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Questions on essential issues in the Scripture records

Questions To Essential Issues Recorded In The Christian Holy Scriptures. [q2ei]

{ – Please note that this section is an ongoing update with questions posed one after another over a period of time which will then be followed by links to sections of previously posted discussions where the answers are partially discussed, appended to these questions. Where a full discussion will be necessary these will added whenever this author can find the time resource to do so. – }

Readers and followers of this work who have come across passages and verses in the records of the Christian Holy Scriptures that they find confusing or are seemingly contradicting or they cannot adequately address as of being fair or righteous or just are welcome to either email this author or post these in the comments. If I find them to be relevant they will also added to the appropriate list of questions below. Please note that this post was originally part of the previous post, ‘Questions And Answers On The Christian Bible’, but was separated from it to reduce the overall volume size as a measure to circumvent some persistent problem with Blogger and Google Chrome hanging (the tab or page freezing) and crashing (all works just done lost in a ‘screen of death’) while being edited.

Is There Any Substance To Your Belief And Faith?
What is the substance of your Christian beliefs, faith and worship? Is your faith and belief in the Christian GOD of any substance or it just emotions that is either empty (devoid of any ‘anchors’) or feint (stirred up from irrational fears and self deception). What is the basis and foundation of your beliefs (conviction), faith (trust of), worship (whom you really obey)?

If you really actually (as opposed to doing so in pretense andor self deception for whatever reason) consider yourself a true Christian, a believer and worshiper of the Christian GOD, the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (both GOD the FATHER and LORD JESUS the REDEEMER AND SAVIOR) and you hold the Christian Holy Scriptures (both the Old and New Testaments) as the inspired Word of GOD, then you either must be able to be steadfastly satisfied that there are valid reasonable, rational and logical answers to all these questions (that are listed below) irregardless of whether you know the valid answers to them from the context of rationality and logicality (from the perspective of our reality, what we know about ourselves and our realm of existence).

But if you find that these questions would make you feel confused or uncertain or even worse, doubtful or your faith shaken, then you seriously need to fully and thoroughly examine the basis of your so called faith and belief.

Now I am not posing all these questions to confuse anyone who believed, nor to cause anyone to doubt andor lose faith. I am doing this so that all those who have faith and understanding issues, should be aware of their weakness and also (hopeful) would seriously endeavor to take corrective actions to established themselves in the faith once and for all delivered to GOD's Saint through the ministry of the SON of GOD, our LORD and REDEEMER SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST and HIS Apostles and Prophets. First understand that faith is not built in a day, GOD led Abram many, many years (at least over thirty years) through many test and trials so as to build in Abraham the faith needed to please GOD, the required faith to obey GOD without doubting and wavering. If you cannot satisfactory (from the perspective of rationally and logically validity) answer these questions, it in no way invalidates you as a true Christian nor is it a basis to measure your faith or the lack thereof. All it means is that you still have much to improve in Christian grace and knowledge.

All these questions are meant to give a good sampling of all the evil assertions and ‘loaded’ premises questions that can be posed that infused truth with twisted lies that are constructed by deliberately not understanding simple obvious truths and facts of our existential reality. These are done so that through deliberate (i.e. in deliberately pretending stupidity) cleverly twisted lies loaded with contextually twisted premise presumptions that omit evident truth and reality (revealed both in the Scriptures and the history of human civilization) which those posing such questions seek to show off how incredibly supremely supreme they are in intelligence, knowledge and enlightenment through targeting to mock and ridicule the concept of an wise, merciful, loving, intelligent all knowing and all powerful supreme Creator of everything.

