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Reader's Question - Why Do Innocents Suffer If GOD is Just?

Readers' Question: Why Do Innocents Suffer If GOD Is Just
Part 1 – Preamble: There Is Evil
Part 4 – Tree Of Knowledge
Part 5 – The Conviction Point
Part 6 – The Current World Order
Part 7 – What Is Coming Next
Part 8 – The Root Of All Sins
Part 9 – How Is It All Going To End
Part 10 – A Perfection Forever Free From Evil

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Readers' Question (reworded to more clearly expose the accusations against GOD): How do you explain why a God, who is good and righteous, would allow innocent babies and little children to suffer or die: from injuries and sickness, or in accidents and natural disasters? Since God if he is all powerful and therefore nothing is impossible for Him surely He can prevent the innocent from being harmed or killed. If He does not protect the innocent when He can, how then can He claim that He is righteous and good? Question conceptWhy Do The Innocents Suffer If GOD is Just And Righteous? Question concept by extension – If GOD is all powerful, righteous, just and good why would there be evil that cause human (and animal) suffering?

The Answers:

There is Evil.[2027EvB]

Everyone who is sane and rational will from looking at the social order of man be able to see (i.e. perceive and understand) that there is much evil in it. These may not all agree (because mankind can never all fully agree on anything, hardly) on the extent of this evil, but none (i.e. among those who are still fairly sane) can deny that there is indeed evil causing much misery, suffering, violent trauma and harm to the families of man (not to mention to the planet earth itself; to the global ecosystem supporting life on earth as a whole).

But of course in this everybody-has-their-own-take-on-reality social order of this Age of Man, there will always be those who will deny that there is indeed any evil at work at all in the society of man, and that everything is just the Absolute Nothing ordained process of the ‘creationary’ forces of Darwinian evolution by mutation expressing very, very natural selection in the survival of the fittest (i.e. the fit, no longer anymore the ‘fittest’ after our great illustrious scientists finally, after decades of being deliberately stupid so as to indulge in orgies of ego supergorging lust, momentarily stepped back a little bit from their ego supergorging orgies, to begin to realize that that is just way too ludicrously ridiculous and evidently obviously a brazen lie and an untruth thus exposing them as too obviously blatantly stupid) through violent carnages, traumatizing diseases and horrific mutative degenerations, to determine who gets to pass on their supremely superior genetic material for the continued progress and prosperity of life on this planet.

Please note that the creation of the universe by Absolute Nothing and life on earth by Darwinian Evolutionary Mutationism is the most widely accepted scientific dogma among the ‘scientific’ community (meaning all those who worship science as their infallible all knowing God) at the time of this writing in 2012 C.E., which might change with the passage of time as has been the case with the ever changing tide of the very unstable scientific belief system and religion. Instead of acknowledging ingenious intelligent design in the genetic blueprint to empower life to evolve so as to be able adapt to a dynamic and a variable habitat to fill the planet with life, science in deliberated stupid proclaimed that everything is from absolutely nothing (in their Big Bang theory), and life is a successive progression of horrific things going wrong horribly cumulatively (in the theory of Mutationism and survival of the fit).

Fact is even as many among those who are more sane would agree that there is evil in the social order of mankind, nearly all just have no real clue to exactly what evil actually is. This issue of what exactly evil is from the context of the Christian Holy Scriptures we shall discuss in another post in another of this author's blog (see insert below this).

Please read in A Christian Pilgrimage blog the multipart discussion series on evil to understand what actually and exactly evil is, or whether there is really something called evil at all (please note that as of this writing in 2012 C.E. two further installments are yet to be published though parts and pieces of it is contained in this discussion topic as reworked extracts). Once these two last installments are published, the links to them below will be updated accordingly.
3a. Preamble To The Context Of Evil.
4. The Context Of Evil.

From Where Came This Evil?[frmwhEv]

For those relatively few of us who believe (as opposed to, in deliberated stupidity pretend to believe) what the Christian Holy Scriptures recorded, we would (or should anyway) understand when and how evil started (i.e. was first conceived) in the creation. Evil started first in the Spiritual realm (the Spirit composed realm as opposed to the physical universe of which our planet earth is in, composed of ever temporary forms — of things being continually formed and torn asunder).

Then much, much later evil spouted (billions of years according to the measurement of the timescale of earth years) in the world and social order of man, a very short time (anything from at least a year to a few years) after the first family of man created in the image and likeness of GOD, was finally placed on a renewed and repopulated (with life) planet earth that had been destroyed of all life by a rebellion of Spirit personages (aka Angels) some six thousand years ago.

All these were explicitly recorded and testified to by the Christian Holy Scriptures such that the only way anyone reading and studying these Scriptures (as one complete, consistent, coherent record as it should be treated instead of the select disjointed, disconnected and unrelated bits and pieces that all the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives among mankind of whatever knowledge disciplines and expertise whether religious or ‘non’ religious have all in deliberated stupidity chose to treat it as) would not understand is because they deliberately adamantly refused to because they lusted to believe something more lust worthy of their ego.

Evil in the creation (both the Spiritual and physical realm or habitat) started with a creature personage not too different from us (mankind) in facility of mind power in the ability to reason, think, contemplate, feel emotions even as ‘he’ is easily more than a billion times more powerful in the sense of having the capability (i.e. power) to do things and carry out what ‘he’ contemplates, intends and plans. This Spirit personage was created endowed with the full faculty of a conscious self awareness, complete in knowledge and intelligent understanding, coupled with great Spiritual splendor and beauty, and then (at the time of his creation) assigned a privilege (Exodus 37:9; Ezekiel 28:14, 16) and high authoritative position over the governance (the running of the affairs) of the Angelic Spirit realm which also in this Current Age (the Age of Man), have oversight authority over the affairs of mankind (Daniel 4:17, 13, 23, 26; Hebrews 2:5).

He didn't start out evil (no creature personage ever does, just as no newly born babies were or will ever be born evil). Evil is a learned and acquired behavior trait coupled with a intent decision even if the intent from is just laziness, lack of due diligence, irresponsibility andor recklessness.

