impossible as illogical or irrational) is blasphemy.

Blatant, blatantly
Explicit or implicit (in pretending humility andor contriteness) arrogant claims, assertions, proclamations, pronouncements, behaviors, conduct, acts and speech expressed andor carried out to show off oneself as the most supremely supreme brilliant intelligent and enlightened proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of anything, somethings andor everything.

Brazen, brazenly
Outright unabashed arrogant twisting of facts, truth and reality into utterly ridiculous and preposterous lies and spins (inventions of fantasies) that the perpetrators needed these facts, truths and reality to be, that by doing so they can then fully and freely be able to assert, proclaim, acclaim and pronounce any and all things they needed to, to advance themselves as the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of whatever they proclaimed and acclaimed themselves to be in order that they could be able to get the support and empowerment of their social order to let them do whatever they lusted to do and to get all that they lusted after and hope to get.
See also entries: Blatant, blatantly; Deliberately pretending to be stupid.

Christianity, true
For the specific discussion on what constitute true Christianity, of the only way and process that every adult member of mankind most go through to become a true Christian, a real disciple of LORD JESUS, please see the post, Why Create Life Through The Process Of Evolution under the subheading ‘Christianity Know The Basic’.
See entries: Christmas religion, Antichrist religions.

Christianity, false, fake, fraudulent
See entries: Christmas religion, Antichrist religions.

Christmas religion
The Christmas religion was nascent in true Christianity not long after the Church of GOD was founded in 30 C.E. This was when Simon the Sorcerer also became a so called convert to Christianity (Acts 8:9 – 23) at the preaching of the Apostle Philip. Simon who was a master practitioner (i.e. the great power of the god of the Babylonian Mystery religion) of the Babylonian Mystery religion in Samaria embraced (i.e. plagiarize for his own use) the doctrines of Salvation, Redemption and Grace of the Gospel message including the name of Christianity but essentially had retain the central dogma of the pagan Babylonian religion that was invented by Nimrod and his wife when Nimrod made himself king over his social order (Genesis 10:10) leading a direct rebellion against GOD four generations after Noah and his family came out of the Ark (Genesis 8:19, 9:9 – 10, 18 – 19).
These dogmas (of this pagan religion) centered around celebration of the birthday of Nimrod's son (i..e today as Christmas), the worship of the Sun in the observation of Sunday (i.e. the church day services and the Christian Sabbath of Sunday),  the virtue virginity of Nimrod's wife (i.e. twisted into the doctrine of the perpetual virginity of the Virgin “Mary”) and the claimed immortality of the human soul (i.e. of souls the “converted” dead going to heaven while the “unconverted” dead go to the forever torture and torment of hell).
The Christmas religion was formally or officially established in the Council of Nicene aka Nicaea (circa. 325 C.E.) by the so called Bishop of Rome (the successive successors to the new guise of an iteration of the ancient Babylonian religion preached by Simon the Sorcerer)  and endorsed (i.e. given official political sanction) by the pagan Roman Emperor Constantine. A specific discussion on the celebration of Christmas and the Christmas religion can be found in the post, ‘What Is Wrong With Celebrating Xmas’ of the blog ‘A Christian Pilgrimage’.
No doubt all the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of knowledge and enlightenment that are endorsed and acknowledged as such by the mainstream or official human social order (such as science, historians, Wikipedia and other encyclopedias, dictionaries and academia) will dispute, refute, scoff at and mock this entry on the Christmas religion.
But if they are really sincere seeker of truth I challenge them to read the short discussion, ‘Choosing To Believe Lies’ (and additionally if they so wish the discussion on Easter) and then refute that. Alternative if they are really truly sincere (as opposed to pretending to be sincere through deliberate stupidity) they can read the whole discussion on all the truths and all the evil lies exposed in this work by fully, objectively and thoroughly studying all of the discussions of this work and also sincerely thoroughly and diligently study the entire Christian Holy Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation (with exhaustive references to the original text).
See also entry Nicene Creed.

Church of GOD 
This is the one united (either firmly or loosely under one main Messenger at any one period of time from a few short years to a full generation aka natural lifetime of the Messenger) congregation as an (i.e. one or singular) institutional body and theocratic organization under the authority of one single Messenger (Revelation 2:1, 7, 8, 11, 12, 17, 18, 29; 3:1, 6, 7, 13, 14, 22; 12:1, 6, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17; all the words translated whether as church or churches were all the same Greek word ‘ekklēsia) at any one period of time, that JESUS CHRIST, testified during HIS three and a half years ministry as a SON of man, that HE would build (Matthew 16:18). A small (Luke 12:32) flock (from analogy of sheep) against which all attempts by Satan the Devil and his agents particular the Antichrists churches symbolized as the Great Harlot and her daughter harlots, to wipe her out (destroy) will not be successful, meaning they despite all the power they wield in the social order, they will never be able to wipe this one main small flock, this one and only Church of GOD out of existence. This Church of GOD will be at all times (i.e. all instances of reality) be continually in existence from the day the Church was founded to the time when LORD JESUS will return to reward HIS Saints, the faithful and chosen Elect, with immortality and to restore the Kingdom in the Promise Land.
And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it
Matthew 16:18
The Church of GOD is the Body of CHRIST (1 Corinthians 12:27; Colossians 1:24) and is not a spiritual organism, animal or beast as are the very explicit evil blasphemous lies advanced by the Christmas religion and embraced by many of the completely lust driven individuals and groups of individuals among the Elect to advance themselves and their churches of gods. They have apportioned (made use of) the name of GOD (breaking the first and second Commandments) in order to advance and show themselves as the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of GOD exactly as the all wicked of the Antediluvian Age did. Anyone whose hearts had not be overtaken by evil lust would (or should anyway) understand for anyone to call the Body of CHRIST an organism, a beast, they are doing so explicitly to malign GOD's will and purpose in creating mankind in HIS image and likeness, maligning and slandering GODto make GOD into a beast, as the spiritual king of beasts, which is an explicit evil blasphemy to portray GOD as, and to make GOD into Satan the Devil. Satan the Devil, that ancient serpent and dragon is the spiritual king of beasts (Daniel 4; Revelation 12 and 13, specifically 13:2).
The Church of GOD is symbolized by a woman, a virtuous virgin and THE affiance bride of LORD JESUS in the records of the Christian Holy Scriptures.
See also entries: People of GOD; nation of GOD; Elect, the; Saints, the.

