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Genesis 3 started directly with a cunning serpent. The word translated as ‘cunning in the NKJV is not an appropriate translation because there is a measure of interpretation in the translation. The more appropriate term should be intelligent or smart or clever. Bible translation is more an art than a science since languages are live, evolving with social, cultural, economic, political and demographic changes. According to a concordance the word translated as cunning by the NKJV was elsewhere translated as prudent and crafty. In all likelihood the original word use is neutral and convey neither virtue nor evil intent.

Here is a point for the serious student of the Bible, Bible translators are very carnal people and often times fail to accurately translate the Scriptures allowing their personal background, ideology and prejudices to influence them. So as far as Scriptural studies are concerned most Bibles are good for general understanding or overview understanding of the Scriptures.

When doing in depth studies it is wise to cross reference using several translations, commentaries and a good and thorough concordance. While some Bible translation are better at accurately translating the original Scriptures, others (especially the newer interpreted versions) are near to totally in error being so completely interpreted by the erroneous held beliefs and views of those who work to produce them rendering them to be of no value as a translation of the Words of the ALMIGHTY CREATOR GOD.

There are many who would from this instance of Scripture passage conclude that serpents are, one, some or all of the following:
1. Supernatural creatures.
2. Creatures that came from outer space (i.e. are aliens).
3. At one time were cunning creatures.
4. Evil creatures.
5. That during the time of the Garden of Eden, they have legs and walk until GOD changed them.
6. Could talk until GOD changed them.
7. Etc.

This is because of the erroneous lust fueled way of reading and interpreting Scriptures in much the same way that some had concluded that GOD created evil or that GOD is a three persons in one person trinity or that the Sabbath day was changed from Saturday to Sunday or that the laws (commandments) of GOD have been done away with, nailed to the cross'.

Genesis 3 did not fully explain who this intelligent serpent was but that did not mean the Christian Bible was unclear as to who this serpent was. Was this serpent Satan? Notice the direct reference to the serpent as one of the beast of the field that GOD made. Only difference was this serpent was intelligent and could talk. So did that mean that serpent at one time talked? Read the Balaam and talking donkey account in the Christian Bible, and use your intelligence just a tiny little bit.

Putting these two incidents together should help us understand that the serpent was just a proxy used by a Spirit personage, just as GOD used a donkey to correct the straying Prophet Balaam on his erroneous direction as an Elect of GOD. More will be discussed about the Prophet Balaam in the chapter ‘The Elect.’ Those who might have encountered incidences of demonic possession might understand that demonic Spirit can speak through those whom they posses as were also recorded in the Scriptures.

Elsewhere in the Christian Bible it was specifically mentioned that another personage was also in the Garden of Eden and that verse was not talking about the serpent as a physical earth-bound creature or beast.

Remember earlier in this chapter it was mentioned that the Genesis account was most probably given to Moses in a vision, albeit with some guiding explanation. Read some accounts where the Elect of GOD were given visions as in Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel and Revelation to get a better understanding of visions as given by GOD.*2*

Now in this vision as also was in the account of Genesis 1, only key points or significant events to the understanding of the chronological records from Adam to the advent of Moses sent by GOD were revealed and recorded. So at the point of encounter between the ‘serpent’ and Eve, much conversation must have transpired between them before the recorded introduced question of the serpent to Eve, So did GOD really said, ……..

If you have any understanding of manipulation, you would immediately be able to recognize the manipulative nature of that question. And Eve’s reply was typical of those who are without guile, speaking in sincerity as one who had not before encountered or known deceit or malice.

Why did the ‘serpent’ approached Eve when she was not with her husband, Adam? First and foremost, Adam would not naturally trust a strange creature that talked. Remember, it was Adam who named all the creatures, so a talking serpent would very naturally astonished him. Secondly, Adam naturally would not resist and question his wife, Eve, when she offered him the forbidden fruit. It should also be noted that Eve ate the fruit by herself first before bringing it to her husband. There have been those who with an evil agenda in their hearts, had made the claims that while the serpent was conversing with Eve, her husband Adam was right beside her. To justified this evil twist they quoted Genesis 3 verse 6 purposefully and deliberately ignoring verse 1 to verse 5 where Adam was nowhere mentioned to be with Eve when the serpent approached her. This has been how evil men and women whose minds are bent on justifying their wickedness and ego supergorging, have been twisting the Holy Christian Scriptures even as Satan have been doing (Matthew 4:3 – 16) so ever since.