The Holy Christian Scripture did not directly (i.e. explicitly) record how long, though it was implicit that is was very long from our perspective), that it took billions of earth years, before he began to change from being a highly intelligent, knowledgeable and loyal leader (he was created as) among the Spirit Angelic leadership administrating both the Spiritual realm (the Third Heaven where GOD has HIS seat of government or Kingdom) and the secondary Physical realm (our physical material universe which our scientists proclaimed was created by a Singularity of a so called Absolute Quantum Vacuum in utter meaninglessness and out of utter ridiculousness) that was created later.

Please read the chapter ‘Angels, Demons And Men’ of ‘Bible 101 – The Holy Bible Expounded’ by this author for the discussion on Satan the Devil and how he turned from being a fully sane, highly intelligent and righteous servant of GOD to embraced evil, and consequently lust fueled and lust driven insanity, as a recourse to the process and expression of his life.

If we were to look at (i.e. examine) the society of man, among us are people who are very talented, have very high IQ or have achieved greatness andor fame in their lives, especially among those who are also very rich, and so consequently politically powerful, we will find the answer to how this highly intelligent, knowledgeable and righteous member of the Angelic leadership became evil.

This is not to say that all intelligent and knowledgeable creature personages endowed with great power and outstanding beauty and given position of high authority would automatically and eventually fully turn to evil (to fully embrace evil as the recourse to the expression of their lives), nor is this to say that they all won't had there not been mitigating (i.e. limiting and restraining) situations and circumstances.

While it is true that the majority of the same class of Angelic personages among the Angelic leadership didn't or rather haven't, it cannot be said that they won't or never will if they had all been created into another reality — a reality where the CREATOR does not exercise absolute authority and rule over, or one where the CREATOR is just not present (either because there is no Creator or the CREATOR for whatever reason has chosen not to enforce HIS rule). On our planet earth in the social order of man where the latter conditions is the situation (for an appointed duration to a purpose), it is the other way round, where the bulk of privileged people fully embraced evil to enhance themselves and to continue their pillage, plunder, harm and abuse of (i.e. to prey and parasite on) their fellow man, many of these are the dictators and tyrants that our history recorded. Many are today still ruling over nations, business and social organizations, communities and religious orders, large and small.

And this would (or anyway should) tell us why in the social order of mankind, the more power we are granted and the more power we are able to wield and correspondingly the more we can act with a great measure of impunity, the more evil we will eventually behave, become and be.

If we understand the concept of power, how and why on our planet earth, absolute power corrupts absolutely, we would (or should anyway) understand why on earth it is the reverse (or opposite) of how is in Heaven (Matthew 6:10; Luke 11:2), then we would understand the basic reality of the creature personages, and then we would (or should anyway) understand why in Heaven (i.e. the Third Heaven the realm and dominion of the Spirit Angelic personages) the majority of the same class of Angelic personages didn't and haven't turned to evil.

And if we understand this then we would (or should anyway) know why GOD created the Spirit realm first and the physical realm of our universe and planet earth later. Similarly we would (or should anyway) then know and understand why GOD would create life on earth through a billions of earth years process of evolution (just not the Darwinian Evolution powered by mutations as fantasized then proclaimed as infallible facts by science in their ego gorging lust for glorious illustriousness), before finally only putting mankind made in the image and likeness of GOD on earth only after a relatively small (because a larger one is not too long from this day, to take place) Spirit Angelic rebellion had wiped out all life on it over six thousand years ago.

At this point, some “rocket scientists or boffin” or similarly rules-based hairsplitters might ask, ‘Why has God created creatures that are capable of choosing to do evil? Surely nothing is impossible for God that He should be able to create in an ‘instant by fiat’ freewill intelligent creatures empowered by independent minds but yet cannot (i.e. are unable to) choose to do evil?

And that would be a legitimate question coming fromrocket scientists and boffins” and rules-based hairsplitters. But for the rest of sufficiently intelligent mankind who are really fully sane and understand the basic concepts of contradiction and negation (and also invalidity and nullification), that would be the most insanely ludicrously ridiculous question anyone can ask.

Some simple examples: imagine someone asking or saying: ‘Why is zero not equal to one, zero should be exactly equal to one.’; or ‘why is nothing not the total same thing as everything, everything and nothing should be the total exact absolute same thing’ (this by the way is the very scientific theory of the Big Bang from Absolutely Nothing as from around 2010 C.E.) which also is the exact same thing as saying that to exist and not to exist are the total same thing (which is also another infallible theory of science for a longer period around 2010 C.E.), or ‘why should to be alive and living not be the exact same thing as to be dead, to be not alive and not living?’ (which incidentally is the central religious dogma of near all pagan religions that proclaimed that those who died are not really actually dead but are actually fully and totally alive forever some place such as: in heaven doing or not doing whatever; in hell to be eternally sadistically tortured for whatever reason forever or for whatever duration with or without an exit clause; or being reborn to re-die but yet while remaining totally alive in some place until they are to be reborn again and then to die again, this continually unendingly forever until and unless they become absolute nothing whether living, non living or totally finally dead, alive or neither, as the ultimate enlightenment but only if ever they will become absolute nothing as the ultimate enlightenment whether living, non living or totally finally dead, alive or neither).

To have free will which is about having a conscious knowing (and includes though not necessarily, from a near total to an absolute total, clueless) awareness of the self and an independent self impetus driven thinking, contemplating and reasoning intelligent mind, means simply that — that you are free to decide on whatever you want to decide on. Whether you can (i.e. have enough power capability to, and have enough power impunity to dare to) carry out what you decided on, well that is another matter altogether. If you are unable (meaning not having any ability) to make a choice to do or not to do evil, then you just don't have free will and an independent intelligent mind. You would have an incapacitated mind (irregardless of how intelligently intelligent). Your mind would be just a automated brain build to a purpose and restricted or limited in functionality no matter how broad that functionality. You would not even be a personage in the any sense at all but just an automate piece of equipment build to a specification. It should not be that difficult to understand.