The only basis to become (and to continue to be) a true Christian is through entering into (and staying the course in) the Everlasting Covenant with The FATHER, the Covenant mediated by JESUS CHRIST. Anyone who repents in baptism and had hands laid on them by those who have already been Christian (through this same process) then begins from that time to be fully committed to keep, perform and honor the Commandments of GOD and the Passover commemoration (this latter incidentally is implicit in the former) as instituted and ordained in the death and BLOOD of JESUS is and remains a Christian until and unless they turned reprobate by stopping and rejecting one or both. You can read the more complete discussion on what it means to be a Christian, a true Christian in ‘Christianity — Know The Basics’ in the post, ‘Why Create Life Through The Process Of Evolution’. The failure to be fully committed is the failure for all those who in the past had failed as also it will be the main failure of all those who are the true Christians today. Nearly all the Elect of today are failing in their commitment in their Covenant with the FATHER and to LORD JESUS, to do the will and the work of the FATHER (Matthew 7:21). They are almost all doing their own will, seeking to advance their own temporary lives pursuing after all manner of lust. For this reason GOD will allow them to fall into the hands of the False Prophet and the Beast power in the Tribulation to wake them up (Revelation 7:13 – 14) from their drunken ego gorging lust. You can read the discussion of the main failure of nearly all the Elect of GOD (both inside and outside of the membership the one and only Church of GOD today) in the section, ‘Knowing Ourselves’ of the post, ‘Why This Author Writes In The Manner That He Does’ in the blog, ‘A Christian Pilgrimage’ of this work.

The measure of one's faith as a Christian (through the New Covenant) is in both: the degree of one's commitment to obey the commandments of GOD and LORD JESUS, to keep and perform all the Royal Laws and Holy Commandments of GOD to love GOD, brethren and neighbors accordingly; plus also in the degree of one's commitment in seeking to do the will and work of the FATHER (with the former implicit in this, the latter). In these commitments, sincerity is the main and sole determining factor.

But before we start listing the questions in the appropriate sections below there is a very first question (under the General category) that any true Christian must be able to satisfactory answer as the basis to know how to read and be able to understand the Christian Holy Scriptures as the inspired Word of GOD. And strangely this question is one that I have never come across anyone asking. No, not even among all those explicitly evil blasphemers who scoff and mock the concept of an all powerful, all knowing Creator in the Christian GOD. No doubt many of these mockers and scoffers will very soon on reading this (either here, or repeated elsewhere from material plagiarized from here) will be repeating it.

This question's assertions have actually being mostly addressed and answered in this blog ‘The Holy Bible Expounded’ alone, just not directly or explicitlyWith only just the first two chapters of ‘Bible 101 The Holy Bible Expounded’ of this author's project, we have covered many issues that addressed what (i.e. the communication intent and focus) and how (i.e. the communication manner and mechanism) the Christian Holy Scriptures were written. These (all that have been discussed thus far just in this blog) are basically the main part to the answers that if you know the what and how of the Christian Holy Scriptures you would know that the premise of this first question is a loaded one targeting some false assumption of truth and fact through purposefully not understanding communications and linguistic.

So anyone with sufficiently good reading and comprehension skills and have sincerely and thoroughly read this work would (or should anyway) know how to answer this first question's assertions. And the answer is not as one so called Abrahamic religion would answered it with ‘God is infinitely wise and mercifulplus ‘And His way is beyond finding out’. This is not to say these two statements are false, they are not. They are just not the answer but a cop out (an insincerity of those making such statements) that do not addressed the issues to answer the question's assertions. And if we have really understood the whole full message of the Christian Holy Scriptures we would (or should anyway) know that the ultimate failure point (all else considered) of the Elect (as also all creature personages) is insincerity, insincerity towards GOD.

Fact is anyone having sincerely in believing faith completely and thoroughly read and studied through the Christian Holy Scriptures as well as this work would (or should anyway) see and understand that most to all these questions are posed by those who are either willingly or willfully deliberately pretending to be stupid, reading some Scriptures will totally ignoring the rest (and refusing to understand the full complete message of the Scriptures) that would not only have completely and thoroughly answered these questions they posed but would have totally and absolutely leave no doubt whatsoever that the Christian Holy Scriptures in the original texts is indeed the inspired Word of the just, righteous, merciful and loving ALMIGHTY CREATOR GODThe whole point to the whole lengthy process of the complete (which is at this point in time of 2015 C.E. still incomplete) creation is so that the intelligent creature personages will (if they are willing) be able to understand and learn to be effectively intelligence instead of being ego supergorging lust driven ultra mega supreme geniuses.

Assertion: If the Christian Holy Scriptures (or Christian Bible) in the original text was and is the (inspired) Word of GOD, then everything it recorded must be true (as it also testified in John 10 verse 35: ‘And the Scriptures cannot be broken’), meaning nothing at all absolutely that was recorded can be erroneous or false or a lie. Therefore if we can find just one single recorded instance that is not true (either inaccurate, an error, not factual or a lie) it will therefore absolutely disprove that the Christian Holy Scriptures is the Word of an all powerful all knowing GOD.

