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Why Do Innocents Suffer Part 2 – Not Right That Innocents Should Suffer

Readers' Question: Why Do Innocents Suffer If GOD Is Just.
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Part 2 – Not Right That Innocents Should Suffer
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Isn't It Not Right (And Unjust) That Those Who Are Innocent And Have Never Done Any Evil Should Suffer? [allEv]

This is the essential truth about our reality as free will intelligent self aware creatures which the Scriptures emphasized, and this is that as long as evil exist in the creatures, all creation will ultimately in a time period up to eternity, will be imparted and harmed by its spiraling ravages.

“It is just not right for someone innocent (especially babies and young children) who have not done any evil (or wrongs) to be made to suffer and be subjected to suffering. This is especially when many to most who have done very great evils continue to live in power, prosperity, popularity, wellness, wealth, fitness andor health.”

In the strictest technical sense that would be absolutely true that those who are innocent and blameless of having done any evil should not be subjected to punishment. And if we were to view suffering only as a form of punishment as is the implicit or explicit beliefs of near all religions including the three main so called Abrahamic religions including most to near all of  the Elect of GOD of both the Old  (Job 5, 8, 11, 15:17 – 35, 18, 20, 22; John 9:34) and New Testament (John 9:2; Acts 28:4; 1 Thessalonians 3:3; James 1:13, 5:15) periods right up to this very day, for those who are guilty of doing evil or doing wrong then it would be indeed unjust and not right for GOD to punish those who are innocent and blameless of doing evil. But suffering is not necessarily definitive as something that only befalls those who are evil whom GOD is punishing at any point of time during the process of their lifetime.

And here is where all those who posed questions such as ‘Why Do Innocents Suffer If God is Justare either: dumb (not having intelligence); or stupid (having intelligence but chose to be stupid); or very arrogantly and brazenly wicked (despite being very ingenuously smart and intelligence purposely pretending not to understand the concept of cause and effects while thinking to themselves just how incredibly smart and wise they are because they arrogantly in deliberated stupidity believe that they have conclusively proven that a God who is good cannot exist because of all their “ultra mega supremely brilliantly ingenious” questions).

Suffering is a consequence of evil (in the creation), the consequential spiraling effects of evil in the creation and not necessarily acts of punishment from GOD contrary to the evil lies of the evil proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of religions. GOD in HIS infinite (i.e. total and complete absolutely unlimited) knowledge and wisdom has ordained (i.e. created, and established or instituted to a purpose) a physical realm where the effects of evil can be swiftly catalyzed and magnified so that the lessons of evil in the suffering and destruction which evil causes can be fully understood by HIS creatures personages, both the Spirit Angels of Heaven and mankind, in the process and short time frame that GOD had set (i.e. determined and apportioned) before time began.

Anyone who have sincerely and thoroughly studied to find out the truth about what the Christian Holy Scriptures recorded and teaches would (or should anyway) know and understand that even though GOD had acted on several occasions in the past (and also will act at any time according to HIS purpose) to punish andor destroyed the wicked as a stop gap measure against evil in the social order of mankind, this is done not so much to punish but more to thwart and slow the pace of evil in the creation to allow for the GOD ordained process and timeframe (Ecclesiastes 3) for evil to be fully and completely expressed by, and exposed in the motives behind the conduct of the creature personages so that those personages willing to learn to make a determination for themselves may understand how evil is connected to their conduct and behaviors.

Here is another one very simple thing (i.e. concept) that a world social order fill to overflowing with ultra mega super supremely intelligently ‘enlightened’ ultra mega super supreme geniuses all in total complete deliberated stupidity absolutely refused to understand. And this is that unless punishment for evil and the destruction of the wicked is thorough and complete (as opposed to selective and incomplete), it cannot check the spread of, much less stop the spread of evil in a social order. This has been the reason today we hear of all these ultra mega super supremely intelligently ‘enlightened’ ultra mega super supreme geniuses proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of the social order of mankind in deliberated stupidity very loudly and arrogantly declaring, proclaiming, acclaiming and pronouncing that criminal penalties do not and cannot deter much less stop crime.

This GOD does more as an indication (because there is no finality or end to these acts of punishment and destruction, they are just on going piece meal acts, done to slow the progression of evil in the creation for and until the appointed time to end it) or Type to the Actual final punishment and correction in the Great White Throne Judgment (which will put an end to all evil in the whole creation) when all mankind who have ever lived will be thoroughly punished for their sins and evils, finally correcting most, and completely destroying ALL the rest (in ‘Gehenna’ fire) who refused to mend their ways , who refused to be corrected (Revelation 21:8), forever.

As the unrepentant evil doers of the Antediluvian Age (regardless of sexual orientation or ages) were all (except the LORD GOD reserved and preserved righteous Noah and his immediately family and their spouses) punished and destroyed (their lives terminated), likewise in the soon coming Day of the LORD, all of evil unrepentant mankind (irregardless of sexual orientation or age) except for a ten percent (including all the Saints but not all the Elect, and some of the genealogical descendants of the Biblical Patriarch Jacob) living in those time whom GOD will again reserve and preserve from that day of Judgment which is a Type to the Actual Judgment Day aka the Great White Throne Judgment of the Second Resurrection (Revelation 20:5, 11 – 15).

The actual Final Judgment aka the Great White Throne Judgment is where all (every man, woman and child, yes children and babies too) who have ever lived who were not resurrected and changed into immortal Spirit personages in the First Resurrection will be judged (as the judicial process to mete out justice) and according punished for all their sins (all the evils they committed in communications andor acts) during the period of the first lifetime (which this contemporary period of the Age of Man through to time prior to the Final Judgement). The period (i.e. the entire duration) called the Tribulation in the Scriptures will see great unparalleled sufferings and deaths fall on all mankind (and yes babies and children too) including all creatures of the planet both as the ultimate expression of the wrath of Satan the Devil, the god of all the ungodly, as well as punishment from GOD (in the one year Day of the LORD) as Type to the Actual Final Judgment.