Therefore for GOD to create a creature personage endowed with conscious self awareness and intelligence (thus free will), that personage must have the power and faculty to freely make decision (through intelligent reasoning and thinking, empowered by knowledge gained or acquired, whether little or much), to make a choice of what he (includes she and it) wants to do, how to conduct themselves in life, in and through the process of their functional living. And that parameter must include choosing to do evil, because basically evil is just a conscious choice or decision to do something that will cause harm or bring about some form of undesirable andor non conducive damage andor 'destruction' (whether immediate or eventual to any timescale). A damage or destruction that is not conducive to the welfare and well being of all and sundry (the evil doers not necessarily included or excluded) both individually and collectively. How is it this simple concept cannot be understood by the bulk of the supremely ultra mega brilliantly intelligent geniuses among mankind, all those who have been the shakers, shifters, movers and shapers of the human social order?

Again some “rocket scientists” or some rules-based hairsplitters might ask, ‘Why can't God create creatures that are incapable of being harmed, creatures who are indestructible or immortal; or a realm where creatures are incapable of harming one another, surely nothing is impossible for God to do otherwise HE won't be omnipotent?

Again that too would be legitimate questions coming from “rocket scientists or boffins” and rules-based hairsplitters. But also again for the rest of intelligent mankind who are fully sane and understand the basic concept and the basis to the concept of evil and what it means to have free will with an intelligent independent self impetus mind, and a functioning reality, this would be another most insanely ridiculous question that anyone can ask. But this question (this second question as per preceding paragraph) shall not be discussed here even as it is obviously another very simple thing involving fully understanding what evil exactly is (outside of whether anyone can be harmed or cannot harmed) and also other very simple concepts of the social relationships of free will intelligent creature personages having an existence in a common shared reality.

The discussions on why GOD “couldn't” or “wouldn't” and didn't create all of HIS creatures personages (mankind and the Spirit Angel) all at the same time and instantaneously (i.e. “instant by fiat” whatever that may mean to those using this term) instead of through a lengthy multiple billions of earth years process is in two main multipart discussions: [1] ‘Why Did GOD Create Satan’ in the blog, ‘A Christian Pilgrimage’; and [2] the very lengthy multiple installments discussion ‘Why Create Life Through The Process Of Evolution’ in the blog ‘The Holy Bible Expounded’ which discuss the reasons why GOD would create life on earth through a multi billion years process instead of instantaneously (whatever that may mean) and then just some six thousand years ago create mankind in HIS image and likeness.
These two discussions together with another multi parts discussion ‘The Issues Of Reality’ in the blog ‘A Christian Pilgrimage’ all covered the crucial concepts and relating contexts pertaining to the creation as the ultimate reality for the creatures (all the intelligent creature personages) and discuss both what reality and what the creation ultimately is.
For the discussion on what actually is life as the endowment or consciousness essence of free will intelligent personages, please read the chapter ‘GOD IS’ of ‘Bible 101 – The Holy Bible Expounded’ and the multiple installments post series ‘What Is Life’ in the ‘A Christian Pilgrimage’ blog. To understand the issue of freewill, conscious self awareness and intelligence please also read the chapter, ‘Angels, Demons And Men’ for the discussion on why and what does it mean for GOD to create us with freewill, conscious self awareness and intelligence.

Can't GOD Stop Evil? [stopEv]

Most monotheistic religions hold, declare and proclaim that the Creator God is omnipotent and omniscience (all powerful and all knowing). But many of these religions are unable to rationally and adequately address the issue why there is so much evil in the world if indeed their gods being merciful, wise and good are all powerful and all knowing.

Of course these religions’ claims as expressed and proclaimed through all their proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives, that their gods commanded and required them to torture and murder others who won't submit to them, obviously doesn't sync with their ridiculous claims about their gods and religions being merciful, good, peace loving, etc., so they must present (i.e. twist the concept of) evil as something illogical and irrational or vaguely incomprehensible (meaning without a valid clear definition such as when they declared and proclaimed: ‘evil is not doing God's willandorevil is not believing in God’), so they can continue to do evil (proclaiming the evil they do is good and is for good, carried out to enforce their gods' vindictively sadistic murderous will) while forbidding others to do anything that they would choose to and may want to forbid others from doing (as an excuse to be able oppress, abuse, prey on, parasite off, torture and murder others including and especially their own worshiping followers and subscribers).

The Christmas religion, in particular, have this absolutely ridiculous ludicrous evil doctrine that while the first human family were in the Garden of Eden, Satan the Devildisguised as a serpent” was able very easily outsmart GOD to sneak into the Garden of Eden without the all knowing GOD’s knowledge to trick Adam and Eve into having “disgusting filthy, defiling, sinful and evil” sex thus committing the “Original Sin” (i.e. in the “disgusting filthy, defiling, sinful and evil” act of a husband and his wife having sex). This then supposedly resulted in the so calledfall of man” or “fall from grace” that led to their eviction from the Garden of Eden. Now I shan’t again discuss this ridiculous and very brazenly evil blasphemous doctrine as I have covered it quite sufficiently in several earlier posts (see the following URL links): 

The Holy Christian Scripture in its records documented several cases in several separate occasions in the past where GOD had directly or indirectly intervened to totally or partially stop instances of evil whether these evils were expressed through one man, one family, one city, a whole nation or a whole generation of mankind, and even by a group of Spirit Angelic personages who had directly rebelled. But not only that, the same Scriptures also revealed in its advance records (i.e. prophecies) similarly of GOD declaring HIS actions to stop evil (future to the time when the revelation were given) which would then be carried out at the appointed time, with some of these as yet future to this current time (the time of the first publishing of this post in 2012 C.E.).

Even as there are other ways and manner by which GOD can stop evil at each, any and every single incidence and situation, GOD has mostly chosen to do so only after evil has been grossly magnified and grievously pervasive in each of those situations, GOD abiding the time patiently for evil to reach a certain stage before acting either directly or indirectly to destroy those who were complicit either partially (so as to reduce) or totally (so as to stop that instance and expression).