The Questions And Assertions:

From The Old Testament Records
QAAOT01: Of brutal violence against humankind (genocide, religious murders, political murders, racial murders, war crimes), sexual violence against girls (pedophilia, incest, force marriages, sanctioned rapes, sexual enslavement and bondage, polygamy), human trafficking (slavery, bondage, human as merchandise and property), enslavement of thoughts, thinking and the forbidding of freewill (intolerance and persecution of freedom of speech, expression, dissent and disagreement); all these are the hallmarks of the Old Testament period where the Christian God either commanded such or allowed for (sanction) their practices. How could such a supposedly all knowing intelligent and wise God who is supposedly good, merciful, righteous, just and the embodiment of love even allowed (i.e. sanctioned) such practices let alone to even actually command them?
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Hints To Answers: This question is essentially to near completely a loaded question that deliberately presumed erroneously several issues such as child marriages and rapes (whether of man, woman, children or even animals, whether the conquered, the slaves or the free) are either commanded or sanctioned by GOD. None of them are not only not allowed and far from being sanctioned, but the plainly recorded truth and fact in the Christian Holy Scriptures is that rape of any sort at all is fully and unequivocally condemned with only one punishment for the rapist, that of death (usually by stoning) to the rapist. All sexual sins (i.e. crime) carry only one penalty for the perpetrators, and that penalty is death by the Old Testament laws. Child marriages is not something the Scripture even mentioned because marriage being a Covenant between a man and a woman it is implicitly that only those twenty years and older are allowed to enter into marriage by GOD.
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QAAOT02Christians claimed that God authorized the ancient Israelite freed from their Egyptian slavery to kill (to wipe out totally) of all the people who were living in the Promise Land at that time because these people were very wicked and evil for sacrificing their sons and daughters to their pagan gods (2 Kings 16:2). But was it not God who started this when He ordered Abraham to sacrifice his son and heir Isaac (Genesis 22:1 – 3). How is it that this isn't nothing but pure bigotry and hypocrisy? So what then is the basis for Christian to say that their God is good, righteous and merciful, the very embodiment of love?
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Hints To Answers:
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QAAOT03:: In almost all of your discussions you condemned brutal sadistic tortures and murders committed by the Abrahamic religions but you totally ignored in pretend stupidity when it comes to the same brutal sadistic torture and murder that the Christian God actually commanded His people to carry out. One of the many numerous examples was in Leviticus 24:11, 13 and 23. How then are you not, how then can you be anything but just another brazen blatant hypocrite as much as your Christian God is?
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Hints To Answers: Simple concepts such as: prevailing andor contemporary social norms; criminal justices within a social order; stopping or checking the spread of evil within a social order; maintaining lawful order within a social system in according to the conducive accepted social norms; preventing and preempting disorder and chaos with a social system; and social responsibility within a social order.
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From The New Testament Records
QAANT01: Your claims that the Christian God is not self glorifying contradict the explicit words of Jesus of Luke 13:15 – 16 and John 9:1 – 4. Those verses (and there are many more) showed that not only is the Christian God self glorifying He is also sadistic.
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Hints To Answers: One of the books of the Scriptures which all of professed Christianity both the true (Christianity) and the fraudulent (the Christmas religion) have never ever truly and correctly understood is the book of Job. And because they don't whenever they (i.e. seek to glorify themselves to try to) explain the book of Job they are all explicitly blaspheming GOD implicitly painting and portraying GOD as self glorifying. That is right, it is not just the evil anti GOD religions and other anti GOD system of beliefs who were just the ones blaspheming GOD by painting and portraying GOD as cruel, unmerciful, unforgiving, unrighteous, unjust, vindictive, sadistic, masochistic and self glory lust driven, many true Christians leaders including the Messengers to the Philadelphia and Laodicea era of the Church of GOD, all also have been blaspheming GOD by explicitly teaching that GOD is both sadistic and self glorifying in explicitly lying about Job being blameless. If you understand process, why there is evil and also the disclosure of (i.e. what is revealed and taught in) the book of Job, you would (or should anyway) understand that this is just another deliberately pretending to be stupid question that seek (anything and everything that they can twist) to malign and slander (i.e. blaspheme) GOD. A detail discussion of the book of Job is in the chapter, ‘Self Righteousness And The Righteousness Of GOD’ of the book ‘Bible 101 – The Holy Bible Expounded’ by this author. A reworked extract from that chapter will be discussed as some point of time in this work in the blog ‘A Christian Pilgrimage’.