The Final Judgment is the final process of the creation of mankind made in the image and likeness of GOD after which all those accounted worthy (for bearing their punishment in sincere contrite remorse and without bitterness and anger) too will receive immortality just as all those who were party to the First Resurrection had over a thousand years before them. The punishment of the Final Judgment is from the context of justice, retribution and the final settling of accounts (Genesis 9:5; Exodus 32:34; Luke 12:47, 48; Revelation 11:18, 20:12, 13), as well as a test of true repentance.

However not everyone resurrected back to life for the Final Judgment will be punished, only those guilty of committing evils (i.e. sins) in their first lifetime. This second lifetime and second chance is not the same as our first life, there will be no more pursuit of lust (which does not mean that there will be no more lust), no parents and children, and no marriage covenants, just labors (as part of education) and education. The entirety of the process to perfecting and completing the creation (to rid it of evil forever) is really all about education, to be educated through hard knock absolute proofs that the creature personage may if they so choose, to fully understand what evil is. This is because freewill is all about being effectively intelligent in making use of knowledge to conduct ourselves in the process of our lives in the best, most beneficial and conducive manner for all and sundry.

Even as babies and children may not be directly complicit with the evil practices of their parents and supervising adults, they belong to the same household as their parents and are a part of it and therefore share their fate. This is the concept of shared or common fate arising from being part of, party to, aligned with, and of being connected, from having some sort of bond or common social values. That is why the Scriptures stressed so heavily on the man as the definitive authority and head (with only nominal references to the wives, children and other members of the household from the slaves to even the paid servants living within the household) over the family.

Common fate is the same concept whether for good or for evil. The wife, sons and daughters-in-law of Noah, were all spared and saved from the Antediluvian destruction even when Noah was the only one found to be righteous before GOD. The same is also true when Lot was led to safety before the destruction of the twin cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, his wife and daughters too were included. But Lot's married daughters and their husbands were not included even as Lot had warned their husbands to flee (with their families) the twin cities but they did not believe, clearly showing the separation of the family unit and also too their social values (i.e. they did not believe in the same God) from those of Lot.

It should be noted that in ancient times, from as far back as we have historical records until beginning from around three hundred years ago (when a slow progressive change began with the Industrial Revolution) the social values and consequently the life expression of conduct and social values is rooted in the social norm of the prevailing social order which were centered on livelihood framed by irrational beliefs, taboos and superstitions. In such a confining social order, babies invariably grow up into copies (from the context of social behavior and conduct) of their parents and other adults expressing the same life values and social (including religious) behaviors.

Today in many backward (especially agrarian, though not exclusively) nations (or certain areas within nations) this is still predominantly to almost totally true. The advent of modern formalized and institutionalized academic higher education especially tertiary education together with global mass communication and an easier and speedier travel, have empowered more individuals to strike out from the social norms, values and preoccupation to explore and adopt values outside of those inculcated through their social norms and social order. But even with this the spiral of entrenched evil is unbroken.

In all the varying social orders of the world today, all babies still invariably grow up to be adults of varying degrees (i.e. extend) of wickedness. As the Scriptures testified, ‘There is none righteous, no, not one’. More will be discussed on what is meant by being blameless and righteous as opposed to being innocent in a later part (Part 6 – The Current World Order) of this discussion.

The Scriptural family concept by extension (from the context of authority) includes the king or political ruler of a nation or nations, treating the ruler(s) and those ruled as one (family or nation, or even company of nations), bound together to the same collective fate (one common entity under the same ruling authority). Let's us not forget (i.e. deliberately pretend stupidity) that every adult was once a child and no adult is ever innocent of having done evil (Genesis 6:5, 8:21; Psalm 14:3, 53:3; Romans 3:10, 12) and that the life expression values of any social order is essentially the common value expressed as the social norm.

The concept of household (i.e. family unit) and nationhood embodies the concepts of collective responsibility as well as a collective fate. An example of collective fate is if the captain of a ship sinks the ship (through whatever acts deliberate or otherwise), all aboard too will go into the sea. The planet earth is a common habitat and dominion, if the earth is destroyed, all living in it too will be destroyed irregardless of whether they or for that matter anyone at all have a hand in its destruction. Collective fate is one of the key doctrines of the Christian Holy Scriptures described in accounts such as in: the Antediluvian Age; the twin cities of Sodom and Gomorrah; the fate of the two ancient Kingdoms of Israel and Judah; and numerous other accounts. It is also something very commonly witnessed in wars and other conflicts, natural disasters, disease outbreaks and famines.

In the social order of mankind as far back as we have historical records, we witnessed not only nations and families whether in times of famine, disease, natural calamity, conflict (whether personal, tribal or national) and war; peoples sharing some sort of social links (especially through living in the same geographical location) often perished or are afflicted (by these causes), together. Today it is still mostly the same, even when we travel together in any vehicle of transport, or live in the same building, when the vehicle we are in crashes or when the building we are burned down or collapse respectively, all those in it who were not able to escape (by chance or by vigilance) commonly all perish together.

The obvious evident truth witnessed fully and extensively today is that evil in the irresponsible acts of the general population of the world have seen the seas filled with rubbish waste, air in many major cities filled with smog (i.e. smoke from the emission of factories and transport vehicles, land clearing by burning, burning of construction and agricultural waste, human left trash, that has been politically correctly termed as haze by the nations). For nearly two decades now the clearing of forest for land by burning in Sumatra and Borneo has resulted in the air of neighboring countries (especially Sumatra, Singapore and Malaysia) polluted with unhealthy to hazardous haze (i.e. smog). This is the reality of our existence in a common dominion, a shared dominion.

In as much as sincere and faithful Christians separate (or should anyway) themselves from the evil activities of the whole of lust driven mankind, collective fate also confines all of them (albeit with the necessary merciful intervention by GOD to protect andor to deliver the righteous, as per HIS will and purpose) to the same suffering of diseases, natural calamities and other harm that are part and parcel to the life on this planet that has essentially (i.e. for the most part) been left (by GOD) to its own devices (i.e. left to the natural order of earth bound animal and plant life and the forces that is the physical nature of the planet and the physical universe).

