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Genesis 4 saw the first murder in the social order of mankind created in the image and likeness of GOD, the first manifestation of brutal violence and carnage in a world in enmity against GODs way of life. Every man and woman since has gone on this self-expedient way fueled by lust of the personage's psyche.

Abel was innocent of any wrong doing against Cain; he (Abel) was only performing his responsibility and obligation to GOD. Cain murdered him because according to Cain’s reasoning Abel did wrong by him when Abel offered a sacrifice that was acceptable to GOD while his was not. Such are the reasoning of all who are driven solely by self-expediency, a warped mind that sees anything and everything that do not expedite their interest and agenda to be a personal affront against them. It is a kind of evil and lust fueled madness which would be termed ‘mental unwellness’ or ‘genetic anomaly’ in today's “super enlightened” and “super caring” society.

Evil is evil and wickedness is wickedness. Giving it a nice sounding name does not make it any less a horror and a sorrow on its victims. The judiciary system of today’s “enlightened” and “caring” social order has bent over backwards to be accommodating, sympathetic and unjustly merciful to the perpetrators of evil while confining their numerous innocent victims as fodder of their self glorifying, ego supergorging “enlightenment”, releasing these perpetrators back to do more damage and carnage after a few years of “good behavior”. These great leaders and leading minds of our time sitting in their ivory towel have gone mad from their ego supergorging lust, not being able to understand this simple concept that a person will behave and say what you want to see and hear respectively to get what they want. Good behavior is temporary behavior, a facade put up, to get their freedom and not a sign of a repentant person who has turned away and recant from his evil self-expedient life. Almost all people caught doing something wrong express some form of regret. But what they really regret is getting caught and having to face the consequence, not their criminal actions.

Now I am not talking about people who made a mistake or some mistakes in their youth or even as an awake and aware adult. I am talking about the predators and parasites of society who nourished a totally self expedient attitude, seeking out who they may murder, rape, rob and prey upon.

Freeing criminals back into society so they can continue their criminal rampages is itself a crime against society and humanity. Those responsible should be (and will be) held totally accountable for every suffering, every injury, every misery, every trauma and every lost life caused by their “enlightened” holier than GOD actions. Read the account of how Pilates try to absolve himself of sin for sending the SON of GOD to death. Do you think he will be acquitted at the judgment seat on Judgment Day?

An eye for an eye is a concept of equitable punishment, of punishment fitting the crime. The context of its application is to put away evil from being a plague on society. Unfortunately for us today our society has degenerated so badly in unbridled ego gorging lust that the evil of unmitigated self expediency has permeated so deeply that GOD will soon have to destroy ninety percent of mankind living in these last days to wipe evil cleaned from the social order of mankind that the new world order may be started on a fresh state when  LORD JESUS CHRIST will usher in a new millennium of world peace when HE return to restore the Kingdom of GOD to the Promise Land.

Some have held the view that GOD cut off access of mankind to HIM after Adam and Eve were evicted from the Garden of Eden. This is not supported by Genesis 4 to Genesis 10 notably Genesis 4 verses 3 to 16, 25 and 26, Genesis 5 verse 29, Genesis 6 verses 3, 5 to 7, 18, Genesis 9 verses 1 to 17 especially verses 4 to 6. All these verses showed that GOD still communicated directly with man even a man who had committed murder.

Now contrast that with Genesis 10 verse 9 and 10. Here and only here is when man began to become cut off from access to GOD because they did not like to retain the knowledge of GOD. Just four generations from after the Flood of Noah, a man had set himself up to rebel against GOD by making himself a king rejecting the rule of GOD (1 Samuel 10:19) who made him, and mankind has ever since continued on this way. Nimrod not only went against GOD but he gathered the people to go against GOD in accepting him as their king and to build the towel of Babel as an obvious rebellious attempt to thwart GOD possible punishment through another flood just as the one that had previously destroyed the world before them. This GOD allowed as the next phase or stage of HIS process to rid evil from HIS creation kicks in. This is not the plan process outlined in HIS ordained Feasts which is another track of multiple tracks of the one master plan and not a separate plan.

The plan of GOD for all mankind is one plan with several tracks one of which is outlined in HIS ordained Feasts given to the nation of Israel. The main plan was outlined in the first chapter of Genesis in the seven day week. Still another track of this plan was outlined in the book of Daniel in the dream vision given to Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 2. More details of this track were revealed on in the subsequent chapters of  Daniel and also in the book of Revelation.