Constraints and Limits

Dualism and Types
A Biblical communication of similitude types and their actuals in some conceptual andor contextual types expressed in certain situations and circumstances where there have been several similitude types to a certain expression which would have an actual expression of these types fulfilled whether as a personality (defined in the work) or a situation event or a whole series of connected events.

Deliberately pretending to be stupid or deliberately pretending stupidity (Jeremiah 17:9), which is one of the expression of ego supergorging lust, is the most universal behavior of all adult members of mankind without exception. Even young children no sooner than they are able to sufficiently coherently communicate, will begin to express this is facet of lust as one of the expression of self image exaltation (i.e. of ego gorging), andor self and self image preservation.
While ego gorging and ego supergorging lust in all mankind can be sufficiently well concealed by many of the better educated most of the time, however this expression of these lusts is easily the most obvious (because documented truths and facts are usually verifiable) each and every time the perpetrators are engaged in any discourse on knowledge of truth and facts especially where there are disagreements, disputes andor suspicions (when the integrity of the disclosure andor proclamation of the perpetrators are being doubted andor questioned) among the parties engaged in the discourse. The most frequently witnessed of this, is when a person after saying something they clearly had said, denying it either outright or claiming that is not what they meant (when they are unable to outright deny).
Deliberately pretending stupidity are the most brazenly expressed by:
1. All those who are highly educated and knowledgeable but because of their lust to ego gorge they have deliberately chosen to become stupid from holding themselves to be mega supreme geniuses who would instantly automatically, fully and completely understand all knowledge even when they have never ever actually seriously (much less thoroughly) studied or even at all remotely looked into those things.
2. All those who out of an evil self expedient agenda brazenly deny evidently obvious andor confirmed, proven facts and truths, so as to be able to harbor, advance and promote evil lies in order to ego supergorge themselves andor to undertake and pursue some evil scheme to cause harm to others out of lust seeded vehemence hatred, envy, bitterness andor plain unbridled covetousness (i.e. greeds and lusts). See some expressions of this in the entries Proxification and Brazen, brazenly.
3. All those rules-based hairsplitters who are always micro and nano focused, examining things fixated on one by one rules in their tunnel myopic vision manner of relating to any information and are incapable of understanding whole concepts of any single thing having totally no notions of the term, or even of context and perspective.
Deliberately pretending stupidity is the universal expression of all who seek something whether tangible material property items, or intangible immaterial as in image elevations, from affections, fame, popularity, adoration, loyalty, power, obedience, allegiance, honor, respect, worship, etc., but cannot gain them on merit (of worthiness andor legitimate entitlement) and therefore resorting to deception, manipulation and coercion. Deception out of bad faith is the very first expression of evil in the creation, and is also the universal sin (or wickedness) of mankind, everyall of mankind.
From the scientific context of mankind as nothing but just animals under the taxonomic Order of Primates, the ego lust expression can be considered to be rooted in the evolution expression in higher animals of the need to establish domination (i.e. alpha) status in the social territorial hierarchy in order to have mating and reproductive rights in what is the since defunct Darwinian theory of survival of the fittest.  

These are all the members of mankind (and includes children) who do not know enough about something, including all the things that really matters, but conduct themselves behaving to show to everyone and especially to themselves, that they are the supreme authority on anything they speak out and act on (1 John 2:16; Ezekiel 28:2, 5, 17; Daniel 5:20; 2 Peter 2: 10, 3:3; Jude 1:15). The appropriate ‘politically correct scientific’ term for this would (or should anyway) be cognitive delusion, and that for ego supergorging lust would be: intentional, deliberate or deliberated cognitive delusion (ICD or DCD).
The underlying motivation and intent to ego gorging (and all of its comparative and superlative expressions) is an image boosting and elevation expression to self perceive (and includes through the ego extension or the proxified self or proxification) and self deceive oneself  as not only not inferior to anyone at all absolutely but really to be of in from some to all ways (i.e. of glorious supreme qualities), superior to everyone else and therefore the most absolutely supreme. Ego gorging or ego lust is essentially power and glory lust. At no point prior to the current age of social media and internet communication is the expression of this lust by all those who feel that they have some impunity more evident and fully proven.
From the perspective of ‘purpose and intelligence denying’ science, ego gorging has been classed under several ‘politically correct’ handles or terms, such as ‘an illusion of explanatory depth’, ‘an illusion of understanding’ and explained away (theorized, hypothesized, postulated, proclaimed, pronounced and acclaimed) under several scientific theories such as ‘motivated reasoning’ andor ‘motivated bias’, ‘cognitive miser’, ‘bounded rationality’, ‘cognitive bias’, ‘confirmation bias’, etc., all of which (all these theories) seek to allow these proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of science to ego mega supergorge to insanity and are intentionally (by pretending stupidity) not meant to understand and address the issue of ego gorging lust in mankind that have been contributory to all the harm and suffering that mankind have been inflicting on themselves in their social order for the longest time. The plain and simple way to term it would be just in one word, ‘delusional’ and in very brazen and blatant cases, ‘delusional to the point of insanity’.
But be clear, it is not about ego which essentially is a personage's conscious and subconscious identity of themselves. It is about lust and cravings (covetousness, in Scriptural terminology).
See also entry: Deliberately pretending to be stupid.