Some may feel that this makes GOD unjust to treat children as a part together with their parents, and to treat the citizenry (i.e. the subject members of a nation) as part and parcel of the nation. But the reality is unless the children separate from their parents and likewise unless a citizen separate (Revelation 18:4) from a nation (also equally true for Christians who shared a common living space with the perishing nation or social order), the same fate that befalls the nation in war befalls everyone living in the affected territorial confines of that nation. This also applies economically.

This is one of the most crucial aspect to the lesson about evil being linked to its social order; that as long as there is evil in the social order, no one in it can expect that the harm spawned and generated from the evil will not affect them at all especially when we are to consider this in the context of eternity and when evil is not being restrained.

If you think the Christian Holy Scriptures can be believed, you would (or should anyway) know that without restrains (i.e. unchecked) evil will eventually consume the entirety of the social order as had been absolutely proven in the Antediluvian Age and the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. This is an essential reality and truth which the Scriptures emphasized, and this is that as long as evil exist in the creature, all creation will ultimately in the time period of eternity, will be imparted and harmed by its spiraling ravages.

Innocence and being innocent do not and cannot entitle or earn you anything. Trees, rocks and stones (and even all instinctive behaviors of animals) are innocent behaviors either form the context of not being able to do anything (evil) or from the context of a programmed or automated behavior.

Among the most basic things we (if we are not totally technically insane) would (or should anyway) understand about our reality (even just the planet earth) the physical universe is that everything exist through and from the concepts of causes and effects. That our reality (time, space and whatever other fields, waves, particles, forces, energy, etc.) is enable (made possible) by the processes of causes and effects. And understanding this very simple thing, we would (or should anyway) both perceive and know that the issue of evil is not about being able or being unable to do evil, but about refusing to do, refusing to take to the path of evil. Evil then is a matter of decision based choice and not of ability or functionality.

Even the faithfuls of GOD cannot expect nor demand GOD to protect andor deliver them from the trials and travails (including sufferings of persecution and torture and even a horrible death) of this existence. This is especially true when they are not separated from, or unable to separate from, places where these persecutions are taking place.

This is because GOD promise to the them through New Covenant (which only applies to the true Christian not all the fake and fraudulent ones) is more about the inheritance and reward (including immortality) they will receive at the time when LORD JESUS returns in the Second Advent. This same Covenant also required the faithful Christians to prove at anyall times and under all conditions, their faithfulness and sincerity to this Covenant no matter what befalls them (John 12:25; Luke 21:16). So if even the righteous cannot expect to not have to suffer in this life, why would anyone else think or imagined they have any right to expect as such?

Fact is, even now in the last days of the Age of Man, as GOD loosen the checks (i.e. the mitigating restraints) on evil in the world, evil has already consumed nearly the entirety of all the self perceived supremely enlightened, merciful and holier than GOD nations of the world where the ‘politically correct’ social values are already exactly those of Sodom and Gomorrah which had led to the destruction of these twin cities by fire from heaven (Genesis 19:24; Luke 17:28 – 30; 2 Peter 3:7).

If we are fully a part of a social order that is evil we cannot absolve ourselves of guilt for the evils committed in and by the social order unless we are actively warring (i.e. in full conflict) against its evils and not participating (i.e. the complicity of participation), endorsing (i.e. participation via approval) and contributing to (i.e. culpability from being a part of) its activities that are evil. That is the reason the Scriptures clearly and explicitly commanded true Christian to be not part of the world, to not love any part of the social order of humankind (John 12:25, 15:19, 17:14 – 16; 1 John 2:15).

Christians are admonished to never be yoke together (i.e. have a share) with those who are evil, meaning that Christians, should not if they have a choice (to get out), be living in places where explicit brazen evils abound. These are in the concepts of complicity by association andor culpability by allegiance. If you find yourself living in a place where evil abounds lurking in every nook and cranny, you should endeavor to move away and not be adamant in continuing to stay there. As this world progresses towards the End of the Age, Christian will have great difficulty finding a place to shelter from the near full scale evils that will engulf near the entirety of this world.

In the account on and about Sodom and Gomorrah, how many of the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of supreme Bible expertise and knowledge understood (to then consequently teach) that as Lot was living in and therefore complicit by association to the sins of these two cities, Lot too shared their fate (even as Lot did not participate in the evil and was greatly grieved by the evil he witnessed daily but yet “strangely” he chose to remain) when the twin cities were conquered and all their inhabitants (including Lot and his family and all their properties) were carried off as captive slaves. And when the twin cities were destroyed by fire from heaven, Lot and his entire family too would have perished except for Abraham's plea to GOD thereby standing in the gap (Ezekiel 22:30) and GOD spared Lot and his two daughters (his wife perishing because she willfully disobeyed the command not to look back). Just as Abraham rescued Lot and the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah after they had been taken captive, Abraham too pleaded (though in a very indirect manner) for Lot to be spared (Genesis 18:16 – 32) from the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

The whole account of Genesis 18 is not just so much meaningless ramblings. Anyone who has sincerely, thoroughly and carefully (which by the way if anyone ‘sincere’ hasn't, they should stop pretending stupidity so they can brazenly pretended to be sincere) studied the Scriptures, they would (or should anyway) know that Lot was typical of all Christians who loved the social order of the world (1 John 2:15). When the Church of GOD of the first Laodicean administration began to fall away turning to apostasy, many to most in that once globe spanning Church administration actually rejoiced that they could now do all the things they weren't able to during the Philadelphia era, revealing just how much these Elect actually lusted after the world. This they do, when all the while pretending to love GOD, just so as to seek to save (John 12:25) their own skins (i.e. they were frighten into senseless stupidity to become Christians). For the discussion on the sins of Lot and his two daughters please read the post, ‘Sinners Or Saints – Which’ in the blog, ‘The End Of The World’ by this author.