Other things to note about the pre-flood period and shortly after are:
1. Prior to the flood mankind were vegetarians.
2. Seven pairs of each clean animal went into the ark and only one pair of unclean animal. Arthropods and other creepy crawlies are included.
3. Some may hold the view that all animals are given as food for man, made in the image and likeness of GOD, from Genesis 9 verse 3 overlooking Genesis 8 verse 20 and Genesis 7 verse 2, 3 and 8.
4. Abrahams fore parents were idol worshipers. Though the Bible did not specifically state from which generation of Shem were the memory of GOD lost to them, the Nimrod account clearly indicated that it started in the fourth generation from Noah. Also Genesis 11 verses 1 to 11 ties in with the Nimrod account of an open rebellion against GOD. Verse 9 recorded that GOD confused their language and scattered them. What that verse also stated was that GOD directly intervened to thwart mankinds rebellion leaving no room to doubt that there was no longer any communication between mankind (in general) with GOD at that point. It was from that generation that mankind began to become completely cut off from GOD, which succeeding generations eventually loosing all knowledge of the true GOD who created them.

The record of Abrahams life history is the record of the making of the Father of the Faithful. It is the record of GOD raising up four successive generations of men, leading them through their lives preparing them through blessings, supernatural interventions, tests and trials, for the fulfillment of their lifes roles and their future birth into GODs HOLY DIVINE FAMILY. That was the history of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. This was unprecedented and never again repeated throughout the historical records of the Christian Holy Scriptures, that four successive generations of leaders were converted to obey and walk in GODs way.

It should also be noted that no other woman in the Christian Bible records had been given higher accolades and praise than Sarah. Sarah was a woman of extra ordinary beauty who even at her senior age was sought after by Kings. But her inner beauty clearly outshone her externally manifested beauty. She was so esteemed by GOD that the Father of the Faithful was told to heed her voice.

The record of Abraham's life started with his conversion at around age seventy-five. Soon after, he was called to leave his home and in faith he obeyed not knowing where he was going.

By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out to the place which he would receive as an inheritance. And he went out, not knowing where he was going. By faith he dwelt in the land of promise as in a foreign country, dwelling in tents with Isaac and Jacob, the heirs with him of the same promise;
Hebrews 11:8 – 9

It must be noted that the first step to conversion is obedience in faith. That is always the first test, among many more tests and trials to come. The test which, the first man Adam, failed.

The main milestones of Abraham life, tests and trials were recorded for our learning that through it we might learn to have the faith to believe and obey our MAKER and GOD. There were trials, blessings and deliverance (Genesis 12:16 and Genesis 12:17 - 20) amidst powerful display of GODs power (Genesis 18:17, 20; 19:27 - 28). Through these GOD was showing and teaching, and building into Abraham the faith needed for the greatest test of his life that he should have the faith (Genesis 22:1 first part) to put his life greatest desire, the promised heir, on the line in obedience to GODs command. For those who teach of a faith without works they should note that Abraham always obeyed his GOD testifying to what is written in the Scriptures, that faith must be accompanied by the work of faith which is a non doubting and unwavering obedience.

GOD could have given Abraham the heir he so greatly desired (Genesis 15:2) when he was called but as with all test of faith it had to come to the point where it was physically impossible that Sarah could naturally conceive. Note that is more of a test of Sarahs faith (Hebrews 11:11). There was no issue on Abrahams ability to sire children so the real test of faith directly targeted Sarah and only indirectly Abraham, which in this instanced he totally failed when he tried to get an heir through Sarah's maid servant. Not through the power of the flesh or the will of men but by the power of GOD.

Here is another often misunderstood point in the Scriptures. The test of faith has very often being thought of, and taught as GOD testing man so that HE may know if we will obey HIM or not. The context that is in error is the presumption (which is conceived from lust, ego supergorging lust) that GOD test to find out because HE doesnt know (as was advanced as doctrine by the Messenger to the Philadelphia era of GOD's Church, something that also many of GOD's Elect of the Laodicea era subscribed to; of GOD needing to choose not to know as the only way HE could work out HIS will for mankind, which of course is blasphemous). This is of course a very narrow minded, tunnel vision and myopic perspective on the purpose of tests. More is discussed on this evil blasphemy advanced by GOD's Messenger to the Church of GOD in Philadelphia, in the post, ‘The False Prophet Part II’ of the blog, ‘The End Of The World How And When’.

Those who hold this view severely lacked basic understanding (to put in very mildly) of the complete concept on the purpose for which tests are conducted, seeing only one very narrow perspective of a big picture. Below are listed all the various perspectives and contexts on the complete concept of the purposes of testing and trials.

Test can be conducted for any one or more or all the following four main purposes (which are not mutually exclusive):

1. Exploratory (to find out andor measure something)
To be find out about something or someone, or to find the limits (measure) of something or someone;
As a means to measure, to gauge or to quantify;
As a mechanism or process to invalidate or rule out;
As a mechanism or process to authenticate, to qualify or to verify.

2. Constructive (to maintain, to develop, to enhance)
To train up or to build up
To enhance or improve
To strengthen or toughen
To maintain or hold to a certain standard or specification
To reinforce, to iron out or remove weakness and faults

3. Destructive (to expose, to reveal, to fail)
To expose or reveal or bring out faults or flaws
To fail, to disqualify and to filter out
To root and weed out and to remove
To cause the breakdown, failure or the self destruction

4. Demonstrative (to reveal, to highlight, to bring out)
To showcase
To teach or instruct, the process or mechanism to educate or enlighten others
To exemplify

GOD test us (those who are called to be Saints) to prove us and to build (i.e. to construct and to train) into us the faith we need to obey HIM as also is written in the records of the Christian Holy Scriptures (James 1:3; 1 Peter 1:7). If our faith is not tested we would have develop none. Faith is built through testing and trials. We can read all about swimming and the technique of swimming but unless and until we jump into the water and begin to learn to swim we will never be able to swim. So much for those who speaks of a faith without works.