Ego Supergorgers aka Deliberated Cognitive Delusion (DCD) or Intentional Cognitive Delusion (ICD)
Ego supergorgers are those who outdo ego gorgers taking ego gorging another step further. They are all those who are extremely intelligent and very highly educated and being fully cognizant of the existential reality yet still conduct themselves behaving to explicitly show to all that they are the supreme authority on everything when they are fully aware and cognizant that they are not. In ego supergorgers, the motivation and intent to show to all is very clear and unmistakable, especially to themselves. This is even when they put on a front of being so humble (i.e. as the opposite of being proud).
See also: Ego gorgers or Ego superfeeders; Brazen, brazenly.

Elect, The; also Saints
Those selected or elected by GOD to be HIS people, the citizenry of HIS nations andor also the children of HIS Divine Holy FAMILY after begetting them with HIS HOLY SPIRIT. Saints are a sub category of the Elect, all those faithful and chosen.
See also entry: Saints.

Refers to when a word or combination of words in a phrase of the Hebrew text when used in a certain context or perspective conveys a directly corresponding conceptual meaning in the Greek text or when a word or combination of words in a phrase of the original text when used in a certain context or perspective conveys a direct corresponding conceptual meaning to a word or combination of words in a phrase in English.

Everlasting Covenant
The last and final all encompassing and all superseding Covenant that was mediated by the MESSENGER MEDIATOR of The Covenant, LORD JESUS. This is the Covenant that saves all mankind from the death penalty which they have all incurred from their sins in all the evil they have done in their lifetime. This Covenant instituted by the Grace and mercy of GOD is applicable to all who repent to accept GOD as their GOD with all that is entailed in such acceptance. Symbolically this Covenant also represent the Tree of Life that all mankind were cut off from when cut off the first family of mankind from the Garden of Eden.
The absolute CREATOR OWNER and SUPREME MASTER of and over all things, ALMIGHTY GOD, made covenants with mankind made in HIS image and likeness, specifically to highlight and emphasize of the need for all of mankind to be fully absolutely committed to their responsibility and obligations in the living out of their lives, because failing to do will only result in grievous harm to themselves and ultimately total destruction to all of them.
Babies (all born alive during their birth), infants and children who died before reaching the age of adulthood (of 20 years old), will like all the rest of mankind who have never repented to enter into this Covenant for whatever reasons, will have the chance to do so during the Second Resurrection, when all the dead who were not part of the First Resurrection (1 Corinthians 15:52; Revelation 20:4) will be brought back to life for The Judgment (Revelation 20:11 – 13). In this Second Resurrection, every member of mankind who had ever lived and died in the first lifetime (who were not resurrected in the First Resurrection) will be resurrected to life in a biological age (from the chronological context of earth years) of twenty, which were the biological ages Adam and Eve were created in, irregardless of at what age they died during their first lifetime.
The discussion proper of the Everlasting Covenant are in the post, ‘Easter What Is That??’ and ‘The New Covenant Part III – The Final Covenant’.  See also entry Second Resurrection.

Everyall, eachall, anyall, anyevery
Every and all, all and every, everyone and all. Also each and every, each and all, each and everyone; any and all, anyone and all; anyone and everyone. Technically each, every and all, would be very similar in conceptual meaning but this term is used as an emphasis or hyperbole, or in superlative highlighting of the complete thoroughness of coverage such as, for everyall: ‘each, every and all, individually, in whatever number combination, collectively and totally’ and for eachall: ‘each and all, separately individually and all combined together’.
See elaboration in entry: Andor.

At it most basic evil or wickedness refers to an action or expression by a freewill intelligent personage or an extension through which such personage gain expression that carries a motivation or intent (including all irresponsible expressions of willful, reckless and willing negligence aka could not be bother, could not care less andor total lack of any concern) to in some way cause harm or damage whether this harm or damage is to the self or to others, including to things which if harmed or damaged will affect any such personage in some harmful undesirable manner. The context of this harm or damage is from the perspective of the what is or is not, a conducive consequence to the overall well being of all resulting from such harm andor damage, to any, some or all such personage, or things, whether immediately or progressively or eventually to a time frame of near eternity.

Fact and Facts
Fact: the material information and knowledge of ourselves and our existential realm, our Universe, their elements, attributes and properties.
See also entry: Truth.

