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Perspective, context and concept are very important to know in order understand any matter particularly in communication of ideas, thoughts, reasoning and instructions. Here is where the bulk of people failed to correctly read the message of the Christian Bible, and that includes true Christians of today. Even among those who are the Messengers (or Angels, each of the human leaders appointed by GOD over HIS Church in any specific time period), leaders and teachers.

Concepts are notions, ideas or principle information on things, anything real, apparent or imagined. They are the complete information or the full meaning to each, every and all subjects and objects (real or imagined). Whenever we try to understand something, anything at all, we are dealing firstly and primarily (but not totally because we also need secondarily to consider the context or scope and then thirdly the perspective which is the view/focal point andor focus) with their concepts, usually many concepts are involved in even very simple matters. Every word that we use in communication is an encapsulation of concepts, most times of many concepts.

For example the word ‘in’ carries the meaning of being ‘within’ or ‘of having a position inside’ something. So the phrase ‘moving in’ carries the meaning of a motion into or going into something.

The words ‘big, huge and large’ conceptualizes size in terms of volume or space coverage, how much space an object occupies. In context it could be used to reference massive, as in appearance. It could be used to reference embodiment, how much is contained within something. It could be used to reference how much resources something will consume or how much resources is been allocated to something. Concepts may be about simple objects or ideas such as in these previous examples or it can be very complex and complicated as in for example, the laws of physics or the genetic definition for the expression of life on earth.

Examples of some complex concepts are light, colors, space, time, motion, virtue, perfection, happiness, good and evil, right and wrong, a man, an elephant, an ant colony.

Simple concepts would be terms such as heavy, big, with, against, for, after, before, quick, on, out, tall, between, bright, smooth and thin.

Context defines the limits or scope of a communication, of what is being communicated. In most times when we talk or discuss a subject or examine anything, we do so within a limited context. If someone were to say, 'I am saddened.' We need to know what the person is referencing. Is he or she saddened by a lost of something valuable or someone close? Or is it because of a certain turn of events or of something that is hoped but did not come through? Or by what is happening around him or her, such as people being uncaring?

Perspective is the view point or position of view when we examine or look at something. Usually this is from one angle or position or location or point. So from the context of perspective we should realize that we are not looking at the whole picture but just one aspect or side of it.


Concept can be described as the complete information or full picture or full scope of a particular matter. The Biblical message covers many concepts. Many of which are misunderstood, some completely. Here is a list of just a few of the main ones.

1. Grace, Grace and  the Law.
2. Sin And Lawlessness.
3. Salvation, Redemption and Justification.
4. Spirit, spirit and spiritual.
5. Faith.
6. Love.
7. Covenants.
8. Life and Death.
9. The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.
10. Mortality and Immortality.
11. Laws and Commandments.
12. Satan the Devil.
13. Heaven and Heavens. The heavens and the earth.
14. Hell – Hades, Tartarus, Gehenna.
15. Marriage and Adultery.
16. Book of Life.
17. Predestination.
18. Gospel of the Kingdom of GOD.
19. Christianity And The Church of GOD.
20. The Elect and Saints of GOD.
21. The WORD of GOD.
22  Righteousness And Faith.
23. Good.
24. Evil or Wickedness.
25. Soul and Spirit.
26. Judgment and Judgment Day.
27. GOD.

Many are the religious experts who go around quoting from just a few verses andor passages of Scripture and from these build their own versions of the entire message of the Bible. Many are the Scriptures that have been misquoted and twisted, their true meaning distorted and manipulated to say something else. One of the most misquoted and twisted Scriptures passages would be those recorded in the Epistles of the Apostle Paul.

Let the reader understand this. The writings of the Apostle Paul do not form the foundation of the Christian doctrines but the teachings of JESUS CHRIST do (Matthew 7:24;1 Corinthians 3:10). Even if the writings of the Apostle Paul had not been twisted and manipulated to say what it didn't, they still do not define the teaching of JESUS as documented in the four Gospel accounts. It is the other way round. JESUS CHRIST's teachings are the foundation (1 Corinthians 3:11) of the Gospel message, those of all the other Apostles and Prophets are build upon it. They are additional elaboration and clarification of HIS Gospel message and do not negate, invalidate, make void or supersede it. (Ephesians 2:20). They also do not contradict it, contrary to the lies of the Christmas religion.