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QAANT02: The Messenger to the Church of GOD in Philadelphia (please note that this term is used in place of the name of this man, the Pastor General to an era of the Church of GOD, as it is not this work's policy to directly identify anyone by name with some exceptions such as in an attribution) taught correctly that God is not all knowing and that God actually have been (and still is) learning from HIS creation from all things that had happen and is still happening. This is actually supported by numerous Scriptures about God being sorry (remorsefully regretting) and even asking people to find out what they did or had done. There is no recorded Scripture that had God as saying that He is all knowing but on the contrary many Scriptures imply that God didn't know what would happen because if God did then HE had to be evil to allow it to happen. As for God being all everywhere as per your assertion how do you explain that in the Model Prayer taught by Jesus Christ had it as ‘Our Father who art in heaven’ meaning that God is actually only in heaven and not everywhere otherwise the prayer would be ‘Our Father who art everywhere’. Therefore your assertion that God is all knowing and all everywhere is not supported by Scriptures.
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Hints To Answers: This is basically a typical question posed by rules-based hairsplitters which incidentally the Messenger of the Church of GOD in Philadelphia was one such (on most issues of doctrines that he taught, definitively revealed in the whole Church of that era (and the same too in the current era) requiring the ending of every prayer with ‘in the name of Jesus Christ’) as so too is the current Messenger to the Church of GOD in Laodicea. And thanks to the doctrines of these two men, the vast majority (near all of the Elect) too are extreme rules-based hairsplitters. Fact is many Scriptures explicitly (or implicitly for those must be lust driven rules-based hairsplitters) testify to the fact that GOD is not only just all knowing (Psalm 139:1 – 6, 13 – 16; John 16:30) but GOD is all everywhere (Jeremiah 23:24; Acts 17:28; 1 Corinthians 8:6; Psalm 139:7 – 12). Fact is if anyone even remotely understand the concept of the word ‘all powerful’ they would (or should anyway) that it encompasses all knowing and all everywhere. And if anyone of those Elect in these last two eras of the Church of GOD in her journey through the centuries from the Apostolic days to the End of the Age, even remotely understand the doctrine of the ego supergorging Messenger to the Church of GOD in Philadelphia he also taught (very explicitly) that GOD is not all powerful (meaning that GOD is limited and there are things that GOD just can't, is not and will never be able to do).
One of the most quoted Scriptures of all those deliberately pretending stupidity so they can supergorge their egos to say that GOD is not all knowing is when JESUS said that ‘But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father’. Their assertion is that since JESUS is also GOD (i.e. GOD the SON of GOD) there if HE doesn't know this it must mean that GOD is not all knowing. But what they deliberately pretend stupidity so as to refuse to understand is that JESUS was a SON of man. JESUS divested HIMSELF of immortality so that HE can both be harmed (as the case was when HE was abused and beaten) and be killed (otherwise surely than how would HE die for the sins of mankind) all of which would mean if their deliberately pretend stupidity twisted logic is sound (which of course it is not but an evil blasphemy) then GOD is also not immortal (meaning GOD can both be hurt and killed) because JESUS was not immortal when HE was a SON of man. When JESUS was a SON of man, HE was exactly that, a severely limited physical human being therefore neither all knowing (or omniscience) nor all everywhere (or omnipresence) nor all powerful (or omnipotent). As with all GOD's severely limited servants HE was granted all the power and knowledge necessary to get HIS job done, no more no less. It should be noted that as severely limited mankind all our every thoughts and contemplation are fully transparent to the Spirit Angels thus therefore to be also noted, these Spirit Angelic personages are not privy to everything (Matthew 24:36; Ephesian 3:9 – 10; 1 Peter 1:12) that GOD had ordained and planned. But after HIS death and resurrection LORD JESUS announced ‘All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth’ (KJV). The NKJV in deliberated stupidity has the term ‘power’ interpreted into ‘authority’ which is inaccurate even as conceptually the term ‘authority’ when used in the Scriptures always refer to the wielded power to rule or to act (i.e. to do things).
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General Questions And Assertions

These are general questions that seek to challenge the concept of GOD being the creator of all things targeting the concepts of all powerful and all knowing and GOD being good, merciful and just. Most to nearly all of these types of question assertions are posed with loaded premises; with some presumed premises that are essentially false; with one or more premises that deliberately exclude essential facts and truths clearly evidence in the reality of our lives and current physical universe.