To have free will and be independently minded (a conscious independent self identity) means simply that, that you are free (in self directing) to decide on whatever you want to decide on. Whether you can carry out what you decided on, well that is another matter all together. If you are unable (meaning not having any ability to), to make a choice to do or not to evil, then you just don't have free will and an independent mind. You would have an incapacitated mind. Your mind would be just a robotic ‘brain’ build to a purpose and restricted or limited in functionality no matter how broad that functionality. You would not even be a personage in the strictest sense at all. It should not be that difficult to understand. Therefore for GOD to create a personage endowed with free will and intelligence, that personage must have the power and faculty to freely make decision (through independent reasoning and thinking, empowered by knowledge, whether little or much), to make a choice of what he (includes she and it) wants to do, how to conduct himself or herself. And that parameter must include choosing to do evil, because basically evil is just a conscious choice to do something that will cause harm andor bring about some form of undesirable andor non conducive ‘destruction’ (whether immediate, eventual or progressive). A damage or destruction that is not conducive to the collective welfare and well being of all and sundry (the evil doer not necessarily included or excluded). How is it this simple concept cannot be understood by the bulk of mankind especially the brilliant minds of our social order?
See also entries: Freewill Self Aware Intelligence, Self Aware and Intelligence.

Freewill Self Aware Intelligence
Freewill describe two basic fundamental concepts of:
1. having a will (from the concept of a conscious awareness willing and willingness) and ability to make self determined decisions; of making assessments of situations and the correspondingly self determined courses of actions (or activities) through the power provision that the self has or is able to muster (wield through the self or some extension of the self). And to make self determined decision and assessment pre-require the self awareness or what I prefer to term as self consciousness, a consciousness of the self identity. The is a very distinct and significant different between being self conscious and being self aware. Please refer to the entry Self Aware for the discussion of this.
2. having intelligence which at the most rudimentary is just the knowing how or having the functional ability to acquire and to make use of acquired and retained knowledge to make decision to empower functional actions or activities. As a complete expression, intelligence also carry the ability to understand knowledge and not just the ability to make use of knowledge.
See also entries: Self Aware and Intelligence.

Functional insanity, functional sanity
Functional sanity or insanity is essentially the state near all of mankind are in while alive and kicking. What this means is mankind are only kept from totally embracing lust seeded, fueled and driven insanity through the mechanism of deliberated stupidity because of their need to remain sufficiently functionally sane for reasons of self preservation, of the need to avoid falling into some undesirable situations or harm. If mankind could totally embrace all kinds of lusts without falling into any harm (harm affecting them in or from anyall contexts) at all especially in some short timeframe, it would be only just a matter of time before all of mankind would become insane totally (all other things being equal aka remaining the same or unchanged).
If this work were a work of science (not that this author is in anyway qualified to be a rocket scientist aka boffin; very far from being qualified actually) or facts, instead of that of truth, particularly the truth of and from GOD, then functional insanity would be the worded as ‘functional insanity is the tendencies of mankind (or the law of human natural behavior which states that mankind tendings) towards insanity kept in check sufficiently most of time but not totally, by the reality of cause and effect that would in some time frame cause those who go into or embrace totally insanity to fall into some degrees of harm, scaling up to, either total self destruction or their total destruction through the natural laws of physics of causes and effects (which is not to say that science or physics actually has a law of causes and effects, they don't, which is why they are all also basically functionally insane)’.
See also entry: Insane and Deliberately pretending to be stupid.

Grace, Sovereign Grace
The base and main concept to the term Grace in the original text is that of goodwill. However during the Old Covenant period, the concept was more often than not, used in a context of GOD favoring the genealogical descendants of Abraham through his grandson Jacob aka Israel (Deuteronomy 7:6, 14:2). From the New Covenant period the term mostly takes on it main and base meaning of goodwill (John 1:14, 17, 6) towards others, GOD's goodwill intentions towards mankind made in HIS Image and Likeness, because of HIS purpose and reason for creating them as such. In the Epistles of the Apostle Paul, this ego supergorging Apostle twisted the term using the Old Covenant context to give it an ethereal “spiritual” meaninglessness ‘of something given or imparted’ (Romans 5:15, 17; 12:3; Ephesians 3:7) rather than as ‘of an attitude of intent towards’. Most (but not all) of the Elect of the Apostolic Age and also afterward, got completely sold to (i.e. they totally bought into) the ego supergorging attitude of the Apostle Paul.

Greed, Covetousness, Lust and Pride
These are same emotion but are expressed in different contexts with different focuses. The seeds or base forms of these emotions are, from wants, desires and needs which in non intelligent freewill personages such as animals do not transform into greed, lust, pride and covetousness. The evil (aka wickedness) aspects to these emotions are most evidently defined in the word ‘covetousness’ as of a drive to get something that is not legal or right (i.e. fair, just, equitable andor appropriate) which would contribute (eventually on any timeframe) to some non conducive situational reality. This is from the context of the motivations by those who are freewill intelligent personages sharing a common local and global/universal dominion.

Impunity, acting in andor out of
A person or persons giving expression to whatever they want to andor lust to, through any means whether secretly, privately or publicly, from the perceived notion by the said person or persons, that they can get away with doing so without any or any significant undesirable andor unwanted (to the said person or persons including to their extended proxification self) consequence immediately or even eventually.
See also entries: Mitigating Factor and Constraints.