Neither should any one who is a disciple of JESUS CHRIST, be teaching, advocating or introducing any doctrines and commandments that are contrary to the message that JESUS CHRIST brought from the FATHER (John 14:24). Any one who teaches or commands such is not Christian but Antichrist. They are the disciples of Satan the Adversary. They work to subvert the Gospel message in order to deny mankind knowledge to true repentance. And through that repentance to receive the Grace that is given through the New Covenant in JESUS CHRIST's BLOOD that HE shed to cleanse us from our sins as HE died on the cross.

An Allegory Of The Council Of Nicaea.

The master of the house charged one of his servants, 'I have important guest for dinner. Take this USD500 and go buy a large and sumptuous meal enough for my eight guest and my family. Make haste as the dinner has to be served exactly at 8 pm'.

As the servant was leaving the house, the head servant hurried over to him and said, 'The master charged me to give you this extra USD200 to get exotic fruits for the dessert after dinner. Make sure you are back by 6:00 pm and have the dinner totally laid out before 8 pm.'

Just as the servant was getting into the small servant's car, a third servant hurried over to him and handling him the keys to one of the master's station wagon said, 'The master sent me to ask you to use this car as all the stuff you will get will be too much to fit into the small car.'

Then when the servant arrived at the market to buy the stuff for dinner, some total strangers stop him and said, 'We are your fellow servants and the master has told us to stop you before you buy any food. He wants you to give us the car and all the money as we have been charged to go on a special trip to the next city to buy the master a special gift for his son's birthday which we have arbitrary set on the 25th of December.'

Now I ask you, if you were that first servant, what would you do? Would you give all the money entrusted to you to buy dinner to these total strangers who claimed to be fellow servants? Who would you believe: your master, the chief servant and the third servant or these total strangers who claimed to be your fellow servants?'

Now guess who do the masters and disciples of the Christmas religion says you should believe.

Read in 1 Kings Chapter 13, about the man of GOD who allowed himself to be misled by a former Prophet of GOD and disobeyed the clear instruction of his GOD. This was written specifically for the reason as I have illustrated in the above allegory.

John Chapter 3 verse 16.

Surely the most quoted Christian Scripture would be the book of John Chapter 3 verse 16,
For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

From this verse I will explain very simply and briefly a few of the concepts covered by it. In so doing I will also touch on aspects of perspective and context. These two subjects I will explain separately later. Now do not lose focus, I am teaching and illustrating what are concepts and not teaching the entire message of the Christian Bible. But just one aspect of communication.

Some of the concepts covered in this one verse are as below:
1. GOD.
2. GOD's great love.
3. The world.
4. GOD's giving as in ‘GOD gave’.
5. Only begotten.
6. SON.
7. The term ‘whoever’.
8. Believing in the SON.
9. Perish.
10. Have.
11 Everlasting.
12. Life.

For God(1) so loved(2) the world(3) that He gave(4) His only begotten(5) Son(6), that whoever(7) believes in Him(8) should not perish(9) but have(10) everlasting(11) life(12).

We shall not discuss all the concepts covered in this one verse but just a few key ones to illustrate that words are the encapsulation of concepts that they are used to convey in communications.

For a start let us look at the concepts encapsulated in the words ‘perish, everlasting and life’. In the simplest of context we would know as mortal men and women that we die. There is an end to our life. So whenever we encounter the word ‘perish’ as it relate to us, we can get the context of a ceasing of life, or of losing or loss of life.

Now contrast the phrase ‘should not perish’ against ‘but have everlasting life’. From that context we would understand that ‘perish’ here refers to a cessation of life and not a forever life in the torment of hell as has been the twisted teachings of the Christmas religion. Read the book of John chapter 10 verse 28 where this concept was reinforced by a statement from JESUS.