If we are of average intelligent and not overly given to excessive and obsessive lust (meaning we still retain the basic ability to do simple reading and comprehension and so are able to ‘put two and two together’), we would (or should anyway) know that while science (most to almost all scientists) and atheists seek to mock the concept of a Creator God who is all powerful and righteously just, on the other hand all evil religions (especially the three main so called Abrahamic religionsseek to insult, malign, deride and mock God by portraying in their doctrines that the Creator God is unfair; unjust; unmerciful; lust and greed driven to only seeking to glorify Himself; cruel; sadistic; masochistic; far from being all wise instead is actually clueless, ignorant and outright stupid; and practically powerless but obsessed with power lust. This is in how in their doctrines' intents (the message advanced by all their doctrines taken together) and especially in their effective practice of their religions they seek to torture and murder people they claimed (i.e. by claiming that anyone who will not worship, obey and serve them as the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of their gods) to not be doing God's will or to not believe in God, by implicitly and explicitly saying that God have given them the mandate to do such oppressively and explicitly sadistically evil deeds.

And if we too would not deliberately pretend stupidity, we would (or should anyway) know that such oppressively and explicitly evil deeds (in words and acts) are not restricted to all those who have embraced evil anti GOD religions, but include everyall of those who have out of lust (anyall lust) to embrace evil so that they can advance themselves as the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of GOD. And if all the Elect of GOD of today would not deliberately pretend stupidity so that they can give free rein to their insatiable lust, to all their insatiable lust, they would (or should anyway) know that this has been happening to nearly all the Elect both the lay members and all the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives elders and leaders since the beginning of the Laodicea period of the journey of the Church of GOD (and even before that).