Insane; Effectively, Technically, Clinically
At the most rudimentary level insanity is the inability to properly and correctly assess and understand obvious (clear and plain) reality. As with most expression (and the functional purpose) of the mind of personages, there are varying degree of insanity from rudimentary to stark raving mad. Stark raving mad is, when a personage no longer have any ability to understand from most to anything at all about reality through what the personage can perceive andor discern; when the personages no longer has the ability to discern reality, their minds in a permanent state of hallucination or an incoherent dreamlike state. 
Effectively insane personages are unable to correctly assess themselves in relation to the reality, they are unable to connect themselves to their dependency on the reality of their existence, and behave according without regards to how they actions affect them ultimately. They invariably holds themselves to be the be all and end all of all things, obsessed with their objectives and unable to understand its futility and ultimate meaninglessness if they themselves have no persistent continuity.
Technically insane personages are all those who are sane enough to know what is real from what is not but because of their overpowering lust, they both willingly and willfully ignore or disregard reality so that they can cling to illusions and the delusions that they desperately want to believe is real so that they may have a hope of being able to, satisfy their lusts andor feed their irrational lust spawn phobias.
Clinically insane personages are those who can longer handle themselves with relation to themselves, with others and with their environment and needed to be locked up andor restrained in a straight jacket.
Though intelligence as a word is commonly understood by all as pertaining to something having to do with cognitive abilities or the mind thinking and reasoning capabilities. The usage of this word in specific context by this author carry a significantly different meaning from that as used by the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of knowledge and enlightenment in the social order of mankind, particular the scientific or boffin community (all those who worship science as god). Science basically uses the term intelligence to denote the cognitive ability that allows for the use of material knowledge. This author however defines intelligence as relating to the functional purpose not just of making use of knowledge but to be able to understand the intrinsic value of knowledge both in isolation and in totality to a larger whole.
The best example for the difference in the definition of the word ‘intelligence’ between the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of science (and all the philosophical, technocratic and academic discipline) is that science (i.e. the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of science) just like in their definition of this word, don't understand knowledge but are mega super supremely skill at making using of knowledge.
This is precisely and completely revealed in their theories (and religion) of Absolute Nothingism and Mutationsim. They have no comprehension that absolute nothing and absolute everything cannot mean the same thing just as ‘to exist’ (i.e. to be something, or as something) cannot mean the same thing as ‘to not exist’ (i.e. to be nothing, or to not be anything) cannot mean the same thing. That when and if absolute nothing becomes absolutely everything, it will no longer be in the realm of the scientific but the realm of the supernatural and paranormal, the realm of magic, spiritualism, mysticism, deities and gods (i.e. superstitions andor religions).
In the same way too for the longest time until today science and all the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of knowledge and enlightenment, have been unable to understand the concept of evil (i.e. wickedness) that it is dependent on context of life that are intelligent and having freewill. That has been the reason until this day science continued on to stumble and has been unable to understand what intelligence is or even what life is. Science is fixated on process, refusing to accept purpose, so for them, intelligence must be redefined as the usage of knowledge, the ability to use knowledge instead of the ability to understand knowledge. Because of that science have assigned intelligence to all manner of things from plants to microbes to machines, and even to absolutely nothing, hailing Absolute Nothing as the creator of all things and Darwinian evolution as the creator of life and mutation as both the enabler of life continuity as well as of life's diversity.
Even with freewill and how there is indeed a real expression of freewill they do not understand that as much as intelligence is dependent on something called knowledge, freewill is made possible by being intelligent to be able to both understand and make use of knowledge. From the scientific perspective intelligence andwith knowledge would be the free radicals that breaks and invalidates the Chaos Theory that is implicitly of how everything is ultimately affected by everything else in one universal chain-linked mega web thus ruling out the possibility of freewill or any occurrence of truly random events.
See also entries: Knowledge, Freewill and Self Determination.

Knowledge and Information
Basically, knowledge is true (as opposed to false, fake or erroneous) information (gathered and collated from data, i.e. communication values) about anything and everything (including nothing as concept), tangible and intangible, abstract, real, virtual and fantasized; of objects, events, situations, all manner of expressions and representations, sensations (of our five plus two senses – emotions and logic which is our ability to connect and develop further what we can sense into ideas and concepts), emotions, ideas, thoughts, reasoning (i.e. analysis and comparison), contemplation, movement and motor skills; of the fullness of the definitions of effectively functioning reality. Functioning reality are all aspects of existential reality that can produce an effect (either directly or indirectly) from: the tangible of all things that exist in the universe whether they are apparent (can be detected) or not apparent (cannot be detected because we do not have the facilities to detect them); and pseudo reality which are projections of reality in fantasies and all that can be imagined (which cause effects through influencing the minds and corresponding the motivations) by the minds of personages; and also other aspects of reality that are not actual but are perceived andor conceptualized.
Information is the usable concept values of anything and everything whether they are useful or of no use to us. Because we are intelligent as our mega supremely genius scientists tell us, all things (absolutely anything and everything at all, real or fantasied including nothing as a comparison to something and things that cannot exist as reality and even those that invalidate reality which are also known as insanity) tangible and intangible then have a representative information and corresponding knowledge value to us. This does not necessarily mean that these values are all valuable, indeed many to most are not and have no useful value while some are even harmful and destructive, especially when we don't recognized them as such.
From this we would (or should anyway) know that knowledge and intelligence are not just complimentary but intrinsically linked, one without the other has no function, no purpose and no meaning.
For a discussion of some concepts that invalidate reality please see the post, ‘Idle Minds And Twisted Logic’.