The Antediluvian Age of Noah’s time was completely destroyed except for the immediate family of Noah by a worldwide flood. The cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were totally destroyed with fire from heaven after the Angels of the LORD GOD had led Lot and his immediate family to safety, not even sparing Lot’s wife who chose to disobey and to look back. The destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah was a Type to the fulfillment in the soon coming prophesied destruction of ninety percent of the world's human population during the time period leading to the Second Advent.

The lustfully greedy Balaam, a Prophet no less, of the LORD GOD, was indirectly destroyed. GOD used the ancient Israelite to kill him after allowing him sufficient time to repent and he adamantly refused. The reprobate King Saul of the ancient United Kingdom of Israel was finally killed by his enemies, the heathen Palestine's armies, after repeatedly refusing in deliberated stupidity to repent. Both the ancient Divided Kingdoms (after the unfaithfulness of King Solomon) of Israel and Judah were eventually destroyed, their survivors carried off as prisoners and slaves, their nations ceasing to occupy the Promised Land as their inheritance as GOD's people and nations after years of repeated rebellion through their breaking of their Ten Commandments covenant with the LORD GOD, refusing to faithfully obey HIM through refusing to honor and perform the commandments and requirements of their covenant with the LORD GOD. GOD used pagan idol worshiping nations and empires to destroy these disobedient Elect nations, carrying off most of the rest who survived into bondage.

Closer to today, some twenty years ago (from 2012 C.E. the time of this discussion), a converted (meaning one who had under gone baptism supposedly in repentance and had partaken of the BLOOD and body of the LAMB of GOD as their Covenant with GOD) Christian, a member of GOD's Elect, who through deceit and a pretense faith rose suddenly to become the Pastor General over the last era of GOD’s Church was stricken and killed (i.e. died from being disease stricken) within the very same year when he refused to repent after he had instituted changes in order to lead the people of GOD into embracing the doctrines of the evil blasphemous Christmas religion to commit Spiritual adultery aka harlotry (Leviticus 20:5; Revelation 2:14, 20; 2 Chronicles 21:11; Jeremiah 3:9; Ezekiel 16:20).

That Pastor General acting in evil cohort with the Son of Perdition (2 Thessalonians 2:3), worked progressively to first declare the seventh day Sabbath, then and consequently also the Ten Commandments of Love and eventually all the things that GOD have commanded through HIS recorded Holy Words by the testimonies of the Holy Prophets and Apostles in the Scripture of Truth, to be not required to be honored, obeyed and kept (performed) but instead the Creed of Nicene was to be obeyed and honored.

These acts of this (first) Messenger (i.e. the human leader) to the Church of GOD in Laodicea (Revelation 3:14 – 16) caused many of GOD’s people, all  those who have believed the message of the Gospel for many years before but chose to not remember even though they had been bound (i.e. legally bound with forever life and death penalty for any failure to honor, fulfill and perform what they have committed to) through accepting the New Covenant at their conversion to accept GOD as their GOD) to sin, dishonoring and breaking their covenant with GOD.

By nullifying (declaring as no longer valid and needed not be obeyed) the Royal Laws And Holy Commandments of GOD, they are all not just explicitly breaking the Ten Commandments Of Love, they are also declaring and proclaiming to GOD that HE has no authority over them and all that HIS laws (including all of HIS Holy Sacred Words aka the Scripture of Truth) are invalid and are meaningless things to them, and they can just conduct their lives anyway as they see fit (i.e. in lawlessness or without laws, meaning not ruled by GOD's commandments or GOD) and they can just decree, declare and proclaim (i.e. rule as supreme over GOD in all that HE commanded and required in HIS Holy Words) anything at all absolutely (3 Thessalonians 2:4) that they lusted to. The whole of that worldwide evil lust driven congregation of GOD’s people soon turned to the Apostasy (2 Thessalonians 2:3 first half of verse) commanded by the Son of Perdition (2 Thessalonians 2:3 second half of verse), while the rest who broke off (Revelation 3:16) everyall of them doing so not to seek GOD to do HIS will and work (Matthew 7:20 – 23), but likewise also that they can rule as supremely supreme and the greatest of the greatest (Revelation 3:17) so as to be able to feed off and parasite on the rest of their equally lust driven Brethren the Elect of GOD.

The Son of Perdition succeeded the spiritually weak and adulterous Pastor General (Matthew 7:26 – 27) after his death, and set about immediately to turn that entire globe spanning congregation apostate declaring the blasphemous Nicene Creed as the de facto Christian creed. This Son of Perdition as the specific (as opposed to the general) Antichrist prophesied of by the Apostle John (1 John 2:18) and Apostle Paul (2 Thessalonians 2:3), is being allowed to do his evil work until the day when LORD JESUS will destroy him in the Day of the LORD (2 Thessalonians 2:28) at the time of the Second Advent. This would (or should anyway) tells just how close we today are to the Second Advent.

Even as GOD can instantly stop evil in any manner and any number of ways at any and all times absolutely, HE has, in HIS great wisdom, according to HIS overall purpose and plan to fulfill (that is to carry out or perform) HIS will and good pleasure (what HE is pleased to do), chosen to stop evil here and there in the various ways of destroying the wicked. This is commonly only after they have been proven to be unrepentant and after they had wrecked great evils on others while sowing and perpetuating evil in their society and the social order of mankind.

But for the most part GOD has left the world order of man to its own devices, allowing all the evil doers to continue their evil schemes and works, each in their lifetime. Where it had become necessary (so that GOD's will and purpose will stand as they continue to be worked out until all is fulfilled and completed, the creation made Holy forever) to slow the pace of evil in the current world order of man behaving as animals (i.e. beasts in Scriptural terminologies), GOD would intervene, more often than not indirectly, to destroy those who are wicked and evil. These are very often at the hands of their fellow men with some notable exceptions.