That is how evil personages work, through schemes to deceive with baits and traps. But first the ‘serpent’ would have had to establish familiarity with Eve before setting the trap with a baited question: Has GOD indeed said, You shall not eat of every tree of the garden?

That question itself was already an attack on GOD’s credibility because it was phrased to cast doubt. First and apparently on Eve, whether she heard rightly but really targeting the trustworthiness of GOD.

Proclaimed The Serpent, 'You have an immortal soul!

Followed on this with an incredulous proclamation, You will not surely die (i.e. You surely will never die). Having cast doubt in Eve's mind on GOD’s trustworthiness and integrity, then proceeding to openly state (i.e. declaring) that GOD’s was lying implying that GOD had a hidden selfish agenda. How many multiple billions to trillions of times have deceivers and manipulators (the parasites of the human social order) used this methodology since then?

Up until that point Satans power over the mind of mankind was restricted just as his power has been over the minds of the Angels (the Spirit personages). But with that eating of that fruit of that Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, the mind of man (and woman) became vulnerable to Satan broadcast to plant thoughts and attitudes into them. GOD, as is consistent with all that the Christian Holy Scriptures recorded, always allow HIS creatures to fall under the power and rule of those they of their own free will have chosen to trust. This is elaborated on in greater detail in the chapter, ‘Angels, Demons And Men’.

Immediately after eating Adam and Eve felt ashamed of their nakedness such that they felt a need to cover themselves. Their minds forever changed from that of trusting innocence to suspicious and accusative self expediency.

So sin entered the world of man and the blame game started. Eve blamed the snake. Adam out did Eve, blaming both Eve and GOD. Yes Adam blamed GOD for giving him Eve. The mind of man is forever changed to that of enmity against GOD, suspicious of GOD, distrusting GOD.

There had been many theories about this Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. For many centuries main stream Christianreligion or so called traditionalChristianityhad taken it to mean sex or ‘carnal knowledge’ which of course it was not. Sex was already a done deed, over and done with, in Genesis 1:27. Sex was also elaborated on in Genesis 2:24 (remember that Genesis 2 verse 8 onward were further details and elaboration of the events on the sixth day). Sexual intimacy between man and woman joined according to the marriage covenant was GOD instituted, ordained and commanded. Still is today.

Like everything GOD creates, sexs original purpose was for good and still is. But a deceived world that had believed in a talking serpent, had turned every good thing into wickedness and corruption by misappropriation, by wrong and forbidden use (Hebrew 13:4). Only a totally deceived mind could have failed to understand this simple straight forward record of GODs Word, twisting it to say something so totally different.

When did Adam and Eve became ashamed of their nakedness? Soon after eating the forbidden fruit. So where did they get this idea that nakedness was something to be ashamed of. Definitely not from GOD WHO created them and was with them all along in their nakedness until then. In Genesis 2 verse 24 speaking about sex between Adam and Eve, and in verse 25 about both of them being totally naked, the Scriptures clearly recorded that they were not ashamed.

The idea that sex was the original sin definitely did not come from GOD WHO created sex. No where in the whole Christian Bible was it even indicated that sex was something sinful or bad or shameful, only the wrong use (used outside of the ordained parameters) of it was condemned. So you still think the whole world had not been and is not being deceived about the Christian religion?

It is also important to note that there were numerous other trees that were pleasant to the sight and good for food aside from two special trees. Of these two special trees one was named or called the Tree of Life and the other the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Of these two, in fact of all the trees, only one was forbidden to Adam and Eve.

Before going further I will introduce now one of the many keys, more of which I will introduce as we go along, to understanding the Holy Christian Scriptures.

GOD calls things as they are from what they do. Because you are what you do. If you do wickedness then you are wicked (1 Samuel 24:13; Matthew 12:33).