In the New Testament Scriptures, the word ‘perish’ had been used in several contexts. These are: the losing or lost of something, the destruction or destroying of something, or the coming/bringing/putting to an end of something. So the primary or basal concept is that of ‘a cessation’ or ‘an ending’ of possession.

Everlasting’ should need no explanation as the concept is that of forever ongoing or continuing on without an end or termination, having no ending. Therefore, because of our mortality in that every human who had ever lived before us had died, and we in our time expect the same, we should be able to understand that it would mean that there will be no end or unending.

In 2 Corinthians chapter 4 verse 18 the same word everlasting is here translated as ‘eternal’. This verse contrasts it against the word ‘temporary’. So we should get the idea of a permanent condition or state as oppose to a temporary condition or state. So the primary or base concept expressed in the word translated as either ‘everlasting’ or ‘eternal’ is that of a continual state, an unceasing or unending state. That is, the concept of permanence.

Yes there are a few instances where this word is left out or erroneously translated because the translators just have no idea how to fit the word into the context or subject that it qualified or described.

while we do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal.
2 Corinthians 4:18

I hope you can see the context from the contrast of these words and get the whole picture or over riding precept of comparing life that is temporary against that which is permanent. The word translated as ‘life’ in the Gospel and New Testament accounts comes mostly from two main Greek words. One of these was used almost exclusively to reference a life that is permanent and was associated with the word eternal and everlasting.

The other word translated as ‘life’ on the other hand was used almost exclusively to reference one that pertains to the temporary, often also translated in the King James Version of the Bible as soul or breath. The concept here of this word is of a life sustained by this 'breath' or 'drawing of air into the body'.

But the Mystery Babylonian religion that originated from Nimrod's wife had got almost all of religious mankind and even many among those who are professed atheists, deceived into a ‘doctrine of the immortal human soul’. In the context of the discussion here on the words ‘perish’, ‘everlasting’ and ‘life’, this could be termed a doctrine of the ‘indestructible human soul’.

The almost universal view of religious man for thousands of years prior to the current age of scientific enlightenment has being that the 'immortal' souls of wicked sinners who have died going to a purgatory of eternal punishment, whether these be of physical brutal torture or the forever torment of a burning hell fire. As for those who have lived a pure sinless life, they would on their death ascend to the heaven to live forever where the gods are, some teachings also have that these becoming deities themselves elevating themselves solely by their perfect virtuous lives or selfless sacrifices. Further there had also been this belief of another category of afterlife for those among the less extreme who will continue their lives in another world or realm of the ‘after life’ neither in purgatory nor as deities.

The Scripture of Truth does not support any such doctrines which are the fabrication of putrid minds that do not know the true CREATOR GOD. The Scriptures plainly state that up to this point in time only GOD has immortality (1 Timothy 6:16) or is indestructible (cannot be harmed or destroyed).  More on this in the chapter, 'GOD IS'.

All the Scriptures of the New Testament records consistently portrayed two primary concepts in the words translated as life in the Christian Bible; one is temporary and the other permanent. The temporary one ending at death which is the termination, cessation or ending of life and not a continuous life in a hell of eternal torment as are the doctrines that had originated from the Babylonian religions which is sourced to the first family, Adam and Eve, believing and trusting a strange talking serpent in the Garden of Eden rather than the GOD who created them.

Then the serpent said to the woman, “You will not surely die....
Genesis 3:4

More accurately translated it would say, ‘You surely won't die’ or ‘You definitely won't die’ or ‘You will surely never die’.

In the doctrine of the Babylonian religions it would read, ‘You have an immortal soul’. And that is what near to all the religions of the world teach because their source is the very religion that Nimrod started when he made himself a king to rule over the people leading them to rebel against their CREATOR GOD and KING. All these religions are built on Satan the Devil's evil lie.

Up until today mankind have not believed what GOD said when HE commanded Adam not to eat from that Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil:

but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die

They had continued on believing, continued on choosing to believe in this lie of that ancient Serpent until this very day.