Massive stupidity, massively stupid, moronic stupidity
Stupidity defined in this work is not about being unintelligent or of not having enough intelligent or cognitive ability (which this work used the term ‘dumb’ or ‘unintelligent’ to denote).
In this work the term is about (i.e. used in the context that) despite being intelligent but behaving or conducting oneself as if not possessing any intelligence at all out of choice, from a lust seeded and fueled choice. Massive stupidity (include all terms carrying same concept) is when personage becomes so totally and completely full of self that they not only totally become clueless to when they are proclaiming (i.e. saying or communicating) things that so obviously insanely and moronically stupid, yet they feel and hold themselves to be so supreme great and ingeniously intelligent particularly (but not solely or exclusively) because they came up with and proclaimed, these massively moronically stupid things such as: GOD does not know everything; GOD is still learning from HIS creatures; GOD chose not to know so that we can have free will; the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is sex; the men (but obviously not the lesser humans, women) who are believers in God who die killing unbelieving enemies of God will go to heaven and be rewarded to have (forever mindless sex orgies with) copious dozens of virtual young virgins (as their sex slaves); and numerous more which are even more massively stupid but would take a full discussion to clearly expound on. (you can read a whole lot more in rest of the discussions of this work).
Literally a personage cannot get any more moronically and insanely stupid than that, but actually there are billions who have been and are, these are all those who have totally bought into these massively stupid things because of the same lusts and has become the literal zombies (i.e. mindless or brain dead) slaves of all those who proclaimed these massively stupid things. If stupidity and intelligence (but not dumb or unintelligence, and intelligence which is a different context) is measured on a scale of 1 to 100, massively stupidity is literally negative or minus 1000.

Mitigating factor, Mitigator (the derivative noun of, coined by this author for this work),
A consideration or some considerations undertaken, factored in or taken into account, whether consciously or subconsciously, by every intelligent creature before they make a decision whether, when andor how to carry out any of their desired life's functioning expression and objectives. To mitigate carries the combined meanings or concepts of factors that: alter, moderate, constrain, restrain, limit, check, reduce, lessen andor prevent. Of all these the concept of limiting or to limit, is the most definitive.
See also entries: Impunity and Constrains.

The religion of Mutationism (of Contemporary Mutationism) aka Darwinian Evolutionism, is a sub branch of the religion of Absolute Nothingism. While many among the believers, followers and discipleship of Mutationism are also believers, followers and the discipleship of Absolute Nothingism, not all of them are. This is the reason Mutationism is not just one of the (sub) doctrines of the religion of Absolute Nothingism.
This may seem like a contradiction, which it may or may not be. A good way to understand why Mutationians may not also be Absolute Nothingians is by examining the so called Abrahamic religions where each branch of these so called Abrahamic religions all claimed to believe in the same God but just not exactly, with each claiming to be supremely supreme over all others.
The effective and therefore the primarily dogma of Mutationism advanced that all life on planet earth today are mutants, the product of the process of mutation, of things going horribly wrong with the protein synthesis and replication process that allow life to replicate, create new cells and to reproduce in entirety whether as a single cell or multiple cells life.
The proper name for the believers, followers and discipleship of Mutationism is obviously, Mutationians. The religion of Mutationism (or the so called Contemporary Mutationism to differentiate it from ancient Mutationism of around a century ago) may be further subdivided into Primodial Soupism and Alien Lifism/Livism (aka Exogenesisism aka Alien Genesisism) with the religious zealots of each of these branches maintaining their dogma to be the supremely most supreme truth. In contemporary usage this term is used to refer to an offshoot of contemporary Darwinism which has replaced the since defunct original Darwinist postulation termed Survival of the Fittest.
Original Darwinism was the prevailing held beliefs (system of faith) of the greater mainstream scientific community until fairly recently especially from after over ten years ago, when advances in knowledge of cell biology and genetics started new theories (or rather new branches in the theory of) Darwinian Evolution. Darwinian Evolution was an idea of natural (whatever that word mean to them) creation or of Natural Creationism, mooted by Charles Darwin invented from his observations in his journey as a collector of biological specimens, which he then combined with earlier hypothesis and postulation by other researchers and proclaimed and acclaimed Superlative experts in the field of organism life of the planet.
Once mainly (and originally) mooted as natural selection through the survival of the fittest, Darwinian Evolutionism has since (its introduction) evolved (i.e. retwisted) substantially giving rise to several disputing and contenting fields and new branches to the Darwinian Evolutionism Tree of natural selection in the survival of the fit (i.e. this is the contemporary postulation) meaning that to be ‘naturally’ selected, one must still be fit but do not need to be the fittest anymore.
Like all inventions of man (i.e. ego supergorgers among mankind) Darwinian Evolutionism like nearly all religions and system of beliefs, including Big Bangism (aka Singularitism, Dense Ball of Matterism, Dense Ball of Energism and Dense Ball of Plasmaism or Gasism), over the years they all have evolved and will continue to evolve with new twists, spins and totally new inventions advanced by a continual streams of new proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of those beliefs, all completing to show that they are supremely supreme over all the rest.