Why Doesn't or Why Won't GOD Stop Evil Immediately, Is It Because HE Isn't Able To? [why]

If you have understood what have been discuss thus far (especially the last point in the previous paragraph) you would (or should anyway) not need to ponder this question of why GOD doesn't and won't stop evil forever immediately. But for the sake of those who have not, let us now consider this third question.

For all those who are effectively intelligent, knowledgeable and truly (as opposed to in self deception of deliberated stupidity proclaimed either implicitly or explicitly that they are) enlightened, and have not become incompletely sane, blinded by their own brazen arrogance, conceit and ego supergorging, being near totally driven by some or all manner of lust, they would appreciate the fact that in the human civilizations going as far back as when some records were maintained, those who exercise power and authority, have always tried to enforce their power and authority through force and some sorts of manipulation to control those that they rule over.

Until today there is no change in this behavior and conduct, it is still exactly the same. Every human authority whether of religion, belief system, nation, tribe, family, community or organization (of whatever type), they all never fail to seek to subject all those they exercise authority and rule over to their dictates, degrees, rules, views, biases, values and beliefs. Sometimes this would (though very rarely even as it may be claimed or proclaimed to) be done mainly for the overall well being, but most often to nearly always, it has been done firstly andor solely to serve or pander to the leaders or rulers personal self expediencies and egos, and any residual well being to others generally is because it is of advantage andor is conducive for the leaders or rulers to do so in order to retain their positions andor for other personal advantages and gains.

For those few of us who are still mostly sane, we would appreciate that such efforts to totally control others whether well intended or otherwise do not fully work even as some measure of control can be temporarily (at most for a few generations over the majority) exerted, they can never be fully effective to totally regulate the self expedient behaviors of free will minds that are empowered to be able to think independently. This is because such control cannot be all seeing and all pervasive all the time due to the limitations and capabilities (i.e limited power) of those who exercised them.

In the doctrines of most to near all religions which include most to all of the Antichrist religions, there is this concept of the immortality of the human soul. For those who are unfamiliar, this concept basically says that when a human being dies, heshe does really die (meaning heshe has a soul that cannot die). And because heshe has not accepted their religious doctrines (which is to embraced and be subservient to their personal versions, the versions of religious beliefs of the ruling proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives or their acceptable affiliates) hisher soul is sent to a hell or some place (whether immediately on death or at some other appointed time after death but obviously still fully and completely alive and not dead retaining their consciousness and awareness of whatever is going on in wherever they meaning their immortal souls, having die but yet remaining alive, may be throughout those duration) of unbearable torment whether this is a series of endless horrific sadistic brutal tortures, or of being in continuous agony from being burned alive without being able to really die (as in ceasing to have a consciousness and ceasing to exist as a freewill personage) forever.

Truth is these doctrines are primarily responsible for frightening the bulk of those in these various religions into becoming members or followers of these various religions. That is right, they (the believers or followers) were scared out of their wits (meaning by irrational phobias of the unknown and therefore willingly and easily frightened into believing all manner of ridiculous things by every Chicken Little/Licken who turns up) of what will happen to them when they die so they dared not reject their ludicrously ridiculous doctrines and dare not refuse to become one of them, joining and converting to their religions as a lust driven believed insurance that they will not end up forever in the hell of sadistic horrors and tortures when they die.

But if you are intelligent and rational, you would (or should anyway) have noted that many of the practitioners of these religions especially those who are in the leadership, all those who pass themselves of as the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives, of these religions, are among some of the most evil ultra mega ego supergorging people in the human social order. And while most of those who are in the lay membership (and also some in the leadership) may seemingly appear to be pious, decent and “good” people, this is mostly a facade, a put on face or appearance.

This is not to say that there are no fairly decent people frightened into embracing these religions, a fair percentage probably are. However a large percentage of such fairly decent people frightened into embracing these religions actually, over time from immediately to over period years, become more evil than they would have normally become over the course of their lifetime, had they not being scared witless into embracing these religions. This (of them becoming more evil than if they had not converted or were not the disciples of these religions) is fully proven when they give expressions to murderous rages and savage rampages against those of other religions or those who are unbelievers (those who do not subscribe to their beliefs), especially when they “feel” incensed validly or otherwise, that their religions have been in any way slighted, hindered, opposed or subverted). Here I am speaking about people who are fairly decent' of course and not about everyone, especially not the majority of humanity living in this last generation of the Age of Man.

While we can see that people can be easily scared witless into embracing and stirring up (i.e. to feint) zeal and piousness (and even murderous rages) for some idiotic, insane and irrational religions or even non religions, it does not really solve the problem of evil but instead actually propagate and perpetuate it. In fact one of the main reasons atheists and many self perceived better ‘enlightened’ non ‘religious’ people railed and reviled religions as being evil is because of the blatantly evil acts of the disciples and leadership of all these religions. This is not to say that many of these religions in themselves are not also a front for perpetuating evil, near all of them are. Nor is this to say that atheists and the many so called better ‘enlightened’ non ‘religious’ people are not also themselves sowing and perpetuating evil, most of them are, even if it is indeed just nothing more than through their arrogance and deceitful doublespeak alone.

From this we would (or should anyway) know that it is very possible to scare or traumatize people witless (and thus to manipulate them) through outright terror to do something or not to do something. This is indeed the tool used by many religions (through those who used these religions to wield authority) to manipulate and coerce their followers into compliance (feint or otherwise) to their dictates and tyranny. Therefore consequently we should know that the omnipotent GOD can very easily frightened, scaring witless, every single free willed independent minded creature personage from doing evil both continuously and perpetually.