But of course that is not the only lie of Satan the Devil, that almost all of mankind (with a very few exceptions) believed in. In fact that is not even the biggest and most harmful lie of that ancient Serpent that almost all mankind believed in. The biggest and most harmful lie of Satan the Devil, is the lie of Easter which over two billions people who considered themselves to be Christians, totally embraced, believed in, subscribed to, to the extend that for hundreds of years they viciously and brutally seek out those living in their social order who do not shared the same belief, to torture and murder them. And the only reason they stop was because changes in the social order no longer allowed them to do so, momentarily. Yes, not too long from now, they will again gain the power from their social order to again be seeking to torture and murder others who would not agree to be forced to subscribe to this very same lie. Think you know what this lie is? Read it in ‘Choosing To Believe Lies’.

Genesis Revisited.

To further illustrate the importance of being able to grasp the central concept of any matter that we need to understand we will revisit the book of Genesis.

Thousands of years have passed since this first book of the Bible have been available and have been read by the followers of the pagan Jewish religion and by those professing Christianity. But most of the writings of this very first book of the Christian Bible had never been fully and truly understood because those who read them have no notion what they are all about. Without understanding the concept, context and perspective of these writing it is no wonder that they couldn't, and instead they turned to their faulty reasoning, coming out with all sorts of erroneous and even ridiculous ideas of what the Genesis Chapter is all about.

Let me list down just a few of these concepts that were either not fully understood or totally misunderstood.

1. The focus of Genesis chapter 1 is more about restoration of the earth and not so much about the creation of the physical universe except where this was very briefly mention in Genesis 1 verse 1. For millennia those who read this first chapter had believed that it was describing GOD creating or bringing into existence the physical or material universe, first creating the planet earth then only on the fourth ‘day’ creating the rest of the universe to finally finish with putting life including mankind made in the image and likeness of GOD on earth by the sixth ‘days’. None until the last several hundred years (from 2010 C.E.) would have been able to even remotely grasp that unless the earth was revolving around the sun, the first four days would have no real conceptual meaning, would not at all be an expression of reality.

2. This first chapter is also about the creation of the seven day week which Christian Bible scholars and religious experts never understood, that is why in their translation of the Christian Bible they separated the the creation of the seventh day from the rest the creation week and placed the creation of the Sabbath into another chapter.

3. They also never understood what was meant by the terms image and likeness (as in the image of God’ and according to Our likeness’) despite this been repeated a few times. Adam would have understood it in part when he had his third son Seth. They could not grasp the concept that as each creature was created after its kind, GOD created man after the GODs kind. That was why JESUS CHRIST was conceived in the womb of a woman and born as a man, to become a SON of man, after the ‘man kind’ and not that of an animal kind. Why do you think the word ‘kind’ was introduced and repeatedly repeated in Genesis chapter 1 verse 24? To emphasize that man was created after the GOD kind. When GOD created mankind HE was not creating a servant or a pet but HIS potential children, members of HIS family. But it was needful that those who fail to ‘qualify’ because of distrust and disobedient be destroyed forever, otherwise HIS CREATION will be filled with evil violence forever. That was why mankind was made from physical matter, ‘of dust’ for this temporary phase of human existence in our preparatory journey to perfection. Forever perfection (i.e. fully complete without any undesirable behavioral traits at all).

4. The life of Abraham. Every preacher of the Christian Scriptures quoted Abraham as the ‘Father of the Faithful’ but how many actually understood that the account of Abraham’s life was that of the creating or the process of making of the ‘Father of the Faithful’ and not that of GOD looking around and finally finding a faithful enough man after searching through those many generations (as have been the blasphemies advanced by ego supergorging men and women including the one and only Messenger to the Church of GOD in Philadelphia).

5. Sex and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. For thousands of years these two concepts were totally and also deliberately misunderstood. For hundreds of years mainstream “Christianity” actually believed and taught the ridiculous blapshemous lie that sex was the original sin.

6. The so called fall from grace is not so much a trick by a cunning serpent as it is about a necessary decision (or choice) that must be made coming from an awareness of what good and evil are. The eviction came about from a failure when there was a very necessary test of faith. A test of whether Adam and Eve would believe and obey GOD when presented with an alternative, even if is a false or invalid alternative.