This means that Christians are not to have any part of the social political process and activities (i.e. political activism) of the nations of the world. Included too are abusive (i.e. harmful to others whether one or many) and exploitative economic and social activities as well as activities that are contributory to shaping andor defining the values of the social order (i.e. social activism). These are activities symbolized in the Scriptures as harlotry; of seeking allegiance with the world's paganism.

Earning a livelihood in employment too is forbidden (i.e. is a sin) if the employment requires the Christian to be an active participant to become complicit in, and to, defining the social political order (i.e. reinforcing, changing andor shaping the social norms and values). You can't willingly (for whatever reasons) have your hand in something then pretend that you find it abhorrent. This would (in case anyone should choose to pretend stupidity to be able to not understand) be brazen bigotry and hypocrisy.

Any activities that endeavor to influence, manipulate andor impact on, whether these are to retain and maintain, or to shape, reshape and change the social values and political order are activities that true Christians must steer clear of. This does not mean that Christian must steer clear of absolutely all ‘worldly’ activities (John 17:15) but only those which would caused them to participate or be involved with evils in manipulative, deceptive, exploitative (as to take advantage of someone in a socially weakened position) and non conducive harmful activities. All political and social activism of this current world order involve deceptive, manipulative and exploitative conduct, behavior and agenda targeting human lust to achieve their goals. This is equally true with all religious activities of all the religions of this world.

No doubt many of the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of ultra mega ingenious brilliant knowledge, intelligence and enlightenment may retort that religion is basically just another type of or expression for social political activism. And that would be absolutely correct with regards to the religions of this world especially the two greatest evil main so called Abrahamic religions.

In the discussion ‘Christianity – Know The Basics’ we have discussed how true Christianity is not a religion as the word ‘religion’is defined and understood by all of mankind, but that it is actually a binding agreement (i.e. Covenant in Biblical terminology) made with the LORD JESUS (of the Biblical Gospel accounts) and HIS FATHER and GOD.

And as with any legally binding agreement it has terms that all parties (including the LORD JESUS and HIS FATHER) to the agreement must honor and perform (i.e. obey and carry out). So while it is totally true that the religions of the world are essentially types of social andor political activism where the discipleship and believers of these religions act to convert all to their values and belief systems, however faithful believing (as opposed to lying self advancing) true Christians basically testify to the truth in the message of the Gospel and the record of the Christian Holy Scriptures leaving it to people to make up their own minds whether to believe as well as whether to do anything (i.e. to commit or not commit themselves to these truths) if they actually believe (Matthew 19:16 – 22). No doubt some may deliberately pretend stupidity so they can dispute this claiming that JESUS in the Gospel accounts went around trying to convince the Jews to believe HIM. This will be discussed in greater details in the post, ‘Why True Christianity Had Remain A Small Flock’ of the blog ‘A Christian Pilgrimage’.

Even in the true Christianity, the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives for the most part (i.e. almost all of them with notable exceptions) too use manipulation and deception to advance themselves rather than to sincerely seek to be faithful to their covenant with GOD to faithful without self magnifying ego gorging lust preach the message of the Gospel and teaching the truth of GOD recorded in the Scripture of Truth. That is the reason the Scriptures recorded, ‘There is none who understands; there is none who seeks after God. They have all turned aside; they have together become unprofitable; there is none who does good, no, not one’ and ‘For there is not a just man on earth who does good and does not sin.’

This is one of the reason why the Church of GOD was intended by GOD to remain a small flock (Luke 12:32) throughout her journey through the centuries until the Second Advent, and never to be a significant group of faithfuls much less one that would rule over a nation or multiple nations (Revelation 17:1, 15). This is so the Church and the faithfuls will not be part of or be contributory (significantly as to become party) to molding or shaping the social political order of this Age of Man. Here is where the three so called Abrahamic religions are fully exposed as from Satan the Devil as Satan's vehicle to get mankind to engineered a global (Matthew 4:8 – 9) evil blasphemous social religious political order to blaspheme (malign and slander) GOD to the maximum.

Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.
Matthew 7:14

Each time the Church of GOD during her journey through the centuries grew significantly (as happened during the Apostolic and post Apostolic period, and again beginning from the Philadelphia period) evils grew in it and would have consume all of it had not GOD intervened and moved the Church into the next era starting a new administration (outside of and apart from the previous one that had begun to fail) letting evil over take and consume almost all or all of the previous era.

This is the reason the Church of GOD beginning from the Apostolic days through the centuries is never one continuous unbroken administrative lineage (as had been the case with the Great Harlot Church) but consisted of seven separated eras some having several succeeding Messengers (i.e. Angels or human leaders) before the era (in its continuous administrative lineage) came to an end. Freewill is freewill, when the people of GOD turn away from (i.e. do not seek) GOD to embrace fully evil in rejecting the correction HE sent, GOD let them be overtaken by the evil; not always the same evil but evils nonetheless. In a later part of this discussion, ‘Part 5 – The Conviction Point’, we will discussed the definitive conviction point that separates (Matthew 25:32 – 33) the sheep (the sincere repentant Christians) from the goats (the unrepentant lust driven rejects going into perdition). A point of interest is that the English term ‘sheep’ do not have a plural form whereas ‘goat’ does.

The true message of the Gospel is never to be a world changing or impacting message in this current world order because the world will not, will refuse to, believe it to the extent that they would even seek to murder those who preach it so to stop it from being preach (John 15:18 – 19). That had been the reason for the destruction of the Antediluvian Age to be followed by the instituting of the Rainbow Covenant to bind all those spared from that destruction to a requirement through which all will be brought to account for their conduct in the process of their lives during this lifetime.

The Rainbow Covenant is instituted and ordained by GOD to bind all those (including all the progeny) who were saved and spared from the Antediluvian destruction (who would no longer have GOD as their God) to the saving CREATOR's requirement to not seek to harm one another. And it is through and by this requirement (on all mankind from that period) which all will all ultimately be brought into account (Genesis 9:5).