But if we are really rational and intelligent we would (or should anyway) very easily see that as a non viable option (not to mention a ridiculously stupid one) as a tool to stop evil in minds granted to be able to exercise free will and think independently. And GOD is far from being stupid, contrary to all the lies implicit and explicit in the evil blasphemous doctrines of all the various expressions of the Christmas religions, other Antichrists and anti GOD religions which hold sway over nearly all of so called religious mankind. If freewill independent minds personages have to be forced or coerced through fear or some other manipulative means to behave, it would totally defeat the purpose of empowering them with the free will or independent minds in the first place. And at the risk of repeating myself repeatedly, let me say again that GOD is NOT contradictory contrary (Psalm 32:9) to the evil lies of the Christmas religions and all the other evil religions which deceitfully pretend to fear andor love GOD.

In as much as GOD specifically and intentionally created us (as well as the Spirit Angel personages) with freewill, consciousness awareness and intelligence, HE also specifically and intentionally created us to be able to choose to do evil. This however does not mean that GOD wants us to do evil. On the contrary the fact that we have a choice or can choose would (or should anyway) tell us (if we are indeed intelligent) that GOD desires us, wants us, exhorts us and implores us to without being forced or coerced to exercise our conscious freewill intelligence to wisely choose good over evil as has been HIS consistent message in HIS communication to us in the records of HIS Holy Words, the Scripture of Truth.

All these do not imply much less convey that it is not a good thing to have a healthy fearful respect for GOD as the ultimate authority and power over all things, in that HE will at the appointed time punish and destroy all those who are wicked who when given sufficient impunity will actively seek to do evil at anyall opportunity they can when it becomes expedient for them to do so wherever they perceived that they can get away with it (even if just momentarily). This healthy mitigating fearful respect for GOD is not too different from us having a healthy rational cautionary fear whenever we find ourselves in dangerous situations and whenever we deal with dangerous elements.

As unwise (because of lust), severely limited creature personages, incomplete in wisdom and self control, near totally driven by our carnal animal nature (i.e. our genetic heritage and chemicals base behaviors) and emotional impulses (i.e. lust driven impetus rather than the mitigation and guidance of our intelligence), we all need a certain measure of rational fear of harm and destruction to mitigate us from continually without ceasing, contemplating and seeking to do evil in every moment of our conscious comfortable wakefulness. This is especially so when we do not immediately experience the consequences of such actions allowing ourselves to be lulled into a false sense of impunity to totally give ourselves over to our continual momentary lust. This however does not mean that there are not all those who are the parasites that are predatory on other members of mankind, who are not constantly as a matter of their every thoughts and contemplation seeking out opportunities to do evil in every instance of their conscious wakefulness (Genesis 6:5).

Rational fear (i.e. cautionary fear proportionate to the danger we face in reality) is a mitigating tool to help us remain rational. It acts as a check (within limitations) on our lust. It is the reason we (while still sufficiently rational and sane) don't jump in front of a speeding car or walk into a roaring fire and is the reason we exercise caution against dangerous elements and in situations where we can be harmed. Irrational fears are lust seeded and serve to propagate and enhance lust leading us to embrace insanity though giving up (not exercising or not putting to use) our intelligence to completely give in to lust.

But of course rational fear is only applicable while we are still sufficiently rational and sane, and thus cannot mitigated against extreme lust (of addiction, obsession and fixation, to and for any thing or situation) driven insanity that increasingly we are witnessing more and more in the social order of mankind. The rightful rational mitigating fear of GOD is the knowledge understand that GOD can and will ultimately destroy forever, at the appointed time, all those who refused to completely cease (i.e. repent) from doing evil forever.

While fear, especially traumatic fear, can be a very effective tool to control the behavior of sufficiently sane and still fairly rational man (includes women and children) and other such intelligent creatures, it is by no means the only tool by which behaviors can be control or manipulated. There are indeed numerous ways and means which GOD can use to stop evil in freewill personages. But exactly like the tool of fear it would run contradictory to GOD purpose in creating creature personages with free will and having a mind capable of independent thinking and contemplation to then manipulate them (Psalm 32:9) through any means that would check or thwart or prevent them from being able to exercise the free will and the freedom to think, contemplate and decide freely how they want to order their lives.

The whole thrust of GOD purpose, if we are still sane and rational enough to see it revealed in the disclosures recorded in the Holy Christian Scriptures, is to give HIS creatures personages whether physical man or Spirit Angels, a process through the passage of time to learn the lesson of evil to then freely decide for themselves through these hard knock experiences to come to the full understanding of their lives and their conducts, such that they, all those who sincerely seek for good to truly love everyone and desire the well being of all, will never ever choose the way of wickedness and evil. When this lesson is finally learned then and only then will GOD destroy (i.e. exterminate as one would exterminate a destroying or destructive disease, parasite or pest) all the unrepentant wicked forever such that the creation will no longer be, and will never ever be plagued by evil again forever. This is the ultimate future GOD had planned, ordained from before the Beginning, for everyone who sincerely loves peace and good, who really truly care for all others and not just only themselves.

This is specifically why GOD allowed evil to enter into and to continue unabated (but not completely unchecked) until now into HIS creation when HE could always and forever, easily and totally preempt it from happening whether in the minds of Spirit Angels or of physical made from ‘dust’ man. This is also the reason why we see so much evil in the social order of mankind today and why GOD allowed it grow and be so pandemic in these last days leading to the end of the Age of Man exactly as HE had allowed it to happen in the Antediluvian world of Noah.

For those of us who have the eyes to see it, and still have a mind sane enough to understand we would (or should anyway) know that the End of this Age of evil is fast approaching when GOD will again directly intervene as HE did to the Antediluvian Age, to destroy all the wicked. But before that happened, greater and more prevalent evil are soon going (to be allowed) to over take the social order of mankind as GOD progressively loosen the checks on evil both in the Spirit heavenly and the physical earthly realm.

In not too many years from now, a great persecution will begin among the nations against the true disciples of JESUS who will still be keeping the Holy Covenant that JESUS instituted through HIS death as the LAMB of GOD, the New Covenant, that is made in the very BLOOD (Luke 22:20; Hebrews 10:19, 29; 1 Corinthians 11:25) that JESUS shed as HE bled to dead nailed to the cross. This persecution will begin among the nations (Matthew 10:23) where the modern day descendants of Jacob, the Biblical Patriarch, are currently residing, as well as among the nations under the strong influence of the Great Harlot (Revelation 13:11; 17:1. 5, 15 – 16; 19:2), the mother harlot of the Christmas religion and those under the direct authority of the Beast (Revelation 13:1 – 4, 12 – 15; 11:7) recorded in the book of Revelation.