7. Sons of GOD.  The Antediluvian Age never understood this term and the concept of minds that can understand GOD and be led by GOD. Minds capable of having a faith based love bonded family relationship with GOD. So they (those men of the Antediluvian world) advanced that they were privileged and created superior over women (which the men of some so called Abrahamic religions still cling too so as to be able to exploit women to feed their sexual obsessions just as the men of the Antediluvian Age had done). That was why the term ‘daughters of men’ was used in that Genesis chapter while the men refer to themselves as ‘sons of GOD’.

8. Abel, Enoch and Noah. Here were the very first three Prophets of GOD. These three righteous men of the Antediluvian world structured their lives according to the way of GOD. They had a right relationship with GOD. It was not a coincidence that the first righteous flesh and blood born man was at the very beginning of that age and the second, Enoch lived right in the middle of that age. That age ending with Noah the last righteous man of that age, before GOD sent the flood to destroy all the rest of mankind because of their exceedingly great wickedness.

9. The flood and the Antediluvian world. The lifespan of the average man during that age was not nearly a thousand years for no reason. And the reason was not because GOD did not know then how man will conduct their lives and was waiting to see if man would maybe wise up and repent.

10. Nimrod and the rebellion. Nimrod defined the point where mankind cut off themselves from access to the true GOD. This was the point when mankind in rebellion against GOD first started their own political systems and through it their own religious system. There are many variations and practices of both since then in the social order of man. These are the systems (with the exception in the ancient Kingdoms of Israel and Judah during the few periods or stretches when they actually obeyed GOD) that have ruled over mankind until this very day.

11. Life and death. They are just that. Life defines a consciousness and a certain level of awareness of the self and the mind determined day to day functioning of that self. Death is the permanent (from our perspective) cessation or the end of that consciousness and functioning, not an everlasting life in the torment of “hell”. I am not advocating that there is no ‘Gehenna fire’, there is indeed one that will consumed forever all the wicked. But that will be at the very End of the Age, after the ‘second’ resurrection where GOD will bring back to life all of mankind who had ever lived for the Final Judgment. Every one will be judged according to the life they had lived (Revelation 20:12 - 13) from all their deeds and words (Matthew 12:36). Every sin and wicked expressions in acts or words, every infringement will be called to account and the perpetrator justly and fully punished (Mark 12:40; Luke 12:48). No one gets away with anything. GOD is never biased or unjust.

12. The Covenants of GOD with Abraham and the promises made in those covenants. Most of promises of these have been ignored or mis-taught, focusing only on just one aspect (the spiritual promise of the one seed) of those covenants which is fulfilled in JESUS CHRIST. The other part of that promised to the physical descendants through Isaac and Israel have been totally ignored. GOD will again bring the rest of the descendants of Jacob (through his four wives) into the New Covenant when JESUS CHRIST returns to judge the nations and destroy all the wicked of this present age. Read the blog, ‘The End Of The World How It Is Going To Happen’ by this author for the full discussion on this.


When ever we talk about something it is usually in a limited context. If a group of people were discussing something and we joined them in the midst of their discussion, we would need to listen for a little while and to catch a bit of what was being discussed before we would know what the topic of discussion was, or what was being discussed. We all can understand that.

The problem with most who read the Christian Bible is that many times they get the contexts all wrong. They tend to read a word or a sentence or a paragraph in isolation. They read the explicits and totally have no clue about the implicits. Now anyone studying a complex subject or topic can understand that to be able to fully understand it, he or she needs to get the all the materials and concepts that the subject or topic deals with and understands them first so that when they read one part in detail they do not lose track of all the other parts are that contributory and related (i.e. implicit) which are not discussed or mentioned in that particular paragraph, passage or chapter.

Here is a few diverse examples of common subjects.
1. Biological reproduction.
2. The mechanics of motion.
3. Energy.
4. Evolution of life.
5. The existence of the physical universe.
6. Mutations and anomalies.
7. Electricity and magnetism.