The entirety of the message of the Christian Holy Scriptures testified to this enmity and rebellion of all mankind against GOD starting from the Antediluvian Age through after the Rainbow Covenant, the failures of the ancient Kingdom of Israel and Judah, and the murder of JESUS CHRIST, to the persecution, torture and murder of true Christian (from after the founding of the Church of GOD in 30 C.E.) first by the Jews of nascent Judaism, then imperial Rome and finally the Great Harlot and her harlot daughters through the centuries to this very day.

Today, everyone who preaches the true message of the Gospel will have a host of people (and even institutional entities) out to discredit and malign them, usually targeting their character so as to indirectly blasphemed and maligned GOD as stupid (because GOD is using these ‘degenerate low life’ Christians to preach HIS truth). And this author anticipates the same to happen (if it had not already begun) to this author and this work once this work begins to get any significant attention. While this work still has only a very small audience the enemies (the agents and servants of Satan the Devil) will ignore this work so as not to call attention it and thus have all their explicitly evil blasphemous doctrines exposed to the world. Nonetheless Satan the Devil has been doing all he has the impunity to, to hinder, thwart and stop this work.

Perpetrators And Victims

The first victims of evil are most commonly those who are powerless, unable to resist or defend themselves. That is in essence what those who are evil do, they mainly target and seek out those who are easy to prey on, those who would not put up a fight or much of a fight against them to resist them. It is a known fact that more babies and young children are killed or harm by their own family members (and these include their own parents) and people close and known to them than by total strangers.

Through the centuries for more than a thousand years, from the Apostolic years through the dark ages of European civilization, thousands to hundreds of thousands of innocent and faithful true Christians were persecuted, tortured and murdered (Revelation 17:6) by the pagan Imperial Rome and later by the political orders ruling much of Europe at the behest of the discipleship and masters of the Great Harlot Church (Revelation 17:4 - 6). All, these tortures and murders were carried by the political rulers and those who wield authoritative power and were widely supported by the citizenry of those nations. So it might be convenient to point a finger at the Great Harlot and the rulers but in most if not all cases the citizenry were either active or passive supporters of these heinous deeds.

Beginning from the period after Protestant Reformation, the Great Harlot Church slowly over a period of centuries lost much of her diabolical political sway over the rulers of the nations of Europe such that she can no longer openly persecute all and sundry who would not accede to her evil doctrines. And by today (as has been from a century and more before) her victims are mostly young children (boys and girls) too young and innocent to know or be able to fight back; they are still mostly the innocent and defenseless, all those who are unable to fend her off or expose her vile evil deeds.

Some (deliberately pretending stupidity) may protest that these sexual abuses and rapes were carried out without the knowledge of the leaders of that evil Church. That would be nothing but a blatant convenient lie. The scale of unabated abuses (that spanned centuries and encompassed multiple nations) cannot have taken place without the complicity of the leaders all the way to the very top and all throughout those times until even today. But the human social order and justice system obviously and very, very conveniently and clearly chose to ignore andor stayed muted to all these atrocities for centuries upon centuries until this very current century just only in the last few decades where a global social political order begins to put more power into the hands of the general masses.

And if you think you can believe the testimonies in the records of the Christian Holy Scriptures, you would (or should anyway) know that in around a couple of decades time (from 2012 C.E), the Great Harlot Church, through her alliance with the eighth Beast power (Revelation 13:12 - 15), will again begin her centuries old murderous rampages against all those who will not accede to obey her doctrines and particularly all those who will refuse to break the commandments of GOD and the New Covenant mediated by JESUS CHRIST.

But that is not all, almost all the whole population of this planet will at that time be active participants to these persecutions, tortures and murders (Revelation 13:14; Matthew 24:9 - 10; John 16:2 -3). This will be when near all of lust driven mankind will be both scared witless by and lust proxified to, a “miraculous” recovery of the Beast (the eight) power from a death wound which would be followed not long after by a “miracle” performing prophet of the Great Harlot Church making fire come down heaven in the sight of man (Revelation 13:13).

Here is a question for all those who are reading this especially those who find the question of how if GOD being good why are the innocent little children and babies not protected from suffering. Ask yourself whether will you be complicit with the Great Harlot and the Beast in the persecution, torture and murder of the Saints and Elect of GOD when that time comes?

That time is not so far away that those who are not nearing the end of their life now will not see it and be a part of it. Don't be too confident that you will not be among the persecutors and murderers of the Saints of GOD. Greater and better men (includes women) have done so, from the general Jewish population living during the time of JESUS and the Apostles to all those centuries when the Great Harlot wielded political power through her sway over the political and military rulers of the nations of greater Europe spanning Asia and the Americas. And less anyone deliberately pretend stupid so as to be able to deny or pretend not to know, for centuries as the Great Harlot Church's reverent fathers (aka holy gods) repeatedly rape and sexually abused young boys and girls, none of the great, powerful and illustrious men (includes women) of those countries from then to this very day raise even the slightest peep let alone confront all these vile evil deeds.

What About Illness And Diseases? How about Accidents And Harm From Natural Causes? [unin]

For those among humankind who still have the hearts of human kindness and love, the suffering of a love one is always harder to bear than if we are the actual ones suffering. And no such suffering is more distressing to witness than when a young helpless child is the victim. With every loving doting parent (as opposed to those fully wicked evils among mankind for whom everyone and everything is just another opportunity to advance their agenda andor to satisfy their lust and greed) the suffering of little children and babies whether their very own or not, is always a great heart rending emotional distress. And there is no greater distress for a parent than when their own children are gravely ill or horribly stricken.

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.
John 3:16 – 17

And for this reason, the GOD of love, has given HIS only begotten SON to die a horrible death at the hands of those who hated HIM, to pay the penalty for all of humankind's sins (i.e. all the evils we have committed), that we may understand and fully appreciate the horrific consequences and results of living a life in the reckless and careless pursuit of our agenda and expediencies regardless of the evil and suffering we are causing to others and ultimately to ourselves and those that we love.