Nicene Creed; Creed of Nicene of circa 325 C.E.
Conceived, engineered and invented by the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of the Christmas religion as their means and goals: to rob the identity of true Christianity; to outlaw true Christianity; to feed of and parasite on all those they can hoodwink; to gain power from the human social order to rule supreme and subjugate all mankind (all those they are able to); the document to legalize the process to wipe out true Christianity and additionally also all others who will not worship them as gods (i.e. holy fathers) through claiming themselves (in their religious order through their supreme head) as the only authorized infallible representative of the Christian GOD. This was carried for centuries not long after this evil Creed was given official political and military sanction by the pagan Roman Emperor until the Christmas religion lost that political and military clout beginning from sometime after the Protestant Reformation (1500 to 1700 C.E.). While today both the Great Mother Harlot (i.e. mother church) and all her daughter harlots (i.e. all those who accept this Creed as their religious basis) not longer have the derived power impunity from their social order to achieve all these mentioned ends, Biblical prophecy testified that some ten years before the end of the Age of Man, they (i.e. the Christmas religion) will once again again the political and power impunity to begin the persecution, torture and murder of true Christians (including additionally all those who will not obey them to worship the Beast and the image of the Beast).
For the supporting discussions of the above exposé (or assertions) please read the posts, ‘What Is Wrong With Celebrating Xmas’ and ‘Easter What Is That??’.
See also entry: Christmas Religion.

OooohAhler, Zombie Slaves
These are all those who are the total minions and zombie slaves of all the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of massively stupid proclamations, declarations, pronouncements and announcements. Basically OoohAhlers are all (not exclusively) those usually not having enough social or other power derivations and have proxified themselves to some proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of the social order of mankind so they can give expression to their ego gorging lusts.
See also entries: ego gorging, proxification, proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives, massive stupidity.

The original text and language the Holy Christian Scriptures were originally recorded in, and used by Christian Bible translators as the basis to produce the various translations of the Christian Bible.

Proclaimed And Acclaimed Superlatives: These are all those who presented themselves as well as get all others to worship them as any, some or all of the following: the “proclaimed and acclaimed” leading andor defining experts, authorities and masters; supremely supreme genius of geniuses, Elijah-to-come, apostles, messiahs or The messiahs whether greatest most exalted but most supremely humble andor The last final; prophets, The prophets or The greatest and most exalted but most supremely contritely humble prophets; reincarnate, actual or The final christs; reverent fathers, vicar of christ and holy popes whose mouths only utter the unbreakable infallible words of god; gods reincarnate and living gods; the actual or really real true gods; andor whatever else mega super glorious glorifying titles they can imagine and invent to heap upon themselves in their ego supergorging frenzies!
See also entries Deliberate Pretend To Be Stupid, Ego Gorger And Ego Supergorger.

Proof, Without a shadow of a doubt proof), also without a shadow of a reasonable doubt proof
The indisputable proof or proofs of something as fact or to be true when and after, they have been expressed or have taken place (happened) accordingly to what was or has been claimed. This is not the same thing as ‘without a shadow of a reasonable doubt proof or proofs’. This second category is about what has been clearly, plainly andor obviously shown to be true, to be the truth or to be a fact, which is not andor cannot be expressed as an actual event occurrence andor of something happening or having taken place, but is about logically and rationally drawn conclusions from all available acknowledge andor known truths and facts

Proxy-fication, Proxification, also Proxified
The term proxy, to be someone's proxy means to represent someone in one particular, or in many, or in all situations and instances under certain conditions or terms, or even totally irregardless. In traditional use of the term it has been restricted to when such representation is authorized from a legal perspective. In the extended concept of the term, it has been the basis of the entire democratic process of governance, andor in conflicts between parties, whether over nations or any types of organization separated unit entities.
The term proxy-fication or proxification is used in all this work (the work of this author, as well as by this author in all other communications) as an extrapolated extension to the representative concept in the original term, to refer to the social bonding and social political alignment, basal emotional motivations.
The term is meant to define and convey the inherent nature of mankind to establish an identity and image connection to others, usually as a mechanism to enhance their personal and collective well being, security and survival.
Human beings are social animals (i.e. from scientific definition) from the same genetic evolutionary branch Order of Primates. From this genetic base (which science mostly attribute to the hormone oxytocin) as social animals, the human animal social bonding preconditioning (driven by several cognitive motivations and not just genetics and hormones) is rooted in the need to:
1. Establish family bonding for the purpose of successfully parenting of offspring and the mutual welfare and advancement of the genetic family lineage.
2. Establish social affinity andor political alliance for the purpose of survival andor dominance, both within the tribal social group as well within the greater context of having a competitive advantage against other tribal groups and other conflicting species as well as a survival strategy against predators in community defense and safety; plus in other areas such as food sourcing, procreation activities, etc.
Therefore rooted in this basal genetic and cognitive (i.e. intelligently and emotionally rationalized then expressed) social needs, mankind as an animal (with a social dependency) of planet earth, has this emotion driven desire to establish some identity connection to others which may not be just restricted to other members of mankind but even to animals and inanimate objects as well objects of fantasy and made believed.
But because of the incredulous ego gorging lust (aka deliberated or intentional cognitive delusion) of mankind (seeded in the same basal genetic and cognitive social survival impetus) both individually and collectively (as their ego extension identity group), man (includes women and children) are driven to latching (i.e. establishing a psychological bond of) their self identity (i.e. ego self image) to someone else whose image(s) andor persona(s) which appeals to them in any one or more ways (from empathy to idolatrous idolizing, all not mutually exclusive). And because they have latched on these others (whether a person, social group or conceptual entity) to identify with these others, they then must magnify their proxification objects so as to magnify their own image. Thus they will become incensed at any perceive threat andor slur to the image of their proxification objects, therefore this term (and their various forms) have been coined by this author to highlight and expose the great evil of this ego extension or proxification lust in mankind.
Proxification in itself is not necessarily an evil or a bad thing but the incredulous lust of inherently intelligent mankind behaving exactly like brute beasts tended to make even things that are primarily (i.e. basically) for good into something evil.
See A typical case in point reported in CNN.