Now does anyone think that he can fully comprehend thoroughly any of the above subjects by just reading or studying one word, one sentence or even one paragraph or just a few pages of the text? Yet in most if not all instances where Christian Bible scholars and so called religious experts of the Judeo–Christian Scriptures have misread and misunderstood the message of the Scriptures, they have done so because they read a few verses and lose track of all the other Scriptures that has a doctrinal relation to that one. They have never been able to grasp the Bible's framework or main overview.

For thousand of years mankind never understood that everything that is happening in the duration of their lifetime, in the unfolding of the years and in the prophecy of the Christian Holy Scriptures that there was a method and a thoroughly planned out purpose that GOD is carrying out.

The fall from grace” was not an event that GOD did not foresee and knew about in advance. HE allowed and factored it in HIS master-plan’ for HIS Family and creation. That was why the seven day week was created before the manipulation and the consequent disobedience. The seven day week is the great overview to the framework of this one and only ‘master-plan’. That is why CHRIST was slain before the foundation of this age. GOD was not doing crisis management when HE evicted Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden, setting up a flaming sword and stationing Cherubim to guard the way to the Tree of Life.

The only way you can see that is if you had read through the entire Bible before trying to figure out what these first few chapters of Genesis is all about.
Please also read the discussion on why very intelligent mankind especially those who are the leading and defining experts of the area of knowledge expertise deliberately takes things out of context so they can promote their ideas, pet theories and self expedient agenda, in the post ‘Science Making A Monkey Of Itself’ under the section heading, ‘Pretending Stupidity In Order To Be Able To Lie And Do Evil’ in the blog, ‘A Christian Pilgrimage’. Additional read the entry on ‘Deliberately Pretending To Be Stupid’ in the ‘Glossary of Terms’ of this work that highlight the great evil of ego supergorging lust in mankind to promote themselves and their lust for all manner of things including to harm others.

The Scriptures Cannot Be Broken { New Entry 2017 October }

— Note: This section (meant only for the regular readers and followers of this work, only just all those who think that this author and the Christian Holy Scriptures can be believed) which was not able to be included when this post was first written and published in 2010 C.E. because another post which discussed the Scripture as the recorded inspired Holy Word of GOD ALMIGHTY was not yet published. This discussion has since (beginning from April 2017 C.E.) began to be published as a two installments discussion inside the post ‘Status Update 2017 C.E.’ and ‘April 2017 C.E. Discussion Second Part’ of the blog ‘A Christian Pilgrimage’.  }

Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your law, ‘I said, “You are gods”’? If He called them gods, to whom the word of God came (and the Scripture cannot be broken)
John 10:34 – 35

The Scripture cannot be broken which means that Scriptures (in the original text as revealed andor spoken by GOD to the scribes, priests, Judges and Prophets of GOD) cannot be declared to be invalid, irrelevant, meaningless, do not mean anything or have no meaning, or that one or some verses and passages would contradict (thereby invalidate) other verses or passages. Every single verse and passage of Scriptures is related and connected to the entirety of the Scripture records from Genesis to Revelation as the complete, full and total communication of GOD to us, HIS creature personages (both mankind and the Spirit Angels).

The term translated into the English word (of most English language Christian Bible) ‘broken’ in John 10 verse 35 carries the general meaning of causing things to no longer be in it first, previous or original state and encompassed the concepts of breaking, untying, undoing, nullifying, invalidating, annulling, to become undone, etcetera.

All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.
1 Timothy 3:16 – 17

1 Timothy chapter 3 verses 16 to 17 basically explicitly, plainly and clearly spelt out what the Scripture meant when it was recorded in John chapter 10 verses 34 to 35 that the Scriptures cannot be broken. It however does not meant that there would not be any errors (mistakes or even untruth and lies) in its records as GOD have never ever assigned and ordained infallibility unto any of HIS creature personages whether the Spirit Angels in Heaven or on earth mankind (Job 4:18). The two parts (or installments) discussion embedded in the post ‘Status Update 2017 C.E.’ of the blog ‘A Christian Pilgrim’ expound (provide the basis and context, explaining clearly and precisely) the point of the previous statement.