For every lie we tell, for every deceitful act or word, for each and every selfish thought and act, we are the sowers and perpetrators of the evil that is wreaking harm and suffering to all and sundry. We are the cause of the illnesses, diseases and abuses to the little children, because we either willingly or willfully rejected and rebelled against GOD's loving rule, providence and protection, choosing instead to be ruled over by Satan the Devil to obey (Roman 6:16) his lust driven expression of life (John 8:44). GOD allowed us to be ruled by our lusts, to be ruled by leaders and rulers after our own hearts, after our own deceitful lust driven evil seeking hearts (Genesis 6:5).

Our hands are not clean and our hearts are not pure of evil. And when we turn to GOD and asked HIM why there is suffering as if our hands have not sown it and our hearts have not conceived it, we are adding to the very evil that we sow each day. We are blaming the righteous and slandering the ALMIGHTY GOD WHO only wanted good and happiness (that is blessedness) for us had we not chosen lust fueled insanity in refusing to trust GOD enough to obey HIM for our own good, well fare, well being and eternity.

So you shall serve the Lord your God, and He will bless your bread and your water. And I will take sickness away from the midst of you. No one shall suffer miscarriage or be barren in your land; I will fulfill the number of your days.
Exodus 23:25 – 26

For we have all rejected HIM and went on to choose, to do and pursue evil in the process of our lives – in the thoughts we think and harbor, in the words we speak to one another and our daily pursuit to satisfy ourselves and get what we need andor want without any real sincere thought or care about how all these affect others around us and the environment we have our lives and existence in.

If you think you can believe the records of the Christian Holy Scriptures, nearly two thousand years ago JESUS CHRIST became a man just like you and me. And HE did so in order that we may understand how much and how without reservation the GOD WHO created us loved us. That we may understand the CREATOR GOD is not a GOD WHO sits in an ivory towel untouchable and unaffected by the suffering of all of mankind.

So for those of you who think you can believe the records of the Scripture Of Truth and all of you who make the claim that you believe them, then believe this and understand this – that the LORD GOD of the Old Testament (or Old Covenant), WHO spoke to Moses and the children (who were the genealogical descendants) of Israel at Mount Sinai and gave them the Ten Commandments as their covenant with HIM; the Ten Commandment Covenant by which they became HIS people (the subjects or citizenry of HIS Kingdom) that they might inherit the land promised to the Patriarch Abraham, HE divested HIMSELF of all HIS UNLIMITED POWER and IMMORTALITY to become a severely limited human being exactly as you and I are severely limited human beings.

HE became a severely limited mortal man like everyone of us who need the physical sustenance of air, water and nutrients to continue on living our temporary lives constrained and limited by all that we are constrained and limited by. HE was born exactly the same way the majority of mankind was born and grew from being a baby to adulthood exactly as all of us so born have. HE lived through the daily process of life that all of us go through, with all the pangs of thirst and hunger, with all the feeling of weariness, tiredness and sleepiness, with all emotions that we go through. HE did all this in order that we may know and understand HIS ultimate purpose for us when HE created the first family of mankind, Adam and his wife Eve, in HIS image and likeness and brought them to temporary physical (as opposed to eternal Spiritual) life.

As a SON of man vulnerable to all the weakness and travails of the flesh and the labors of this physical temporary life, HE labored against wicked men to testify of GOD's love for us and the blessedness of a life free from thirst, hunger, pain and all suffering that awaits us all if only we would stop sowing and perpetuating evil and wickedness in our pursuit of our desires, goals and agenda through the process of our lives. And as a SON of man in HIS three and half years ministry testifying to the Gospel message HE fed the hungry, healed the sick, make whole the lame and the blind, and raise the dead back to life.

All this HE did so that we might know and understand that it is not GOD's intent that we should be stricken by diseases and illnesses, maimed or crippled and that suffering and death cannot hold us in its grip if only we would turn fully to trust and have faith in the all powerful GOD who created us in HIS image and likeness that we might be HIS Children, Children conceived and born in HIS HOLY SPIRIT.

From all that the Christian Holy Scriptures very clearly testified to in all that it had recorded for us, we should know and understand all these things, if our hearts is indeed sincere, to truly want to love one another enough to forsake the wickedness that have been our lives' pursuit from the time of our infancy. It is a pursuit that has continually brought harm and suffering; immediately, progressively and cumulatively to all its victims, innocent or otherwise in the social order of mankind.

Diseases and illness as also natural calamities of the forces of nature no doubt are very much part of the existential reality of life on the physical plane, and especially evident on this planet earth through its progression in the billions of years of its existence before we (mankind made in the image and likeness of GOD) even arrive on the scene. But that does not mean that mankind was created to suffer (so that they be afflicted with) horrible illness and diseases or to suffer injuries, harm and death. That had been the reason when GOD created Adam and Eve HE placed them in a special garden (i.e. paradise) on earth that HE might protect and provide for them from all the harm that is outside of the Garden of Eden.

During JESUS' ministry of three and a half years testifying to the message of the Gospel to the Jewish people, HE healed many who were sick and restored their sights and limbs. HE even brought back to life some who have died. All this HE did to show (as a Type to) us that it was not GOD's intention to subject mankind (made in HIS image and likeness) to suffer genetic mutations, illness and deformities or even death. That was the reason GOD planted a special Paradise Garden for the first family of mankind to provide for all their needs and to shield (as in protect) them from the inherent danger in the natural creationary forces of the planet earth.

In fact when GOD first made man in HIS image and likeness, male and female, HE did not make them and grant them life so that they would die even as HE had made them from the dust (that is physical material of the physical universe). This HE did (made them from dust) in order that they might appreciate that their life and well being is dependent upon the choices they make in the ordering of the process of their lives. That was the specific reason HE placed them in a special Garden that HE had planted for them that would be conducive to their life, happiness and well being, a Garden planted and furnished with all the elements that would be supportive and conducive for a life free from danger, harm and suffering. That was also the specific reason there was a Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil that would bring death (including as a consequent, all manner of suffering, diseases of all sorts also part and parcel) onto them planted in the Garden of Eden. A tree they were expressly and explicitly forbidden to eat from, the consequences of eating the fruits clearly spelled out for them.