So the Tree of Life was just that, a tree that gave or conferred continual life (unceasing life as opposed to terminal life which is life that has a mandated end, cessation or termination) to personages that have terminal life. This conferrable property applied only to mankind who would eat of its fruit. Other life forms are excluded. See Genesis 3 verse 22.

What if an animal happened to eat of the fruit of one of these two trees? Would they gain either non terminal life (i.e. immortality) or the knowledge to discern good and evil? Now if you have even the tiniest of faith to really believe GOD you would know that could not happen.

And the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil basically was just that, a tree the fruits of which once eaten would confer the knowledge to discern between good and evil. It was not a tree of good and evil because good and evil are resulting effects of an action or expression. The effects of these actions or expressions are especially applicable on personages but also on other entities and environments. Good and evil are not something tangible that you can take hold of in your hands; they are resultant effects of actions and expressions.

That tree was about knowledge and the choices we would make when we have that knowledge. These choices translate into expression which we act out or vocalize. It was not a tree about making decision because an attribute of an intelligent personage or entity with free-will pre-required the ability to make independent decisions. So the tree was not about making choices so much as about making wrong choices when so empowered by knowledge because of bad faith. This will be discussed further when we get to ‘The Elect’ chapter.

Sad as it is, even in the Church of GOD today, this tree has been misunderstood to mean taking the prerogative to decide what is right and wrong. The tree was not about the knowledge of right and wrong which required greater wisdom to discern, but knowledge of good and evil. Read how GOD will judge all things (man and angels) on Judgment Day, in the chapter ‘Self Righteousness And The Righteousness of GOD’.

One verse that already voided this second held view of this tree is Genesis chapter 3 verse 6. Eve had already taken the prerogative before eating, deciding to disbelieve GOD after assessing that the food was desirable to be eaten. The decision was made before eating not after.

I hope the members of GOD’s Church today (especially the leaders and elders) can decipher that.

Instead of gaining wisdom through the knowledge of GOD revealed in the Holy Christian Scriptures, most of GOD’s Elect today have chosen to worship a man rather than their GOD and MAKER clinging on to obvious errors where the scriptures clearly taught otherwise. Believe GOD, not man no matter who that man is (1 Timothy 2:5), by believing what is written in the Holy Christian Scriptures. And not the personal interpretation and inventions of a man, no matter who he was/is or how great he was/is. Yes even if he was/is a prophet or an Apostle of GOD by great signs and miracles. The Bible clearly recorded the weakness of a man after GOD’s own heart, David. Even the greatest naturally born man who ever lived (Luke 7:28), a man empowered with GOD’s HOLY SPIRIT from the womb, stumbled (Luke 7:23, 19). We all stumble so said the Scriptures (James 3:2) unless we have our eyes fixed on the only ONE through whom we have been redeemed.

Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.
Acts 4:12

The test of faith is whether you will believe GOD or not. For errors are bound up in the ways of man, every man. From Noah (who got drunk), and Abraham (who asked his wife to lie to save his skin). Then there was Moses (who struck the Rock instead of speaking to it as commanded) and Peter (who hypocritically avoided eating with the gentile converts), also Paul (who chose to appeal to the Roman emperor, rather than relied on GOD). The Scriptures plainly recorded that we all stumble in many ways.

So why was there this Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden if GOD did not want Adam and Eve to eat of it? Why was its fruit pleasant to the eye so much so that it looked desirable for food? Why put it there in the first place? The followers of the Great Babylonian Mystery religion had for centuries taught that the ‘fall from grace’ took place when GOD was not watching, that Satan sneaked in, in the form of a serpent to trick Eve thereby outsmarting GOD. Any one with even the tiniest rational intelligence would have seen how ridiculous this teaching was and is.

The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was intentionally planted there by GOD, knowing full well that both our human ancestors would fail this necessary (compulsory) test of faith. GOD was fully aware that Satan would move in secretly (so Satan thought, that was why he used a serpent) to subvert GOD’s plan for man just as he had clandestinely manipulated those Angels who rebelled prior to Genesis 1:2, destroying the pre-Genesis 1 verse 2 earth. These Angels are currently (from that time onward) incarcerated (in 'Tartaros' translated as hell in most translation), bound with chains of darkness awaiting (Matthew 8:29) the final judgment on Judgment Day.

