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Questions And Answers On The Christian Bible

Questions And Answers On The Christian Scriptures
This post are all the questions posed some of which are never ever asked on all that is recorded in the Christian Holy Scriptures and also about the Scriptures itself. The answers (some still pending) to these questions are discussed in specific posts as well as also generally (i.e. covered) in many of the discussions of this work in all the Christian topic blogs of this author.
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Beginning from 2012 C.E. answers to questions posed by the readers and followers of this blog will begin publishing. Answers to these are not in the order in which this author received them. As it takes time to adequately address these questions, the answers will be posted once this author is able to find the time to sufficiently answer these questions. For the information of readers and followers of the blogs by this author, it should be understood that as a lone uncompromising voice of truth from GOD, this author faces not just resource constrains but unrelenting attacks by the ‘Ruler of this Age’ (2 Corinthians 4:4; Ephesians 6:12), the ‘Prince of the power of the air’ (Ephesians 2:2), to hinder and to deter this author from carrying out this work.

Many of the questions raised have been directly and quite thoroughly (though not necessarily explicitly) addressed in the various articles and posts of the blogs of this author as in:

A Christian Pilgrimage.
The Holy Bible Expounded.
The Scripture of Truth.
Living By Every Word.
The End Of The World (or Age), How And When It Will Happen.

Those who considered themselves to be true sincere seekers of truth should really thoroughly read all the articles published in the above mentioned blogs as well as all the other blogs by this author that addressed issues pertaining to the true Christian faith and worship. Some of the readers' questions posed are not by sincere seekers of truth but by “rocket scientists”, ego gorgers and scoffers to ridicule the assertions of this author. But all these not withstanding, this author will address all questions posed that are relevant to the teachings of the true Christian religion (i.e. the faith and worship according to the Christian Covenant) and to those who sincerely seek answers to issues of the faith that is required to both believe and trust the CREATOR GOD.

Note to readers
1. These are Questions and Answer sessions. That means that if you have no intention to believe the answers given by this author then why bother to ask andor read the answers. All this author ask is that you be truly (and not pretending to be) sincere to want to learn what this work has to say and to be nobly diligent to compare them to what the Scripture of Truth recorded. After that it is really up to you (both your prerogative and responsibility to yourself) whether you want to believe or want to disbelieve for whatever reasons.
2. If you are a sincere truth seeker seeking to learn the truth about GOD and the Christian Covenant, you should at the very least thoroughly and meticulously studied the Christian Holy Scriptures available in numerous translations. If you are not sincere and have not the least inclination to be diligent (on best effort) to seek for truth nothing this author say and testify to will be of any real benefit to you.
3. The work of this author in the various Christian topic blogs thus far and also in the various books of this author combined together have fully covered the essential truth fully supported with detailed references to verses of the Holy Christian Scriptures. Anyone who have read all these Christians topic blogs and have not believe anything written here should not be seeking answers from this author. That is just basic sanity and rational reasoning. If you don't believe anything I wrote and spoke why then are you seeking answers from me? Same goes with the LORD GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, why ask questions about GOD, the GOD of the Christian Holy Scriptures when you refused to really believe anything HE had recorded by HIS servants the Prophets, Apostles and Scribes of these Scriptures.

The Questions

The list of questions will grow as and when readers and followers of this blog send them in. As the question lists grow new installment to this discussion will be added to this blogNot all questions posed and sent to this author will be listed and addressed but only those relevant to the issues of the Christian faith and worship, and the Holy Christian Scriptures.

Questions listed are in the chronological order in which they were posed to this author. Discussion of the answers are the clickable links that followed immediately after the phrase ‘Question Concept’ on each of the questions. Additional discussions are in the itemized list links following each question.
Q [6-2]. I am a Christian while my parents and family are Taoist-Buddhist. Out of respect and in order not to offend them I hold the joss-sticks at funerals and the annual ‘all-souls-day’ visits to the graves of the ancestors. Since my heart is really with Jesus and also I am not really praying to these dead ancestors shouldn’t it be permitted for Christian to do so? Question concept — Appeasing others is not really compromising on our commitment to God.
Q [8-5]. How can you explain that the world is filled with so much evil with humankind committing all kinds of atrocities against one another, if there is really a good, merciful and just God who is all powerful and he created humankind and all things, surely he could and would have prevent all such evil? What would such a God if he is indeed good create a creation that is fill with evil? The fact that we see so much evil very clearly contradicts the fact that they is such a God. Question concept — If God is good then there will be no such thing as evil but since there is so much evil in the world the rational answer must be either God is not good or there is no God?
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Q [8-5]. How do you explain why a God who is righteous would allow innocent babies and little children to suffer or die from injuries and sickness or in accidents and natural disasters? Since God if he is all powerful and nothing is impossible for Him surely He can prevent the innocent from being harmed or killed. If He does not protect the innocent when He can, how then can He claim that He is righteous and good? Question concept (please click the following links for the discussions) — God if He is truly righteous should protect the innocents from suffering, so why does God allow innocent children to suffer?
Links To Some Discussion Of This Issue:  01   02
Q [6-1]. Isn't it true that according to the Christian Bible, God said that man cannot live more than one hundred and twenty years? Question concept — 120 years lifespan of man (includes women) is absolute doctrine so anyone living to 120 years will proof that there is no truth to the Christian Bible.
Q [8-6]. As according to you, the true Church of God and all the disciples of Jesus would only calculate to consist of at most several thousands. There are numerous such small groups of people who hold themselves to be Christians aside from the large Christian denominations such as Catholics, Anglicans, Eastern Orthodox, numerous Protestants denominations, other large Christian groups such as Mormons, Seventh Day Adventist, Jehovah Witnesses, etc. It is a ridiculous idea that only you and those who are members of your version of Christianity are really Christian while the rest are not. Questions concept (please click the following two links for the discussions) — Isn't it brazen arrogance to claimed that only you and those of your brand of Christianity are truly Christian.
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Q [8-5]. According to Jesus, “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand. If Satan casts out Satan, he is divided against himself. How then will his kingdom stand?” So how do you explain exorcism performed by both Catholic and Protestant ministers. If they are Antichrist as you claimed how it is they are able to cast out demons from those who are demon possessed? Question concept (please click the following link for the discussion) — Exorcism, why would Satan cast out satan?
Q [9-5]. Words especially symbols and icons carry different meaning concepts in different languages. For example the number 666 said to be mark of the Antichrist in the Christian Holy Scriptures, there are several interpretation which says that it is to vote or to decide rather than to count. Further, some say the number is 616 rather than 666. Considering all these shouldn't a person who really wants to get to the truth of what these Scriptures recorded be studying the original language these Scriptures were recorded in so as to really understand the message of these Scriptures? Question concept — Must We learn and master the original language used to record the Scriptures in order to really get the true message?
Q [8-5].  If God already knows everything, what purpose than do our prayers serve? Why would we need to pray and present supplications to God if He already knows all our thoughts and everything that we are going to pray or request from Him? Question conceptPraying and submitting request to a God who already knows what we think or will think before we even think is a totally ridiculous thing.
Q [7-5]. The GOD of the Christian Bible requires mankind to just blindly obey HIM, how can this be reasonable? The requirement of blind faith is not a reasonable requirement. Question concept — Blind Faith is required to obey and please GOD.
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