And if you think you can believe the records of the Christian Holy Scriptures, the very first man born of a woman created in the image and likeness of GOD murdered his younger sibling who was innocent of having done him any wrong at all. Abel suffered a brutal violent death at the hands of his own older brother for no other reason than that he had a good attitude (of sincere gratitude and thankful appreciation of his CREATOR) and conducted his life accordingly (i.e. rightly).

And if you would believe the records of the Scripture Of Truth then you would (or should anyway) know that during the over one and a half thousand years before the flood of Noah, no members of mankind fell sick or became ill and that the main causes of death during that age was old age and murder. Even as the first blameless and righteous man born of a woman was murdered by his own elder brother, the second blameless and righteous man almost suffered the same fate at the hands of his kindred. This man was Enoch, the seventh from Adam whom GOD took away, and he was no more, GOD spared him from suffering the pangs of a horrible brutal death at the hands of his kindred and neighbors.

As intelligent freewill self aware personages, we have been granted a mind that can understand complex issues of our existential realm, our physical earth and by extension our universe. At no time prior to the last fifty years and especially the last ten years has more information and knowledge been place within a hand's reach of nearly half of the over seven billion people alive today (C.E. 2012 to 2016). At no time in the nearly six thousand years history (or ten thousand to several million years depending on which supreme scientific fact you choose to believe and believe in) than today have we understood that knowledge is power, extremely great power. Today knowledge of all sorts has enable the social order of mankind to attain to incredulous power unimaginable by our forefathers throughout the years of the Scripture records, or for that matter even just around a hundred years ago.

With all these knowledge that we currently hold of all things pertaining to our earth and universe and the existential realities of life on this planet it surely is, surely must be, inconceivable that the simple records of the Christian Holy Scriptures could still today of all times, be not only not understood, and not believed yet twisted into all manner of explicitly evil lies by the three main explicitly evil so called Abrahamic religions and by all mankind both religious and non religious who have plagiarized it then twist and add spins to it to advance themselves as the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of whatever they lusted to be the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of.

Today over three billion people (or around three quarter that number if we were to just count only those twelve years and older) claimed to directly believe in the CREATOR GOD of Abraham, all of them claiming to trace their religions (i.e. the three main as well as the numerous thousands of minor ones, of so called Abrahamic religions), the basis for their religions, to the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. And if you think this author can be believed, even as this author had clearly, plainly and conclusively proven all his assertions through this work, almost none of them, almost not a single one of these three billion people – yes, that even included nearly all of the Elect through the New Covenant – really truly believe in GOD at all. They only believed whatever it is convenient so they can attain power whether real or perceived (in self deception that they may appear to themselves to be supremely enlightened and intelligent) andor to get whatever they want to get or hope to get, now andor after they die and are dead.

Almost all the reasons for people to believe in GOD is lust centered, motivated by lust even when these lusts are expressed as ridiculous fears and irrational phobias. Lust centered and lust driven “faith” or beliefs is neither faith nor beliefs but just plain pure unfiltered lust and such can never attain to anything but only evil motivations and intents. That is the definitive to all those who do evil, their motivations is always to satisfy any and all manners of lust from those which are: sensory (pertaining to the five senses of taste, touch, sight, smell and sounds in drugs, sensory stimulants, sex, aroma, food, drinks, etc); or material (ownership or possession of all things tangible from monetary and property wealth to people, animals and collections of all sorts); or psychological (ownership or perceived ownership of desirable intangibles such as authority, power, supremacy, popularity, fame, beauty, desirability, adoration, prestige, honor and/or honorific titles, glory in self elevation even if the elevation is to appear as humble and contrite).

This is not to say that desiring or wanting any, some or many of these things are in themselves an evil, but the lust for them is what constitutes evil, of wanting them to such as to the extent that we willingly andor willfully mislead, deceive, manipulate, exploit, abuse, harm and seek to harm others who are somehow in our ways either as the targeted object or obstacle to the targeted object whether this is what we imagined, perceived or is actual.

And with evil religion this is equally true, their proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives alluded to all manner of things people generally lusted after and generally are terrified of so that they can both tempt and scared the wits out of them, all those who are equally lust driven, to give to them, to give to these proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives the power within their social order, that they, these proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives may gain and get all that they lusted after while in this life with many also having the delusion that they will be getting even more in the forever of the ‘after life’.

Today, out of the over seven billion people alive in the world, over three billions of these people of the so called Abrahamic religions, all claimed to believe in the GOD of Abraham, and almost all their proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives have for the longest time since have been fully sold to do evil endorsing and commanding the torture and murder of anyone and everyone who would not bend to their will and worship them as these proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives. Have anyone of this really believe in the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?

The evil practices of evil religions are very obvious to all and sundry, but near totally the whole world of humankind who have embraced and subscribed to these evil religions refused to see them, refused to recognize the lies that are very obvious in all their evil blasphemous doctrines which while pretending to praise GOD were constructed deliberately and directly to slander, malign and insult the all wise, all powerful, loving and merciful GOD to the maximum; very clearly and explicitly portraying and proclaiming the CREATOR GOD as far from being all wise is almost always clueless, far from being all powerful and far from being righteous, just, merciful, loving, is mostly to totally sadistic and even (i.e. mostly the very evil Christmas religion advance this) masochistic.

Disregarding simple truths to embrace an abundance of very obvious explicitly evil lies for no other reason than because these lies satisfy and comfort them in all manner of things they lusted after and have phobias about, treating the truth from the ALMIGHTY CREATOR as trash and trampling on HIS love and mercy testified to clearly and plainly in the Christian Holy Scriptures, as frivolous meaningless things. Then with deliberately determinations twisted all these simple truths into lust sprouted fantasies that feeds their lust driven psyche and ego to assure themselves that they are somehow covered for all the explicit evils that they have been doing because they are these so claimed believers andor these proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of the ALMIGHTY and therefore they are guarantee to get all the things they lusted after, from: gloating over the forever torment of those who won't believe them; securing the forever continuity of their lives; and all manner of mindless carnal and sexual orgies and other psychological titillations. All these they fantasied will be theirs, after they die and gone to some paradise in the ‘after life’.