Whoever therefore breaks one of the least of these commandments, and teaches men so, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven; but whoever does and teaches them, he shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.
Matthew 5:19

The term ‘break’ in the verse John 10:35 (of the original Greek text) is the exact same term ‘break’ in Matthew 5:19 both of which carried the meaning of not keeping and not obeying (i.e. not performing) the commandments of GOD. The concept of not keeping and not obeying (i.e. not faithfully performing) basically is about two main things either or both: one of not believing (i.e. not trusting); and second of going against (i.e. rebelling or to oppose as an adversary). Ultimately to ‘break’ carries the full total meaning of all acts of going against and opposing, seeking to harm in any and all manner within one's power impunity and includes: to blaspheme, to malign, to mock, to slander; to subvert, to undermining; etcetera.

But He answered and said, “It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.’”
Matthew 4:4 (also Luke 4:4; Deuteronomy 8:3)

And the first and most important reason the Scriptures cannot be broken is Matthew 4 verse 4 (also in Luke 4:4) which the Scriptures first recorded in Deuteronomy 8:3.

Food for the body, emotions for the heart and knowledge (i.e. understanding) for the mind. As much as our body needs food (i.e. nutrients, air and water), our hearts (i.e. conceptually but not literally the center of of emotions) need emotional stimuli for us to feel alive and satisfied our brains (i.e. mind) needs knowledge and understanding to be intelligent (as GOD created us to be) and not needs, wants and lusts driven animals which was the reason for the Rainbow Covenant where GOD basically allowed mankind to not know and to not recognized HIM as their CREATOR and GOD, to become animals they all have lusted to be. And from as far back as the history of humankind, we see in expressed fully and totally with this clearly, plainly and explicitly evident as never before, witnessed in the world order engineered by the shakers, shifters, movers and makers of the human social order.

That is correct, the Word of GOD proclaimed, declared and decreed that we (the creatures especially us mankind) are not to just be focused on our lives and keeping ourselves alive, but to feed on (i.e. live by, live a life that is totally founded on and framed by) every single word (i.e. every knowledge concept) that is communicated by GOD (which literally is every word that proceeds from the mouth of GOD). And here is where every single proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of GOD, whether all those of evil religions that claimed that they are from GOD ALMIGHTY or by all the self advancing (i.e. all those who preach GOD, JESUS and the message of the Gospel mainly and primarily to proclaim themselves implicitly as THE god that all must believe in and totally obey and worship) people of GOD, the Elect of both the Old and New Testament period, has gone wrong and are breaking not just the commandments of GOD (including the covenant they made with GOD for those who are the Elect) but also the very Words that proceeds from the mouth of GOD.

{ End New Entry 2017 October }


Perspective has an element of relativity to it. Because of this, perspective may sometimes not be factually accurate. We say the Sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening. That is from our perspective as an inhabitant of the planet Earth, we see the morning and evening from where we are – as a tiny dot on the surface of the Earth. But we all now know that it is the Earth rotating around the Sun that gives us this day and night, this light and darkness duration from where we are at. Factually in relation to the Earth, in the context of this light and darkness period, the Sun is not the one moving. So you can see that though perspective wise it is not considered as error when we say the Sun rises in the morning but factually that is not true.

Here is another example. The documented sizes of ants vary from less than a millimeter (mm) to slightly over fifty millimeters. But for many city dwellers (I am speaking from the context of my location at the time of this writing, here in Malaysia) their only encounters with ants are those that comes into their apartment or condominium units (here the context in those who live in high rise residences), which are most commonly the tiny Pharaoh ants and Odorous or Ghost ants. These ants are between one and a half to three millimeters in length.

Now when an apartment or condominium dweller comes across an ant that is larger than these such as one that is ten to twelve millimeters he would think of it as a big or large ant. But for me a big ant would be one that is twenty millimeters or longer. So perspective wise when the city dweller says large or big when it refers to ants’ sizes he is not necessarily wrong or in error because from his perspective it is big.