QAAG01: If the Christian Holy Scriptures (or Christian Bible) in the original text was and is the (inspired) Word of God, then everything it recorded must be true (as it also testified in John 10 verse 35: ‘And the Scriptures cannot be broken’), meaning nothing at all absolutely that was recorded can be erroneous or false or a lie. Therefore if we can find just one single recorded instance that is not true (either an error, not factual or a lie) it will therefore absolutely disprove that the Christian Holy Scriptures is the Word of an all powerful all knowing God.
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Hints To AnswersFrameworkfocuscontextconsistencytruthfacts, linguistics and communication, form and substance
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QAAG02: If God is really trying to save mankind as the Christian Bible says, how does it make sense that He sent Jesus two thousand years ago instead of today when there are better facilities to carry the Gospel message such as Internet multimedia messaging (YouTube), Internet news network (CNN, BBC, Reuters, etc.), Internet social network and media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)? Imagine how dramatic and convincing it would be if He heals those born blind and those whose limbs are deformed and missing right in front of instantly accessible global news networks which can immediately reached at least over three billion people. How does it make sense that an all powerful, all knowing God can't understand that today would be the more effective day to save mankind rather than two thousand years ago in a tiny country that did not even had one percent of the world land area or one percent of the world population of that time?
Link To The Direct Discussion: ( – Pending Post: Why True Christianity Had Remain A Small Flock  – )
Hints To Answers: Time and purpose, education, judgment, repentance, knowledge, intelligence, reality, the creation, evil, lust, proofs, culpability, complicity. This is first and foremost a presumptuous deliberately pretending to be stupid question that embrace the doctrines of the two largest and very evil so called Abrahamic religions that GOD is trying to save mankind and that today GOD require (on pains of horrendous sadistic torture and brutal murder) all mankind to believe in HIM.
GOD is not trying to, HE is going to (according to HIS appointed time for each and everyone who has ever lived, just not everyone at anytime during this current Age of Man, hardly) save all mankind (but not all mankind will be saved, not all those who refused to truly repent; there is always a choice). Even as GOD wants all mankind to repent to begin to believe and obey HIM, the consistent testimony of the Scriptures as well as the history of mankind show that they all (except for a relatively very small whom GOD directly lead and preserve) have all just very plainly showed no real sincere inclination to. But GOD being truly wise and all knowing, allowed them the space to go after all that they lusted after until the appointed time for everyall mankind when HE will demanded an accounting so that all will be convicted of the unbridled lusts, then only will they be given the option to repent or to continue on with their lusts, with their final ends clearly understood by them based on how they choose to respond to GOD's mercy. That was the reason for the Rainbow Covenant, yes there is a reason for the Rainbow Covenant (and also all the Covenants that GOD made with man) contrary to the evil lies of the three major so called Abrahamic religions. This by the way is what the Christian Holy Scriptures clearly, explicitly, simply and fully testified to in its full whole and complete record.
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QAAG03: Surely the concept of an all powerful (omnipotent), all knowing (omniscience), all everywhere (omnipresence) God who is righteous, just, loving, merciful and infinitely wise but yet is totally unable to effectively communicate for thousand of years with HIS freewill intelligent creatures (humankindto get them to both believe in HIM and to stop them doing evil, must be the most illogical and ridiculous that can ever be conceived. There is no possible rational explanation that can explain this except that such a God does not exist except in the imagination of the mentally deficient.
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Hints To Answers: creation is a process; freewill decision making and choices of conduct; lust and evilknowledgeintelligence and education.
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QAAG04: God being truly all knowing absolutely, so surely He would know even before He created them that all the Angels (including the first to sin, who would become Satan the Devil) who would later (after they were created) turned evil and sinned. So if He already knew in advance that Satan and these Angel would later turn evilwhy then did He still create them in the first place.? If He doesn't know then how can He be truly all knowing? So He must know, and in knowing full well that they would later turned evil (and sin) yet He created them. Therefore He must have done so deliberately (from doing so knowingly) to create evil, creating them even when He knows full well exactly why, when and how they will turn to evil, and also just how evil they will become.
The same holds true with men such the Prophet Balaam, King Saul, Judas Iscariot. In fact the same must also hold through for everyone who turns to evil (i.e. sin) including all those of the Antediluvian Age (except for Abel, Enoch and Noah) starting from Adam and Eve. All mankind from Adam and Eve until today, as indeed the Scriptures are very specific and clear that all are sinners (i.e. will definitely do evil), that there is on one who does good and do not sin. It is something very clear in the Scriptures that all are wicked sinners as you also fully and explicitly testify in your work. With God being all knowing He knows exactly when and how every creature (both man and Angels) will do evil (i.e. sin) yet He create them knowing this, there can indeed be no other conclusion except that He is fully responsible for creating evil thus is fully complicit, culpable and guilty of evil? Shouldn't the One who create all who would become evil, all who would turn evil, Who knowing full well exactly when, how and why all would turn evil, be answerable for the evils all these do since it was He who created them while knowingly all these things in advance? There is no rational way to say some one who deliberately create creatures He knows full well and also knows exactly why, how, when and what evils these creatures will do, yet is absolved from blame (i.e. of being innocent, blameless and guiltless) for the evils that these creatures do.