Why would anyone sane claimed to believe in something yet totally refused to believe anything true about them but instead choose to believe anything at all and especially everything untrue about that something? Would anyone who is sane do something that? Isn't it some sort of insanity or mad delusion if you say believe in something but don't actually believe what is real but just believe whatever you want to believe even when these makes no rational sense at all in reality?

Now, if these are totally irrelevant things that don't matter whether we believe or not believe them as they won't affect us at all then it certainly wouldn't matter. But according to all these so called believers and all these proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives, these things are crucially important to them that relate to and determine whether they will after their die and either gone somewhere or brought back to life somewhere, be in forever bliss and happiness or be subjected to forever unbearable horrific torment and torture. Are these then anything to be taken lightly and to treat frivolously to just believe whatever a total stranger or some total strangers acclaimed and proclaimed without carefully, meticulously and thoroughly studying all the material available to determine if these things are true? Yet that is what most to all of the more than seven billion alive today are doing, not to mention the other billions that have lived and died since. Incredulous? Absolutely!

Here are questions for anyone and everyone at all, who have ever at anytime for any reason posed questions about GOD such as the one that is the subject of this discussion of ‘Why would there be suffering, especially why innocent babies and young children would suffer so horrifically at the hands of perverts and even in sickness, if there is a loving GOD who created everything’; all those posing questions that call into questions the definitive qualities of GOD such being all powerful, all knowing and wise, merciful and compassion, kind, caring and loving: what were your motivations and intents for posing such questions?

1. Was it out of contriteness and humility of self awareness and in true sincerity seeking for answers because you desire to serve for the good of all and sundry and to conduct yourself in true righteousness to perform true justice and fairness in true love for others?
2. Or was it in anguish of soul and inconsolable sorrow seeking expression?
3. Or was it in self serving justice and justification, to justify yourself whatever it is you want to justify?
4. Or was it in ego supergorging to show yourself as this a great and brilliant genius of supreme intellect who has in one brilliant magnificent question fully proved to everyone that no such God exist?

The above then are two types of questions, one type (question 1) is love motivated, while the others (questions 2 to 4) are lust seeded. If anyone had understood the lesson of the Christian Holy Scriptures, they would (or should anyway) have understood that the opposite of love, that which worked against love, the enemy or adversary of love is not hate but lust. To love good we need to hate evil and that would mean we need to hate lust.

All expressions of evil are motivated by lust. That is one of the main reason this author railed so much and so fiercely against ego gorgers and ego supergorgers. The greatest lust is not the lust for sensory titillation from food to drinks, vivid fantasies for all manner of thrills and sensual sensation, but the lust of self elevation, even if is the self elevation of being this super humble super contrite mega zealous and self sacrificing fervent slave of GOD. The most preliminary, primary and rudimentary expression of the lust of self elevation is in presumptuousness.

Here are some more questions:

1. What is the worst thing that can happen to a freewill self aware intelligent individual (or as I have termed it, personage)?
2. What is the next (i.e. after item 1 directly above) worst thing after the worst thing that can happen to a personage?

Do you not know that to whom you present yourselves slaves to obey, you are that one’s slaves whom you obey, whether of sin leading to death, or of obedience leading to righteousness?
Romans 6:16

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being priest for Me; Because you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.
Hosea 4:6

In as much as lust is enslavement so too is ignorance. Everyone, who is still somewhat sane, wants to be free, and all (those sane and insane as well as the others in between) think they know what it means to be free, to be fully free. This is the saddest because of all the people in the world, the Elect of GOD would (or should anyway) know what it means to be free but unfortunately hardly any, almost all especially among those who are these proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives among the Elect very evidently don't. They have enslaved themselves to the same lust that have enslaved all mankind since Adam and Eve chose to feed their lust so they could distrust and rob the very ONE who created them, giving them their lives and freewill intelligent self aware minds. Today all these proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives among the Elect are doing exactly the same thing, robbing GOD, preying on their followers, stealing from one another.

And the word of the Lord came to me, saying, “Son of man, prophesy against the shepherds of Israel, prophesy and say to them, ‘Thus says the Lord God to the shepherds: “Woe to the shepherds of Israel who feed themselves! Should not the shepherds feed the flocks? You eat the fat and clothe yourselves with the wool; you slaughter the fatlings, but you do not feed the flock. The weak you have not strengthened, nor have you healed those who were sick, nor bound up the broken, nor brought back what was driven away, nor sought what was lost; but with force and cruelty you have ruled them.
Ezekiel 34:1 – 4

“Woe to the shepherds who destroy and scatter the sheep of My pasture!” says the Lord. Therefore thus says the Lord God of Israel against the shepherds who feed My people: “You have scattered My flock, driven them away, and not attended to them. Behold, I will attend to you for the evil of your doings,” says the Lord.
Jeremiah 23:1 – 2

“Therefore behold, I am against the prophets,” says the Lord, “who steal My words every one from his neighbor. Behold, I am against the prophets,” says the Lord, “who use their tongues and say, ‘He says.’ Behold, I am against those who prophesy false dreams,” says the Lord, “and tell them, and cause My people to err by their lies and by their recklessness. Yet I did not send them or command them; therefore they shall not profit this people at all,” says the Lord.
Jeremiah 23:30 – 33

“For both prophet and priest are profane;
Yes, in My house I have found their wickedness,” says the Lord.
“Therefore their way shall be to them
Like slippery ways;
In the darkness they shall be driven on
And fall in them;
For I will bring disaster on them,
The year of their punishment,” says the Lord.
Jeremiah 23:11 – 12

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