When we see an elephant we say it is a big animal but if we were to compare the elephant to blue whale, it would be small. That in essence is perspective.

In the Genesis chapter, I wrote about the perspective of Genesis chapter 1, how that it was a vision given to Moses. The perspective of that vision was from a vantage point on the surface of the planet itself. Without understanding that perspective, man who believed in the GOD of the Christian Bible, Saints and deceived sinners alike had not been able to comprehend the writings in this Genesis chapter, how the light of the first day (morning to evening) was possible since the sun, moon and stars, according to their understanding from their reading, were only created” on the fourth day.

Also not understanding the context of the first two verses because they read them in isolation from the whole framework of the message of the Christian Bible, they reasoned erroneously that the whole of the material (physical) universe was created in the four twenty-four hour periods of evenings and mornings described in Genesis chapter 1.

These same men split the first chapter of the book of Genesis ending Chapter 1 at the end of the sixth day instead of after the creation of the seventh. They totally did not understand the complete concept of Genesis chapter 1, that in as much as it was about restoration of the earth and the creation of man made in the image of GOD, it was also about the creation of the seven day week and the Sabbath day (Mark 2:27 – 28; Matthew 12:8; Luke 6:5).

In the book of Leviticus there was this instruction on clean animals (those that GOD has given as food to man, made in the image of GOD) and unclean animals (which man made in the image of GOD, is not to eat as food). Moses giving instructions to the Israelite on this topic mentioned the hare or rabbit as an ‘unclean’ animal not to be eaten as food. Moses being no rocket scientist mentioned that the hare chew the cud (Leviticus 11:6; Deuteronomy 14:7) which of course it does not. Though not factually accurate, nonetheless hares are correctly classified from the perspective of the Law on clean and unclean animals according to instructions received from Moses.


From a mathematical perspective, concepts, context and perspective can be defined as: super-set (concept), sub and overlapping sets (context and perspective). See diagram below.

We can also say that concept is the full perspective, all possible perspective of a matter. That is viewing, looking or perceiving at an object (or subject) from all possible angle, getting the complete information of it.

The fundamentals to understanding a topic, a subject or an object.

As you can see, reflected in our world today, without grasping these three fundamentals to understanding, religious men, both Saints and sinners, who held that the Christian Holy Scriptures in the Christian Bible are the messages from the CREATOR GOD, had for thousands of years misunderstood much of the Scripture of Truth. They had micro studied these Scriptures focusing on each individual word never being able to grasp that, the context of the sentence mold the meaning of the individual words. The words are there to support and clarified the sentence and not the other way around. In a sentence the words do not stand isolated on their own, but each is a part with eachall contributory to complete the message of the sentence. And the sentences structured in paragraphs, sections and chapters are there to convey the whole complete message communicated.

Today (2010 C.E.) with the frequent talk of adding value’ we should be very familiar and be able to grasp this concept conveyed in this sentence: ‘The whole is greater than the total value of its component parts.’

In much of communication, ideas or concepts are the main message that we are trying to get across to the other parties. These may be simple concepts such as an instruction to switch off the light before leaving the house or a notification on where we will be at a certain time. They may also be complex concepts such as how to set up an assembly line to manufacture space shuttles or the full details of our itinerary and agenda in a working trip to solicit for support to fight global environment pollution.

But words and sentences are mostly linear so we need to have elaborate strings of these to paint the multidimensional concepts that we want to convey. It is a bit like trying to construct a three dimension object when your construction materials are only two dimensional. Try for example to paint a painting with just words to a person who has not seen the painting before such that heshe will have a full complete picture of that painting accurately in hisher mind. That is not easy even if it is possible. How about trying to illustrate with words the interior of a large shopping mall to a person from a remote jungle settlement who have never in their whole life been outside of that jungle. Do you think that just words alone are going to be able to do the job?

Again try conveying that to a man who has been blind since birth and had never had the notion of a visual realm. That is how it would be if you have to teach the concepts of the Christian Bible to “rocket scientists”, men and women so puffed up by their superior intellect and knowledge that they think they know and understand all things in that if they can't understand how something can be, it therefore cannot be.


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