For if God did not spare the angels who sinned, but cast them down to hell [Tartaros G5020] and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved for judgment;
2 Peter 2:4

Another religion or an intellectual philosopher might argue that the serpent was actually carrying out GOD’s will acting on GOD’s directions to put Adam and Eve to the test of faith. That argument is flawed because it considered only verses that support its interpretation ignoring other plain and clear Scriptures that stated otherwise. Read Genesis 3 verses 14 and 15. Does it make sense for a GOD who is the embodiment of good and righteousness to condemn a personage who was just carrying out HIS instructions?

It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that there is a difference between what is GOD’s will and good pleasure from that which GOD allows. For the “rocket scientists” this is explained in detail in the chapters ‘The Elect’ and ‘Angels, Demons and Men’.

Some who reads verse 11 of Genesis 3 have through their own reasoning concluded that GOD chose not to know what we would be doing, purposely closing HIS ‘EYES so HE would not know what is happening or is going to happen or had happened . This manner of reasoning has its basic flaw in not understanding how to read the Christian Bible (among other less savory reasons which I will not mention here).

Another key point – never read any single verse, passages, paragraphs of verses or even whole chapters or books in isolation forgetting that the Christian Bible is one. The Scriptures actually specified to us how it is to be read (Isaiah 28:10), without preconceived notions or personal biases or greed and lust driven self serving agenda (Isaiah 28:13) plus with a sincere heart (Jeremiah 17:9) that fears GOD seeking GOD’s righteous rather than to establish one's own.

Many of GOD's very own Elect have been taught that GOD does not know everything (one of the reasons given for this doctrine was 'because HE chose not to know). This is a very obvious error contradicting many plain and clear Scriptures that recorded otherwise. Actually the whole Christian Bible is an advance record of not only events but of personages (men and Angels), some of whom yet to be born, doing exactly what the Scriptures recorded they would do when they come on the scene at the appointed time. How easily it is for men because of presumptuousness seeded by feeding their ego lust to become so blinded they cant see what ‘is clear as daylight’. Read more in the discussion in the chapter ‘GOD IS’. Also see item 3.

For those of the Elect who persist and insist to cling on to this ridiculous idea of GOD choosing not to know, that GOD truly did not know whether Adam and Eve would fail this first test of faith. Let me ask you a question. When did GOD create the seven day week, before or after Adam and Eve failed?

Men (includes women) of GOD and men of the world please give credence to GOD that HE is not as dumb as you, as to be totally clueless as what is going on around HIM. Nothing is hidden from HIM. Indeed nothing can be hidden from HIM, not even the secret of our own deceitful heart that we guard with our life which no one else knows, us also deceiving ourselves.

Genesis 3 verse 11 was a correction question as in 'why have you done this' or ‘why have you disobeyed me’ question. It was not a ‘tell me what you have done as I have no idea what you have done question. It was a question asked to highlight to the subject what they had done wrong. To think otherwise is to show up the ignorance of a person who had never in his/her life before had to deal with children and have never ever corrected a child who had done something forbidden or wrong or stupid. Read Genesis 4 verse 9 then verse 10.

Verse 14 was basically prophetic actions, consequences and punishments for the protagonist who was behind the serpent. Note the ‘because you have done this’ in that verse. Same with verse 17 highlighting where Adam had gone wrong which was, ‘heeded the voice of your wife’ instead of obeying his GOD and MAKER.

Verse 16 was to put the woman in her place which was to be subject to the authority of her husband. There was less wrong imputed to Eve as against Adam (and the serpent) because Eve was deceived but not Adam. GOD is just.

Verse 22 was GODs affirmation that since man had failed the test of faith he should be denied access to the Tree of Life (verse 19). But note that GOD did not remove or destroy the Tree of Life but just prevented any possibility of man attempting to eat of its fruit for that period. Aside from the flaming sword, Cherubim were also assigned to guard it against any possible attempts by rebellious angels to clear the way for mankind to access the tree in the Antediluvian Period.

Just as was the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, so it was with the Tree of Life. Even though both were physical trees they were also symbolic trees. They conferred real stated properties and attributes because GOD is faithful and will perform HIS Word.


GENESIS 1 2 3 4

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