Each and every time our faith is tested and we sailed through those storms our faith becomes stronger and each time we fail to sail through our faith becomes weakened. That is why GOD corrects us when we fail and encourages us when we succeed. The corrections are to jolt us to open our eyes and hearts so we can turn from our errors and the wrong direction we have taken. The encouragements strengthen, comfort and assure us that our ways are pleasing to GOD.

When we sin, GOD does not intervene immediately, HE waits for us to turn ourselves around, failing which then HE sends correction a few times. When these fail to wakes us up and turn us then HE sends punishment or destruction depending on our attitude towards HIM. This is applicable primary to the Elect but also to the biological descendants of the patriarch Jacob though in a different way as from another context they also are the Elect via another process of GOD's will and intended purpose.

For the rest of the world of mankind GOD waits until sin has reached its fullness (completed its corrupting works) then GOD sends HIS warning before the day of calamity and destruction. This has a very good Spiritual reason and lesson that traces back to the days of Adam and Eve. The reason and lessons are expounded in the chapters ‘Angels, Demons and Men,’ ‘The Elect’ and ‘GOD IS.’

If we fully understand the concept and context of test and trials, we would (or should anyway) know that a test that is easy to pass is not really a test at all from the full sense of the meaning of the word test. This is because easy tests are a farce to mislead, they deceive those tested so they would not be able to have a true assessment of themselves, as well as all others who use or rely on the results of these tests for whatever reason.

Isaac's conversion was not directly recorded but it probably took place early in his life maybe at the time his father took him and bound him as commanded by GOD. Definitely before he was forty. Having faithful parents both of whom were clearly favored and led by GOD must have gone a long way to his early conversion.

Unfortunately his favoring his first born son against GODs explicitly indicated purpose for Jacob, had a negative effect on the younger twin. Isaac finally accepted and understood this after he was deceived by the younger son into conferring the birth right blessing on him. If shouldn't have to come to that but it did. Many are the times as a man, we set our own agenda for our lives not realizing or refusing to understand that we are working contrary to GODs purpose. We should submit ourselves completely into the hands of the CAPTAIN and AUTHOR of our salvation WHO desires only good for us just as Abraham had done. That is why he was given the title Father of the Faithful.

Jacob was another story. He was not ‘called’ until after the time when he fled from his brother Esau. The process of his conversion was recorded in sufficient detail for us to get a glimpse of how a 'worldly’ person with some knowledge of the CREATOR is ‘called’ and ‘converted’ by GOD. Jacob was a man who learned through his early life to be self reliance, trusting in his own devices to work his own way through life. After his conversion he continued on his self-reliance way until after the Dinah incident (Genesis 35:2, 5, 9 - 12). Many of us are like that. Jacobs conversion came with some very painful trials and lessons.

Joseph was surely among one of the most amazing record of the life of a man of GOD parallel only by the Prophet Daniel. From a very young age his calling was evident and through very discouraging trials he had not wavered in walking blamelessly before GOD.

Many of the Scriptures in this very first book of the Christian Bible have been misunderstood for several thousand years and here at this very of the End of the Age is its truth fully revealed. This is one of the many proofs of the validity and power in GOD's Word. GOD had never completely opened the full, true understanding of all HIS Words, the Holy Christian Scriptures, to even HIS very Elect (Matthew 13:17; Luke 10:24). To Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel more of GOD's plan and purpose were revealed than to Moses, Joshua, Samuel or David.

And when the fullness of time arrived for the Gospel of the Kingdom to begin to be preached as opposed to the Law of Moses, the SON of GOD was born as a physical (i.e pertaining to temporary matter) man to pay the penalty of our sins. Then more understanding were given to HIS Apostles in those early days of the Church of GOD than ever before that time. The writings of the Apostles opened the truth to the Scriptures that even the Angels of Heaven had not understood. The revelation of LORD JESUS from GOD the FATHER to the Apostle John opened up the Scriptures from Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel and all the other Scriptures including all those by the Apostles of the early Church (Colossians 1:26) adding to the understanding given to them.

Yet through all those times much of the Scriptures even in this very first book of Genesis were not fully understood, in many instances totally misunderstood. Even in the very Church of GOD until today (2009 C.E.), many verses were (and still are) being misunderstood and erroneously taught. But as the clock ticked through the last hour of GOD's timeframe for man, the time is fulfilled for the complete mystery of GOD to begin to be made known (Revelation 10:7).

The fact that you are reading this here is an indication as to how close we now are to the very End of this Age.


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