Is Everyone Evil? [evEv]

With the exception of a very small minority, most people do not think of themselves as evil. Truth is the vast majority of the human race thinks that they are good and decent people whether they are ‘religious’ or ‘not’ religious.

This vast majority of the human race believed themselves to be good and decent people even when they are actively seeking to exploit, take unfair advantage of, cheat, defraud, steal, rob, manipulate, deceive, abuse, molest, rape, harm and murder others; even when these others are very close to them, caring and providing for them. Almost every member of the mankind who are old enough to know the difference between good and evil, are actively carrying out these acts of evil in their lives' conduct everyday.

It is true that the majority of these people who consider themselves to be good and decent never really take time to fully (and sincerely) examine their lives, to seriously ‘take stock of’ what are the intents in their hearts and minds leading to their daily deeds in speech and acts; and how their conducts relate to the very real issue of the human social order being impacted and ravaged by all the evil that they themselves see and also rail against especially when it affects them (and their proxified selves) and their lives' pursuit negatively.

But their not bothering to examine themselves, their lives motivations and consequential actions in words and acts, however do not render them blameless for all the harm they have done and are doing in all these evil acts and words (i.e. communications) that proceed forth from their hearts and minds. This is in that when the same evil whether in words spoken (or in any form of communication) or acts are done to and are carried out against them (and their proxified selves), they felt it, railed and raged against it, they therefore have totally convicted themselves as being complicit directly or indirectly in sowing and perpetuating evil in the human social order.

All these very definitely don't speak well for the small percentage among the human social order who consider themselves the best of the best among their peers as the brilliantly super–enlightened and highly educated elite, the pinnacle resultant achievement and advancement of thousands or hundred of thousand of years (depending on which view of human history you subscribe to) of human civilization, who are the ‘shakers, shifters, movers and shapers’ of the human social order. With their brilliant minds, high IQ, superior intellect and a privileged position in the human social order, they instead of sincerely examining the issue of evil in the human social order, chose instead in the super feeding of their egos to point their mocking fingers of blame on the CREATOR GOD whom they refused to believe in, saying, ‘If there is a God who is good and all powerful then why is there evil in the world?

The issue of evil in the human social order and societies is not such a complex and complicated one which defies human understanding such that it would leave these ultra mega brilliant super-enlightened and super intelligent genius minds of our time baffled and perplexed. These men and women rather than choosing to address and redress the issues of evil, firstly in themselves and then to device a system of education, regulation and governance to eradicate it from the human social order and societies, have instead chosen to pretend in deliberated stupidity that they themselves are not evil in all their evil pursuits and intents and then deceitfully pretend to find such evil an abhorrence when it is being expressed and perpetuated in the human social order and societies.

While it would (or should anyway) be clear from what has been discussed so far that every single man (includes woman), each one in hisher own pursuit of life have embarked on a way that practices (and thus embraces) evil to some degree even as there are the greater majority of mankind who believed themselves to good and decent people with nothing really that evil about their conduct of life and their pursuit after everything that they seek. This however does not include those who are too young to either be able to do or say anything such as newly born babies and even those who are in gestation in the wombs of their mothers. Neither does it include those who are too young (or who are sufficiently mentally incapacitated) to know the basic difference between good and evil as their minds have not reach the matured cognitive level to be able to fully discern and be aware of their motivations and intents.

The growth process of mankind, from fetus to babies to adulthood is ordained by GOD as one of the educational mechanisms to teach us progression and process, that those who are sincere to seek for truth, may learn about evil, what it is and how it develops and grows in the minds of HIS creature personages. This aspect of human growth as a process to teach the creature personages about evil is discussed in greater detail in the chapter, ‘Angels, Demons And Men’ of ‘Bible 101 – The Holy Bible Expounded’. A similar discussion approaching this issue from a different context can be found in this blog in the multi installments discussion, ‘Why Create Life Through The Process Of Evolution’.

To be culpable for evil, the personage must have knowledge of, or understand either consciously or subconsciously, the resultant effects or consequences of hisher actions whether in words or deeds. This knowledge or understanding is manifested in how the personages view or consider such similar actions carried out by other parties on the effect (directly or indirectly) on them either physically, psychologically, mentally, emotionally or intellectually on all matters that relate to them personally or in the greater context of all their extended selves (i.e. ego/identity connection or proxy identity/self or what I have termed as ‘proxy–fication or proxification’ and to be proxified to) on all that they have established some sort of bond or identifying ownership.

That is the reason, other than babies who can neither act or speak articulately, little children below a certain mental age, are not capable thus not culpable of choosing to do evil because their mental development has not reached the stage where they are able to fully understand the concept of extended cause and effect of actions and their negative extended consequence on others except for the most rudimentary of the concept of fear of pain (emotional or physical) in punishments for actions that are forbidden or displeasing. These little children can be compared (as a similitude from the context of being able to understand what they do) to some lower self-aware animals which are aware enough to flee from harm and danger but do not have the cognitive ability to understand the extended consequence of their primal (hormonal and chemical seeded) drive and (genetically coded) instinct.

So indeed these young children and babies are innocent (or blameless) of evil perpetuated by the human social order and it is indeed unjust if they were to indeed be punished (or caused to suffer harm) by GOD. The basic error in this question is the assumption that GOD is now and has been punishing human beings individually or collectively from the time the human family was evicted from the Garden of Eden, which is an explicitly evil doctrine from all evil anti GOD religions which laid claims that they are of GOD, that they are the religions of the CREATOR GOD.

And from that erroneous assumption we get the extended erroneous presumption in this question that GOD has a direct hand in the suffering (in illness, injuries, death and other miseries) of young children and babies.