Rocket scientist(s); rocket scientist(s)
Rocket scientist naturally refers to the brilliantly intelligent men and women of science (or whatever fields whether physics, chemistry, etc.) so the term “rocket scientist” is use as a reference to all those men and women who hold themselves to be andor conduct themselves as supremely and brilliantly intelligent, knowledgeable and enlightened geniuses aka “the know it all”. This is from the commonly understood phrase ‘it's not rocket science’ (also in ‘it doesn't take a rocket scientist’). 

Rules-based hairsplitters

Saints, The
Those among the Elect who have been the proven faithful and chosen of GOD (Revelation 17:14).
See also entry: Elect.

A creature Spirit personage, one of among several create at the very beginning of beginnings, created with immense intelligence, knowledge, talents and power and once given administrative authority (together with a relatively small number of similarly created Spirit personages) over GOD's throne and the Angelic Spirit dominion in the Third Heaven. This Adversary and Accuser, has since been reassigned with authority over the earth, the dominion of mankind today. He has since become the Chief agent and architect (or engineer) of evil in the creation and the Chief provocateur inciting and instigating rebellion against the CREATOR and against the CREATOR's will and purpose.

Self aware, also Self conscious
Science called us Homo sapiens self aware animals but the truth is we are hardly self aware at all that we are severely limited creatures driven mostly to entirely by lust for all manner of things that feeds are lusts for sensual stimuli to our five (that which science called sight, sound, smell, taste and touch ) plus two senses (which science totally have no notion of, emotion and reasoning which includes contemplation). While it is true that we are self conscious, meaning when we look at our image in photos or reflection or symbolism we can recognize ourselves in these images to perceive that it is us, and also we are conscious of our surrounding habitat (both immediately and directly perceivable or indirectly either projected or extrapolate from our sensory signals). Every sufficiently mature member of so called Homo sapiens (especially those who hold themselves to be the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of knowledge, enlightenment, intelligence and any other glorying qualities) are mostly to totally oblivious to the fact that once their most basic rudimentary bodily or physical needs is taken care off, their next main focus is to elevate their self image (i.e. ego gorge themselves) so that all their other lusts can be expressed.
Six thousand (or from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions, if our scientists can be believed, depending on which scientists we believed) of earth years have passed since intelligent (or cognitively advanced, as per scientific definition) mankind (or primate Homo sapiens, to be scientifically accurate) has been on this planet yet how many of all mankind who ever lived from then until today in 2015 C.E. are actually intimately aware and understand (what it actually means) that we individually are actually compound organism made up of billions to trillions of other identical (from the context of genetic lineage) organism life and host to trillions more other organism life that are contributory to us being us (from a bio chemical standpoint).
The main discussions of mankind being self conscious rather than truly self aware is discussed in the post, ‘Severely Limited Creatures’ and also in a three installments discussion on the issues of reality in the blog, ‘A Christian Pilgrimage’.
See also entries Ego gorgers and Deliberately pretending to be stupid.

Shifters, shakers, movers and shapers
The proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of the human social order of everyall knowledge discipline and the wielders of anyall of the power equations in the influencing of the social values and meta values of the human social order in all its distributed locations in the various time periods, as well as all the residual and the progressive cumulative.

Refers to when a word or combination of words in a phrase of the Hebrew text when used in a certain context or perspective conveys a fairly similar conceptual meaning in the Greek text in most to all of its usage; or when a word or combination of words in a phrase of the original text when used in a certain context or perspective conveys a fairly similar conceptual meaning to a word or combination of words in a phrase in English.
The literal translation of the words from the original text as a rendition of the English words set.

The reality expressed:
1) in intentions, motivations through behaviors and conducts in both acts (of deeds that affects the physical state) and words (of things communicated that affects the mental state ultimately resulting in acts), both having cascading and spiraling effects in the chain linked and connected web of an existential realm or dominion as to what is being, have been and had been actually conceived in the minds of personages;
2) and the actuality of events occurrences through the passage of time, of situation realities and events occurrences realities; all that occurred in the past, or are being conducted or have been occurring as well as all those that will occur. See also entries: Speech and actions.

See entry: Dualism And Types.

This is the latest iteration (as a sub branch) of the religions of either Absolute Nothingism or Mutationism or of both. The followers, disciples and zealots of Wikipedism are naturally of course Wikipedians. Wikipedians are not exclusive believers of Wikipedism, they may additionally hold to and be the followers and disciples of other religions or even all religions. Basically Wikipedians hold that everything published by Wikipedia are the absolute infallible truth. Please note that the term Wikipedians is not used in this work to mean the same thing as the term as used by all others.

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Please note that all discussions by this author are based on a general non expert assessment of information gathered from material published in the public domain (i,e, readily available to members of the general public). All of this author's discussions are presented as material for any and all persons with no special expertise. Anyone twelve years of age and older, who is not mentally incapacitated in some ways, would (or should anyway) be able to understand anyall the discussions of this author. You do not need to be an expert or a genius to understand the simple and straight forward truths discussed by this author.

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