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Hints To Answers: This is a slightly more difficult question not because it is but because of people generally being rules-based hairsplittersAnyone who can't separate the concepts of culpability, freewill, intelligence and having knowledge to make self considered and initiated actions from the concepts of predestination and the paganism concept of fate (aka karma), can only be a rules-based hairsplitter. Other concepts such as reality, life, processes and evil, what these are exactly, also needed to be understood.
However if the readers (regular or otherwise) of this work have problems with this question assertions (i.e. being unable to adequately understand how GOD can be blameless of evil when HE being all knowing yet created personages who HE knew in advance who become evil) please either add in a comment (or send an email this authorto request for a discussion to be posted to answer this question. If I receive enough requests I will post a discussion asap to explain.
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QAAG05: "So I have a question: Is it that being gay is a crime to God? That's why all these things are happening? I have a question for God — that is why I would like to meet God. I know God knows everything," says Mukasa. "He knew that I would be gay. He knew you would be what you are."
This question is quoted from CNN November 27, 2015 report by By David McKenzie and Brent Swails. A certain Jackson Mukasa who is gay, posted these questions after he and his lover were attacked by the people of his social order. Because he posed the question to God and there is indeed only ONE GOD and I am HIS messenger agent (because of the Everlasting Covenant) and this work HIS work, it therefore falls upon me to give the exact correct without incomprehensible explanations and cop outs answer.
Links To The Direct Discussion:   ( – scheduled as: ‘Is Being A Homosexual A Crime’ in the blog ‘A Christian Pilgrimage’ – )
Hints To Answers: This questions basically questions two things: 1. why is being gay a crime (i.e. a sin or a transgression) to GOD and 2. why GOD created him gay (because GOD knew he would be gay). Contextually it is not different from the previous question QAAG04, and questions on evil and why seemingly innocent people suffers. But the answers are significantly (but not essentially) different. The questions on why seemingly innocent people suffers answered one major context of this question, while that of why GOD would create life on earth through the process of Evolution the second major context in the concepts of cause and effect — the cumulative effects of obsessive lust on intelligence and freewill.
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QAAG06: The Christian Bible is full of contradictions. One does need to read very far into the Bible to easily find several of them. In Genesis 1 it was recorded that after God completed each day of creation (of light, plants, animals and man) He pronounced all that He created as good, and lastly as very good (verse 31). But just a few chapter down Genesis in Genesis 6 verses 5 to 7: ‘Then the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. And the Lord was sorry that He had made man on the earth, and He was grieved in His heart. So the Lord said, “I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth, both man and beast, creeping thing and birds of the air, for I am sorry that I have made them.”
Not only does this show up the Christian Bible as being full of contradictions it also conclusively prove that God is totally not all knowing and therefore also totally not all powerful (as you so convincingly expounded in your post ‘GOD’ that to be all powerful means also to be all knowing and all everywhere). Therefore since the Bible had shown conclusively that God is not all knowing it therefore also proof conclusively that God is not all powerful.
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Hints to the answer: All those who posed or asked this types of questions are rules-based hairsplitters. All totally have no clue and understanding at all about the simplest things to communications and equally totally no basic reading and comprehensive abilities meaning. they are technically illiterate who may know how to read but can never comprehend anything they read beyond what it is literally spelt out for them. A good example (and an absolute conclusive without shadow of a doubt proof) is the so called doctrines of Original Sin (i.e. sex is the original sin that led to Adam and Eve so called Fall from Grace and evicted from the Garden of Eden) of the Christmas religion. Another good example would be the Nicene Creed and the Council of Nicaea convene by the pagan Roman Emperor to supposedly united the Christianity.
No one just by reading one verse or several verses; one passage or several passages; one book or several books can then use them in isolation to say this and that about the Scriptures without going into serious error to totally misunderstand what is record, taught and communicated. The entirety of the Christian Holy Scriptures needed to be sincerely, fully and thoroughly studied and read through numerous times to understand anyall verses and passages so that what is being communicated can be truly understood, no verse, passages or even entire book and many books can be used to interpret the message to say that this is what it said, taught or communicated. The whole of the Scriptures. every word, verse, passage and book from Genesis to Revelation, must be studied as one cohesive, coherent, consistent and complete testimony to all that is being testified. By reading any thing at all without considering the whole is where every one sincere or insincere reader and proclaimed and acclaimed Superlative (irregardless as how ultra mega supreme or illustrious) has gone into error. 
That passage of Scriptures (Genesis 6:6 – 7) was meant to or intended to convey (or to carry or to communicate the message) that it was not GOD's will for mankind to embrace evil and to become evil; that GOD did not make mankind evil or intended for them to become evil (Genesis 6:6) but for them to inherit the Kingdom (Matthew 25:34; Luke 12:32; 1 Corinthians 6:9 – 10) that was why there is a verse 8, all that followed from after verse 7 (Genesis 6:8 – 22). That was also why GOD created mankind, male and female, out of dust and not composed fully of Spirit as the Spirit Angels of Heaven. Likewise too, that was the reason there was a Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil that brings death in the Garden of Eden, as also a Tree of Life which imparts forever (eternal) life, because GOD already knew before HE created mankind that all would fully turn to evil completely.
The entire communication of Genesis 6 was meant to highlight (i.e. clearly spelt out) the difference between what is GOD's will (i.e. an intent) and what GOD allowed (i.e. a concession) so that the fullness of HIS intent, HIS will and good pleasure, can be worked out and completed.
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