The deliberated stupidity of this assumption has its origin in paganism and is rooted in the ego supergorging lust of self righteousness which all the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives in the social order of mankind exhibit and indulge in so that they can feel, believe, hold and implicitly proclaimed themselves as from superior to supreme, over all others and to judge and condemn others who suffer from whatever causes (John 9:2; Job 8:4 – 6, 13 – 16; Job 42:7 note that judging and condemning Job because of his suffering and affliction exposed the self righteous sins of his three friends). This pagan belief and doctrine is fully embraced by all the evil so called Abrahamic religions in their doctrine that all things that happen are GOD's will.

The same erroneous lies is advanced (so as to mock the concept of an all powerful Creator God of everything) by all the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of ultra mega supreme knowledge “enlightenment” that presumed that if a all powerful and all knowing God exist then therefore everything that happens must be because it is His will that they happen. Fact is, aside from denying that there is God, all these also deny that there is free will or there is such a thing called evil (refer to the beginning of this post, the very first section under the heading ‘There Is Evil’ for the discussion on this).

This they, all the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of knowledge “enlightenment” of religions and non religions, do by deliberately pretending to be stupid so they can refuse to understand the simple concepts of free will and evil. While it is true that absolutely nothing at all can happen unless GOD allows it but to equate ‘allow‘ as ‘intent’ in deliberated stupidity is where all these proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of knowledge “enlightenment” of religions and non religions are all explicitly seeking to in explicit blasphemies malign GOD as being both totally unjust and extremely sadistic.

‘Allow‘ is a concession not an ‘intention’, therefore all that are allowed by GOD to happen do not mean that GOD wanted them to happen, but in giving power for HIS creature personages to be able to freely think and to be able to act to the measure they are able, all the consequences that results must be allowed otherwise GOD would be contradicting HIMSELF to negate HIS own purpose in giving them these powers in the first place. At the risk of repeatedly repeating myself, GOD contrary to the evil lies of all the evil so called Abrahamic religions is not self contradictory as the evil doctrines of all these evil so called Abrahamic religions implicitly teach, advance and arrogantly brazenly proclaim.

The other erroneous presumption is that GOD (if HE is to be good, righteous and just) must or is obligated to protect all those who are innocent or blameless of evil in the current human social order. This erroneous presumption comes from presumption that the major religions, religious beliefs and practices of religion either one of them, some of them or all of them is or are from GOD.

The truth is all the major religions or systems of belief (or so called faiths) that the vast majority of the human social order subscribed to that claimed to believe in the CREATOR GOD in our current world order, are all totally opposed to GOD and their sole existence as the religions of God are to prevent mankind from actually seeking and learning about the ONE true GOD so as to be able to have a true, sincere, faith and trust based relationship with HIM. Also of all the other minor or marginal religions or systems of belief, nearly all of them are also totally opposed to GOD in the same way as all the major religions, all just using varying degree of the same set of strategies to malign and slander the ONE CREATOR GOD to the maximum.

For the discussion of true Christianity how at no time since after the Antediluvian Age, has it ever constituted even close to one percent of the total population of mankind, please read the sub discussion ‘Not Yet A Worldwide Conversion’ to understand that GOD is not and has not yet been reaching out to the vast majority of mankind to educate them about HIM and HIS purpose for creating them. After reading this and if you so choose, you can read the discussion on the true Christianity in the post ‘Why Create Life Through The Process Of Evolution’ under the section, ‘Christianity – Know The Basicswhy it is not and never ever was a religion in the full sense of the word as understood by nearly all mankind and especially by all the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of whatever there is to be a proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of in the human social order.

Further, if you think you can believe the records of the Holy Christian Scriptures, in these very last days leading to the End of the Age, today even the very, one and only Church of GOD and the other members of the Elect of GOD (all those called into the New Covenant relationship with GOD but are no longer in the membership of the Church of GOD), nearly every single one of them, especially those who are leaders and elders whether appointed (that is anointed) or have appointed themselves to lead or head these Elect are more interested in promoting themselves — their ego image and self expedient agenda — than to be faithful to their Everlasting Holy Covenant with the GOD who they all claimed to love and serve.

That is the reason there will be a great martyrdom during the days of the Great Tribulation as these ego gorging self advancing Christians will have to prove their repentance and faithfulness to GOD by the Everlasting Holy Covenant (Revelation 7:14) they had entered into, through being cleansed through trials and baptisms of fire in physical afflictions and martyrdom. GOD has always consistently let HIS Elect, the people who have entered into The Covenant with HIM to accept HIM as their GOD fall into the hands of their enemies and those who hate them, whenever they adamantly refused to repent from being unfaithful and from breaking (through not honoring the requirement of) their covenant by which they have accepted HIM as their GOD.

The greater number that would suffer horrendous torture and martyrdom in this coming trial by fire at the hands of the Beast power are all those that GOD has been calling at this time (beginning from around 1987 C.E.) but who out of the same self expedient fully self advancing agenda chose not to response even as they have been convicted by (i.e. fully understood and thus are knowledgeable of) the truth having received and understood the testimony of the Gospel of the Kingdom. These either gave no urgency to thorough investigate the truth or pretended to be unconvinced as they chose to focus on themselves in the pursuit of their lives, what they may gain for themselves in the abundance of material and sensory titillation that this very last days abound with great abundance.

All these counted the pleasure and titillation that this world has to offer of greater value than the forever Glory and reward of immortality that is GOD's will and good pleasure to award (Matthew 16:27; Revelations 22:12; Colossians 3:24; 2 John 1:8) to all those who will be faithful to HIM. Many of these will be disgraced and shamed (Daniel 12:1 - 3; 1 Corinthians 3:8, 12 - 15) in the day when the LORD JESUS is revealed from the heavens at HIS coming. Anyone who thinks heshe can willfully act insincerely towards GOD surely must know there are eternal consequences for doing so.

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Readers' Question: Why Do Innocents Suffer If GOD Is Just
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